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  • Francis David Castle was born in Queens, New York to David and Louisa Castle. When he was ten years old, He witnessed a shocking act of violence, which left a horrible scar on his psyche. At 19, he began training as a roman catholic priest, but after a few months he quit, and lied to the few friends he had there as to why he left. The real reason was that he could not forgive or forget people who did evil. Later on in life, he would completely forget why he ever decided to join the priesthood. But before he joined the United States Marine Corp, he was sent to camp Lejeune to train. He graduated boot camp having completed his Basic Training and then carried on this training by enlisting for further training in Infantry, Reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance and then in Sniper Schools and LINE training. Castle was able to attain dockets that would permit him to go through U.S. Army Airborne Training. He served as a point man, a sniper and a paratrooper in the special forces unit. He became a sergeant Major Marine.

    During his first tour of duty in Vietnam, Castle found out that his Commanding Officer, Mikuta, was taking money from soldiers for a promise of getting them out of the war. What he was actually doing is killing the soldiers so they would be declared Missing In Action and keeping the money for himself. Frank ended up killing Mikuta with no remorse. An unnamed Colonel found out what happened and promised Frank that he would look into it further. Instead of that, he pushed Castle’s tour into dangerous territories. This is when Frank figured out that Colonel No-Name was in on it with Mikuta. When Frank’s tour of duty was up, the Colonel was there to see him off, happy to be rid of him. Castle then told him that he was going to re-join after coming back for another tour of duty. Though it depends on the origin and writer, Castle served 3 tours of duty in the Vietnam war, then joined Marine Recon, with the Garth Ennis version stating he served 3 times and then another illegal tour, while another, more modern version shows him serving in the Persian Gulf War in a Kuwait battalion. Number 2 Marvel Kick Butt

  • G.I.joe Number 1 kick butt super hero As much a mystery as he is a man

    No one actually knows his real name and very few have seen his disfigured face.

    One of if not the most popular of all G.I.Joe characters. Snake-Eyes is one of the most skilled and dangerous figures in G.I.Joe.

    A Ninja master, black belt of 12 different fighting systems. Trained in mountaineering, underwater demo, jungle/desert and arctic survival, a NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms expert as well as an expert in the use of edged weapons. Snake-Eyes flawlessly combines both edged and small arms weapons in battle to become the fear of G.I.Joe.

    Snake-Eyes greatest friendship/rivalry is with the ninja Storm Shadow

    Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes both served together in a Long Range Recon Patrol unit during the Vietnam war. During service Snake-Eyes was wounded in battle and was rescued by his friend Tommy (Storm Shadow). Upon his return home Snake eyes was greeted with the news that his mother, father and twin sister had been killed by a drunk driver on the road to collecting him at the airport. It was at this time through a lot of soul searching that Snake-Eyes decided to go with Storm Shadow to train in the arts of the ninja with Storm Shadow's family. The rivalry between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow began here as Snake eyes took to the training like a duck to water. After the Hard Master (Storm Shadow's uncle) was killed by an unknown assassin (Zartan) Snake-Eyes left Japan and returned to the Sates. When General Hawk then a Colonel was recruiting for the G I Joe team Stalker and he recruited Snake-Eyes, on an early training mission Snake-Eyes was disfigured by a helicopter blast rescueing Scarlett. Snake-Eyes is like a sharp blade, G I Joe has put a sheath on that blade but it still remains razor sharp.

  • In the "Face The Face" storyline, Batman and Robin return to Gotham City after their year-long absence. Also upon their return, Bruce adopts Tim as his son. The follow-up story arc in Batman, entitled: " Batman & Son," features Talia and a boy whom Talia claims is her son by Batman. His son, Damian, is a violent and spoiled child and is difficult to deal with at first, but despite his attitude he wants to become the next Robin and fought Tim Drake, Tim was by far the better fighter. However, Tim was trying to talk rather than fight, Damian used the opportunity to slice his throat. Batman and Talia battle each other only to have Talia launch a missile at the submarine that Batman, Talia, and their "son" are on. Batman had only found Damian's cape after the explosion. It was soon revealed that Damian had survived and had to have multiple organ transplants and a servant of Ra's Al Ghul tried to use Damian as a host for Ra's, but was defeated.

    Batman and Son

    Father and son

    The combination of the worlds best detective (Bruce Wayne) and the daughter of the greatest criminal mind (Ra's al Ghul) should bring forth something special. The Ultimate Child. Bred in an artificial embryo which allowed Damian to grow up with genetic perfection, to kill and replace his famous father. from the moment of his birth Damian was trained in the Murder Society to be the warrior king of a new medieval age. But he rebelled... impelled by guilt and followed by his consciousness. Though not a constant in the Bat-family, Damian is very much a dysfunctional member. He has made it very obvious that he hates the role Tim Drake plays in his fathers life and the fact he can't get to Tim's level , and his feeling for Nightwing are the same. However, he has shown a high level of respect to Alfred, as Alfred seems to have accepted Damian.

    Ra's Al Ghul Returns

    Ra's Al Ghul has returned back form the dead. Ra's is looking for a new host because his body's former host betrayed Ra's and poisoned his body with radiation. Ra's intended to use Damian as a host, but he has refused. After escaping from his grandfather's ninjas he left to tell his father about Ra's's return. He showed up at the manor looking for his father, but found Robin. Robin didn't trust Damien and the two started fighting. Damien fled and ran into Alfred, but before he could say anything he was attacked by Robin again.

    Meanwhile ninjas were getting close to the manor intending to capture Damian. Robin and Damian are soon attacked by ninjas, Robin manages to fend of the ninja's until Nightwing shows up to help the two,but the ninja's poison some lackey that were also sent to retrieve Damian. Nightwing leaves the boys to save the two women. Robin and Damian's bodies are brought to Ra's. The two soon reveal they they are awake and start fighting off the ninjas and amongst themselves, Damian soon leaves Robin during the fight. Ra's orders some women to care for Robin's wounds much to his surprise. However Robin refuses to allow Ra's to trick him. Ra's tries to tell Robin that he can bring his parents back and can teach and be a mentor. However Tim tells Ra's he'll stay loyal to his adopted father, Batman, but Ra's says Batman cares more for Damian. Ra's tells him that they can rule the world together, but Ra's knows he is trying to stall so he knocks him out. Batman and Talia survive a crash in the Bat-Plane and are soon attacked by ninjas and Talia is cut. However Batman's old friend I-Ching shows up to help him and beat the ninjas. Nightwing drops off Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tiger Moth at Arkham, but their brains have been damaged by the poison and may not recover. Nightwing and Alfred travel to Tibet and are attacked by Ubu. Nightwing and Alfred are able to beat Ubu and leave.

  • When these two join together is going to be major butt kickingOut of every superhero in the DC Universe, there are hardly two that are more different then Superman and Batman. Superman takes on crises as they arise. He is so fast and powerful that if a bad thing happens, he will shoot over and stop it so fast that whatever hapless villain was making a stir ends up in jail faster then light. Batman prefers a crushing, preemptive strike. If a crisis will happen, you can guarantee that the Dark Knight will have known about it and already have a detailed, workable plan formulated to stop it. Crises don't happen in Batman's territory-for the Caped Crusader stops them before they start. Given that these approaches are totally different, it's odd that these two would work together. But Superman and Batman actually have their own team-that is how often they collaborate to fight evil.

