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Fire Power

Burn like You Never have. These Heroes/Villains Are Fire Power Makers!

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  • One of the worlds finest heroes who have showed the world the power of team work

  • I'm a ventriloquist and Scarface fan

  • The New Dark Knight

  • I am a spawn fan. I like Todd Mcfarlane's art work and the story lines

  • This is the 3rd arbiter, his name is Thel'vadam. The first one was named Fal, Then the 2nd was named Arbiter Ripa'Morame

  • Union jack is a cool character that is like a UK Captain america

  • Tigra is cool

  • I like blur because he has cool powers and can turn into a cooler Car

  • Sagat was one of my favorite villains other than Bison

  • Mr. Miracle was a hero that could get out of anything just like batman

  • Big barda is married to Mr. Miracle and she is hot

  • Slade is a good bounty hunter/ Assassin and he was a good character in Teen titans the tv show

  • She was one of batman's first villains

  • Nova was at his best in annihilation, and he is a protector of the universe

  • I saw Sped racer the next generation and it was great and because speed has cool cars

  • The brother hood was the first to challenge the x-men

  • I liked this team because thing was like a cyborg I read the comics just so that I could see thing act like a robot

  • who doesn't like F4

  • The Inhumans were like x-men but aliens I read there comics to see Blackbolt

  • During growing hostilities between humans and mutants on the rise, Professor Charles Xavier created the original team by bringing together five promising young mutants: Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Henry McCoy, Robert Drake, and Warren Worthington III with the purpose of training them to use their powers for the benefit of mankind. He named this team the X-Men because of the extra abilities they all possessed as mutants. So that the team could operate covertly without blowing their cover they were all given code-names. Bobby Drake, the youngest member of the group and class clown, chose the obvious name Iceman because of his ability to create and manipulate ice. The brilliant Hank McCoy selected the name Beast for his disproportionate bodily features as well as his agility, strength, and acrobatic abilities. Because he possessed large, white, feathered wings stemming from his upper back, Warren Worthington aptly chose the name Angel (later to be known as Archangel). Scott Summers chose the name Cyclops because of the single eye-piece of the protective visor that he was forced to wear in order to control his optic blast. The only female member of the group, Jean Grey selected the name Marvel Girl for herself. The team was located out the estate of their mentor at Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters at 1407 Greymalkin Lane in Salem Center, Westchester County, New York. Along with the many aspects of a conventional education, the students received practical training in the use of their abilities both in the controlled environment of the Danger Room on school grounds, as well as the real-life training that field missions gave them.

    Early on the team employed its training in the real world both trying to locate other mutants and to fight against mutant terrorists. On several occasions they battled against Xavier's former friend Magneto and his Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Notable early enemies (many of which were brotherhood members) included Magneto, Unus the Untouchable, the Vanisher, the Sentinels, the Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, the Juggernaut, the Blob, Mimic, and the Super-Adaptoid. Later additions to the original five included Cyclops' brother Havok as well as Magneto's daughter Polaris. The Mimic was also a team member briefly, but only after blackmailing the team and was the only member to be kicked off the team.

    Line ups:

    * Professor X, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel

    * Professor X , Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Mimic, Changeling

    * Professor X , Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Polaris, Havok

    Deadly Genesis

    New Wave of X-Men

    New Wave of X-Men

    After being sent to Krakoa, a remote island in the middle of the pacific ocean to investigate a powerful mutant signal, the team was captured. Only Cyclops was able to escape and make his way home. It was originally believed that Professor X then had to round up a new team (of older mutants) from around the world to rescue the group consisting of Nightcrawler, the original Thunderbird, Colossus, Storm, Wolverine, Sunfire and Banshee. Led by Cyclops, this new team went back to Krakoa to discover that the island Krakoa was the mutant they were sent to investigate, and had captured the team for sustenance. After freeing the captive X-Men, Polaris was able to lift the island into space. The actual events surrounding the Krakoa incident were actually quite different. After losing his first team, Xavier co-opted a group of Moira MacTaggert's students in order to rescue his original team. This group of young mutants consisted of Petra, Sway, Darwin, and the third Summers brother Vulcan. Xavier also visited the then White Queen of the Hellfire Club Emma Frost to offer an invitation to join his team. Her refusal most likely saved her from becoming the fifth member of this team. The team was ill-prepared for what would await them on Krakoa, and was quickly dismantled by the island. Vulcan survived by absorbing the powers of his fallen comrades, and when the island was launched into space he remained in stasis inside the island. To salvage what was left of his new team, Xavier removed all memories of the first rescue team, violating their minds and their trust.

    Line Ups:

    * Professor X , Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Polaris, Havok, Banshee, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, Wolverine

    1980's X-Men:



    In the 1980's the growing popularity of the X-Men produced other titles such as The New Mutants, X-Factor, and Excalibur. This created several important crossovers involving the X-Men including The Fall of the Mutants, Inferno, and the Mutant Massacre.

    The new additions included Dazzler, Forge, Longshot, Psylocke, Rogue, and Rachel Summers.

    Professor X left the X-Men to be with Lilandra in space and Magneto lead the X-Men for a time.

