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Selebrity® - Superhero Marketing & Branding


"Be the Hero the World should know. Be the Hero the World can trust"

-Samson Starr

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In the wake of the controversial H.R.3911, more and more metahumans are in need of expanding their costumed playbook beyond simple heroics (e.g. philanthropy, social activism, entrepreneurship), and in light of a modern media culture that casts superhoroes as national emblems and cultural, ideological products desired by fans and nons-fans alike, the term “ superhero brand” has emerged from individual heroes’ multifunctional and multi-platform pursuits.

Selebrity® transforms the very character of a hero's brand by giving it a type, which ultimately becomes the symbol and key emotional connection between individual heroes and their fans and the public (e.g. legendary superhero; Arquitenens played the “phenom” type).

We also employ a follow-up strategy to capitalize on brand-forming moments when they occur (e.g. the Thief's successful raid on Area 51).

With a strong focus on enabling our clients to become both a content provider and media distributor or their own superhero brand(e.g. Elsa Beremud and her MHMMAA)).


Selebrity® Superhero Marketing is about the scientific, strategic, and systematic art of cultivating and maximizing fan awareness and loyalty among the population with strong metahuman values and qualities. Building a favorable and one of a kind association with today's individual superhero.

The more fan/public support and attention the superhero can attract, maintain and maximize, the more their trademark brand is worth to cities, sponsors, marketing deals and other relevant global stakeholders. Conflict is everywhere.


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Selebrity's strategy includes breaking the client down into 3 equally important factors

  1. Metahuman attributes, heroic achievements, capabilities and competition style
  2. Personal style and appearance
  3. Marketable lifestyle

By cultivating and maximizing these aspects of a superhero's personal brand, the client will increase superhero brand equity (fan support), resulting in a more profitable and dynamic heroic brand.

  • Attain the most valuable and longest-lasting city contracts, sponsorships, marketing deals and digital income streams for our superhero clientele
  • Maintain (and even increase) fan support when their performance and relevancy has declined, or when their professional hero career ends
  • Leverage and build upon their brand value through their post-superhero career

Brand MarketingDigital & Social Media
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Here at Selebrity® we provide exclusive superhero branding from the inside-out.

So when it comes to creating your unique logo or other trademarks, we're there, and we've got you covered.

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In today's era of cancel culture, Selebrity® understands the client's need for an effective social media campaign. But effective success takes effective planning and creative thinking to drive customers to buy. And the public, to trust.
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Selebrity's superhero expertise in metahuman consulting and training, for profit or not-for-profit businesses, allows us to be your guide.As an exclusive superhero brand marketing firm, helping your brand, team, or business stand out among your competition is a must.

Interesting in joining our team?

Contact - Samson Starr, CEO

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