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When you can't have a crossover, want to show how awesome your team is in comparison to the competition, do a parody or just a nice tribute piece, why not make an analogue??
These are teams, or individuals, within the various comic companies that borrowed certain elements from their competition's biggest heroes or teams. 
There's ALOT of Superman analogues btw. ALOT

List items

  • Marvel's take on the Justice League. First appeared in an early issue of the Avengers.

  • DC's take on the Avengers. Ironically, two members of this team would become members of the Justice League.

  • DC's take/parody of Marvel's Ultimates, with a bit of the post-Disassembled New Avengers thrown in too. Fought Batman & Superman.

  • Analogue of Wildstorm's Authority, or at the very least, the attitudes demonstrated by them.

  • DC's analogues of various Marvel villains, like Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Dormammu, Sabretooth, and Magneto, among others.

  • Marvel's Analogue of the Legion of Superheroes, more or less.

  • Started out as a sort of take on Deathstroke by Liefeld, has since become something entirely different.

  • Started out as a take on Superman if he was created by Silver-Age Marvel, has since changed significantly.

  • DC Parody of Captain America. Was a member of Justice League

  • Started out as a tragic take on Reed Richards, who's friends and loved ones died shortly after their rocket ship was bombarded by cosmic energies.

  • DC's take on Popeye.

  • An incredibly villainous take, by Wildstorm, on the Fantastic Four.

  • Wildstorm's take on the Avengers

  • Image's take on Superman, made by Liefeld, eventually developed considerably more by Alan Moore.

  • Malibu's take (of sorts) on Captain Marvel

  • Wildstorm's take on Superman, lover of it's Batman pastiche, Midnighter.

  • Wildstorm's OTHER take on Superman

  • Milestone's take on Superman. Has since been brought into the DC Universe.

  • Wildstorm's take on Batman, though with more superpowers. Though his creators claim he's a bit more like the Shadow.

  • Marvel parody of Batman. Supposedly inhabits the Ultimate Universe.

  • Another Marvel take on/parody of Superman. Is really a super-skrull sent to conquer Earth, but is raised by fundamentalist christians, giving him a strong moral center... more or less.

  • Was at first a take on/modern telling of the popular "Journey to the West" story, but eventually became a sorta take on Superman by Toriyama once DragonBallZ rolled in. Superpowered being from a distant planet, raised by a kindly country person, etc.

  • Seems to be DC's gender-bending analogue, of sorts, to the Hulk.

  • Seemed to have started out (or usually seen) as Marvel's answer to Batman.

  • Seen as DC's attempt to answer the popularity of Marvel's Punisher.

  • DC's analogue of Marvel's "Invaders", interacted with the Freedom Fighters at one point, till their true origins were revealed.

  • Milestone's analogue/parody of various black heroes over the years, including Luke Cage, Falcon, Black Lightning, and Spawn.

  • Alan Moore's analogues of classic Charlton Comics characters that were created when he wasn't allowed to use the actual characters for Watchmen.