    New villains included Madelyne Pryor, Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, and Sabretooth.

    1990's X-Men:

    The X-Men return to Westchester, New York and Professor X returns back to Earth.

    The New Mutants were turned into X-Force lead by Cable.

    The original X-Men abandoned X-Factor and returned to the X-Men. Beast had developed blue fur and Angel was transformed into Archangel (Apocalypse's Horsemen of Death). Havok and Polaris with a few other mutants formed a new, government-affiliated X-Factor.

    The X-Men split up into two group; the "blue team," consisting of Beast, Psylocke, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops and Wolverine (X-Men); and the "gold team," consisting of Colossus, Iceman, Archangel, Jean Grey, Storm, and Bishop (Uncanny X-Men). Professor X, Jubilee, Banshee and Forge stayed on as non-combatant X-Men only helping when needed.

    Many X-Overs included:

    "The X-Tinction Agenda" The government of Genosha captured ,mutants and used them as prison labor.

    "The Muir Island Saga" The original X-Factor and Xavier returned to the X-Men and deal with the evil Shadow King.

    * "X-Cutioner's Song" Cable's clone and arch-enemy Stryfe, framed the X-Force leader for an attempt on Professor X's life. He also captured and tormented Cyclops and Jean Grey, the genetic parents of both Cable and Stryfe, who were revealed to be time-travelers.

    * "Fatal Attractions" Magneto returned, ripping out Wolverine's adamantium and forcing Xavier to mindwipe him. Continues in "Bloodties" and causes the "Onslaught" X-Over.

    * "Phalanx Covenant" A collective consciousness infected with the Transmode Virus infiltrated the X-Mansion, kidnapped a small bunch of previously unknown mutants and plotted to eliminate mutant-kind. This crossover results in the teenage mutant group, Generation X.

    * "Legion Quest" Professor X is killed by his time-traveling son Legion before he had ever formed the X-Men. This causes an alternate reality to unfolded in which Apocalypse rules North America and Magneto leads the X-Men as a resistance force (Age of Apocalypse).

    * "Onslaught" Professor X lost control of his powers, producing an evil, near-omnipotent secondary personality called Onslaught, which battled the X-Men, The Avengers, and the Fantastic Four.

    * "Operation: Zero Tolerance" An anti-mutant army is given government license to hunt down the X-Teams and other mutants.

    Current Teams

    The current X-Men and related teams are:

    Astonishing X-Men: Emma Frost, Cyclops, Beast, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, and Armor

    X-Men Legacy: Currently this comic is following Xavier's attempts to rebuild his mind after the events of Messiah Complex. Recently, Rogue, Gambit, and Mystique have joined Xavier in X-Men Legacy. Rogue is still trying to sort through her memories along with Mystique, and Gambit is assisting Xavier in talking to Rogue.

    Uncanny X-Men: Largely the same team as in Astonishing. Notable additions are, Karma, Pixie, Angel, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler.

    New Mutants: Having reformed after the return of Illyana Rasputin the team now consists of Cannonball, Magma, Sunspot, Dani Moonstar and Karma.

    Young X-Men: Original team: Blindfold, Dust, Ink, Rockslide and Wolf Cub (now deceased). Current line-up: Dust, Greymalkin, Ink, Rockslide, Anole with Sunspot and Dani Moonstar acting as mentors.

    X-Factor: Madrox, M, Siryn, Strong Guy, Rictor, Longshot and Darwin.

    X-Force: Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, Archangel, Elixir , Domino, and Wolfsbane.

    Exiles - The current Exiles lineup is: Morph, Sabretooth, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde(now deceased), Mystique, Sage. Rogue and Gambit have both left the team. A secondary team is now also active their line up is: Blink, Scarlet Witch, Black Panther, Forge, Polaris, Beast.

    Original X-Men Spin-Off

    X-Men: First Class Vol. 1

    The original X-Men team; Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel, face off new nemesis and team-up with other super heroes. They face off a living plant in Greenland, they enter the mind of Professor Xavier, team-up with Dr. Strange, Thor and Gorilla Man The team also deal with Skrulls, the Lizard and work love problems with Angel and the Scarlet Witch.

    X-Men: First Class Special

    In this one issue Iceman and Beast try to recruit a museum "statue". The team listens to bad poems and we figure out that Jean had a pet dragon.

    X-Men: First Class Vol. 2

    A new series goes on with Jean having some girl bonding with the Invisible Girl. Have the team isolated in Island X where Mastermind tricks them to stay there. The team takes some vacations. They face off the Hulk and lose their powers during a Sentinel attack. Later because of a Catalyst they over power and defeat the Sentinels. Later then the X-Men see their future selves and how they could end up. Showing Iceman as a huge monster, Beast is a beast and Jean is a Phoenix. Later the Scarlet Witch is auditioned to be a SHIELD agent and then turns them down. After a mission everybody gets sick except for Cyclops so he has to deal with a maniac and death. The team later teams-up with the Continueteens and defeat Mysterio. The Team then gets a sudden change in members since Angel finds a civilization where he's accepted no matter how he looked while looking for his aunt. While Angel was enjoying being accepted the X-Men get an android as a 5th member of the X-Men, but it turned out that he ended up being consumed by lava because he wanted to look human but couldn´t although Jean saved his brain. Back home the team talked on how they missed Angel.