    Team Up Logo

    Much of the distance is in power discrepancy. Superman can move faster then the speed of light. He is literally impossible to damage in any physical way-only magic and kryptonite affect him. He has nearly unlimited strength-he has moved planets. He never tires and he has an array of other weapons. His heat vision can melt steel, he can freeze nearly anything with ice breath, his super breath can make airplanes stop in midair, and he can fly. He is nearly unstoppable.

    Batman has no powers-he is merely a man. But Batman is honed to the phyisical and mental peak. He is one of the three smartest men in the DCU, along with Mr. Terrific and Lex Luthor. He also is one of the greatest martial artists alive, and he has loads of technology and money, including tools like Batarangs. He is a master tactician. This is why they need to take different approaches.

    Although both have a different method (and they are often at odds), they team up all the time, and together, are one of the greatest team-ups in history-Superman/Batman.


    The "team" started when President Lex Luthor declared both heroes enemies of the state and put huge warrants out for their arrest. His reason-a kryptonite asteroid is heading towards Earth, and Luthor blames Superman. He offers a 1,000,000,000 bounty for the two heroes-so every hunter in the country-plus many heroes and villains-are suddenly gunning for Superman and Batman. Superman confronts Luthor in the Oval Office and nearly kills him, and Batman lets him-but Kal-El steps aside and spares Luthor. They meanwhile have to find a solution to the asteroid problem-and the solution is the new Toyman, who builds a spacecraft that can destroy the asteroid. This poses a problem for Luthor-so he takes drastic measures. He injects himself with Venom and synthetic Kryptonite, dons a battle suit from Apokolips and tries to kill Superman and Batman himself. He is defeated and exposed-and it costs Lex Luthor the presidency. This is documented in Superman/Batman # 1-6.

    Kara Zor-EL (II) - Superman/Batman #8

    They also saw the introduction of someone important in Superman's life-another Kryptonian. The kryptonite asteroid lands when Batman detects life on it, and Kara Zor-El-Superman's cousin-is inside the ship. She becomes the new Supergirl. Batman is (of course) suspicious-he thinks it was too coincidental for another Kryptonian to pop in now. It doesn't much matter, for Wonder Woman abducted the girl to Themiscyra for training. All of this, of course, attracts the attention of Evil Incarnate-Darkseid. He wrecks Themiscyra and attempts to steal Supergirl so she can lead his Female Furies. Batman and Superman stop the evil Lord of Apokolips, and Superman angrily throws him into the Source Wall. Supergirl is saved. This is documented in Superman/Batman # 8-13.

    Later, Mr. Mxyzptlk battles the Joker, who has tricked Bat-Mite out of his powers, using other characters as their pawns (much like what he did to Mxyzptlk in Emperor Joker). Superman and Batman fight a team of superheroes from an alternate universe called the Maximums (a analogue of Marvel Comics' Avengers series, more specifically their incarnations from the Ultimate universe, the Ultimates). Keeping the bargain he made in issues 8-13, Superman frees Darkseid from the Source Wall, and, double-crossed by Darkseid, becomes trapped in the Source Wall instead. Recruited by Bizarro, multiple versions of Supergirl rescue Superman from the Source Wall before they are all transported to an arena. There, they fight Darkseid, Lex Luthor, and evil versions of Superboy and Supergirl in a battle that involves versions of Supermen and Batmen from many different realities. Bat-Mite escapes, and the two imps tie up all the loose ends and return all the participants to their point of origin.

  • Superboy-Prime was raised on a parallel world dubbed Earth-Prime. He was thought to be a normal child. He was adopted by Jerry and Naomi Kent, who thought it would be amusing to name him Clark after the "comic book" character in their world. It turned out he really was Kal-El and was teleported to Earth before the Krypton of his universe was swallowed by its sun, Rao.

    The Superboy of Earth-Prime left his reality to join other heroes to protect reality itself from the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. His reward, along with Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-Three, Golden Age Superman, and Lois Lane of Earth-Two, was a chance to escape to an apparently heavenly pocket dimension before reality fixed itself after the Crisis.

    Never aging in the Paradise dimension, with a view of the world he can never be a part of (post-Crisis Earth), Superboy-Prime came to despise his situation. He lost his childhood, and he can never grow up to be Superman, his idol of Earth-Two. His envy and anger boiled as he watched the world he had saved become darker.

    Prime vs. Conner

    He believed its heroes were losing the fight for justice, and he was especially angered by Superboy, Connor Kent, for taking his name and what he believed should be his life. Regretting his decision, he escaped with the help of Alexander Luthor, and the two set off the chain of events which brought about the Infinite Crisis, an attempt to recreate the world in their image. Having been exposed to yellow sunlight and reveling in his strength, he is the cause of many of the atrocities during the Infinite Crisis:

    He destroyed the Watchtower on the moon and left the Martian Manhunter for dead.

    He moved the planet Rann into Thanagar's orbit, causing the two planets and their allies to go to war.

    He almost beat Connor Kent to death in an attempt to regain his name, and killed a few Titans before being trapped inside The Speed Force by the Flash family who then placed him under a Red Sun.

    Upon his return four years later, he killed Conner Kent, as well as numerous Green Lanterns before being stopped by the Supermen of New Earth and Earth-Two. The Superman of Earth-Two was beaten to a pulp by Prime during the fight, however, and ended up dying in Power Girl's arms following Prime's defeat.

    The Sinestro Corps

    The Sinestro Corps

    Superboy-Prime was imprisoned by the Guardians of the Universe in the center of an artificial Red Sun Eater which was given to them by Donna Troy and was watched over by at least two dozen Green Lanterns at all times. This was commonly referred to as Prime Duty by The Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps and was a job hated by many due to the fact that, while in the process of keeping an eye on Superboy-Prime, they were not allowed to do anything else.

  • Origin


    Scott Summers grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He is the son of Katherine Ann Summers and Major Christopher Summers of the United States Air Force. When his father took his family for a flight in his airplane, they were attacked by a Shi'ar ship. His parents strapped him and his brother Alex to a single parachute and tossed them out of the plane in hopes they would survive. Unfortunately the parachute caught fire and Scott landed on his head causing brain damage. This caused him to lose the ability to control his optic blasts and amnesia about his childhood.

    Scott lived in an orphanage in Nebraska where he would be used in experiments by the owner Mr Milbury. As he grew up, Scott developed a destructive mutant power; his eyes would produce incredibly powerful concussive blasts. He couldn't control his power because of the damage to his head he'd experienced when falling from the plane. Whilst living in the orphanage, Scott was given a pair of red-lensed glasses. He didn't understand why, but he knew that they restrained his mutant power. It transpired that Mister Sinister played many roles in Scott's formative years, including Mr Milbury, the head doctor at the orphanage, and the orphan bullies 'Nathan Masters' and 'Lefty'. As Lefty he tormented Scott often by killing his potential foster parents so that they wouldn't adopt him. Even when Scott befriended staff member Robyn Hanover due to their shared liking of planes, Sinister brainwashed her so that she would be as cold as all the other staff.

    The First X-Man

    When Scott was 16 years old, he ran away from the orphanage and found a mutant named Jack O'Diamonds. Jack wanted Scott to help him break into the nuclear power plant ,which had triggered his mutant abilities in the first place. Scott only agreed because he knew Jack would kill the guards there if he didn't help him. While the two broke in, Professor X heard of the break in and tried to stop them. Eventually Jack absorbed so much radiation that he was atomized, and so Professor X offered for Scott to join the X-Men. He accepted so Xavier could teach him to control his abilities. As such, Scott adopted the codename Cyclops and became the first X-Man. The Professor provided Cyclops with a Ruby Quartz visor to help him restrain his destructive eye blasts. Although Cyclops could never control his power, he finally had a means to use it with confidence. He soon met new team-mates, other mutants his age. They bonded well together and they called him Slim Summers, due to his slight-frame. Togther they became the original five X-Men.

