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Breakfast Club power 105.1 special interview


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Mornin everybody its DJ Envy Angela Yee Charlemagne da God. We got a special friend to the room dis mornin boy. Samson Starr everybody. The Superman of Superheroes himself is in da buildin. Lets give it up. Okay we're cookin with hot grease so lets get right into it shall we?

Lets play some word association. MVP's
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Ivana Strigidae?
"A traitor. Everything humans hate and fear about the mutant species wrapped up in one psychopath."
She was a known terrorist. An internationally wanted mutant and the MVP's took her and hid her in their basement like some sorta roided up pitbull. Tried to turn her into a brand with an endorsement deal. What kinda shit, come on bro humans was never gonna except a terrorist runnin round in Jordan's doing commercials.
"They excepted the Venezuelan genocide. They excepted Brahma Bull. From what I can tell the MVP's actually succeeded in stopping a killer from, killing. And with zero casualties. All it took was some racks on racks on racks. But thats me. Conventional. No. Legal, hahaha course not. But nobody cares about the law until they wanna care about the law ya feel me?

Cant argue wit dat. Okay, Garrison Grail?
'Ha! A great man. A wronged supero. An innovator ahead of his time, dont play wit me Envy. You wanna talk bout it? Bet. Lets speak on it then. Yeah Garrison Grail killed one of if not thee last pillar's of the silver age heroes. And I'm talkin a legit bonafied superhero."
Why dont u say his name then?
Leuntinent Chester Chess Jones was a role model. But he never should have been in Gothic that day. None of them so called Justice Leaguers should have been. No legal authority. Unregistered and aligned with anti-registration subverses. No warrant or do process just a self-serving notion that their gassed up perception of morality granted them some fabricated legal privilege. And for what? At the end of the day what did they accomplish? Ivana walked away scott free. Millions of dollars in uninsured damages and civilian injuries. The only thing, and I mean the only goddamn thing that happened was the tragic downfall of two of the era's most prominent black superheroes. Lives irreparably torn apart and for what? Cause a band of do-gooders finally found their nuts and wanted to take down the most prolific mutant killing machine of the 21st century? The f'n arrogance.
Damn. I mean, but damn. Yo you sounding like this might be personal my guy.
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Yeah. I suppose I am. Cause it is.
How so?
Let me show u some'n.

*pulls out phone begins to play recorded video

What is this what am I watching Starr?
Sssh, just watch. Listen

Ladies and gentlemen, heroes and civilians, I come before you today to address our troubled times.

We have been cast about upon the chaos of war between mutant and human. Few heroes stood on either side, only bloodthirsty extremists of one brand or another. Sanity did not prevail, and only exhaustion from their endless war brought us a modicum of peace. Madmen spilled rivers of blood across the entire face of the earth an no shining light of heroism rose up to stop them. There was only darkness and madness.

For the third administration in a row we are faced with an absent president. Our leaders take vacations while the world burns. They offer no guidance, no aid and certainly no inspiration to those whose souls cry out for hope.

Now we witness rise of the 'MVP's'. They bring no hope, merely the idea that heroism can be bought. That valor has its price. That salvation comes from the almighty dollar.

I ask you to reject that cynical ideology. I ask you to remember that greatness has no price. I ask you to join the Justice League, and show the world what it means to be a true hero.

Yooo I remember dis. Gladiatrix or some'n like dat. Justice League press conference.
Anti-establishment bullshit. Who sanctioned em? Not a goddamn soul. On who's orders were they tasked with the detainment of an alleged criminal?
Alleged!?!? Nigga is u trippin? We talkin bout a damn Strigidae here.
Then she should have faced justice. But real justice with congressional oversight, proper authorization. You work within the confines of the system. What you dont do is squad up and provoke a tragedy trying to show the world what it means to be a 'true hero.' Apparently the JL's definition of true hero is getting a teammate killed and an innocent man locked up for life.

*mocking thumbs up to camera

Younot seriously defending Ivana Strigidae are you?
I'm defending the system. Either its the system for everyone, sups, metas and mutants included or its not. But this notion that because you have abilities you there for have the right, the obligation to clean up the World according to your own narrow view and nothing is, well my nigga, that is exactly why I founded Selebrity.
Selebrity. Brand marketed superheroes working alongside and in conjunction with local law enforcement and state officials.
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You feel that? Just listen to what you said a minute ago, and then think back to that long oversaturated JL speech. All them words. All that runnin off at da mouth to say nothin. And yet in jus 14 words about Selebrity you conveyed an unshakable sense of authorization. Legitimacy. Official credibility. We dont take it upon ourselves to be the law. We follow the law. Help build guidelines, areas of mutual understanding. We aint out here dressed up in our big brother's hockey pads or wearing nanna's afgan as a cape stopping ally way muggers with a slingshot. And we sure as hell dont roll up on any state or governed body acting like we have some inherent privilege to manipulate the system for what we perceive to be the greater good.
Daaayumn. And there it is folks.We're about out of time but if you'd do us a solid Starr an stick around for after the show?