Characters Who Could Easily Be a Big Hero 6 sequel

Yeah it seems I've become a 'list guy'. Well here's a small list of Marvel characters who could easily fit into the world of the movie universe of Big Hero 6. Enjoy.

List items

  • When is he EVER going to appear in a movie? You'd think he'd have appeared in an X-Men movie by now, but so far no dice. Unless he appears in the upcoming Apocalypse movie, I say let him appear in a 'Big Hero 6' movie.

  • This is a no-brainer. One big ode/love-letter to Japanese culture... why not bring in Marvel's answer to 'Godzilla', Fin Fang Foom?

    With or without purple pants.

  • This Godzilla and Shogun Warriors foe, with his crazy experiments and penchant for tinkering with mutations, and creating giant monsters could easily fit into this world. Maybe as an old foe of Fred's father?

  • Would be fun to see this big guy make an appearance in a BH6 movie. Preferably fighting Fin Fang Foom, but that's just me.

  • Another character whom I'm surprised hasn't been brought into an X-Men movie yet. With a little tweaking, she could easily be in the world of Big Hero 6.

  • So many characters who keep getting overlooked for X-Men movies... and with a few changes, could easily fit in.

  • Though I have a feeling they might go in a different direction for any possible sequels, his look is distinct enough and imposing (either in costume or in a business-suit) that it'd work quite well.

  • AKA: 'Golden Claw'.

    Doubtful they'd go with this guy, what with the whole stigma surrounding his creation/inspiration/time period. And while I'd prefer him in a movie involving 'Agents of Atlas', there really aren't many BIG HUGE Asian villains in the Marvel universe. Or at least not memorable ones that are already tied up with someone else.

  • A monster born from imagine would probably be a little over the target audience's heads, but would constitute a good example of not having to personally KILL a villain to beat it.

    PLUS it's abilities would allow for a whole mess of different forms for it to take on.

  • Got a feeling with some of the hints shown at the end that there's a pretty good chance of seeing a version of this guy in any possible sequels.

  • Maybe as a throw-away opponent? Could see him as being more along the lines of wannabe samurai 'Sodom' from the Street Fighter universe.

  • Would see her reimagined as a friendly rival/relative to Gogo

  • High-tech assassins sounds like a juicy idea for a future story.

  • We've seen his old costume in Fred's display case. Would be funny as hell to see him appear in some form. Course, hard to tell if Fred's stuff was from TV shows, movies or actually based on past 'in-world history' situations. Still, even if it's on a TV show (within a movie), it'd be a blast to see.

  • The first Big Hero 6 comics villain would be most difficult to pull off, mainly due to his origin (embodiment of all the dead killed from the Atomic Bombings). BUT with a few tweaks, an entirely different origin, he'd be pretty cool to see.

  • Well... given her origin, in comics, she could easily be from that weird inter-dimensional zone that Baymax and Hiro flew into.