    Alternate Realities


    The X-Men of the Age of Apocalypse reality was led by Magneto. There were two teams and members included Rogue, Blink, Iceman, Sabretooth, Morph, Banshee, Storm, Dazzler, Exodus, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Sunfire and Wild Child.


    Ultimate X-Men

    Ultimate X-Men

    Professor Xavier starts an X-Men team which includes Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey), Storm, Beast and Colossus. Later while fighting Sentinels the team recruited Iceman. The Brotherhood of Mutants sent a spy to infiltrate the X-Men group to kill Professor X. They sent Wolverine. Magneto, The Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Toad, Multiple Man, The Blob and Mastermind form the Brotherhood and they had kidnapped the President´s daughter. The X-Men saved her and in the last moment Wolverine had a change of heart and instead of killing Xavier he tried to kill Magneto, while he sent Sentinels o kill humans. In the end Xavier killed Magneto with the help of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    Xavier then started helping Wolverine to find out where were the people who gave him the metal implants. Weapon X did all the implants and they found it. Then the X-men were abducted by Weapon X and were tortured, they even made Beast blue.

    Ultimate Alpha Flight arrived and seemingly kill Iceman and now the X-Men face these strange super powered team.

    Banshee aftermath

    Banshee aftermath

    Beast puts Iceman back together but Alpha Flight arrive to take Northstar, something that Colossus isn't very happy about. Alpha Flight was under the influence of a power enhancing drug called Banshee. Taking Northstar had Colossus mad so Dazzler, Nightcrawler, Rouge and him went after Alpha Flight. Cyclops went along to prevent anything stupid from happening. The Acolytes appeared into the picture and caused the death of Northstar. Colossus and the rest of the people who went along went under Banshee drug and enhanced their powers. Dazzler could maneuver her powers to create anything, Rouge could keep the power she absorbed, Nightcrawler could go to greater lengths, Colossus became stronger, and Cyclops could control his eye beams and fly.

    Jean Grey had taken it into her own hands to lead the X-Men and she was driving them around pretty hard. Nightcrawler contacted her saying that they needed help from themselves because they were addicted to the power enhancer. Wolverine had figured out that he was positive to have been dosed with Banshee so he went to Peter Parker for help to sort things out. Kitty and Peter were dealing with Banshee addicts themselves when Wolverine arrived. Peter explained that he was positive because he was Banshee the drug was made by taking properties of him. The X-men went after the addicted X-Men and fought it off. Jean went off for a moment while she talked to her father as Phoenix when then she fell unconscious. Logan blamed Colossus for it so he took his heart out for it.

    Both X-Men embark on a flight until Phoenix stops it all. Everyone cools down for the exception of Cyclops that flies to the moon. During the fight Wolverine looses a leg to Colossus. Phoenix show to Colossus that Northstar is OK except that he is paralyzed from the waist down. Colossus and Wolverine are fixed up by Jean after that and then Jean heads to the moon. Wolverine using some of the Banshee Colossus bought he tracked it down to Muir Island blaming Xavier for it. Jean talked to Scott and after that he said he wanted to keep the power the Banshee started wearing off so she put his glasses back on. The Prof. was who created Banshee from Wolverine along with Magneto but Moira distributed it. She fought Wolverine with her "Screaming" powers. In the end Wolverine destroyed the whole facility. Quicksilver then arrived an told Moira that Magneto had newer plans for the near future.

    20 Years into the future a new X-Men team that consisted of Captain America, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Rouge and a male Phoenix wanted to prevent the events of Ultimatum so they traveled back in time to stop it.

    Reed and Sue were going to go on a date when the future X-Men arrived trying to kill Reed. Reed not having any internal organs couldn't be killed so they kidnapped him. The rest of the Fantastic Four went to the present X-Men for help. Reed discovered that the future male Phoenix was actually his son Franklin Richards. Then future Wolverine attempted to kill Phoenix. Then the rest of the future X-Men discovered that future Wolverine was actually a Sentinel from the future. By the time the FF and present X-Men got there many Wolverine Sentinels had been destroyed had killed Rouge and had taken Reed into the future. Captain America was dying and Jean unmasked him revealing he was actually Scott. He told the group that himself, Jean and the original Cap had been stripped away of their powers so he took over a s Captain America after Steve Rodgers aged 100 years, then he died. In the future Iceman was captured by the Sentinels and Reed escaped his cell when he followed a trail of fire. Thinking it to be Johnny he then saw the future Fantastic Four: Invisible Woman, Iron Thing, Namor and Firestar.

