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Sorry, but I haven't ripped apart a post in far too long, and yours just seems so juicy.

Uh, okay, dude. I've... literally never even seen you anywhere on the Vine before, so I don't understand where that ego is coming from, with your sub-2000 posts, you don't immediately strike me as like, a super-expert. But sure, go ahead and "rip my post apart."

Meh, if you wana try to discredit me here is my defense:

I've been on/off since 2013, I'll be on for a couple months while my life slows down, and than off again when life picks back up. But I have been doing tournaments/CaVs, since way back when. I really don't do a lot of small posts, because the long posts are what keeps me coming back.

That and the Pokemon tournaments XD

Regardless, I just got back from a rather long Hiatus, and don't know how long I'll be able to stay (probably not long enough to responsibly start a CaV), and this seemed perfect to get the arguing out of my system.

And no one in the walking dead has fought zombies, they fought walkers! And killing floor didn't have zombies, it had Zeds! And RE has Bio Organic Weapons (B.O.W.)!

If you are refering to the in-universe version of zombies, who are the result of inhaling the C-Virus/being bitten, the C virus wasn't in production until 2001, so...

Wow, wait to completely miss the entire point.

The term "zombie" implies slow, lumbering, brain-dead undead flesh eaters. Chris hasn't fought a zombie since 1998.

In the modern time, he battles against armies of enhanced Super Soldiers.

The big difference between the two is obvious.

So already, you're not off to a good start on impressing anybody. Missing the entire point of the opposing argument and angrily nitpicking semantics is what amateurs do.

And you are missing my point.

Saying "Oh, these aren't zombies, these are super soldiers! He hasn't fought a zombie in X years!" seems to imply that the series has moved on from it's origin. It hasn't. The games are still largely capping slow moving zombies, but now they are just different kinds of zombies. He doesn't fight through armies of ultra-powerful monsters, he fights through a couple shufflers, a guys with guns (who can take a couple shots, granted, but really aren't that much more dangerous than normal soldiers. More dangerous sure, but not THAT much more dangerous. They aren't bullet timers, they aren't super humanly accurate, outgunning these guys is the same as outgunning normal dudes, which isn't impressive), and than a select few characters that really can give some of the other characters here a run for their money/beat them.

But the average enemy they fight really does drop like the average zombie. Just like you had a problem with them being called zombies, I had a problem with them being called super soldiers, and especially the distinction you made (considering there was no major change before to after 1998, except a greater amount of variation in the enemies, and better graphical capabilities).

Let me rephrase this. He kills things that aren't afraid of being killed, and after decades of researched have REACHED human resembling levels of intellect, some even being able to drive! Heck, some are as good as a military! But don't worry, some take a couple bullets instead of one!

Okay... that's a weird way to rephrase things. I guess it's fine, it doesn't really change anything that I said... so it's a highly trained army of enhanced Super Soldiers. We're agreed? Okay. Fighting that is obviously beyond the capabilities of everyone else here, therefore Chris Redfield is the most powerful fighter in the thread.

And as the above pretty clearly layed out, I disagree that most of these characters that Chris fights are above anyone else's weight class. If a character could consistently take out normal soldiers, they could take out these guys, it'd just take a little longer.

1) Let me give some context to this scan. This is a nameless soldier who just witnessed his entire squad a couple secods ago, and is screaming into a walky talky before dieing himself. Hardly the full extent of knowledge of any competent organization, and it certainly makes no claim regarding something being vastly stronger than something else.

Your lack of grammar doesn't make understanding you easier. But, no you're literally wrong. This was the B.S.A.A.'s official briefing on the op before Chris's team even went into combat. That's why he has that handy holographic powerpoint presentation. There's no walky talky, there's nobody dying... I don't really know how to counter this argument. You're literally just wrong.

I... have to admit you're right. I incorrectly remember there being a cut-scene where there wasn't:

Loading Video...

I remember there being a cut-scene to accompany the walky talky chatter, and that picture triggered some false memory. This is completely my bad, especially for not fact checking, and I apologize for the false accusation.

On the grammar: I didn't realize a misspelled word and a homophone equated to being unreadable. If there is something else, please point it out, cause I actually can't find it if there is.

2) Pure, 100% game mechanics.

It's a video game, buddy. Game mechanics is, like, the whole thing. The whole point. If you don't like that, don't debate video game characters.

This isn't how debating video games works at all.

You don't say "X has unlimited amo because you can't run out of amo in the game". You also don't say "X technique will always kill what it hits, because it's a OHKO against everything in the game", or "in game, X character does 50% more damage then Y, so X is 50% stronger than Y".