    Original X-Men

    Whenever Professor X wasn't around, Cyclops became their team-leader. Cyclops was such an efficient leader that for a short while he led the X-Men without Professor X there. Although he was serious about dedicating himself to the X-Men, Cyclops fell in love with his team-mate Marvel Girl. However, he didn't want to start a relationship since he was afraid of hurting someone with his uncontrollable powers. He was also insecure about his own attributes, believing that she would prefer to date the handsome Angel. Eventually Jean realised that Scott loved her, and so the two started a relationship. From then on, the two were inseparable. Even when Xavier was thought to be dead and the X-Men split up at the request of the FBI's Fred Duncan, Cyclops & Marvel Girl stayed together.

    Cyclops proved he still had his brilliant leadership skills when he managed to disguise himself as "Eric the Red" and infiltrated Magneto's base of operations when he was building an army of mutants.

    The All-New All-Different X-Men

    New Team

    Eventually the X-Men reformed under Professor Xavier, but they were all captured by the living island Krakoa. Cyclops managed to escape, but had lost his Ruby Quartz visor. With a torn strip of his uniform tied around his head to blindfold him, Cyclops was washed ashore and eventually crawled back to the Professor for help. The Professor assembled a second group of mutants to save his original X-Men. This group contained Cyclops' half-brother Vulcan, but the team failed and was believed to have died while fighting Krakoa. Therefore, the Professor mind-wiped all knowledge of this group from Cyclops' mind, including all knowledge of his brother.

    A third group of X-Men was assembled, and Cyclops led them to battle Krakoa. They were successful and saved the original X-Men. However, the rescued X-Men couldn't accept the new X-Men in their lives and left the mansion. However, Cyclops remained at the school for fear of his uncontrollable powers.

    Orphan No More

    Soon after the original five X-Men had formed, Cyclops' long lost brother Alex was discovered. Like Cyclops, Alex had developed a highly destructive mutant power which was detected by Cerebro. Known as Havok, he joined the original X-Men. An unusual genetic quirk between brothers, neither Cyclops nor Havok could hurt each other with their mutant powers. Instead, they would absorb the energies and redirect it in their own powers. However, being more tactically minded and more experienced in battle, Cyclops would always defeat Havok in brotherly scraps.

    Cyclops' family continued to expand. As the X-Men's adventures continued to take them into space, they came in contact with a band of space pirates known as the Starjammers. The captain of the Starjammers was known as Corsair, and for a long time they resented each other while admiring their leadership skills. Some years later it was discovered that Corsair was in reality Christopher Summers; Cyclops & Havok's father. It transpired that Christopher & Katherine were saved by the burning plane by a group of intergalactic slavers. Katherine had died at the hands of the Shi'ar despot D'Ken. Christopher had managed to escape and continued to fight D'Ken's regime with his small band of pirates under the re-imagined persona of Corsair.

    Birth of Phoenix

    Despite the departure of the original X-Men, Cyclops continued to date Marvel Girl. He found that he had a new rival for her affections in the form of Wolverine. The new Canadian member of the X-Men had a wilder personality compared to Cyclops, and he was open about his attraction to her.

    Soon, she became involved into the X-Men's adventures when Sentinels attacked them on Christmas Eve. The young couple were kidnapped along with Banshee and taken to an abandoned SHIELD platform in orbit around the Earth. There, the anti-mutant activist Steven Lang unveiled his plans for a new generation of Sentinels. The other X-Men and Dr Corbeau arrived to rescue their kidnapped team-mates, but the destruction of the SHIELD space station damaged their escape shuttle.


    Radiation began to leak into the shuttle. Marvel Girl absorbed the knowledge to pilot the shuttle. She could use her telekinesis to shield herself, while the other X-Men were placed into stasis to protect them. However, the strain became too much for her. Although they safely re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, the shuttle crashed in Jamaica Bay. The X-Men swam safely to the surface, but there wasn't any sign of Marvel Girl. Suddenly the water erupted and she flew into the air. Wearing a skin-tight green and gold outfit, she appeared to emerge from the water as the Phoenix.

    Cyclops and Phoenix

    The young couple continued to date. Cyclops was impressed with her new level of power and control. She created a special telepathic rapport between them so they could always contact each other through the power of thought. She accompanied the X-Men to Scotland to stop Moira MacTaggert's mutant son Proteus from destroying all of reality. On their way back to America, Cyclops proposed to Phoenix and she accepted.

    Cyclops' Eyes

    Phoenix flew them both to a deserted moutaintop where she removed his Ruby Quartz visor and instructed him to open his eyes. Although wary at first, Cyclops eventually opened his eyes to discover that he could see Phoenix. She had used her telepathy and telekinesis to restrain his powers. It was the first time since puberty that Cyclops could see without the Ruby Quartz holding back his powers. Moved by the moment, they embraced, kissed and made love in the lonely desert.

    Dark Phoenix

    However, Phoenix began to experience realistic illusions wherein she was living in 18th Century England and was betrothed to a mysterious man known only as Nikos. She didn't confide in Cyclops what had been happening to her. When they were sent to investigate the appearance of a new mutant in a seedy New York City nightclub, she was again blindsided by the illusion. Cyclops noticed, but trustred her when she said nothing was wrong. Instead, he focussed on trying to recruit Dazzler to the X-Men. As they approached Dazzler, the remaining X-Men came under attack from Hellfire Club guards.

    Mastermind's Illusions

    All of the X-Men were kidnapped, and the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle revealed themselves. The old X-Men foe Mastermind had his powers boosted by the White Queen's telepathy. Mastermind had been creating the illusions in Phoenix's mind, and took them to a point where she believed that she married him and assumed the role of the Hellfire Club's Black Queen. She relished all the freedom and power that the position afforded her, but Cyclops remained in contact with her through their telepathic rapport. Through their rapport, he fought with Mastermind. Although at first it appeared that he had died in the battle, Cyclops had survived. But the psionic backlash from the broken rapport restored some of Phoenix' consciousness. She quickly defeated Mastermind and Emma Frost by telepathically destroying their minds.

    The Fight For Phoenix

    Unfortunately for Cyclops, since the Dark Phoenix his lover had destroyed a whole planet full of sentient beings. This had drawn the attention of the Shi'ar race. The X-Men were soon forced to battle the Imperial Guard to protect Phoenix. The battle took place on the Blue Area of the moon, where Cyclops & Phoenix ran into the ancient ruins to hide. There they found ancient weaponry which Phoenix decided to use on herself. She used her telekinesis to prevent Cyclops from stopping her. She then appeared to sacrifice herself.

    X-Man No More

    The Shi'ar allowed the remaining X-Men to return to Earth. However, Cyclops struggled to be an X-Man while he grieved for the woman he loved. During an adventure in the Savage Land he began to feel numb, and considered that he didn't truly love Phoenix. He briefly entered into a dating relationship with Colleen Wing, but soon after left the X-Men to travel on his own.

    At first he travelled as a ship's mate onboard Aleytys Forrester's boat. They grew close, but Cyclops remained distant as he was still mourning. When they returned to her family home, Cyclops observed Lee's father being murdered by D'Spayre. He revealed his mutant powers to save Lee from D'Spayre, destroying the house during the fight. Afterwards they grew closer, but the romance was short lived as Cyclops returned to Alaska to spend time with his father and brother.

