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  • Athleticism and exceptional reflexes in fighting.


  • Metahuman physiology
Supercede is a man of peerless physical prowess. He is said to be unsurpassed in speed, endurance and vitality. His max strength is 20 tons.
  • Speed of darkness
By causing disturbances in both particles and anti-particles, Supercede is able to create rifts and vacuums in space and travel at speeds beyond that of light.
  • Anti-matter | Anti-particle manipulation
By altering the atomic structures of anti-matter and anti-particles Supercede has some degree of reality warping skills. This, however, is only small-scale.
  • Gravity manipulation
Supercede can employ the force of gravity for various uses.
  • Electromagnetism
Supercede has some degree of electromagnetic powers but his abilities are more on positrons than electrons.
  • Invisibility & shadow travel | density shifting
By shifting densities, Supercede may go invisible and intangible.

What He Is

  • Human/Mutant
  • Athlete/fighter
  • Outcast
  • A heartbroken individual

Why He Fights

  • Has something to prove
  • Childhood incidents
  • Spite

Where He Is

  • America

When He Is

  • Present time

How He Works

  • A bad good guy