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The Selebrity Superman

"The Future is U. The Future is Now."

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Samson StarProfile
Alias:The Universal Republican, The Cybersin Superman, The Superman of Superheroes, The Hall of Fame Hero of Hollywood, The King of Ringz, Mr. Cybertron, Brotha-i, Mr. California, Governor, the 41st, The Aethrium Sapien, The West Coast Tron of Trill Tech, The Project-Hill Patriot, The American Matrix
Birthplace:Hollywood, California
Wt:240 (244 w/full suit)


Project Apex

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Heavily invested in the study of the growing superhuman phenomena, powerful men of substantial political influence and wealth took up a perceived calling to help shape the inevitable future of man. A future, undeniable in its truth, which inevitably meant co-existing with the new age of Supermen. Superhumans. This secret cabal - capitalistically - driven by the allure of power, founded Project Apex. Bringing together a scientific illuminati predicated upon the research, development, and selective breeding of superhuman experimentation. Samson Starr's parents were both subjects of Project Herc as where 7 superpowered individuals . His parents were but of two surviving couples of the project. And a pair of only two subjects who successfully gave birth to genetically pure superhumans. In fact they secretly gave birth to 2. Samson has an older brother. The incarcerated Garrison Gail - Starr.

Powers and Abilities (WIP)


The Superman of Superheroes was born with a perahuman defect which has taken the renowned ability known as photographic reflexes to unfathomable evolutionary heights.

Thanks to his trademark genetic supremacy, Samson has the indomitable ability to genetically replicate various superhuman powers. Unlike the more notorious photographic qualification however, Samson does not emulate physical movements. Instead, designer genetic modifications allow the naturally birthed super-sapien to replicate the inhuman abilities of many super-powered individuals.

The true extent of his apex adaptation has yet to be discovered. What little is known centers around the fact that Samson cannot replicate magic or artifact based abilities and powers. Beyond that, there are several other superhuman base-foundations that the A-List Allstar simply cannot mirror.

Fundamental Baseline Abilities (modified)

Inertia Manipulation
Samson has the unbelievable ability to manipulate, from atomic to kilometer length scales, the inertia of his own and any matter with which he is in contact.
Superhuman Flight
Superhuman Speed (reflexes)
Privileged training in concert with the Cybersin Superman's obsessive exercise and cross-training regiments inherently blend his perfected coordination, elevated strength, speed, and suprahuman reflexes, into the superhuman summit of the top 1% of all hyper-sapien athletic excellence.
Superhuman Durability
Superhuman Strength
Samson's muscular fan fair has been greatly inflated due to his overwhelming celebrity. Nobody knows his true strength based station. All that is known is that he has showcased *several examples of superior strength and physical fortitude.


Superhuman Senses
Through Samson's ability to manipulate inertia he can alter the inertial mass of parts of his own sensory organs. Allowing him to key in on a myriad of ranging sounds, in addition to being able to see a more versatile array of electromagnetic waves.

Our Worlds at War

During the Our Worlds at War storyline; Samson discarded and collected several off-brand abilities. Cycling through a small catalog while maintaining the six fundamental abilities which serve as the platform of his versatile superhuman foundation. All of which were subsequently discarded.

Thee, Seven©

#1 - Genetic Manipulation
Because of Samson's superhuman control over the genetic stability of his own body, he is capable of maintaining and operating at peak superhuman performance with zero physical malnourishment or athletic delinquency.
#2 - Technopathy
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The 'Future is You the Future is Now' author allegedly wields a technopathic ability that shields himself from all forms of electronic detection. This ability is tied to nanotechnology woven into his surgically rebuilt spin and nervous system, which extend to his newly trademarked - designed by Louis Vuitton - 'Techo-Trill' t-Mask.(which in itself is molecular-bonded with the same hibernating tech as his Cybersin suit. Allowing him to remove or showcase the mask at will).