    Madelyne Pryor

    Madelyne Pryor meets Cyclops

    In Alaska he was reunited with his father, brother and paternal grandparents who owned their own small shipping airline. While at the airport Cyclops was introduced to one of their most successful pilots, a young red-headed woman known as Madelyne Pryor. Her physical resemblance to that of Jean Grey was uncanny, and soon Cyclops fell in love with her.

    It was a whirlwind romance for Cyclops and Maddie. It wasn't long before they were married, and Maddie became pregnant with their baby son. Cyclops returned to the X-Men with Maddie at his side. There he struggled to maintain a healthy balance between his role as an X-Man and that of a husband and soon-to-be father. He resumed leadership of the X-Men and took the team to Asgard to rescue the New Mutants. When they returned to Earth they appeared in France in time to fight riots outside the trial of Magneto.

    While the X-Men had been away from the mansion, Maddie had been left all alone. During her solitude in the mansion, he water broke and she gave birth to their son. Without Cyclops' agreement she named the boy Nathan Christopher Summers. However, the name caused arguments between her and Cyclops. He had wanted to call his son Christopher, after his father, however Nathan reminded him of the bully from the orphanage.

    Storm Versus Cyclops

    With the argument over the baby's name still fresh in his mind, Cyclops was forced to confront whether he was still suitable to lead the X-Men. In his self-imposed absence from the team, Storm had successfully posed as field leader. Even though she had lost her powers she challenged Cyclops to a one-on-one duel in the Danger Room for leadership of the X-Men. The fight was short-lived as Storm quickly removed Cyclops' Ruby Quartz visor, rendering him unable to control his own powers.

    Cyclops conceded defeat and left the X-Men once more. Together with Madelyne and the baby, he travelled back to Alaska. There, she resumed working for the Summers family airline. Cyclops also began working for the family company. However, he clearly wasn't happy with his new domestic life.


    While Cyclops was living in Alaska, the Avengers and Fantastic Four made a marvellous discovery. Hidden on the floor of Jamaica Bay was a stone cocoon. It transpired that Marvel Girl had been placed in a catatonic state and left in the stone pod to protect her while a cosmic being known as the Phoenix replaced her. With her resurrection she was returned to her former team-mates, Angel, Beast & Iceman. Marvel Girl couldn't understand why the world had changed so much; that their mentor had abandoned his dream to live in space while their former foe Magneto was leading the X-Men. The others had grown tired of trying to fit in to regular everyday life and with her miraculous return from the dead they decided to reform.

    Broken Marriage

    When they made the phone call to Cyclops to inform him of Marvel Girl's return, he was in the middle of an argument with Madelyne. Their relationship had grown distant. He would spend many hours in the yard using his power to chop firewood, in order to avoid spending time with his family. As his wife, Maddie gave him an ultimatum; if he left to go back to New York then he should never return. Without a word, Cyclops walked out the door and took the first plane back to New York.

    Back in the city, he was reunited with his first love. However, he could not passionately embrace marvel Girl as he was burdened with the guilt of what he had just done. Cyclops soon discovered that Marvel Girl only had her telekinetic abilities; she had lost her telepathy and could not read his mind. Therefore Cyclops chose not to inform her about Madelyn or his infant son. Instead he maintained a stoic distance from her that continued to upset and frustrate her.

    Reunited After Death

    With all five of the original X-Men reunited they decided to team-up and fight for mutant rights once more. Angel's old college friend Cameron Hodge agreed to manage their finances and convinced them to pose as mutant hunters. X-Factor became known as a group of humans who hunted mutants. The general public would be encouraged to telephone their hotline with reports of mutant activity. They would go to the scene and rescue frightened new mutants and take them back to their headquarters to train them how to control their powers.

    Guilty Husband

    Cyclops soon became a victim to his own guilt, and the machinations of both Mr Sinister and Cameron Hodge.

    He returned to Alaska to see his estranged wife & child. However, he was not prepared for the sanitising job that Mr Sinister and his Marauders had performed. So when he arrived the house had been thoroughly cleansed of all signs they had ever lived there. At the airline, all the staff had been replaced, and all the files on Maddy had been destroyed. He couldn't find any trace that they had lived. As his sanity began to spiral out of control, Cyclops found a grave marked for Madelyn. At her graveside he began to hallucinate; he spoke to the ghost of Jean Grey who merged into Phoenix and then into Maddy. Frustrated and upset he shot through the apparition with his powers.

    The red beam attracted a local law enforcer who took Cyclops along for questioning. However, as he drove back to the station they were attacked by a half-destroyed Sentinel. Cyclops convinced the police officer to release him from his handcuffs and hide while he battled the Sentinel. Afterwards the police officer thanked Cyclops for saving him and their nearby town and took him back to the house. There Cyclops began to think he was going mad until he found one of baby Nathan's toys that had fallen behind the radiator.

    Tormented By Holographic Images

    He returned to New York determined to uncover what had been happening. However, his mental health was unstable and he had grown convinced that Marvel Girl was really Phoenix. Cameron Hodge discovered this and planted a holographic projection to activate when Cyclops used his computer. The holographic image of Phoenix emerged from the computer monitor. She taunted Cyclops, confessing that she had been near him all along. The hologram disappeared as Marvel Girl entered the room, confusing Cyclops all the more. He grabbed her and demanded that she stop playing with his mind. Destroying parts of the building with his eye beams, he demanded that she hold his powers back like she had done when he made love to Phoenix in the desert.

    Despite Marvel Girl's protests that she wasn't the phoenix, Cyclops finally removed his Ruby Quartz visor. Amazingly his eyes didn't fire their destructive concussive force. However, his moment of rapture was short-lived when he realised that Leech was holding on to his leg. Leech had temporarily removed Cyclops' power. The other young wards of X-Factor raced into the scene with Iceman and Beast. When they inspected the computer, the hologram of Phoenix leapt out to taunt them. Realising what had happened, Cyclops was forced to accept the reality that Marvel Girl wasn't Phoenix, nor his missing wife. He apologised for nearly killing her and thanked Leech for saving them all.

    The Hunt For Nathan Christopher Summers

    With his secrets about his estranged wife & child finally revealed, Cyclops continued to work with X-Factor to save young mutants and searched for his missing family with Marvel Girl's help. X-Factor had been publicly revealed as mutants, but because they struggled at their own cost to save lives of New Yorkers after Apocalypse's attack they were accepted as local heroes.

    What Cyclops didn't know was that Madelyne had been on the run from the Marauders. Her journey took her to San Francisco where she crossed paths with the X-Men. They saved her and took her back to their new base in Australia. While X-Factor had been battling the Four Horsemen in New York, the X-men appeared to sacrifice their lives in Dallas. A television news crew filmed the events, and broadcasted Madelyne's impassioned plea to Cyclops to find Nathan Christopher.

    Cyclops & Marvel Girl travelled to Alaska to visit the orphanage where Cyclops had grown up. There, they uncovered Mr Sinister's secret laboratories underneath the building, along with dozens of mutant children including with Gailyn & Joey Bailey; Marvel Girl's missing niece & nephew. When they finally found baby Nathan he was kept unconscious in a pod along with other mutant babies. However, they came under attack from Nanny and her Orphan Maker. While they were battling to stop Nanny from kidnapping Gailyn & Joey, demons suddenly appeared and stole baby Nathan. Marvel Girl was forced to leave her family in Nanny's care in order to save Cyclops' son.


