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I don't own this picture, awesome people at deviont art do ^.^
I don't own this picture, awesome people at deviont art do ^.^


Cryo Arctious


Cryo is the son of one of the world’s foremost Ice type researchers. Born on a research trip in Shiver Camp (Almia), one of the coldest known locations in the world, where he was completely absorbed in ice type pokemon. Because being a trainer in Almia is unheard of, he learned how to handle and respect them without battle or capturing. When he turned 14, the research grant was cut off, and they had to return to Snowpoint City (Sinnoh). He brought a Snover back (it came because of it’s own attachment to him), and befriended a lapras on his way back after falling off the ship into the arctic sea. When he got to a region of trainers, he finally put his two companions in pokeballs, but nearly released them after seeing the lopsided relationships between some trainers and their pokemon, emphasized by those trainers facing the snowstorms and doing whatever it took to overcome it. Only his friendship with the gym leader Candice convinced him to become a true trainer, and he soon left to try to befriend and capture every specie of ice type pokemon to further understanding of them.


Usually On Hand While Traveling:

Abomnasnow lv 58: His starter, and by far most powerful pokemon. The bond between the two is hugely powerful, so much so the two were given Abomnasnowite after an encounter with Glacia of Hoen’s Elite 4, although they don’t know exactly what it is for. Throughout his entire adventure, he has never left Cryo’s team. Attacks - Swords Dance, Seed Bomb, Earthquake, Ice Shard

Lapras lv 50: His second pokemon, lapras saved him from dying in the arctic. She has served as his reliable source of water transportation, and a strong staple on his team. Lapras has rarely left his team. Attacks – Surf, Freeze Dry, Rest, Thunder

Delibird lv 23: His air transportation, Delibird isn’t a combatant. He is always on his team while traveling, due to his strong survival skills. Attacks – Fly, Defog, Present, Thief

Castform lv 40: A favor of his father’s, he was reminded why he only uses ice types. He quickly found that sunny day is his least favorite move, ever, in all of history, but has to keep it for research purposes on his father’s behalf. However, no matter how grudgingly he accepted him, he eventually did, and uses him for great synchronization with the rest of his team. Attacks – Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Blizzard

Weavile lv 41: The first pokemon he actually caught, Weavile has long been a reliable team member. However, he decided that he doesn’t want to battle super competitively and dislikes being used in tournaments and such. However, he did find a niche as a way to restrain and weaken for capturing purposes. Attacks – False Swipe, Icicle Crash, Poison Jab, Night Slash

Amaura lv 35: Pryce of Mahogany Town gave him the sail fossil, which he resurrected and left with his father. After he was attacked and tortured for information on it however, Cryo resolved to keep him in his team from that time forward. He is currently the focus of his training to make him an essential part of the team. Attacks – Aurora Beam, Thunder Wave, Dragon Tail, Ancient Power

Notable Reserves:

Jynx lv 36: Caught in Ice Path, she was caught as a Smoochum. Jynx was a part of the core team, but was left with his father to defend him from people who would want to hurt him for his research. She is still occasionally withdrawn, but only if another is left in her place. Attacks – Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Ice Beam, Nasty Plot

Espeon lv 47: Upon catching several Eevees to try to get a Glacion, he left all but one with his father for research. The one, upon trying to learn how evolve into Glaceon, he evolved into Espeon due to friendship. Despite not liking using non-Ice types, Cryo accepted him onto his core battling team, and he has proven his worth several times over. Attacks – Psychic, Morning Sun, Light Screen, Signal Beam

Eevee lv 13: When his other Eevee evolved into Espeon, he reclaimed one of his Eevees to once again try for a Glaceon. However, he is taking the raising slow to avoid another Espeon. Attacks – Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Tackle, Swift

Piloswine lv 44: Caught in Ice Path, he was quickly accepted into the team, and upon evolving became a powerful member of his core battling team. Is currently trying to evolve, and researching how to do so. Attacks – Icicle Crash, Icicle Shard, Thrash, Curse


Capturing every type of ice type

Research every type of ice type

Visit the shoal cave in Hoen

Visit the Ice Cave in the Orange Islands

Visit Dendemille Town in Kalos

Meet and network with all the world’s ice type specialists

Become an Elite Four ice type specialist

Capture Regice

Capture Arcticuno