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Things I'd Like to See in a Future Guardians of the Galaxy movie

Loved the movie, and due to the huge vastness of Marvel's Cosmos, would love to see some more nods, cameos, and maybe even roles given to these worthy individuals.

Some of these have pretty good odds of being in future films, (Guardians-related or otherwise) and the rest are just 'wishful thinking' on my part. Though it's GOOD wishful thinking. :P

List items

  • Really more of a personal preference on my part. Still it'd be REALLY cool to see a live-action Death's Head. As long as they don't go the 'Michael Bayformers' route with him.

    Maybe get the voice actor of HK-47 from the Star Wars games?

  • If memory serves, Rom himself is still elusive... but who says we still can't see the Spaceknights themselves make an appearance? Ikon would be a cool inclusion to a movie.

  • Due to their status as one of the bigger 'Oh Crap!' Space Villains in the Marvel Cosmos, wouldn't be surprised to see at least a cameo from these creepy things. Hell, Thanos could have some more allies than just Ronan and the Chitauri. The Wraiths would make a logical inclusion.

  • I feel like you can't have Thanos without one of his biggest opponents (besides Captain Marvel) show up at some point. Preferably looking like his post 'Annihilation: Conquest' appearance than his weird David Bowie/Barbarella-reject outfit.

  • She's a founding member of the 2008 incarnation of the team, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her showing up in any future endeavors that Marvel might have for the Guardians.

  • This would seem to be a no-brainer, a race with a bigger chip on it's shoulder than the Kree and an even worse cosmic reputation. BUT don't really know if these sneaky aliens are currently owned by 20th Century Fox for their Fantastic Four movies. Would explain why they didn't even merit an easter egg or background cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Speaking of such things...

  • Would be pretty cool (nay, AWESOME) to see this mad genocidal despot from the Negative Zone show up in a GotG movie. He's a pretty big enough deal to be the focus of a movie's plot. There's just the big overriding question as to whether or not Fox has the current rights to this fiendish buggy freak.

  • Seeing as how Thanos is being set up as the BIG BAD in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's probably a safe bet that his 'Black Order' are bound to play a part in things in some way, shape, or fashion.

  • Surprised they didn't at least mention this in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Would like to see Xander and it's Corps get developed more at some point. Speaking of...

  • Would love to see THIS aspect of the source material examined. Though right now it's kind of hard to imagine something like THIS coming out of the Nova Corps from the movie. Would still be awesome to see.

  • With the X-Men movies most likely NOT going to go cosmic anytime soon (if how they handled the Phoenix is any indicator), these big fiends (or their Phalanx bastard-children) would be right at home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As either one of it's many denizens, or as a future galactic threat.

  • Speaking of X-Men-born alien opponents who probably AREN'T going to be showing up anytime soon in THEIR movies, genuinely surprised we didn't see a Brood amongst the Collector's 'items' in his gallery. Who says we won't in some future movie?

  • Would love to see Beta Ray Bill show up, though it'd (probably) be a weird 'tight-rope' to walk having him suddenly show up in a Thor movie... he'd be a welcome sight in a Guardians of the Galaxy-related movie.

  • While I'd prefer to see this badass cybiote appear in a CAPTAIN BRITAIN movie, I wouldn't be unhappy to see him/it show up in a Guardians/Guardians-related movie.

  • They were the original enemies of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, the crux behind their formation in the late 60's. Wouldn't be a shocker to see them have some sort of role in things sometime in the future.

  • Since we've had Yondu, why not THIS guy? Maybe some tweaks here and there, but it'd be neat to see him cross paths with either the Guardians themselves or maybe even Yondu. A nice little nod to the roots of the Guardians mythos.

  • There's really two ways this can go, they bring in a version close to the original 60's incarnation... or go with the female version that showed up in the pages of the 2008 team during the whole 'Secret Invasion' event.