    The demons took baby Nathan to N'astirh. The demon sorcerer had corrupted Madelyne's feelings of self-despair, transforming her into the Goblin Queen. With her growing telepathic and telekinetic powers, the Goblin Queen sent her hordes of demons to find her missing son. She wanted her revenge upon Cyclops for leaving him by destroying the only evidence of their marriage; she was going to murder their son.

    The Goblin Queen

    Cyclops and Marvel Girl returned to New York and were reunited with the other members of X-Factor. There, they were forced to battle the demonic-possessed members of the X-Men. Wolverine gladly battled Cyclops, which distracted him from saving his son. Eventually the X-Men overcame their demonic urges and the two mutant teams joined forces. Pursuing the Goblin Queen into her growing tower above Manhattan, Cyclops was forced to battle Havok who had become the Goblin Prince; Madelyn's new lover. Cyclops defeated Havok, and Marvel Girl eventually defeated the Goblin Queen. As Madelyne lay dying in Marvel Girl's arms, she passed all of her memories and portion of the Phoenix Force into Marvel Girl's mind.

    Madelyne's memories informed Marvel Girl of who had been the real mastermind behind Madelyne Pryor's existence. Mr Sinister had cloned Jean Grey, but the clone remained lifeless. When the Phoenix died on the moon, it approached the lifeless body of Jean Grey on the floor of Jamaica Bay. When Jean unconsciously rejected the Phoenix it found another host; the body of her clone. When the Phoenix animated the clone's body, Sinister implanted her with false memories, gave her a name and placed her in Alaska where she was guaranteed to meet Cyclops. However, Madelyn retained the Phoenix' replicated telepathic & telekinetic abilities. Although she hadn't realised it for many years, she had been using her powers on a subconscious level, and had caused Cyclops' defeat when Storm challenged him for the leadership of the X-Men. However, without the same experiences and love that Jean Grey had experienced, Madelyn slowly became corrupted by the power.

    Mr Sinister's Defeat

    Marvel Girl then led the X-Men and X-Factor to the site of Xavier's School for the Gifted where they confronted Mr Sinister for the first time. However, Cyclops was unable to face Sinister. Back when he was still a boy living at the orphanage, Sinister had planted mental blocks inside Cyclops' mind. Therefore, he was unable to help while Sinister continued defeat the X-Men & X-Factor. The stress of the situation and with Marvel Girl's help, Cyclops finally overcame the mental blocks and was able to use his optic blasts on Sinister. It was the first successful strike against Sinister. Seeing that only his optic blasts could hurt Sinister, Cyclops attacked again and appeared to completely destroy him.

    Apocalypse & Askani

    Finally Cyclops was surrounded by the family he had always wanted; he had Jean Grey instead of Madelyn, and together they cared for his son as their own. They referred to the baby as Christopher, as Cyclops' had always intended, and Jean thought of him as her own son. Even when Nanny and the Orphan Maker re-appeared they were able to defeat them and rescue Jean's brain-washed niece & nephew. When X-Factor went to go on a mission in England, Jean packed baby supplies and insisted that they took baby Christopher with them. However, their family life was soon ruined.

    Askani With Nathan Christopher Summers

    Apocalypse returned. Part of his new scheme meant that the baby was infected with a techno-organic virus. Although Apocalypse was ultimately defeated, there was no cure for Cyclops' son. Mysteriously a woman appeared out of nowhere. She informed them that she was Askani, and she had travelled back in time from many thousands of years in the future. Askani seemed to have the techno-organic virus, and claimed that although there was no cure for it that there was a way to save baby Christopher. She offered to take the baby into the future where he would receive the necessary care to survive he infection, learn to live with it, and become a saviour of humankind.

    Cyclops was torn between keeping his son & watching him die, or handing him over to a complete stranger & never his son ever again. Ultimately Cyclops wanted his son to live, and gave the baby to Askani. Immediately she disappeared into the future.

    Return to the X-Men

    Brother Versus Brother

    After an adventure in space that involved the Celestials and X-Factor's Ship, they returned to Earth. X-Factor once again teamed up with the X-Men to free Storm and members of the New Mutants from Genosha. Cyclops was forced to fight his brother Havok once again. Havok had been forced through the Seige Perilous, and been given a new life as a mutant working as a Genoshan Magistrate. Therefore he didn't recognise his brother nor any of his old allies. Although Cyclops managed to defeat his brother in an old fashioned brawl, all of the X-teams were taken captive by the Genoshans and had their powers removed. It was only due to the secret planning of the Genegineer David Moreau that Cyclops' powers were restored when he came in to physical contact with Storm. The shocking process also restored Storm to her original adult age.

    Soon after, both X-Factor and the X-Men were forced to combat their former allies on Muir Island who had been possessed by the Shadow King. Many of the X-Men had been scrambled across the globe, but after their victories in Madripoor, the Savage Land, Genosha, America and Muir Island they had a larger roster of members than ever before. Instead of sending members away, they decided to merge all the teams including X-Factor, and then split the X-Men into two strike teams. While Havok, Polaris and other Muir Island X-Men became the new government sponsored X-Factor, the old X-Factor was assimilated into the new X--Men Blue & Gold teams. Cyclops commanded the Blue team, while Storm lead the Gold team.

    X-Men: Blue

    Under Cyclops' command, the X-Men aided Longshot & Dazzler in the Mojoverse, defeated Omega Red in Russia, and ninjas from The Hand. Cyclops' team was more physically violent than Storm's Gold team. Aside from Beast & Rogue, the Blue team included members that Cyclops had either struggled to co-operate with in the past, or had never worked with before.

    X-Men: Blue

    There had been long running tensions between Cyclops & Wolverine because of their mutual attraction to Jean Grey. Gambit was a natural loner and often worked to his own agenda. Jubilee was still very young and relatively inexperienced in action. Psylocke had been through many life-changing experiences since Cyclops had first met her, and the two began to become attracted to each other. Although they never physically or psychically entered into a relationship, Psylocke was open about her flirtation with Cyclops who tried to deny his attraction for her.

    X-Cutioner's Song

    As they were enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee, Jean caught Cyclops daydreaming about Psylocke. As he was reassuring her that it was nothing, they were ambushed by Caliban and kidnapped before any of the other X-Men could do anything to help. Meanwhile, Stryfe disguised himself as Cable and shot Professor Xavier's with a techno-organic bullet at a peace rally in Central Park. The X-Men divided their resources between those who would work to save the Professor, those who went to hunt down Cable, and those who investigated their missing friends. The X-Men were led on a wild goose chase. They captured X-Force, fought the Mutant Liberation Front, Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Dark Riders, before they teamed up with Apocalypse to uncover who had orchestrated several attacks at once.

    Fleeing Stryfe

    It transpired that Cyclops and Jean Grey had been kidnapped by Stryfe. They struggled to break free from their cell and escape the high-tech base. Repeatedly they were recaptured and placed into solitary confinement where they were prodded by mechanical torture devices. On one attempt to flee they came across a baby who strongly resembled baby Nathan Christopher when he was infected with the techno-organic virus. However, the baby was connected to the base's computers and wired to detonate, yet Jean's telepathy told her that the baby would die if they separated it from the machine. Stryfe was convinced that they would kill the baby to save themselves, but Cyclops & Jean refused. Confused, Stryfe removed the baby, and soon Cyclops & Jean managed to escape. However, when they leapt outside they found themselves in a small pocket of air on the surface of the moon. Bishop, Cable and Wolverine had tracked Stryfe down and managed to take Cannonball, Havok & Polaris up to the moon. However, Stryfe had created a force field that prevented anyone to enter unless they had either Summers or Grey genetics. Polaris and the other X-Men were forced to wait outside the force field while Cable & Havok continued to stop Stryfe.