    The future X-Men, or what was left of them told the present X-Men and FF that the reason that they needed to stop it all was because the new ruler was getting rid of mutants. That new ruler was Sue. Future Sue convinced present Reed to fix a machine that would strip away people of their powers just like Cyclops´s Reed gave to her request while the present X-Men, present FF, and future X-men went into the future to find out what was going on. Ben and Firestar found out that both of them in the future were in love and Iceman found himself being killed by Namor. Sue met Nihil again then just to find out that he was actually future Reed. Future Phoenix turned everyone in to his mother. Reed then took away future Sue´s powers since clearly she had gone crazy because of her brother´s death. Everyone let the future hero´s free from a prison in the N-Zone Sue had made to maintain the super powered heroes. The present FF and X-men went back to their own time and Sue and Reed left to be alone. Sue told Reed she was worried that would eventually happen to them, but Reed assured that it would not. Sue left and then from a drawer Reed took out a ring, sure that, that future would not happen.

    It's Tuesday 4:12 PM. Alison Blaire, Warren Worthington III, Hank McCoy and Kurt Wagner are on Broadway trying to get tickets for a show while Bruce Banner passes.

    It's Tuesday 4:13 PM. New York is underwater.

    At Broadway, Angel swims out of the water and takes Dazzler with him, apparently dead.

    It's 5:02 PM. At Westchester the Professor of The Xavier Institute falls of his wheelchair. Prof. X tells Cyclops and Wolverine that Nightcrawler, Beast and Dazzler "are gone". Then, telepathically Xavier tells all superheroes, that he knows who is responsible for this events, and that all of them have to unite against this threat, to stop Magneto.

    At Asteriod M, Magneto sits on a throne with Thor's hammer besides him and says: "Yes, bring them Charles. Bring everyone. So I can tell them myself. For what they've done. They will pay the ultimate price!"

    In Ultimate X-Men #100 we find that The Academy of Tomorrow has been attacked by Madrox on behalf of Magneto. There are several multiples of Madrox with bombs strapped to their chest and when the Cyclops, Iceman and Rogue arrive the school is in flames and Northstar and Polaris are shown as dead. It is assumed that anyone inside has perished.


    In Nocturne's home reality the X-Men were led by Wolverine. Members were Nocturne, Nightcrawler, Thunderbird (Warpath), Shadowcat, Phoenix (The Phoenix Force inhabiting Colossus' dead body) and Armageddon.


    The X-Men of 2099 were Cerebra, Krystalin, Desert Ghost, Meanstreak, Bloodhawk, La Lunatica, Skullfire, Metalhead, Sham, Junkpile and Serpentina.

    Main article: X-Men 2099.


    The X-Men on Earth X were led by Cyclops, just calling himself Mr. S. Members were Dogface, Tower, Double-Header, Charmer and Mermaid.


    The X-men in the Mutant X reality was led by Magneto. Members were Mystique, Nightcrawler, Polaris, Quicksilver, Rogue and Cerebro.

    The Original Line-up was Beast(Brute), Angel(Fallen), Jean Grey, Havok and Iceman.

    Former members included Bloodstorm, Shadowcat and Colossus.


    The X-Men of the Here Comes Tomorrow reality was lead by Cassandra Nova. Members were Wolverine, Beak (Tito Bohusk), Tom Skylark and Rover, E.V.A. and Martha Johanson.


    In this reality, where the Exiles were sent on their first mission, Professor X was evil and intended to kill all humans. He lead the X-Men, and members included: Juggernaut, Chamber, Domino, Human Torch and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew).

  • Origin



    Kurt Wagner is the product of a love affair between two mutants, both with origins that have never fully been explained. His mother was the terrorist Mystique, at the time wife of Baron Christian Wagner, who was for a long time believed to be the father of Nightcrawler. His father is the Neyaphem warlord, Azazel, who had a great master plan to impregnate earth women with his children so he could escape the brimstone dimension.

    When Nightcrawler was born the townsfolk were horrified by Mystiques son's demonic appearance and so she threw him into a river, shape-shifted into another form and then claimed that she had killed the son and the mother.

    Azazel however would not allow his son to die and so he saved him and gave him to one of his other lovers, and servant, Margali Szardos to raise.

    Margali however tells a different tale to hide the truth, she says that he was discovered by her when she was walking by his house. She discovered his father, Eric Wagner, had died of a heart attack outside and found his mother lying next to him dead.

    Margali took him in and raised him along with her real children Stefan and Jimaine (later known as Amanda Sefton) at the Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortuneteller to hide the truth about her sorcery. Kurt had amazing agility and soon his mutant abilities would manifest. Because of these gifts he did acrobat shows for the circus audience, people assumed it was a man in a costume.

    When a millionaire circus owner from Texas approached them to try and get them to join his circus, he planned to move the circus to America and demanded that Kurt be in the freak show. Kurt was appalled at this and so he quit the circus and headed to Winzeldorf, Germany. He arrives there to find that his brother Stefan went insane and had been murdering children and so he battles him, hoping to stop the atrocity.

    Kurt accidentally kills Stefan by breaking his neck (as children Stefan had made Kurt swear to kill him if ever he took an innocent life) and the villagers thought Kurt was the demon that killed the children.

    Professor X comes in time to save Kurt from being killed and offered him to join the X-Men. He tried to tell Margali about her son but she was not at the circus at the time. Kurt becomes a valued member of the X-Men and has gone on many missions since he joined.

