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My avengers team ( Hickman style )

I like avengers more than any team . They are the reason why i am huge comic book fan today . And my all time favorite is avengers world concept . so i want to make a team that way long and powerful team .

List items

  • The leader , heart and soul of the team

  • Brain and money nuff said

  • come on without him there isnt a avengers

  • strongest one their is

  • team need a third powerhouse . and why i choose hypreion is

    1) he is marvels superman

    2) the partnership with thor in hickmans run was amazing

    it almost thor/brb level of friendship

    3)he has the powers what Thor and hulk lacks ( and those have their own what he lacks )

  • underrated powerhouse she deserves more spotlight . she is a heavy hitter on her own

  • i am really disappointed that marvel dosnet include him in new guardians series but their are all most every other hero were included stop treating him bad marvel

  • i am sure pretty despite being a big part of mu surfer donset join earths mightiest heroes till now . i think everyone want to see him in avengers.he is a wild card for avengers.

  • he needs to appear on a daily basis again

  • everyones favorite robot guy

  • without witch the robot is boring another wild card

  • he is no flash but he is still powerful at least we can all agree can when not jobbing he is a high mid tier

  • several x men join the ranks of avengers its time for bobby to follow them . make it happen marvel . and omega level mutant he is dangerous

  • in my opinion she is most underrated x lady . i really want to see her join avengers and became the mistress of magnetism

  • son of satan is a very cool character . i think he deserves a spot

  • at this point i think everyone will love to see this guy on anything

  • love the character she needs more expose

  • as ant man

    marvel please show respect he is a founding avenger

  • i think it will not be fair if i dosnet include when every founding avenger made my list wasp fun character

  • teams needs one more captain and this time i am going with most underrated yet interesting one

  • since starnge isnt really a team player i think this dude would feat the role of him easily

  • i know i know what you are thinking but think for a second isnt it would be really cool ?

  • star power lol

  • king of Atlantis needs join avengers not fighting them