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Afro-Anime - Watch exclusive Manga and Anime

S'elebrity Prime Presents: Afro-Anime®

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Determined to expand Selebrity's influential media reach, Samson Starr - CEO and Brand marketed superhero - founded Selebrity Starr Media; a subsidiary of Selebrity Prime. A California based licensing company dedicated to the creation, promotion and streaming of exclusive Selebrity produced Dorama, Anime, and Manga.

Though initially well received, Afro-Anime has faced mild scrutiny for its blaxploitation of african-american stereotypes as well as the controversial cultural appropriation of the Japanese medium. But with its unique and rich style, and employment of some of the industries most notable artists, illustrators and voice actors,has helped Afro-Anime take social media by storm with over a 100 million registered subscribers and 80 million online users worldwide.

Though located in Hollywood Afro-Anime is a member of the AJA (Association of Japanese Animations)

Now Streaming: "The Black Ronin"

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2 Brothas
2 Brothas

Selebrity 2020 Fall Simulcasts

Akiro Academy s1 episode 3Turo zo Teiyakusha s8 episode 1
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We are currently looking for voice actors & actresses (bilingual required), illustrators/artists, writers and animators. If interested please email us at Or come in and visit our office building in Hollywood Cali.

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