Marvel International

There are many teams and heroes outside of United State's borders in the Marvel Universe. This list will attempt to catalogue them.

List items

  • Canada's premiere superhero team. Though seems to have been replaced by Omega Flight right now.

  • Originally a group of villains, was remade into the seeming replacement for Alpha Flight following it's disasterous encounter with the Collective.

  • Japan's main fighting team. At one point counted Sunfire and Silver Samurai amongst it's ranks.

  • Russia's big group. Has gone through various names and roster shuffles since it's introduction.

  • Was the UK's premiere group of Superheroes, (though not all of them were from the UK) may be again someday. Has been seemingly replaced by MI13 right now.

  • Thus has become THE group working in the UK, mostly full of heroes and heroines from that region.

  • WERE China's lead squad of superhumans, each named after Chinese Zodiac animals.

  • Little seen French superhero team. The Thing hung out with them for a while during his self-imposed exile during the Civil War.

  • Little seen Filipino Superteam. Was the target of one of Ezekial Stane's clients.

  • Mexican superhero, had a few run-ins with Spider-man so far.

  • Practically obscure German Superhero team. Only Hauptmann Deutschland (aka: Vormund) is left.

  • Mexican superhuman, fought Moon Knight.

  • South American superheroine. Has been a member of the Avengers.

  • Irish superheroine. Retired.

  • South American superhero, has served with various groups over the years, the Crew and Defenders for the most part.

  • Name of various superhumans, most of whom hail from South America.

  • Iraq's superhuman military team during the 90's. Arabian Knight had been forced to join, but worked as a double agent.

    Most of the team, over time, met their own ends, save for two members. Doubtful they're still operating now.

  • Superhero from Argentina, one of many South American heroes killed by the villain Everyman (posing as German hero Zeitgeist).

  • Cuban mutant and freedom fighter, had a few run-ins with Wolverine before being one of Everyman's victims.

  • Brazilian superhero who was killed by Everyman as he investigated the string of murders terrorizing the local superhuman population.

  • Israeli superhero, dedicated to protecting her country from all threats.