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The Cybersin Superman (V2.0)


The Secret
Billions were spent researching the various surgical and rehabilitative applications of the intergalactic metal known as Athreium. With a large focus on the state of the art nano-technology exclusively utilized by the radical terrorist of the False Bay, Musa Bashir. Sparing no expense in his employment of some of the World's most notable scientists and engineering prodigy's in stylish stereo with his own engineering expertise, Samson's indoctrination into the nextgen Afro-futuristic advancement of superhuman supremacy and healing was secretly oversaught by the only legitimate expert in the field.

Specs:Weapons Capabilities:
  • Honeycombed layers integrated with in-plane bonds stacked
  • Recoiled Adamantium minerals woven into uniformed fibers
  • Self-contained closed circuit network linked to the Xsoteric's nervous system.

  • Anti-graviton particle projectors
  • Concussive Force energy beams