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(Disclaimer: Mi characters and the country of Awekia are based in a alternate dimension from the CVnU (called the SS5-3.13/SS-3 universe), as well as all of the content around them...)

The League of the Gentlemen of Stayler’te

The Leagues' logo, appearing to be a innocent gentlemen's club branding
The Leagues' logo, appearing to be a innocent gentlemen's club branding

The ‘League of the Gentlemen of Stayler’te’ (TLotGoS…stylized as T.Lot’GoS) is a small club of a handful of gentlemen. All holding the same like-mind, to protect the world that they live in from the evils of the universe. Starting in the late 1960s with the League of Gentlemen, it eventually grew into a second group that formed in the 1990s, called the League of Darkness. Based in the Grand Awekian Kingdom of the SS5-3.13/SS-3 universe, the club of heroes span over numerous worlds, universes, and pocket dimensions in combat of the wickedness.

Appearing to be a secret society to the outside world, they watch over an entire hidden realm of magic and macabre, from many different areas and classes of it. All of them had their own motive and reasons for joining the team, they come from many polar walks of life. From street crime to divine warfare, galactic disputed, to supernatural curses, they handle it all from the wooden walls of the clubhouse. A lot of them rarely get along. But, they agree to use their respective views and understandings to secretly help lead the country in a safe and progressive direction.

With one half of them working to preserve the history of the country, many of them are explorers and historians, in their normal live. Taking on the job of protecting Awekia, when they adapt into their heroic personas, the league acts as a helper of Awekia.

The Grand Awekian Kingdom / Basic Information - Cultural Information


(Note: Not an actual picture of the club)
(Note: Not an actual picture of the club)

The League of Gentlemen was founded by Ollivar Jest and Captain Super, in 1968, in Stayler'te Drive, Engstland City, Middex, Awekia. To protect the streets from the rising conflict that was brewing in the world, they enlisted numerous heroes to join the ranks. Split into two houses, House of Super and House of Jest, the latter would eventually develop into the League of Darkness. A second, even secreter order of figures brought together to defend against the things that the gentlemen couldn't, they mastered in the occult and cryptic. The divide remains to prevent corruption, by separating the power and control of the club. And the members are...



The League of Gentlemen

The League of Masks

The League of Darkness

Associates of the League


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