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Crisis on Two Earths Review 0

I have seen nearly all the DC animated movies now. This one ranks in between on the scale. It wasn't the best of them but it was far from bad. The story revolves around the Justice League going to Earth 3 to battle their Crime Syndicate counterparts. All the action is good as expected and there are a good amount of characters. It has all the Justice League members you know will be in it, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. It also had some less famous people like Red Tornado and Fire Storm. I o...

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Howling Good Fun 0

I saw this movie not really sure what to expect from it. I love the classic monster movies and I usually don't like remakes, but this one was pretty good. I saw the directors cut but I'm not really sure what the differences were. The plot was similar to that of the original Wolfman movie. It revolves around Lawrence Talbot traveling to visit his father. While at a Gypsy camp he is attacked by  werewolf and is bitten. He survives the attack but notices the changes in his body. He recovers from hi...

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Not as Good as the Book 0

     I read the book before watching the movie so I could see how they compared. While the book was better this movie is still good. One thing I like was they used a lot of actual dialogue from the book. I also liked the fight sequences and thought they were pretty faithful to comic. I can understand why they simplified the plot but would have liked it more if more of the original story was kept. I disliked the fact that they completely excluded the scene where all of the sidekicks come to the r...

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A Welcome Detour 0

     While reading through the entire Blackest Night story arc of Green Lantern this issue stood out to me. It was not about Hal Jordan, but instead about John Stewart. While nothing to move the overall Blackest Night story happened we got a closer look at the backstory of John. We see him deal with and overcome his inner fears and its an interesting journey. We see him as a soldier where you get  closer look at his character and motivation. He battles some Black Lanterns by creating an army of ...

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Aren't these movies supposed to be scary 0

I haven't seen the begining of this movie but I don't feel that i need to. The plot isn't very interesting and is predictable. The death scenes aren't exciting and are low in number. Worst of all it isn't scary, frightening, suspensful, or even spooky. It's just a movie with a guy running around with a knife killing people to dumb to avoid him. There are scenes that don't make sense like when the guy in the kitchen throws pepper in his eyes and it stuns him but he is immune to most other attacks...

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A Movie Without Traffic Accidents 2

I love this movie I really do. I have seen it countless times and can quote nearly every  every line of it.  It is a very entertaining movie. It stars the world's biggest turtle Gamera. This time he is fighting the knife-headed monster Guiron. This movie will make you laugh at nearly everyone in it. There are scientists who don't know stars from planets and careless Asians who don't believe in space aliens even though they have attacked earth before. The non-turtle stars of the movie are Akio an...

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