Constructed in the Afro-Futuristic climate of the Rogue Nation, the mask is as advanced if not more so then Samson's second layer of Aethrium armor. Online with the state of the art Brotha-i (Selebrity satellite) networking allowing two-way relays and mental commands which also extend to his personal concierge, the NeoSpheres. All working in concert to form a closed and extensive communications system and the ultimate eye in the sky.

#3 - Cosmic Awareness
#4 - Limited Telepathy
#5 - Xeno-Accelerated Probability
#6 - Superhuman Intelligence
# - Time-Window Alteration
the 1st of the legendary 7 to ever have been replaced
#7 - Electrical Manipulation
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During the 'To Live an Die in L.A.' storyline, in order to bring the violent exchange between the metahuman robbers and Los Angeles police, Samson Starr absorbed the devastating power of the thieves' Electromagnetic leader. As a result, the Universal Republican was forced to surrender one of 'Thee Seven' in order to make room for the more applicable powerset.

The West Coast Tron of Trill Tech now boasters the ability to manipulate electricity, as well as reigning over its versatile and indomitable subsets. Samson is capable of projecting electricity through his hands, though the blast/projections can vary in size, power and color (Blue, Yellow, Red, etc.). He can increase these electrical projections by simply ionizing the hydrogen atoms in the atmosphere creating hyper elevated static discharges with the ability to manufacture electrical maelstroms with numerous lightning strikes per minute (a baseline strike containing a billion volts of electricity).


Lantern Ring of Fear Will w/ Lantern Power Battery
Surrendered during Our Words at War
Superman of Superheroes exclusive series 1 apparel
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A Day in the Life


Pa-Pop Starr
Pa-Pop Starr

The distinctive stereo of professional athletics resonated from a modest home-entertainment setup in the living room of the Starr patriarchal estate in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"So boy. Came back home to lick yo-wounds huh?" affectionately known as Pa-Pop, Samson's elderly yet sharp tongued grandfather had always had a special bond with his grandson. A way of getting through to the Superman of Superheroes at a time in which most everyone else in the World would have fearfully avoided the celebrity metahuman all together.

"Not now Pa-Pop. Just. Just watch the damn tv would ya?"

"Oh I been done watchin the 'damn' tv. Here, lets watch it together huh!" angrily pointing his cellphone at the screen using an app to change the channels until stopping on Channel 6 and their footage of Samson flying into the madness that was the Gato Islands.

"What were you thinkin boy? What if you had been infected? What if you had fallen? Who would continue the 'work' then?" heavily grabbing the wheels on either side of his wheelchair, Pa-Pop dramatically shook them to visually illustrate his theatrical point..

"All that for a girl? For a &^%$ing Liafador ni&&a you lost yo goddamn mind?"

Samson said nothing. Leaning forward with his arms stacked on his legs resting his face in the cup of his hands, the Cybersin Superman remained verbally stagnant.

"Its...its tough I know. Losing a soldier, a teammate in the field, it aint never easy but we gotta push forward you feel me? You know what we're really up against. The totality of danger this and other universes face. You been known since you could crawl. Your daddy and I made sure of that. Yes sir. Knightfalls, Huntingtons, Liafadors...together or apart they will always form a secret society. Always seek to rekindle an illuminati of unchecked privilege and power.

It doesnt matter if one or all of them are the protagonist or antagonist. In the end, one of them will always be the catalyst! Son they gotta go. All of em. So while I'm sorry for your loss just consider yourself lucky it wasnt you who had to put her down. Tell ya what. If what you told me about her daughter's abilities are true we better pray she keeps her shit together through this emotional turmoil. How'd she'd seem when you handed over her mother's remains?"

With a slight agitated sigh, the Prime Panthro retreated backwards into a man-spread posture of attempted relaxation.

"She seemed like a little girl who's World had just been shattered. I'm sure everyone in this house can relate to that Pa-Pop."

"Yeah. Yeah, thats...anyway. What about the 'work?' Tell me about the job?"

