marvel villains i like to see justice league face in a dc/marvel crossover

justice league is dc's primary superhero team . over the year they face the baddest and toughest villans of their universe after this one cannot help but think how will they do against marvel ones .

so here are my choices for marvel villains i like to see jl fight in a dc/marvel crossover in future

List items

  • my favorite villain. i like to see how doom will prefer himself against the jl

  • everyones favorite marvel team buster hunts jl shut up take my money

  • wonder woman vs hela

  • superman thought doomsday is his toughest opponent but i am sure after meeting mangog superman will say to himself man i miss doomsday

  • i think it will be cool to see dormammu vs jl

  • it will be interesting to see how batman will prepare jl to fight galactus

  • we all saw jl taking on braniac which makes me wonder what will happen if collide against H.E

  • this one i want as batman vs bullseye . can dark knight overcome this

  • recently after reading avengers i thought it will be cool to see how jl will play grandmasters game

  • hmm who else want to see x mens greatest villain to take on justice league

  • while he is not a villain but makes trouble for marvel heroes more often than not . so how jl will overcome a threat that can do almost evrything

  • the god butcher vs dcs best

  • i really want to see how god of mischief trick in his trap jl specially batman

  • leader always wanted to use hulks strength . so he gonna saw superman you know he will plan to use that strength for his benifit .

    a leader vs jl will be a fight depends enterly on brain

  • kang vs jl is a fight if done right it will remember for long long time

  • an underrated but powerful jl villan i always what would happened if he fights avengers

  • he can make jl to fight no other than themselfves

  • a solo face off against batman . after hunting spider for years i want him to go after bats .

  • when not jobbing he is a low level team buster with the ability to control gravity jl will have a hard time to deal with him

  • the ultimate challenge . a coie type event with every dc hero across the multiverse teams up