    Stryfe's plans were finally revealed. He believed that he was Nathan Christopher Summers, who had been abandoned in the future where he was raised by cold & unloving machines. He had wanted his revenge on his biological parents. However, Stryfe had been wrong. Instead he was a clone of the techno-organic infected baby. He was Cable's clone, and Cable was in fact Cyclops' missing son.

    Stryfe opened a vortex to kill everyone. However, Cable leapt into the Vortex with Stryfe. Stryfe was killed, but not before he unleashed the Legacy Virus into Earth's atmosphere. Cable appeared to drag the destructive power of the vortex forwards through time saving everyone. Cyclops had finally been reunited with his son, only to lose him again.

    Cyclops' Telepathic Women

    Jean Grey confronted Psylocke about what sort of relationship she had with Cyclops. Psylocke admitted that she was sexually attracted to him and took the opportunity to attack Jean. Although Jean was a more powerful telepath, she could not prepare herself for Psylocke's most powerful attack; her telepathic knife. However, Psylocke was ultimately stopped by the appearance of a woman who claimed to be Psylocke.

    Confronting Psylocke

    The new woman resembled Psylocke when she was a British woman before she entered the Siege perilous. Even Wolverine's senses could not detect which woman was really Psylocke. The Blue team investigated the matter and uncovered the origin of Psylocke's Asian body. She had been swapped with an Asian assassin known as Kwannon, who retained Psylocke's memories.

    Cyclops accepted Kwannon as an X-Man, and she was given the codename Revanche. However, after Psylocke attacked Jean, he kept his distance from her and their attraction soon ended.

    Wedding Day & Honeymoon

    The Wedding Day

    It had been years since Madelyne had died. Cyclops and Jean had been through a lot, and nearly lost each other on several occasions. They decided that they should get married before anything else happened to them. The date was set, the invitations went out, and they arranged for a priest to perform the ceremony at the mansion. Storm ensured that the weather would be suitably warm and bright. Surrounded by their friends and family, Jean Grey finally became Jean Grey-Summers.

    However, the instant they had left the safe confines of the mansion Cyclops and Jean were snatched away. This time they were dragged thousands of years into the future. There, they found themselves inhabiting bodies that had been created for their psychic consciousnesses that could reproduce their own powers. They were finally reunited with the little baby boy whom they thought they would never see again. As Redd & Slymm, Jean and Cyclops were given the chance to raise Nathan Christoper Summers, otherwise known as the Askani Son.

    Slym & Redd With The Askani Son

    Redd & Slymm lived in the future with the Askani Son for 12 years. During that time they cared for him, helped educate him, and kept him liberated from the clutches of Apocalypse and his forces. The boy had a clone who was created as a means to deceive and slow down Apocalypse. They boy who would grow to become Stryfe was snatched away by Apocalypse and raised to become his heir. However, when Apocalypse tried to shift his lifeforce into young Styrfe's body, he realised that the body was merely cloned and he rejected the boy; therefore creating the anger, hate & resentment that caused Stryfe to kidnap his biological parents.

    After 12 years had passed, Redd & Clymm bade their son a tearful farewell. Rachel Summers had become an elderly womanknown as Mother Askani, who had established the Askani religion in order to raise her half-brother. She summoned the power to send her biological parents back into the past, but upon doing so urged Jean to take on the name Phoenix. Cyclops & Phoenix were forced to leave him once again, and their minds were returned to their real bodies back in the present day. However, they discovered themselves lying on a beach and dressed in strange uniforms. There, they had to air an elderly woman. They encountered Mr Sinister, who informed Cyclops that he had another brother. Once they had successfully helped the old lady, they were free to enjoy the exotic island for the remainder of their honeymoon.

    Onslaught & Operation: Zero Tolerance

    Back in the present day with the X-Men, Phoenix was telepathically kidnapped by the being known as Onslaught. It was a psychic entity created when Professor Xavier had mind-wiped Magneto, and it had eventually manifested. Although the X-Men managed to defeat Onslaught with the help of the Fantastic Four and Avengers, the non-mutant hero teams were lost in a different dimension.

    The Bomb Inside Cyclops

    Soon after they recovered from the attack of Onslaught, the X-Men came under attack from Prime Sentinels. Cyclops was taken a prisoner, part of Operation: Zero Tolerance. Although the X-Men managed to free Cyclops, he h ad been gravely wounded by the surgical implantation of a bomb next to his heart. The reluctant X-Man Dr Cecilia Reyes was forced to perform surgery in the hallway of the mansion. Without proper surgical equipment she managed to remove the bomb and safely stitch Cyclops' chest back together.

    Captive of SHIELD

    However, Cyclops was taken captive, and held by SHIELD. Cable commanded X-Force and led them on to a SHIELD helicarrier. He did not inform them of their mission, but they successfully destroyed large portions of the hellicarrier's hull, and took down SHIELD agents at Cable's command. Eventually they found Cyclops manacled by his hands and legs, and with a Ruby Quartz helmet to negate his optic blasts. Freed, he was returned to the mansion and quickly embraced Phoenix.

    The Twelve

    Cyclops & Phoenix spent some time apart from the X-Men to recuperate, but they were convinced by Storm to return. Apocalypse had found the dozen fabled mutants referred to as 'The Twelve'. They were 12 powerful mutants who would help power a machine that would enable Apocalypse to take control of Nate Grey's body. In order to save Nate Cyclops agreed to merge with Apocalypse; thereby becoming the new host body.

    For a long time Cyclops was considered to have died in action. However, neither Phoenix not Cable gave up on him. They tracked Apocalypse and confronted him in Egypt. There, they were able to separate Cyclops from Apocalypse, freeing his body and destroying Apocalypse's spirit in the process. However, Cyclops' mind was still haunted from the experience of being merged with Apocalypse for so long. He began to question his life, relationships and how he handled situations in the X-Men.

    New X-Men, New X-Man

    The Mansion became a school again, and began to accept mutants from around the world on a much larger scale than ever before. The X-Men continued to operate from the mansion, with Cyclops performing administrative & liason duties for the school and as an X-Man out in the field. However, Cyclops' behaviour had noticeably changed. On the way back from a mission in Australia to retrieve a new mutant with Wolverine, they encountered a new breed of Sentinels commanded by Cassandra Nova. The plane crashed, leaving them without any additional resources and baby sitting the physically-mutated 'Ugly' John. Cyclops commanded Wolverine to watch over Ugly John, but soon they were ambushed and held prisoner by Nova's new Sentinels. Already wounded Ugly John was terrified. Cyclops found them and put Ugly John out of his misery by looking at him without his Ruby Quartz visor lens. Cyclops killed Ugly John with his optic blast.

    Upon their return to the mansion, the X-Men soon came under attack directly from Cassandra Nova. As Professor Xavier's genetic twin, Nova had a strong telepathic mutant mind. When she attacked Cyclops she disabled him by telepathically placing his mind in a dark room filled with giant cockroaches who spoke to him. He couldn't differentiate between the hallucination or when his friends addressed him. Eventually he was freed from Nova's grasp, and she appeared to be defeated. However, when Phoenix tried to approach him to discuss what had happened, he continued to push her away.

