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Special Announcement following attack on NYC

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Samson was wheeled to the podium with iron determination dripping from his swagged out attire. A mix of afro-futurism and form fitting designer visuals artistically fortified his 'stay strong no matter what' aesthetics as an adoring public waited with eager anticipation for the west coast KIng of New York to speak.

"Ladies and gentleman. Mutants and superhumans all over the World, we suffered a tremendous blow. The chaos and destruction visited upon our cities and continents was but an all too familiar replay of our position in the universal scheme of extraterrestrial progress. Or vengeance, who can really say anymore. Their motivations are as fleeting as their resolve. Sadly however, before Selebrity heroes were able to nullify the unprovoked attack on New York, many lives were lost. Many heroes fell."

With ease the Cybersin Superman removed a digital device from his suit pocket, instantly an enlarged holographic projection of a costumed individual was cast out over the sea of spectators.

"Her name was Andrea Granger. She was a hard working secretary who secretly tried to keep her city safe under the costumed identity of Brightburn. Her bravery in the face of overwhelming odds could never be overstated enough. With her death she leaves behind a loving family still struggling to come to terms with the idea that their baby girl was costumed crime fighter. And they never knew. Selebrity will be taking on any and all financial responsibilities for the Granger family. And the families and loved ones of all the heroes who gave their life in service of protecting our World. Of holding the line right here in the Big Apple."

He paused. Letting the deafening eruption of applause and cheers to wash over him fueling his arrogance, feeding his self-serving pride.

"This triumph will not last though. Not unless we take proactive measures to ensure our universal safety. Which is why I am formally announcing my intention to run for governor of California." instead of resting on yet another applause break Samson powered through. Elevating his voice over the thunderous celebration, "and if elected I will submit some of the most comprehensive and innovative superhero legislation ever imagined. You were the future, but the future is now, so now the future is us!"