  • Again, seriously doubt we'll see ANY of these characters in an X-Men movie. So with the sole exception of Corsair, (due to his connection with Cyclops) wouldn't be surprised to see at least a CAMEO by some of these characters.

  • Seeing how many characters they're willing to put in some sort of bit role (Korath, Yondu, Nebula, etc.) wouldn't surprise me to see this big chick show up in the future. Hopefully she'll be appropriately tough when the time comes.

  • Same goes for this guy. Like Stellaris, his chances of appearing in some form are highly probable.

  • A late addition to the 2008 team (before Marvel NOW! happened), this (now cool) guy from the 90's-era Captain America stories is probably one of those long-shot possibilities.

    But stranger things have happened.

  • She of many codenames (Captain Marvel, Quasar, Martyr) would make for a cool part/role/addition to things. She comes from quite the hefty legacy.

    But it all depends on whether or not the 'Ms. Marvel' rumors are true, and if so... how they plan to handle that aspect of things.

  • C'mon, an Orrgo cameo would ROCK. Even more cool if he were to throw down with Groot.

  • Part of me is wondering if we're going to be seeing these folks anytime soon. The movie has established that the Celestials are a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so could the Eternals (and their ancient enemies the Deviants) be too far off? Though these characters are a pretty BIG concept in and of themselves, so any role they'd have in a GotG movie would probably be regulated to cameos, setting up the foundation for something bigger later on.

  • Call me crazy, but did it seem as though they were hinting at a possible connection to this guy when discussing Rocket Raccoon's origins?

    Questionable genetics research, humanoid animals, etc. just seemed as though that's what they're possibly hinting at with this.

    Just a theory.

  • With the talks of a Doctor Strange movie, their chances of appearing (or being mentioned) in a movie are quite high. They ARE of the same 'family' as Shuma-Gorath.

  • There are rumblings of these aliens being a part of things in later movie stories, so it could only be a matter of time.

  • Bit of a confession, when someone told me there was a cameo at the end of the GotG movie that I wouldn't see coming... one of the possibilities that ran through my mind was Angela. She's a recent addition to the Marvel Universe, and would be a funny "F*** YOU!" to Todd McFarlane.

    Turns out I was WAY off, but she's STILL not totally out of the realm of possibility for future stories. Especially since what role she's been revealed to have in the comics themselves.

  • This creepy-looking bastard(s) would make for a neat cameo/easter egg. But other than that I don't know if Marvel would want to bring in 'Time and Space'/Multiversal concepts into their Cinematic world. It's going to become as crowded as it is with some of the stuff they're planning on supposedly.

  • Long shot, I know... but it'd be just so much fun to see some nods to 'Agents of Atlas' sprinkled throughout the MCU. A guy can dream can't he?

    Speaking of 'Longshots'...

  • C'mon, this guy just seems to be tailor-made to be in a GotG movie, what with his zany personality that'd fit perfectly into the tone they're obviously going for.

    But this could become another victim of 'film rights', since he's become so tied at the hip with the X-Men who knows if he's apart of that deal or not. Granted it'd be a pretty big stretch that Fox was chomping at the bit for the 'Big Fat Blobby Alien' when they originally inked the X-Men deals with Marvel.

    Same could possibly be said for Longshot, Spiral, Shatterstar, etc.

  • VERY long shot, but would be cool to see them appear none-the-less.

    Would make for a nice set-up for Darkhawk to eventually debut in some fashion.

  • While it'd make for a nice 'holy crap' moment to have this hugely powerful "Pacifist Superman" show up, maybe lend a hand or a 'big damn hero' save for the Guardians... it's a pretty big long shot. Though not quite as big of one as...

  • So much of a 'long shot' that other 'long shots' have lapped it.

    Again, doubtful due to possible movie rights issues with Fox, though again (like with Mojo) I seriously doubt Fox was gunning for the Impossible Man when they penned the movie deals with Marvel.

    Would still make for a nice little cameo/easter egg to spot the Impossible Man (or some random 'Poppupian') in a scene.