Characters/Cameos/Easter Eggs I'd like to See

For ANY Marvel Cinematic Universe project in the near future. Movies, their TV shows... here are some characters I'd like to see make either an actual full appearance or just a fun background cameo. Kind of a 'sister thread' to my previous 'Guardians of the Galaxy' list.

EDIT: 4/30/15 made some changes

List items

  • Definitely #1 on this list. Am surprised he hasn't appeared so far in the course of the MCU. He's played a role in some of the biggest Marvel stories of the past, was the Hulk's seemingly only friend for the longest of times, was (more or less) Captain Marvel for decades, and a whole multitude of other integral roles in the fabric of the Marvel Universe.

    So yeah, would definitely like to see Rick show up.

  • Am quite surprised we didn't see this guy pop up in the background during 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. With all the Jim Starlin-created stuff we've seen, or will see down the line... just amazed that we haven't seen Pip show up. Not saying as a major character, but his appearance would've added some variety to the bars/prisons/etc. that the Guardians visited during the movie. Maybe he'll one day show up?

  • He's been mentioned in 'Agents of Shield', would love to see him truely appear in 'person' at some point in the TV Show's run. Surprised that he's not been brought in for a 'Halloween' episode so far.

    I'm sure the effects budget would be much better than the one from that SyFy movie about him.

  • Holy crap would THIS kick ass. A nearly immortal monster hunter who's been around since the dawn of man. Course they ARE making that 'Agent Carter' show, so there's still a chance for him to appear.

    Though I'd even be happy with Elsa Bloodstone, his sexy daughter.

  • Long-shot at this point I know... but dammit... an 'Agents of Atlas' fan can dream, can't he? While I'd LOVE to see him and the other Atlas characters be in a movie, I'd be just as happy seeing him at least make an appearance... a cameo... in an episode of Agent Carter... or even Agents of Shield.

  • With Marvel finally getting his film rights back, feel his film debut has been LONG overdue. Sadly the hope for a World War II-era meeting with Captain America is probably out of the question... though that doesn't necessarily negate the idea of him having fought in WW2. There WERE two 'theaters' of war at the time. Either way... would still like to see the 'Avenging Son' show up at some point. Preferably in a film.

  • Hell if you ask me, the Hulk section of the MCU has been almost criminally overlooked and under-utilized. Holding out hope that one day we'll get to see Bruce's cousin, Jennifer. Either in one of the movies, or even as a role in Agents of Shield. I'm sure lawyers make plenty of enemies... so the idea that she'd be targeted and needing to be protected would be cool to see. Maybe even get a Bruce Banner cameo?

    Though to be honest, don't know if we'll EVER get to see her Hulk-out anytime soon.

    Speaking of under-utilized Hulk characters.

  • Seriously... Marvel please convince Universal to let you bring this guy into a movie. His tiny little cameo in those tie-in comics (whose canonicity are always in question) wasn't enough.

    For a long time he was (for me at least) one of the big candidates for that 'Clairvoyant' character in SHIELD.

  • Speaking of overlooked opportunities... can we finally see this guy return one day? We've heard him get name-dropped a few times, but would really like to see him re-appear.

    Agents of Shield would be stretching things a bit... but who knows? Maybe he'll get some attention in the lead-up to Civil War?

  • Am a huge fan of mythos, and feel it'd be neat to see the impact or inspiration such men like Captain America would've had on the world in the 20th Century.

    And this IS the version of Red Guardian who was at one point married to the Black Widow... would make for an interesting story at least. If they ever get around to making that Black Widow solo film.

  • Speaking of 'Captain Symbols', would really REALLY like to see Union Jack appear in the MCU. Either on film, or even on the TV shows. We've seen that Agents of Shield is willing to do some pretty wild stuff, why not bring in Union Jack?

  • With the occasional dips into the Ultimate Universe that the MCU occasionally takes, would be cool to see the 'Colonel'. Would be neat to see a 'modern super-soldier' throw down with Cap.

  • Would be cool to see this guy show up, perhaps in 'Agent Carter'? Granted his origin story is probably not going to gel well with the history of the MCU, BUT there have been rumblings by Marvel that they might touch upon the subject of past attempts to replicate the Super Soldier Serum post-WW2... perhaps he could be one of those attempts?

    His trials and tribulations coupled with perhaps what happened with the insane '50's Cap' would explain why nobody wanted to touch the samples they had till 'Incredible Hulk'.

  • Still think there's potential for this guy in the world of 'Agents of SHIELD'.

  • This would make for an awesome saga in Agents of Shield, a group of violent vigilantes gunning for villains who've managed to escape justice.

  • Could see this guy either appear at the very beginning of an Iron Man movie, perhaps being quickly dispatched by Tony... or as one of the villains of the week in Agents of SHIELD.

  • Feel we've been long overdue for this guy to appear and raise hell for Tony... or SHIELD... or even Captain America.

  • Maybe not a huge role, but with the coming of Doctor Strange... would make for a nice easter egg to see him pop in for a cameo... or get mentioned in passing... or hell maybe even a photo or painting... something nice and neat.

  • Would make for a nice cameo or guest-appearance on Agents of Shield, perhaps as one of the people who trained Agent May or Hawkeye. Maybe not in-costume, but as his alter-ego.

  • While, like the Fury, I'd prefer to see him appear in a Captain Britain movie, there's always room for MORE assassins in the world of the MCU and he was one of the best. Would be epic to see him and Agent May throw down.

  • With the world of Daredevil, would be neat to see this old 'hag' appear as one of the Kingpin's past associates or something to that nature.

  • While one of the people to take on the cowl showed up in that 'All Hail the King' short, would still be neat... i have to admit... to see some more of this character.

  • Wouldn't be too surprised to see this guy make an appearance in a future SHIELD episode. He WAS a SHIELD agent at one point before going rogue.

  • Like with Gorilla-Man, would prefer to see him in an 'Agents of Atlas'-related movie... but I'd settle for a cameo/easter egg appearance. Maybe as a creation of Tony's Dad?

  • This character is just WAY too awesome to not have be in a movie or a show.

    Though it's doubtful at this point, knowing how people would respond to a perceived 'Batman Rip-Off'.

  • Yeah... i went there. Howard the Duck's in the MCU, nothing is really off-limits at this point.