Selebrity during the Tokyo mission
Selebrity during the Tokyo mission

"Its like you and the Homelander's said. The Senju satellite was the central hub for the SanVun Syndicate's digital empire. Thanks to your intell when Selebrity took Yazhun out and acquired the satellite, our research department was able to piggyback off from its signal. Which as you know then led us back to the Rogue Nation and their RedRum app. Now that Musa is now longer a problem we're free to extract all of the Bay's retro-fitted HALO tech and apply it to rebuilding the ghetto's of L.A."

"And the Assassination Market?"

"Wasnt connected. No trace at all. At least none that our experts were able to uncover."

"Damn. Oh well, next time. You done good my boy and we're getting close. I know its a heavy burden to bear but you're the last one of us left with shoulders strong enough to endure it." Pa-Pop's harmonic sermone drew both their attention to an old framed picture of a golden aged collective of costumed heroes just above the living room mantle with a gold plated engraving which read, 'The Homelanders.'


To Live an Die in L.A.

(the following takes place after events here. but before upcoming events)

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Continuous non-stop gunfire violently rang out as police - and a metahuman crew of 4 - exchanged rounds outside the West Beverly Hills bank.

"A-Waxx is dead! What are we gonna do BB? BB!!? We need a plan! Now!" one of the robbers shouted as their leader looked shook and unsure.

BB, aka the Beautiful Bolt, was a small-time former criminal with a bigtime metahuman ability to manipulate electricity. One foot out of the game, one foot in, the only thing she truly cared about was her older sister. A real hard case with an addiction to every known and unknown intoxicant on earth living in New York, surviving New York, only to move to Gothic and contract some sort of virus.

And while politicians verbally tap-danced and pandered, the hard truth was with the hospitals already strained, and costs purposely and grossly inflated, BB's sister had no way of affording the insurmountable bills that were already accumulated as the medical community scrambled to find a viable cure.

So BB felt her back was against the wall. She searched the proper online market and downloaded an AP. She carefully vetted a team. Utility being the focus, with each position capable of being plugged into the other should one of the members fall behind or be killed. Expendable yet functional. Interchangeable and versatile.

And yet now, as one of her team lay dead and the police fully and strategically set up outside - attending to the 8 officers whom had already succumbed to their gruesome injuries - there was nothing but a lack of versatility. Of functionality. There was nothing but chaos. Nothing but the unexpected voice of the Cybersin Superman as he now hovered in the center of the bank.

With two robbers unconscious limply hanging by their clothes from the iron grips of the Universal Patriot, and another knelt down in silent surrender, it seemed as if the time for unconditional surrender was at hand.

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However the Beautiful Bolt had no intention of giving up. Going to prison. Or worse. So she unleashed a massive electrical stream into the armored technological chest of the state's heroic governor, blasting her compatriots free as the unsuspecting hero was launched through the lobby and out the back wall of the bank.

Dancing sparks of electrical residue colorfully paraded across his unconscious body as it lay wedged between the next building and a massive pile of foundation and debris. Version 2.0 was dark. Completely offline leaving Samson Starr in a blackout of his own making. The state of the art chip in the back of his neck was fried. He was once again physically immobilized from the waist down.

The Beautiful Bolt dove into his body with a flight based shoulder spear, followed by yet another downpour of electrical death, reactionary self-preservation governed Samson's right hand as he ripped the biopharmaceutical tech from his hand and proceeded to face-palm the murderous thief, unleashing the most violating ability in his extensive catalog of celebrated supremacy.

"I'm sorry. You left me no choice." he regrettably proclaimed. Seated at the apex of photographic reflexes, Samson's exclusive variation allowed him to take, rather than duplicate, the superhuman abilities of an enemy he touched. Or so it had been packaged by the marketing department at Selebrity. Truth was nobody knew whether or not it was perfect or unchallenged. All they knew were the numbers, and the numbers were 12-0. 12 times Samson had successfully taken the ability of another. Seven volunteers who formed the well known Silver Age superhuman group known as Thee Seven. The original founders of Samsom's powerset. And five adversaries.