    Professor X originally gave Nightcrawler an image inducer to hide his appearance in public, but after being accused of being ashamed of his appearance by Wolverine, Nightcrawler threw the image inducer away. During the period when he still used the image inducer, Nightcrawler met an air-stewardess, Amanda Sefton, and often double-dated her and her friend Betsy along with Colossus.

    When fighting Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy in Ireland, Nightcrawler was knocked into some shadows by Juggernaut. When he was woken up by the leprechauns that lived in the castle, Nightcrawler found out that his body turned invisible when he was in deep shadows (his eyes, however, did not turn invisible).

    Months later, shortly after the Dark Phoenix Saga, Nightcrawler received a crystal figurine of himself on his twenty-first birthday. When he touched it, it exploded into black smoke, and Nightcrawler appeared to be dead. However, his soul had merely been spirited away to a pocket dimension, within which was a replica of Dante's Hell. In the ninth circle of punishment, Nightcrawler met with Margali Szardos, who he convinced that he had not purposely killed her son. Jimaine then revealed herself to have been the person who had sent Kurt the crystal statue, so that he could make amends with his foster mother. Jimaine also was revealed to be Amanda Sefton, who had begun dating Kurt so that she could find out whether he hated Stefan and killed him for it. Relieved to know this, Nightcrawler started dating Amanda regularly, more than he had been before.

    When Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men, she was originally put off by Nightcrawler's appearance and avoided talking to him. However, after an encounter with the Morlock Caliban, Kitty realized how childish she was being and what the result would be if she treated Nightcrawler differently from the rest of the X-Men because of his appearance.

    Nightcrawler and his fellow X-Men were forced to rush to Washington at one point because of an assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly's life, which if executed would set in motion the Days of Future Past storyline. During the fight with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Nightcrawler met Mystique, and was shocked at how similar their appearances were. When he questioned Mystique, she merely told him to ask his foster mother, Margali Szardos. Before Nightcrawler could question Mystique further, she disappeared. Nightcrawler wouldn't find out the mystery connecting Mystique and him for many years.

    When fighting Dracula, the extent of Nightcrawler's religious faith became apparent when he used two stakes to fend off Dracula. Wolverine had previously tried this, but upon hearing Dracula taunt Wolverine and say that it would only work for those who believed, Nightcrawler used this knowledge to his advantage.

    Years later, the X-Men were fighting Nimrod, the supreme Sentinel. Nightcrawler decided to try injuring Nimrod by teleporting part of it away with him. Unfortunately, this trick had been tried on Nimrod before, so Nimrod simply fired an energy signature disruption at Nightcrawler, causing Kurt to disintegrate. No one even knew if he had survived.

    Nightcrawler had survived, and had teleported to the New York harbors. While there, he was almost killed by a mob, as his teleportation powers had been damaged, and he could now only teleport a few times a day without seriously straining himself.

    Due to his teleporting "disability", Nightcrawler was easily beaten by Riptide during the Mutant Massacre, despite a warning from Wolverine. As a result he wound up mortally wounded and left in a coma on Muir Island for several weeks. When he finally awoke, the X-Men were thought to be dead. Kurt then stayed at Muir Island to recuperate for the following few weeks.

    He also worked out the new limits of his powers: that he could only teleport once a day or else he risked seriously injuring himself. Around this time, Nightcrawler joined Excalibur, alongside Shadowcat, Captain Britain, Megga and Rachel Summers.

    Limited Series

    Nightcrawler is given an assignment by Storm to investigate a mysterious murder of 13 children at Metro-General Hospital. The problem was all the kids were killed in a locked room. Nightcrawler meets the only survivor who doesn't want to talk to Kurt because of his demonic looks. Kurt then finds burnt hooves marks on the roof of the hospital. Kurt follows the marks roof to roof until they stop at a high rise. There is a party going on and the one throwing it is Dr. Childs. But the spying is cut short by yelling in the streets. Another doctor says Dr.Childs is the one who killed the kids. He cant say anything else cause he spontaneously burst into flames.

    Kurt jumps from a building and then teleports the man into the lake. To Kurt's surprise he is still burning and now Kurt is burning. The man pushes Kurt away and burns. Kurt calls Storm and tells her what happened. She asks him was it Meta or Mystical, and tells him he should contact Stephan Strange if it is mystical. Kurt goes to Limbo to talk to Amanda Sefton. She tells him that the boy who survived could be a magician and not know it. He tied knots into a string and doesn't know why. Kurt goes back with his image inducer and talks to the kid. The kid tells Kurt he started feeling hot and sick and then he started tying knots into his string and it went away. He then says Dr.Childs came in and asked him questions. The Dr.Childs came in and told Kurt the interview was over. Kurt yells back and says your not the legal guardian. But Dr.Childs show a woman and says this is his legal guardian. The boy says no its not. Kurt walks away with the womans hands on the boy. He turns around to see a demon holding the boy.