There is a difference between what is there for story/lore, and what is there for gameplay. Its sometimes hard to distinguish what in game mechanics are there to increase the gameplay, but this really isn't the case here. You shoot them in the leg, and they keep walking towards you, that is there to enhance gameplay.

3) And for the benefit of those who don't know, how did they kill him? Did he just keep shooting until the healing factor stopped working? Or did he use the environment, much in the same way most characters here would? Or did he use some power or technique that actually makes him a good match up against characters with extreme healing factors?

Overloading the regeneration.

Overloading huh? I don't remember that ever actually happening. Correct me if I'm wrong (and this is an actual invitation to, if I am wrong, I'll admit it, just like I did earlier), but the infected seem to have a healing factor that degenerates over time, so you can cap them a couple times and they'll regen just fine, but each time they will have a harder time and will just die.

Again, what I had a problem with here is the implications. "They are so powerful they just completely overwhelm their healing factor" is the implication, but that isn't true. Anyone with a gun who is willing to shoot him a couple of times is capable of doing the same.

Here is Chris gunning down waves of infected a couple pages earlier, and them dying as they usually do:

And than here is Merah, who is Chris' tier almost dying to one of the strongest infected up to date, Bindi, who you used with the implication that this represented a normal infected:

Those are zombies Chris is gunning down, fool. Not J'avo.

So actually, you've proved me wrong on one thing. Chris DID fight zombies after 1998. Okay, my bad on that. Not like it means anything.

The monster Merah fought was a J'avo. Just one of the hundreds, not dozens, HUNDREDS Chris would kill during RE6. So, obviously, Merah isn't in Chris's tier.

Here is what is kind of irking me. You say that every enemy is as strong as this one J'avo (who isn't reflective of even a normal J'avo), and I point to a bunch of other guys that are just being gunned down at that exact point. These make up some of those hundreds you mentioned, and yet they are brushed off as "Oh, that was that ONE time".

Chris has fought a lot of strong guys. But his fodder is just fodder, just like everyone else's. Especially if you count game mechanics, where they will just sit there and stare at you for a couple seconds before running at you.

Did we watch the same video?

Sherry didn't even fight back, while Jake dominated them until it took three simultaneously holding him to even slow him down long enough to stop his mindless advance towards her.

She didn't fight back because she was incapacitated immediately.

Jake was ultimately overwhelmed.

Her last moments were waving at him and screaming...

And yes. But it took how many? He was dominating them when his focus was on them, but when he started running after her they stopped him by essentially throwing themselves at him.

The argument you are throwing out here, or at least the logical conclusion is "A group of J'avo physically overwhelmed Jake. Jake is a badass. Chris can beat those nasty J'avo. Therefore, Chris is harder to overwhelm than Jake, who already is badass". But Jake, if fighting seriously and not just to chase sherry, probably wouldn't have lost.

Factoring in that Chris was in fact barely conscious if you back up an extra ten seconds, and the fact that Piers was in the same state, and the fact that Piers beat the shit out of the zombie in H2H, I have found a scenario in which Chris gets overwhelmed and nearly killed until peak human Shiva saves him!

They were unconscious 10 seconds ago. Not presently. Does that not matter to you? The J'avo was able to pin and nearly stab Piers, and Piers wasn't able to do anything about it without Chris saving him.

The Chris and Sheva scene isn't the same thing. Namely because Sheva didn't save him, Chris pushed the Majini away himself and the bullet hit the wall.

Does it not matter that Piers was already lying on the ground and still regaining consciousness when he was "pinned"? The balance was upset when Chris put a bullet in him, and Piers was than able to punch him off easily.

I know Sheva didn't save him. Thats the point. He didn't need it. If Piers was on his feet and on his game, he wouldn't have needed saving either. But the surrounding factors that I pointed out, that are apparently irrelevant because its just context and happened a full ten seconds ago, led to needing assistance.

1) 20X stronger than daredevil? Thats bullshit and youknow it. (there are four pics, see if you can find them all ;) )

Throwing 400 pounds, tilting a car, kicking open a car door, and lifting a regular weight with one hand. Those are as impressive as launching a 25 ton giant boulder? Because they obviously aren't. Matt Murdock is a peak human. Let's massively overrate him and say he's a 1 tonner. That mean Chris is legitimately 20x stronger.

Nah, Matt isn't a one tonner. Easily lift hundreds, effortlessly lift around a hundred in one hand sure, but not a one tonner. But Chris isn't a 25 tonner either.

He didn't launch it. He struggled against it for ten seconds without it moving, and than once it started moving just rolled it until it had the momentum needed. Chris is certainly stronger, but 20X is quite the overstatement.