This time, this time was different. The Beautiful Bolt's electrical dominance ran so deep that in order to take her power, Samson would have to take her life. Even as he drew the ability out of her she definitely sought to end not only the hero's life, but everyone within the area as well. Initiating a back and forth as Samson pulled the power towards himself as BB insanely tried to build it up around herself and unleash it in a horrific holocaust of elemental disaster.

No Caption Provided

The force began to create an electrical hurricane before an expanding maelstrom birthed a nightmarish storm over the city.With seconds to waste Samson quickly let go of her face before slashing the lethal leviathan of lightning's throat with the destroyed remains of his Aethrium vambrace letting a crimson river of blood loose to splash across his armor and face. It detoured him not. In a superhuman split second he recaptured the power stealing facepalm. Ending the unbelievable conflict as the electrical maniac's lifeless body limply slumped against Samson's chest.

It was over. But the controversy had just begun.

The following footage was made available via Trill Tech and Trill Tech tSpheres


The Cybersin Superman (V2.0)


The Secret
Billions were spent researching the various surgical and rehabilitative applications of the intergalactic metal known as Athreium. With a large focus on the state of the art nano-technology exclusively utilized by the radical terrorist of the False Bay, Musa Bashir. Sparing no expense in his employment of some of the World's most notable scientists and engineering prodigy's in stylish stereo with his own engineering expertise, Samson's indoctrination into the nextgen Afro-futuristic advancement of superhuman supremacy and healing was secretly oversaught by the only legitimate expert in the field.

Specs:Weapons Capabilities:
  • Honeycombed layers integrated with in-plane bonds stacked
  • Recoiled Adamantium minerals woven into uniformed fibers
  • Self-contained closed circuit network linked to the Xsoteric's nervous system.

  • Anti-graviton particle projectors
  • Concussive Force energy beams


Special Announcement following attack on NYC

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Samson was wheeled to the podium with iron determination dripping from his swagged out attire. A mix of afro-futurism and form fitting designer visuals artistically fortified his 'stay strong no matter what' aesthetics as an adoring public waited with eager anticipation for the west coast KIng of New York to speak.

"Ladies and gentleman. Mutants and superhumans all over the World, we suffered a tremendous blow. The chaos and destruction visited upon our cities and continents was but an all too familiar replay of our position in the universal scheme of extraterrestrial progress. Or vengeance, who can really say anymore. Their motivations are as fleeting as their resolve. Sadly however, before Selebrity heroes were able to nullify the unprovoked attack on New York, many lives were lost. Many heroes fell."

With ease the Cybersin Superman removed a digital device from his suit pocket, instantly an enlarged holographic projection of a costumed individual was cast out over the sea of spectators.

"Her name was Andrea Granger. She was a hard working secretary who secretly tried to keep her city safe under the costumed identity of Brightburn. Her bravery in the face of overwhelming odds could never be overstated enough. With her death she leaves behind a loving family still struggling to come to terms with the idea that their baby girl was costumed crime fighter. And they never knew. Selebrity will be taking on any and all financial responsibilities for the Granger family. And the families and loved ones of all the heroes who gave their life in service of protecting our World. Of holding the line right here in the Big Apple."

He paused. Letting the deafening eruption of applause and cheers to wash over him fueling his arrogance, feeding his self-serving pride.

"This triumph will not last though. Not unless we take proactive measures to ensure our universal safety. Which is why I am formally announcing my intention to run for governor of California." instead of resting on yet another applause break Samson powered through. Elevating his voice over the thunderous celebration, "and if elected I will submit some of the most comprehensive and innovative superhero legislation ever imagined. You were the future, but the future is now, so now the future is us!"


Breakfast Club power 105.1 special interview


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Mornin everybody its DJ Envy Angela Yee Charlemagne da God. We got a special friend to the room dis mornin boy. Samson Starr everybody. The Superman of Superheroes himself is in da buildin. Lets give it up. Okay we're cookin with hot grease so lets get right into it shall we?

