NEVER Too Late To Turn To Jesus

Rebelling against God has led many people to hell. People rebel for different reasons. Some do it out of pride. They think they don't need Jesus. Others don't because they don't care about others and only care about themselves. Many people's lives would be much better if they would simply come to Jesus and accept Him into their heart. You stumble and fall when you get away from God. We need God to lead our lives in the right direction. Those who show contempt for the Lord are only hurting themselves and will end up in hell for eternity. BUT no matter what sins you have committed, it is NOT too late. Simply ask Jesus to forgive you and ask Him into your heart and it will change your life. It will change your ETERNITY. Jesus is there. He cares. Again, it is never too late to turn away from your path that is leading AWAY from Jesus and TO hell. John 14:6-Accepting Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven.,,
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Satan Getting What He Wants

Reading some of the anti-Christian sentiment on this board just reminds me of what is going on in this country and how Satan has so many people fooled. Just take a look at the blog saying proof God exists. There are so many attacks on Christians it's amazing. It sometimes aggravates me but more times than not it makes me laugh at how smug some of these people are who have no idea that they will end up in hell. It also makes me laugh how Christianity is the one 'religion' you can make fun of. I mean, don't you DARE make fun of or say anything against Muslims or Jews or others. But it IS ok to make fun of and insult Christians. For me it has never made me too mad. I think it's because I just consider the source. The people doing it are people who think they came from an APE. LOL The people doing it are people who think it is actually ok to murder unborn babies(abortion). They talk about how they don't believe in God yet get SO mad if you say that you DO. It's so obvious to those who have accepted Jesus into their heart yet those who do NOT have him in their heart are so blind to it. There's no doubt that Satan is very very effective. It's just a shame that so many will and do follow him to hell. Their scorn for God/Jesus will quickly turn to begging and pleading with Jesus when they die and are on their knees in front of Jesus. It is just sad that many will not believe this until it is happening to them.


My 2nd blog.

Don't know if I'm supposed to write this as if I'm writing it to myself or as if I'm writing it for comicvine readers to read. Also not sure what I can and can't talk about as I had a thread locked the other day. I expressed my opinion that it'd be wrong to let the mosque be built near ground zero and was told it might be "offensive to Muslims." Course the mod who locked it said something offensive about Christians before they locked it but that's no surprise in today's pc world. Birthday is the 28th so I hope to get some money for comics. Will spend $100 at the most. Hope to get the next issue of Batman Beyond so I can have that entire series. Also, want to get a couple more Spiderman and Captain America. Will probably wait for Blackest Night/BD to come out in trade but heard it takes SIX MONTHS for trades to come out so I donno. Have had my fill of Wolverine for the time being. Still have the last 3 books of War of the Superman to read, along with a couple issues of The Punisher.


My 1ST blog post here on comicvine.

My name is Adam. You can ask me ANY question at  I have been collecting comic books for only a short time. I have about 30. Most of them are Batman and Wolverine, though I sometimes find Wolverine too dark. I would like to start reading more Captain America comics if I can. At the moment, I don't have a lot of money to spend on comics though. I'd also like to find some Aquaman comics. Thank you. John 14:6