    Psychic Affair

    One Night In Hong Kong

    Cyclops continued to keep his distance from Phoenix who respected his wish for celibacy. The Professor (while possessed by Cassandra Nova) had gone into space to be with the Shi'ar Empress Lilandra, leaving Phoenix as headmistress of the Institute. This meant that they were spending even less time together, and Cyclops began to feel neglected. However, he began to spend more time in telepathic contact with Emma Frost. While they were out on a mission to Hong Kong to investigate mutant deaths caused by the U-Men, they spent the night together drinking champagne. Their relationship remained purely telepathic, without any physical contact. However, the psychic affair was sexual in nature, and appeared to revolve around Cyclops' varied fantasies about his wife.

    They continued to have their affair. As it was telepathic in nature, they would often be in contact while in the company of others. Therefore many X-Men became suspicious whenever either one of them fell silent. Phoenix directly questioned Cyclops about what had happened in Hong Kong. His attitude was cold, and purposefully aimed at hurting his wife with the implication that both he and Emma had been awake all night.

    Insinuation Of The Affair

    As a teacher at the Institute Emma continued to closely monitor her five telepathic students, the Stepford Cuckoos. However, the girls knew about Emma's affair with Cyclops. They had seen Phoenix in action previously, and respected her as one of their teachers. After the death of Sophie Cuckoo, the remaining girls grew angry at Emma's hypocritical stance on relationships. After the Institute had survived another hostile alien attack, the girls led Phoenix into the garden where Cyclops was telepathically engaged with Emma. Phoenix entered Cyclops' mind without permission, where she found Cyclops embracing Emma who dressed as the Dark Phoenix.

    Enraged, Phoenix telepathically attacked Emma without mercy. Cyclops grew angry with Phoenix for doing so, and demanded that she finally look into his memories of the night he spent with Emma in Hong Kong. Doing so, she discovered that Cyclops had not engaged in sexual intercourse with Emma Frost. However, he made it clear of how he was aware that his telepathic relationship with her was just as bad as if it had been a physical affair.

    Weapon Plus & Xorn

    Assault on Weapon Plus

    Frustrated with himself and with Phoenix' reaction, Cyclops spent a lot of time away from the Institute. Wolverine found him heavily drinking at the Hellfire Club, which had been converted into an exclusive gentlemen's club. The two of them were soon caught up with the schemes of Fantomex who had convinced them both to aid him as he broke into the Weapon Plus facilities. He promised Wolverine information of his past and the Weapon X project, while Cyclops was promised the chance to violently unleash his powers on random villains.

    Neither Wolverine nor Fantomex gave Cyclops the chance to recover from his alcoholic binge drinking. Hung over, Cyclops was dragged into the heavily guarded time-pocket facility known as The World. Their mission led them to a space station in orbit around the Earth. While inside Asteroid M, Cyclops confessed to Wolverine how he felt that his relationship with Phoenix had not progressed since they were teenagers. He was frustrated and angry that she refused to listen to him. He also admitted that he was attracted to Emma because she was more accepting than Jean without judging him for wanting to try something different.

    While they had been in space, the new remedial teacher Xorn revealed his true identity and plans. Xorn was secretly Magneto, and had turned his special learning class into his new Brotherhood. Cyclops was astonished as he had liberated Xorn from the U-Men in Hong Kong, and considered Xorn to be a good friend. However, Magneto's strength had faltered and he was reliant on thenew mutant-power enhancing drug called Kick. In a final confrontation with Magneto, Phoenix managed to defeat him but was mortally wounded. As she lay dying in Cyclops' arms, he apologised for hurting her. With her last words, Phoenix comforted Cyclops. She told him not to worry, and how he had looked more alive than ever. As she died, she told him to live his life.

    Headmaster Summers

    Emma's Proposition

    As Phoenix died, her consciousness floated through time where she saw a broken future. Her friends were either corrupted or had died in battle. In that time, the Phoenix was woken prematurely and used to attack her old friends. The Phoenix Force joined all the previous Phoenixes and they informed her that the dark & warped future could have been prevented if the Institute had remained open to care for the X-Men and train younger mutants. She discover that it all hinged on a critical moment when Cyclops rejected a chance to become headmaster of the Institute.

    Soon after Phoenix' funeral, Cyclops went to stand at her graveside. Emma Frost arrived in a limousine and made him an offer. The chance to live together and work side-by-side as joint headmasters of the Institute. She made it clear that if he said 'no' that she would walk away and close the school.

    After Phoenix had observed the dark future, she returned to the moment when Cyclops rejected Emma's offer. With a psychic nudge, she pushed Cyclops into changing his mind and accepting a physical relationship with Emma Frost.

    New School, Old X-Men

    Together Emma Frost and Cyclops reformed the X-Men. Members of the team would be both teaching staff and X-Men field agents. The various X-Men would each lead and teach a 'squad' of students. As such, Cyclops named his squad The Corsairs after his father.

    Deciding that the X-Men need to play more of a role in emergency rescue and aid, and thus garner attention on mutants in a more positive light where mutant abilities are used for the good of people, Cyclops hand-picked a team in order to get out into the world more. This team faced an alien named Ord of the Breakworld. The team subdued Ord, but not before learning that one of their own will be responsible for the destruction of Ord's homeworld within the coming year.

    Soon after, the Danger Room began to show signs of sentience and hostility towards it's owners. The X-Men soon defeated both Danger and Ord, but the consequences effected the X-Men deeply. Professor Xavier had known of the sentience within the Danger Room and had chosen to suppress it and keep it a secret. The X-Men were dismayed by this information and pushed the Professor away. Cyclops was already headmaster of the Institute, and he had assumed the role of mentor to all the X-Men as well. Professor Xavier had trained Cyclops to be his successor, but instead of waiting for him to hand over the reigns Cyclops had taken the authority on his own.

    During a telepathic "therapy session", Emma Frost presented Cyclops with the possibility that his lack of control over his optic blasts actually stems not from physical brain damage, but from a sort of mental block that the young Scott imposed upon himself after the combined traumas of the loss of his parents, separation from his brother, and shocking manifestation of his powers; this is seen as a coping mechanism, giving Scott something to focus on and try to maintain some sort of control over at a time when events completely out of his control had effectively shattered the life he had led up to that point. Surprisingly, Scott seems to admit that this theory is the truth of the matter, further admitting that he had even blocked making this decision out of his memory, to preserve the fallacy in his own mind and prevent others from discovering his "secret." The issue ends with Scott apparently in a catatonic state, with his eyes uncovered and displaying their natural shade of brown, with no evidence of his powers manifesting. Later he manifests, and has full control over, his optical blasts.

    Deadly Genesis

    After the events of House of M, nearly all mutants were left depowered, and Xavier was missing. A mysterious villain then attacked and easily defeated several members of the team, including Cyclops and his alternate-reality daughter, Rachel. The two were captured and taken to an undisclosed location, which Cyclops vaguely remembered visiting in the past. Eventually managing to free themselves, Cyclops and Rachel attempted to escape, only to run into their captor, revealed to be Vulcan, Cyclops’ younger brother. This new information has left Cyclops resentful towards Professor X and has gone so far as to demand that Xavier leave the school as it is no longer his.

    Civil War

    Cyclops, along with the other surviving original X-Men, declare neutrality on the subject of Civil War. When Bishop leaves the team to join the Registration supporters and locate the escaped 198, Cyclops eventually helps the futuristic X-Man in recovering them.

    World War Hulk

    Cyclops uses a full beam blast to stop the Hulk, refusing to let the Hulk take Professor Xavier regardless of his own feelings towards his mentor regarding the truth about Krakoa. While it peels off some of the Hulk's skin, he was able to walk towards Cyclops and clench his entire face, effectively containing the blast. After Hulk left when Mercury told him about the mutant race being near-extinct, Cyclops began to forgive Professor X while the wounded were being tended to.

