Pull List

This will be ever-changing and for now at least it is in no particular order.

List items

  • Man, I love the unorthodox take on the four horsemen of the apocolypse.

  • It's Batman. Do I really need any more reason to have this on my pull list?

  • While reading how the Bat family is dealing with the loss of Damien, the room has gotten a little dusty, I'm not gonna lie. Now I'm looking forward to Two-Face in the next story arch.

  • This is what got me back into comics after many years removed.

  • Cannibal cop comedy? I'm so in!

  • I read this when my friend started picking it up at the very beginning. Later he had to make some cuts and Talon didn't make it. I bought the first few issues off him and have kept it in a safe place on my list even after many around me have sent it to the comic book gallows.

    Loving what Tynion is doing with this title but the new artist is not my style. I hope its temporary.

  • Started with the Prankster arch and OMG Prankster is like one of my new favorite villains.

  • Scott Snyder + Vertigo miniseries = Must have.

  • Only one issue in so its hard to judge, but I'll certainly be picking up issue #2

  • All my friends read it so I had to give in and add it to my list.

  • Love the previous Batman: B&W miniseries. And so far liking this one too

  • Its weird to say that a series about people who stop time when the orgasm is the most realistic/down to Earth comic I've read but its true. Matt Fraction in the first 2 issues of Sex Criminals has painted the most true to life rendition of American puberty I have ever seen in any medium.

  • It. Is. So. Beautiful.

  • After picking it up off the shelf for about 4 months I finally committed to adding it to my list.

  • I am not familiar with the Archie universe but god****it I love zombies

  • Loving Red Sonja. Had to have a little more.

  • Love Harley. And issue one is already giving me a strong Deadpool vibe.

  • Jumped on when Charles Soule took the helm. Loving it. Its not like every other DC series out there. Cant wait t find out what happens with Seeder.

  • Sci-fi/Fantasy done right. That's so hard to find.

  • Come on. It's Sandman