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Great Start and a Letter from the Continuity Police 0

This was an amazing first issue. It had everything you want from a first issue; mystery, intrigue, secrecy, and origins. We are introduced to the team, shown why each member is chosen, given brief origins of each, meet their enemies, and are left with a HUGE cliffhanger in just under 30 pages. And the art is beautiful. The heavy shading and dark colors fit the secret tone of this issue. Justice League of America is obviously a new flagship title for DC's New 52 that will be around for a while.Wh...

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The Force is Strong with Flash 0

Ever since I saw the Justice League episode where Flash was lost to the Speed Force after circling the world several times to gain enough momentum to take down the kryptonite powered Lex Luthor, I have been extremely interested with this mysterious force that somehow gave Barry Allen his powers. So, when I read that this issue was all about the Speed Force, I picked it up, and was so taken with this new series that I bought all the previous issues as well.While I have been a fan of the Speed For...

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Read it Twice! 1

When I first read this beginning story arc on a month by month basis, I ended each issue scratching my head. I was left with so many questions; I didn't understand the time-jumps, I couldn't figure out what Lex was up to, and overall, I thought the series to be mediocre. That was until I went back and read issues #1-8 all in one sitting.When looking at Morrison's first arc as a whole, the true genius of it is revealed. This book has set up everything you need to know about Superman, and I mean e...

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Snyder Delivers Again 0

I know good things don't last; I'm not pessimistic, I just know that all good things must come to an end. So, I keep waiting for the new Batman series to fall into mediocrity. I thought the third issue might be the breaking point. Man, was I wrong.I have to say, this issue might be the best yet. Scott Snyder is amazing. He is producing some really groundbreaking stuff. I think it was G-Man who wrote an article on how he felt the "Gates of Gotham" storyline would have a lot of carryover into the ...

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King Kyle 0

This comic is on of my favorite New 52 titles. I LOVE IT!!! The first issue was great and this second issue was NOT a letdown.Just in case you didn't read the first issue, (don't worry, this isn't a spoiler) Green Lantern Kyle Rayner has suddenly become a power ring-magnet. Issue one ended with Kyle being chosen by a ring from each the other ring corps as their new ring bearer, but had yet to put any of them on.As soon as I finished the first issue, I was hoping that Kyle would actually get to p...

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Aquaman IS Cool! 2

Aquaman is back and he is COOL! Right away, huge, HUGE props to Geoff Johns. This is an Aquaman like we've never seen before; he's bold, he's tough, and he eats fish and chips.What is great about this comic:1. Aquaman kicks butt on land: I love how Johns has him helping out in bay areas when he 'hears trouble.' Great idea, I mean his underwater stuff is cool, but seeing him a legitimate on-land hero, is awesome. He's super strong, nearly invulnerable, and he doesn't have to have water.2. It is i...

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Out With the Old (but still AMERICAN!!!) 1

This comic was one of, if not the most anticipated new number one on my pullist. I love Superman, LOVE him. I was excited to see his new directions and to see how things had changed in this new comic within the DCnU.While many characters have retained their previous backstories, it seems clear from Action Comics #1, and now from Superman #1, that Superman has really been rebooted, not just relaunched. This was what I expected from the way all the promo stuff looked prior to the New 52. I have to...

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Now THIS is a #1 0

I was so excited about this relaunched title for various reasons. The main reason being that Scott Snyder was attached to it. I fell in love with his work after I read "Gates of Gotham," which, to me, he captured every element that IS Batman. With his name on it, I knew it would be good, but I didn't know it would be THIS good.Okay, so I haven't picked up every single issue of the DC relaunch, but I have picked up most of them. So far, I've been about 70/30 on it. I have really enjoyed about 70%...

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