2) Why not just post CHRIS' FEAT:

Because I was asked for feats of the monsters, not Chris.

Oh... Somehow I forgot this. That was my bad, I apologize.

You mean the stone pillar that was cut to fall when they pushed it?

You do realize that a two-story tall pillar of solid stone would weigh like, 10 tons right?

Yup. And two struggled to push it. And Chris didn't catch it with his non-existant 25 tonne strength. It is impressive, but it's not like they broke the stone pillar and tipped it over.

And I bet you two nightwings could. They would use something called intelligence, and use physics to pull on the top of the pillar and generate a far greater torque and tip it over with a fraction of the effort.

...So they would make it not a strength feat.

You seem to have a bad habit of missing the point.

If you're literally admitting that Majini are stronger than Nightwing, and Chris can obliterate Majini with one punch, then he can beat Nightwing with the first blow. That's the whole point.

And you are missing my point.

Yes, Majini are obviously physically stronger. However, there are SO many more factors than raw strength, and others are amazing at exploiting them. You keep implying that the zombies are superior combatants to the others in the thread, in this instance Nightwing. They simply aren't. If this was a thread of "Who can push over the largest thing" than you win, take the gold, Chris is the best. But it isn't. And unfortunately the other characters, at least the ones I know enough about to say, wouldn't allow it to become that. If something needs to be done, and they can't do it the same way, they will find another way.

I'm... not even going to get into this one. I mean, saying they are superhumanly strong because they pop out of the ground in 90s style gameplay? Come on man.

Yeah... ice is really strong. They left huge craters... that's incredibly superhuman. I don't understand what kind of an argument "that's 90s style gameplay" is. How on Earth does that detract from the point?

It was a common trope of the era... you know what, just never mind. I'm getting tired and don't want to deal with this.

Lets be realistic on how this would go here:

This is Matt before he even became Daredevil
This is Matt before he even became Daredevil

The Man Without Fear isn't canon....................... but you've seen other people use this scan in online debates and respect threads before. You don't need to actually read comics or know anything about Daredevil to debate him. You can just regurgitate the arguments of other people! You don't need to read comics, you read scans! So you know everything about these characters!

Yea, you could say that. OR I knew OF daredevil growing up, but didn't read anything of him or anything. And than I accidentally watched some of the netflix show, and promptly binged it.

Once that was done, I searched the internet for suggestions on where to start on the daredevil comics, and the man without fear was#1on almost every list. So I read it, and this scan in specific stuck with me, not only because of the badass feat, but because it was the emotional and character building climax of five books. I saved it and sent it all around.

I'll admit I don't read many comics. And it shows. Look at who I choose to debate with: Anime/manga, video games, books, and cartoons. I don't think I've ever debated even passingly a comic character in a fight that wasn't an obvious stomp (and usually I'll back off if pressed), unless a tournament made me.

Daredevil has become the exception, being the only one I find worth investing a lot of money on. Notice how he's the only one I'm posting scans for?

We all know DD can swipe bullets though, should I go grab different scans?

Tl;dr: With literally any other comic character you would have been right, but not him.

Edit: Oops, forgot to tag ya, @nickzambuto

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All the tobey maguire spiderman movies. Yes, even three.

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Most likely some reality warping wish granter. Off the top of my head, Alluka/Nanika from HunterXHunter had  literally no limits when it came to killing things/destruction. There are stronger ones for sure, but these types of characters are usually in the same ultra-high tier.
Most likely some reality warping wish granter. Off the top of my head, Alluka/Nanika from HunterXHunter had literally no limits when it came to killing things/destruction. There are stronger ones for sure, but these types of characters are usually in the same ultra-high tier.

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2.5, the movie was REALLY bad.

Which is a shame, because all the actors did their jobs really well.

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Ok, I have pondered this, and revoke my hivemind. It's not a realistic standard.

We shall advance technology to the point that machines shall do everything for us, and without a resource shortage, we shall abolish all money and sit on our asses. All production will be simply doing what we want, robots taking care of what we need.

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Knock yourself out

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Loading Video...

This is the best feat I've seen.

Btw, FF isn't a cohesive universe. FFX is completely different than FF VII

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I'd actually say the trio.

I doubt she can hit Ty Lee with the coordinated support of both Mai and Azula. Has avatar been over so long people forgot how badass these three were? Ty Lee is about Xena's acrobatic equal (I can see an argument either way), Mai has insane aim and can support (can easily neutralize benders), Azula is in the same tier as Aang/Zuko, and they all have about the closest to perfect teamwork you can get.

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His ability to call superman

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