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  • I started reading TEEN TITANS because of the television series. And he just happened to be writing Volume three at the time. He could be the reason why a lot of my character he wrote are in my top ten favourite characters. I think what made him my favourite writer although I know Grant Morrison is a better writer, it was GREEN LANTERN, JUSTICE SOCIETY of AMERICA and his ACTION COMICS.

  • The first comics I red of Morrison's was ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. I pretty much finished them off in one day. I couldn't put them down. He writes Clark Kent and Superman so well and which I wouldn't wait for Superman: Beyond, red that and he included Captain Marvel, I was like are you trying to create my favourite cast here? The next was his take on Batman...well he still is doing BATMAN. I loved how included a lot of Robin (Tim Drake) and uses him well and not just to have him there because of necessity.

  • LOVED his work on KINGDOM COME. I value that as the best comic I have ever read. The art from Ross just brings out the story to its fullest. I also love what he done on SUPERMAN: BIRTHRIGHT.

  • The man that got me reading MARVEL comics should be high up on the list. He is such a talent and wish he would return to DC. I very much enjoyed his work on DAREDEVIL and THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST from Marvel. Although it was one issue, I'm glad his name is on the 8 writers who have written a ROBIN comic.

  • He is an amazing writer and an amazing character writer. New Krypton was going so well with him on board, he left than it went to shit. I feel he and Brubaker are an awesome team-up. 52, FINAL CRISIS: REVELATIONS, BATMAN, SUPERMAN and even some WONDER WOMAN.

  • He created one of my favourite characters: KYLE RAYNER. Casting aside a GL I can't stand. If he is writing KYLE, I'm reading it! I haven't read much TOP COW, however, because of him, I would like to get my teeth into it.

  • His development of ROBIN was crucial to a major jump of character development. In 27 issues he managed to bring a happy guy into a stronger and deeper ROBIN and character. He also wrote another story arc that is high up on my list: DAY OF VENGEANCE. He has a lot of VERTIGO books I would like to read.

  • Sandman - need I say more?

  • Alan freaking Moore!

  • Enjoyed his work on his X-Men related titles. X-Force was amazing read. Was so happy when he wrote Red Robin series.

  • Runaways was what got me to notice him.

  • Writes Lex Luthor like a freaking BOMB! Love it

  • Read Thor because of him

  • Guy's from my city - LIVERPOOL! Wrote Lucifer. Boom!

  • Loved his I, Vampire. Will be reading more of his stuff.