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My Pull List (Outdated)

I think that a pull list defines a comic book reader. This is my monthly pull list. This is a concise list of my favourite titles it is kept short for practical reasons (budget, time, space...) However I do also pick up other titles, like major events, for example Forever Evil. These are the (ongoing) comics that I absolutely love and don't want to miss a single issue of. I may make another list of good comic books and honourable mentions of comics that I have not included in this list but do like to read.

List items

  • -Favourite superhero - Superman

    -Favourite writer - Scott Snyder

    -Favourite artist - Jim Lee

    Why would I not get this title?

  • Had some great storylines so far with night of the owls and death of the family (despite the fact that none of the bat family died). Zero Year is also great and I am willing to completely overlook the fact that it is Batman's origin.... again. Because I think it was done in an interesting and unique way.

  • This was my first comic book and it is cool to still be reading it 2yrs after I started. It hasn't really let me down yet and I am loving the whole idea of trinity war and the JLA. It is awesome to see the Justice League fight a team specifically created to defeat them. Plus Geof Jones and Jim Lee are awesome.

  • This is probably my favourite marvel now title. It is great to see what is a reasonably underrated superhero team have such a great comic book. I also don't think there is a better way to start looking forward to the 2014 movie, which having seen the comic-con footage looks insane.

  • I have never known spider-man to get as much attention as when Peter Parker was *SPOILER* "killed off" in TASM #700. Dan Slott is crazy and an awesome writer and does not care what people think of him. That means you know you are gonna be in for a fun ride. Also although I prefer Peter Parker as spider-man this isn't gonna last forever and Doc Ok becoming Spider-man only demonstrates that truly anyone can become Spider-man.

  • With this comic you never know what you are going to get each time you turn the page. This makes it a great read and really tense. Besides there is something to be said about a comic book series which isn't afraid to kill of the main characters. It also is what inspired AMC's amazing tv show of The Walking Dead. Which just happens to be my favourite tv series

  • This comic book is basically fan service. This comic book is basically everything good about star wars and i mean who doesn't love the original Star Wars trilogy? As far as comic books like Star Wars/Trek or whatever else, what people really want is an ongoing series. That is one of the reasons that makes me enjoy this book so much. This is a great book, with great story's and iconic characters.