Lets play some word association. MVP's
No Caption Provided


Ivana Strigidae?
"A traitor. Everything humans hate and fear about the mutant species wrapped up in one psychopath."
She was a known terrorist. An internationally wanted mutant and the MVP's took her and hid her in their basement like some sorta roided up pitbull. Tried to turn her into a brand with an endorsement deal. What kinda shit, come on bro humans was never gonna except a terrorist runnin round in Jordan's doing commercials.
"They excepted the Venezuelan genocide. They excepted Brahma Bull. From what I can tell the MVP's actually succeeded in stopping a killer from, killing. And with zero casualties. All it took was some racks on racks on racks. But thats me. Conventional. No. Legal, hahaha course not. But nobody cares about the law until they wanna care about the law ya feel me?

Cant argue wit dat. Okay, Garrison Grail?
'Ha! A great man. A wronged supero. An innovator ahead of his time, dont play wit me Envy. You wanna talk bout it? Bet. Lets speak on it then. Yeah Garrison Grail killed one of if not thee last pillar's of the silver age heroes. And I'm talkin a legit bonafied superhero."
Why dont u say his name then?
Leuntinent Chester Chess Jones was a role model. But he never should have been in Gothic that day. None of them so called Justice Leaguers should have been. No legal authority. Unregistered and aligned with anti-registration subverses. No warrant or do process just a self-serving notion that their gassed up perception of morality granted them some fabricated legal privilege. And for what? At the end of the day what did they accomplish? Ivana walked away scott free. Millions of dollars in uninsured damages and civilian injuries. The only thing, and I mean the only goddamn thing that happened was the tragic downfall of two of the era's most prominent black superheroes. Lives irreparably torn apart and for what? Cause a band of do-gooders finally found their nuts and wanted to take down the most prolific mutant killing machine of the 21st century? The f'n arrogance.
Damn. I mean, but damn. Yo you sounding like this might be personal my guy.
No Caption Provided

Yeah. I suppose I am. Cause it is.
How so?
Let me show u some'n.

*pulls out phone begins to play recorded video

What is this what am I watching Starr?
Sssh, just watch. Listen

Ladies and gentlemen, heroes and civilians, I come before you today to address our troubled times.

We have been cast about upon the chaos of war between mutant and human. Few heroes stood on either side, only bloodthirsty extremists of one brand or another. Sanity did not prevail, and only exhaustion from their endless war brought us a modicum of peace. Madmen spilled rivers of blood across the entire face of the earth an no shining light of heroism rose up to stop them. There was only darkness and madness.

For the third administration in a row we are faced with an absent president. Our leaders take vacations while the world burns. They offer no guidance, no aid and certainly no inspiration to those whose souls cry out for hope.

Now we witness rise of the 'MVP's'. They bring no hope, merely the idea that heroism can be bought. That valor has its price. That salvation comes from the almighty dollar.

I ask you to reject that cynical ideology. I ask you to remember that greatness has no price. I ask you to join the Justice League, and show the world what it means to be a true hero.

Yooo I remember dis. Gladiatrix or some'n like dat. Justice League press conference.
Anti-establishment bullshit. Who sanctioned em? Not a goddamn soul. On who's orders were they tasked with the detainment of an alleged criminal?
Alleged!?!? Nigga is u trippin? We talkin bout a damn Strigidae here.
Then she should have faced justice. But real justice with congressional oversight, proper authorization. You work within the confines of the system. What you dont do is squad up and provoke a tragedy trying to show the world what it means to be a 'true hero.' Apparently the JL's definition of true hero is getting a teammate killed and an innocent man locked up for life.

