My reputation on Comicvine and what I think about it.

Well my reputation started to take a nose dive when I decided to do a high tourney debate against deathero which is a great debater. I thought I had time but college was picking up and I knew little to nothing about the characters I was going against and completely forgot the rules as The last time I did something like that was in 2016 or 2017. It didn’t help that I wasn’t finished with it said I was going eat and left and then deathhero attacked my unfinished post. And btw this site on the puffin browser is way too glitchy and I don’t have a computer yet so I did this all on phone. I got really pissed and lost my shit when deathero did that. I decided that I have little to nothing nice to say and I decided to focus on college so I left.And let’s get to the Gladiator vs Hulk Thread. I say Thor owns hulk and glads and then hulk fans attack me. I already know that Ghost Ravage consistently lowballs Thor and then it didn’t take long for the other hulk fans to jump all over me. And 1 guy against several can be very frustrating and annoying. Ghost Ravages lowballing and his circle jerking crew pissed me off. MasterSkywalkers Superiority complex and Theoriginalone who was just straight up was rude to me pushed me off the deep end. And battleaxes condensing demeanor didn’t help either.And all the hulk debaters disproved of glads feats and called them outliers and lowballed him. I lowball hulk and now I’m in the wrong despite them doing the same thing. Multiple users like Apex,Brony,and blackstaroblivion plus hellion pointed out that fact.

And it didn’t help that when I accept battleaxes cav challenge it was nothing more than a Thread tailor made to mock and make fun of me even more.

Which hurt my reputation even more and now certain users still mock and make fun of me because of the reasons listed and now people are judging me based off of these three instances despite the fact that I have never lost a normal Cav and I don’t go around bragging about how much of a great debater I am as I think bragging is childish.

I think that my reputation is tarnished and people will forever judge my debating skills based off of my high tourney debate with deathero and my laughable debate with battleaxe.

And think that I’m a triggered debater based off of all of these instances.

It just annoys me everytime someone underrates me because of the instances given.

Thx for Reading