    Kurt talks to the boy again to be interrupted by the nurse who tells him that Dr.Childs was being attacked by the boy's legal guardian. Kurt teleports down and Dr.Childs screams that he cant cross the circle. kurt teleports and grabs the woman and teleports her into a church. Here a gas comes out of her and she faints. They go to limbo and figure out she was possessed by thirteen demons. She says how she was in a shelter and Dr.Childs came and got her out. But the demons inside her wanted out and they attacked Dr.Childs, thats when he put them in a circle to hold them inside her. They figure out that the boy has been keeping the fourteenth demon inside himself. Dr.Childs visit the boy and tells him their going somewhere private where they can continue his treatments.

    Kurt goes back to the hospital to get Seth. But Dr.Childs already took Seth. Dr.Childs and the boy goes in a room filled with 13 demons in a circle. Dr.Childs goes up to one of the people and says reveal yourself, it was Kurt using his image inducer. Dr.Childs cuts the rope Seth used to keep the demon inside himself, he starts to fell hot and something is coming out of his chest. Kitty comes in and makes the boy intangible and the demon comes smoothly out. The demon kills the people at the party and Amanda comes in and sends the demons back to hell.

    Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine and the Nurse who Kurt meet in the Hospital and who he goes out with. They are in the subway when a train goes straight by to fast. Kurt teleports them on the train while the Nurse jumps on Kurt. She checks the conductor to see whats wrong. Wolverine makes sure the passengers sit down. Storm short circuits the wires. Kurt then sees a person out on the railroads. He teleports there and the man tries to kill him with a mining tool only to have him pass right by Kurt and disappear. Storm and Logan leaves the city with Kurt with his girlfriend. The city wants to talk with someone who have been at the incident. The mayor tells him bout the disturbances and asks him to go in the subway and check it out. Nightcrawler is then in the middle of a group of ghosts.

    Kurt touches one of the ghost and sees the whole history of the ghost. He see him working in the mines where that subway is. The ghost attacked Kurt so he fought back. Kurt then stopped asking the ghost do they need help. The lead him to a tool that was left there by someone. He takes it to Beast with no results. Then he takes it to Amanda who tells him how old it is. Kurt goes to the mayor's speech and have him pat tribute to the workers who died in the mines, the ghost are there and start vanishing.

    Kurt is having dreams about his life and his history. He travels with his girlfriend and Logan to his circus. It's still there but it is engulfed by flames. Amanda's mom comes to limbo to see her tied up and bruised by a demon. Kurt comes to the circus and helps everyone. He remembers someone who is there a person who drugged him and put him in a cage. Amanda's mom then captures the demon and asks him questions of why is he here. Nightcrawler looks outside and sees 3 demons and a big group of zombies. Nightcrawler and Logan fights the demons and zombies. just in time Amanda comes in and destroys all the demons and zombies. The man who drugged Kurt coughs up a group of flies and they possess Logan. Kurt and Logan fights until the demon comes out of logan and Kurt kills him.


    Kurt becomes extremely happy with his new home and family the X-Men. Eventually he would battle Margali who blamed him for her son’s death. She cursed him into a pocket dimension and kept him trapped there. The X-Men along with Doctor Strange helped free Kurt and he explains to Margali about what really happened with her son, they reconcile right after. Kurt began to have self-doubt in himself when the Beyonder left him behind during one of the X-Men’s missions. He spent days thinking about why the Beyonder left him, he eventually saves a girl from Arcade and in the process regains his confidence.

  • Weapon X is a program started by Weapon Plus. Their job is to create super soldiers to do the dirty jobs of the government. Many have gone through the Weapon X program, including Deadpool & Wolverine.

    Weapon X

    Wolverine as Experiment X

    Wolverine as Experiment X

    Weapon X

    Weapon X

    Weapon X operated through Canada's Department K and was directed by Professor Thorton. At his side were Dr. Abraham Cornelius, Dr. Carol Hines and Dr. Dale Rice. John Sublime, the director of Weapon Plus, was always behind the scenes. Some of the work of Weapon X was based on the experiments detailed on the journals of Nazi scientist Nathan Essex, which were obtained by Weapon Plus after the end of World War II. The Project's original test subjects were the members of Team X, a covert ops CIA team (Wolverine/Logan, Sabretooth/Victor Creed, Maverick/Christoph Nord, Silver Fox, Mastodon, and Kestrel/John Wraith). The telepath Psi-Borg (Aldo Ferro) was involved in the creation of the victims' memory implants, in exchange for being endowed with immortality. The test subjects were policed by an adaptive robot enforcer, called Shiva, should any of the agents go rogue. What the Weapon X scientists did not foresee is that the experimentation on Wolverine would cause him to go on a murderous rampage, which allowed the escape of the other test subjects, and caused the deaths of the Professor and Dale Rice, among dozens of other members of Weapon X staff, both scientists and military.

    The Facility



    Weapon X was temporarily shut down, but eventually was reinstated. Subsequent attempts at recreating the success seen by Weapon X with Wolverine include the feral woman called the Native, Kimura and X-23, the 23rd attempt to clone Wolverine, who was designed to also hunt down rogue agents. The Weapon X Re-Creation Project a.k.a. The Facility was headed by Director Martin Sutter, Dr. Zander Rice and Dr. Sarah Kinney. Like Weapon X once did, the Facility has also branched off from the main Weapon X Program. Latter creations of The Facility, now under the direction of Dr. Adam Harkins, include Predator X.