*mocking thumbs up to camera

Younot seriously defending Ivana Strigidae are you?
I'm defending the system. Either its the system for everyone, sups, metas and mutants included or its not. But this notion that because you have abilities you there for have the right, the obligation to clean up the World according to your own narrow view and nothing is, well my nigga, that is exactly why I founded Selebrity.
Selebrity. Brand marketed superheroes working alongside and in conjunction with local law enforcement and state officials.
No Caption Provided

You feel that? Just listen to what you said a minute ago, and then think back to that long oversaturated JL speech. All them words. All that runnin off at da mouth to say nothin. And yet in jus 14 words about Selebrity you conveyed an unshakable sense of authorization. Legitimacy. Official credibility. We dont take it upon ourselves to be the law. We follow the law. Help build guidelines, areas of mutual understanding. We aint out here dressed up in our big brother's hockey pads or wearing nanna's afgan as a cape stopping ally way muggers with a slingshot. And we sure as hell dont roll up on any state or governed body acting like we have some inherent privilege to manipulate the system for what we perceive to be the greater good.
Daaayumn. And there it is folks.We're about out of time but if you'd do us a solid Starr an stick around for after the show?

Afro-Anime - Watch exclusive Manga and Anime

S'elebrity Prime Presents: Afro-Anime®

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Determined to expand Selebrity's influential media reach, Samson Starr - CEO and Brand marketed superhero - founded Selebrity Starr Media; a subsidiary of Selebrity Prime. A California based licensing company dedicated to the creation, promotion and streaming of exclusive Selebrity produced Dorama, Anime, and Manga.

Though initially well received, Afro-Anime has faced mild scrutiny for its blaxploitation of african-american stereotypes as well as the controversial cultural appropriation of the Japanese medium. But with its unique and rich style, and employment of some of the industries most notable artists, illustrators and voice actors,has helped Afro-Anime take social media by storm with over a 100 million registered subscribers and 80 million online users worldwide.

Though located in Hollywood Afro-Anime is a member of the AJA (Association of Japanese Animations)

Now Streaming: "The Black Ronin"

season 1

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2 Brothas
2 Brothas

Selebrity 2020 Fall Simulcasts

Akiro Academy s1 episode 3Turo zo Teiyakusha s8 episode 1
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We are currently looking for voice actors & actresses (bilingual required), illustrators/artists, writers and animators. If interested please email us at Or come in and visit our office building in Hollywood Cali.

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The S'elebrity Communications Satellite™

But first a Paid Advertisement

Selebrity Prime - streaming service

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sign up now for 3 free month trial -

Selebrity Prime +Disney +DCEU +Marvel +ESPN+

18+ only. Includes Selebrity (ad-supported) plan. Access content from each service separately. Offer valid for eligible subscribers only. Subject to terms of Disney+ and ESPN+ Subscriber Agreement.

The Sc3 - Selebrity Satellite

Basic Overview -

The S'elebrity Communication satellite, on the surface, is as ordinary as any other artificial satellite with the obvious visual exceptions. Capable of transmitting radio telecommunication signals via a transponder in order to deliver exclusive streaming content with a paid subscription to Selebrity Prime™.
۞Satellite specs
  • Memory Metal
  • Aerthrium
  • Masking
  • Electrode nets
  • Cellular network
  • Cyber-Security network

The Eye beyond the Sky

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Conspiracy theorists have begun to whisper about a growing global cover-up concerning the full extent of the rebranded Satellites true purpose and surveillance capabilities. Posting radical claims in various sub-reddits hurling wild accusations about wide spread data-mining and digital information gathering, on a global scale.

Pushing a narrative that the Selebrity Satellite has a hidden network using a covert Ultraviolet (UV) system. An extremely rare system reputed to have such immense processing power that it can create a virtual space that borders on reality with holographic tech & 3 dimensional network-platforming.

Referred to as the 'Eye' in most counter-cultural corners of social media and conspiracy chat-rooms, some of the wildest claims center around a theory that the Satellite serves as a superhero surveillance satellite constantly patrolling the solar-system for impending alien threats. Controlled and operated by a small but will placed confederacy of cape worshiping civilians in valuable areas of everyday life. A police chief here, a judge there, maybe even an attorney general. The claims are as fantastical as they are unproven.

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