    Messiah Complex

    Cyclops leads a team to Alaska to find the new mutant detected by Cerebra. When the team arrives, they find nearly every child in the town killed, dead Marauders and Purifiers, and the baby gone. He sends a team consisting of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Angel, and Colossus to find former Acolytes for information on the Marauders. He argues with Xavier, who complains about not telling him about his team. Scott tells Xavier it's not his X-Men anymore and that he can do what he wants. Scott also calls in X-Factor to help with the situation, asks Rictor to infiltrate the Purifiers, and asks Madrox and Layla Miller to go see Forge. Upon discovering that Cable has kidnapped the new born mutant, Cyclops orders the reforming of X-Force with Wolverine leading the team. Their first mission is to hunt down Cable and retrieve the baby. Cyclops later breaks all ties with Professor X and asks him to leave the mansion, as Xavier continues to question Cyclops' judgement. Later on, Cyclops is seen with his own team and X-Factor, to help out Wolverine against the Reavers and to capture the baby from Cable. Cable eludes the X-Men.

    After finding the Marauders' hideout on Muir Island, Cyclops dispatches X-Force and Bishop to go there and retrieve the baby. During the final battle, Cyclops sends the New X-Men against the Marauders, believing that Sinister's forces will be caught off guard by unfamiliar opponents. The students prove to be effective. Cyclops then confronts Cable demanding the baby. Cable, with a gun pointed at his father, begs Cyclops to let him escape into the future with the baby, however Cable gives the child to Cyclops, after Xavier points out that the future of all mutantkind is at stake and Cyclops, as leader of the X-Men, speaks for mutantkind. Cyclops holds the baby and, realizing that the child deserves the chance to make its own destiny, gives her back to Cable. Cable teleports to the future just as Bishop fires a round at the child. The shot misses her and hits Xavier in the head. Cyclops strikes Bishop with an optic blast, and Cyclops declares the X-Men disbanded.

    Divided We Stand

    But, revealed in the current storyline, Divided, Cyclops didn't really disband the X-Men, but rather just made everyone take a break. He is now vacationing in the Savage Land with his girlfriend, Emma Frost. They see Ka-Zar and Shanna there and spend some time with them, but are called to San Fransisco by Angel. When they get there, they see that all of San Fransisco has been submerged in some sort of psychic projection of the 60s. Emma uses her powers to help Cyclops and herself fit in. But, the "Goddess" senses their presence and sends the police after them. Luckily, Cyclops is saved from the bullets by Emma's diamond form, who jumps in front of him as they fire.

    Manifest Destiny

    Soon after, the X-Men find themselves dealing with an anti-mutant group calling themselves the "Hellfire Cult", which is being lead by one of Emma's former pupils, Empath, and a mysterious red-headed dominatrix calling herself "The Red Queen". After an assault on the Hellfire Cult's base, Cyclops is seduced by Emma who is oddly enough wearing the same outfit as the Red Queen. When Scott later mentions this event to Emma at a Dazzler concert, Emma is confused. At that moment, Scott sees a familiar red-headed woman standing on the other side of the club. When Emma asks him what he saw, he cryptically tells her that he thinks his dead ex-wife Madelyne Pryor is actually alive.

    Following the sighting of his ex-wife, Cyclops begins to behave more withdrawn and secretive. This behavior begins to worry Emma, along with the fact she has begun to notice the odd behavior of Wolverine and Archangel. When she confronts him about all this, he gives her permission to enter his mind. Inside, she finds a black box, which she is unable to open. Within the box, Cyclops claims are all the plans and secrets that he, as the X-Men's leader, has developed for their survival. Emma seems unconvinced, but lets the matter rest for the moment, when Karma arrives. She informs them that the news has footage of the massacre that occurred during the Messiah complex and that the mutant baby's birth has been linked as the cause.

    As a result, a resurrected Graydon Creed and assorted other previously dead foes, begin pushing to outlaw mutant reproduction. The new anti-mutant propaganda has caused an explosion of hate crimes on mutants and former mutants. As a result, Cyclops has opened the doors of the new base to all those in need of protection and sanctuary.


    Because of growing upheaval among mutants and investigation from Trask causes mass mutant riots to break out all over San-Francisco. The mayor demands that the mutant "leader" Cyclops puts a stop to this. Though Scott is not the actual leader of all mutants he takes much if not all of the bad press. Unbeknown to Scott Emma is now apart of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers. Scott sees Emma on television leading the Dark Avengers to stop the mutant riots. Scott later learns that Emma now calls herself the "Black Queen" (It is still unknown if Emma is still loyal to the X-men and even to Scott). After seeing this he goes to see Norman at his base Alcatraz. Norman tells Cyclops to surrender to stop the mutant riots. Scott interrupts him telling him to surrender. While still in shock Norman ask Cyclops what he means. Cyclops tells him that he needs to get the mutants under control and make H.A.M.M.E.R. and the Dark Avengers leave San-Francisco. After Norman refuses Cyclops leaves telling Norman that he tried. Norman vows that he will personally kill Cyclops.


    Optic Blasts

    Cyclops has the ability to absorb ambient solar energies which his body metabolizes and converts into powerful optic blasts. Unchecked, his optic blasts can easily level buildings or more. These red concussive blasts are not lasers, and do not create any heat. Rather than cutting or burning, his blasts are pure kinetic energy. They can push or smash objects with pure force. However, there is no action/reaction involved with this force; Cyclops' head is not pushed back when he uses his power. It has been theorized that this is because the particles are extra dimensional in nature.

    Optic blasts

    Cyclops lost the ability to control his mutant power as a child. This was originally thought to be due to damage to his brain, but it is actually due to a mental block. Along with being unable to turn his power off, Scott never uses his power to their full extent because deep down he is afraid of what could happen if he truly loses control.

    Scott has also become a highly efficient team leader with superb tactical skills. He has undergone extreme physical and psychological training at Xavier's school. He is at peak human physical condition in strength, speed, and agility, and is an excellent fighter even without his powers. Scott's spatial perception is nearly superhuman, giving him near-perfect aim, and the ability to calculate deflection shots with his beams. He is also an expert pilot.

    Cyclops' brother, Alex Summers A.K.A. Havok, is completely immune to Cyclops' powers, and likewise Cyclops is unharmed by Havok's plasma blasts(although he can be recharged by his brother's energy, and his brother can by his), but is effected by Vulcan's.


    Ruby quartz visor

    Aside from all the usual alien-technology that is at the X-Men's disposal, Cyclops has one essential piece of equipment that he can never be without; his Ruby Quartz visor. Ever since his formative teenaged years, he had to wear sun-glasses that were made out of ruby quartz. At the time it made him a target for bullies and made him feel weak & exposed. If the glasses slipped, or if they were nocked off by a fall, then he could accidentally destroy everything within sight.

    The introduction of the Ruby Quartz visor revolutionised his whole life. They were securely fastened to his head, and easily opened & closed for him to filter out the correct amount of energy he required. Although Cyclops has never mastered his own mutant power, he has mastered the use of the visor. It has become a distinctive icon for his appearance.

    Although he does revert to wearing styled Ruby Quartz sunglasses when in casual dress (and particularly during public appearances) Cyclops continues to keep the visor with him at all times. It is more manageable in battle, and provides him the security and comfort of having a stable source of Ruby Quartz instead of glasses which could potentially fall off at any moment.

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