    Department K





    At some point, Weapon X branched off from Weapon Plus' control and was solely headed up by Canada's Department K. A new generation of agents were created: Deadpool, Garrison Kane (who took on the moniker "Weapon X"), Slayback, Sluggo, and Ajax, among others. Weapon X used Logan's DNA in order to endow its agents with healing powers. The batch produced many additional failures, which were sent to a facility for dissection to determine the cause of their failures. These rejects were freed by Deadpool when he escaped from the facility. A smaller experiment was later developed by Department K with a New Zealand terrorist, who would become the third individual to be known as Weapon X, merging him with a symbiotic bacteria colony.

    New Weapon X

    The Director

    The Director



    Director Malcolm Colcord forms the third version of the Weapon X Project, designed to monitor and eliminate mutants. Colcord, once a security guard at the first Weapon X project, suffered severe facial lacerations during an escape attempt by the mutant Wolverine. Unlike the previous two installments of Weapon X, the third Project was completely U.S.-based and focused not only on the creation of living weapons, but also on the ultimate goal of Colcord, the creation of death camps. The Director initially uses Weapon X as his personal strike force to exact revenge against Wolverine. He soon begins utilizing its resources for the capturing and imprisonment of mutants in the secret government death camp called Neverland. Mutants who are not suitable to be used as military weapons would be executed, while those that are suitable are given the choice to join Weapon X or die. A number of mutants, such as Cecilia Reyes, Maggott, Ape, Tarbaby, Leech and many others were arrested by Weapon X's agents and sent to Neverland. Those mutants deemed useless to the project were killed in gas chambers, while others were brainwashed to become Weapon X operatives. The organs of the executed prisoners were then sent to the U-Men. The agents of the third Weapon X were Agent Brent Jackson a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent; Sabretooth, who was given new adamantium implants; the shapeshifter Copycat, Deadpool, and Mauvais. Later on, Deadpool went rogue and new operatives were recruited into Weapon X, many of whom had their powers enhanced or were brainwashed into servitude. Maverick was saved from certain death and his powers were enhanced with the purpose of assassinating Wolverine, thus Agent Zero was created. Former member of Alpha Flight Wildchild was brainwashed and further mutated into a Nosferatu-like feral humanoid. Former mutant terrorist Marrow had her powers set to a controllable level, restoring the young woman's natural beauty. Sauron's personality was merged with that of his Karl Lykos self and his energy-draining powers enhanced so he could fire energy blasts. Garrison Kane was further transformed into a cybernetic being. Aurora was kidnapped and brainwashed, like Madison Jeffries, who was extracted from the terrorist group known as the Zodiac and used to create hundreds of Boxbots loyal to Weapon X to serve as guards at Neverland. Washout had his powers enhanced, though at a heavy cost. Each usage of his powers endangered his life and eventually, he dies trying to kill Colcord. Mesmero joins willingly, while Reaper and Wildside, former members of the Mutant Liberation Front, became agents of the program in exchange for their lives. The psychic mutant Jack-in-the-Box joins after his legs and arms were amputated. He becomes a living polygraph. Unbeknownst to all, except Sabretooth, Mister Sinister was disguised as the head scientist at the Neverland facility, Doctor Robert Windsor. As Windsor, Sinister supposedly helped some mutants escape from Neverland, but he was only taking them to his own secret labs. After some time, Brent Jackson, the only human officially on the team, took over as Director, during a mutiny by the team in conjunction with an attack by mutants from the Underground. Cable led this group, in a mission to destroy Weapon X and expose its existence and its human rights violations. Washout and Garrison Kane died in the event, while Sabretooth was washed away into the sewers after a battle with Marrow. Marrow used the battle to escape from Weapon X, eventually taking over the Mutant Underground, now reformed as the third incarnation of Gene Nation. Colcord fled Weapon X, with the always loyal Jeffries, and Aurora as well. Director Brent Jackson's team consisted of Wildchild, Sauron, Agent Zero, Mesmero, Jack-in-the-Box, and newly recruited Chamber, whose face was restored by the program's scientists. Chamber was originally a double agent working for the X-Men, but was subsequently brainwashed into Jackson's service. Mister Sinister, under the alias of Dr. Windsor, remains at Weapon X. At some point, Jackson's team fought with Colcord's Boxbots. Colcord regains control of Weapon X. A person claiming to be Chamber has joined a superhero team known as Excelsior, but that person turned out to be an impostor. Following M-Day, both Chamber and Mesmero are rendered powerless. Neverland is shut down and the prisoners, either powered or depowered, are executed by hosts of Boxbots. Records of the massive executions are discovered by Beast in the Endangered Species storyline, which also hints that some of the bodies of the prisoners executed prior to M-Day were sent to Ord and used in the research to develop the cure for mutation.

  • The One Man Army

    When the Weapon X program was revived, two of the first people on their list to recruit were Maverick and Kestrel, his old teammate. Sabretooth was sent to recruit them both. When neither accepted the offer, he killed Wraith and brutally mauled Maverick. Near death, Maverick was taken to Weapon X headquarters, where he was healed and then upgraded with explicit intent of assassinating Wolverine. All odor from his body was removed, he was given a Vibranium suit which silenced all of his movement, his healing factor was greatly enhanced, and he gained the ability to shoot a corrosive chemical designed to hinder an enemy's healing factor from his fingertips. From this point on he became known as Agent Zero.

    Agent Zero's first mission was to kill Wolverine. He was given his Anti-Metal firing rifle, and perched on a roof to wait for his shot. When the opportunity arose, he missed, and tried to say that it was an accident. The Director didn't believe him, and Zero received a powerful electric shock. After Sabretooth escaped from the program, The Director once again showed his control over Zero by giving him an even more powerful shock when Zero was about to kill Creed.

    After Maverick's supposed death at the hands of Sabretooth, Bolt went to the mutant Cable to learn how to fight. He trained in armed and hand-to-hand combat, and took on Maverick's namesake in order to get revenge for him. Bolt got a costume just like Maverick's, and even started acting and sounding like him. While infiltrating the terrorist group Gene Nation, Bolt was sent to aid in the bombing of Grand Central Station. Agent Zero arrived to stop the bomber, and believed that it was Bolt(who was still dressed as Maverick). "Maverick" began drawing his gun, and Zero shot him, only to realize that "Maverick" had been trying to shoot the bomber. Zero went to remove the mask, realizing to his horror that it was his old friend Chris.

    Bolt never knew who Agent Zero was, and died believing that Maverick was long gone. Agent Zero held Gene Nation, especially Marrow, personally responsible for the boy's death. He went on a rampage, killing pretty much every member of the Gene Nation before going after Marrow herself.

    Once again using the alias "Maverick", he lost his powers during M-Day. He reunited with Wolverine, who wants information about the Carbonium Synthesizer, but they were attacked by Omega Red.

    Zero's Acid at work on Sabretooth

    Powers & Abilities

    Maverick's mutant powers allow him to absorb kinetic energy from an impact with his body while taking little to no damage. He can store that energy and convert it into concussive blasts from his hands, or increase his physical strength up to tenfold. During his first visit to Weapon X, Christoph was given a superhuman healing factor, which also greatly suppresses his aging. During his second trip, all odor was removed from his body, he was given a Vibranium suit which makes his body movements completely silent, and he was given the ability to fire a corrosive chemical from his fingers which turns a mutant's healing factor against him.

    Christoph has been a spy, a soldier, an assassin, and a mercenary, and as such he is greatly skilled in unarmed combat. For the last 50 or more years, all that Maverick has done is hone his body into a killing machine. He is well-trained in the use of many weapons, and is considered to be an expert marksman of the highest caliber. Even without his powers, he is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

    Equipment & Weapons

    As Maverick:

    Maverick's power suit is airtight, and contains a few minutes worth of oxygen should he need it. At one point, he had an artificial booster field added to his armor, multiplying the kinetic energy of anything hitting him, thereby allowing him to absorb more power. He also added wrist-mounted needle launchers, which fired minuscule needles that sent powerful electric shocks through his target every few seconds. Maverick always carried an assortment of weapons, including pistols and rifles of many kinds.

    As Agent Zero:

    After healing and upgrading him, Weapon X gave Agent Zero a suit made of Vibranium, which not only render him completely silent, but also refracts light, allowing him to disappear in the dark. He once again started using wrist-mounted weapons, although this time they were blasters. He carries two pistols loaded with Adamantium bullets, as well as an Adamantium knife. When he was sent to kill Wolverine, he was also given a precision sniper rifle loaded with Anti-Metal, supposedly the only thing that can pierce Adamantium. It is unknown if he still has possession of the rifle.

  • Children of X-Men

    X-23 and Rockslide were trying to convince Anole to cut off his other arm so it would grow back stronger. After Anole tells them no, she is later seen being interviewed by Surge about what happened to Prodigy in Limbo.

    Later, the students of the Xavier Institute are trying to find out which one of them is the youngest mutant on the planet. During the meeting, Surge kisses Hellion, which upsets X-23 and she runs away. Mercury finds her in the girl’s restroom, having cut herself and trashed the restroom in a fit of rage. She wonders what is happening and doesn't understand what she is feeling. Mercury hugs her and tries to reassure her that she isn’t alone anymore. In the end, she is seen lying on the floor laughing and relaxing with Mercury and Dust.

    Messiah Complex

    Some of the New X-Men decide to launch a preemptive strike against the Purifiers. While spying on the Purifers, X-23 manages to impress Armor with her senses. They are ambushed by the Reavers, whose leader, Lady Deathstrike mortally wounds Hellion and after a brief fight, Pixie manages to teleport the team out and are spread between Washington and the Institute.

    After Iceman picks up the New X-Men, the mansion is attacked by Sentinels. While flying over, X-23 jumps out of the plane and manages to damage one of the Sentinels. After taking down one Sentinel, Iceman grabs her and together they attack another Sentinel. X-23 then notices one of the new Sentinel/human hybrids trying to escape. She stabs it in the back and gets electrocuted, briefly knocking her out. Cyclops, realizing he has to up the stakes and get the child no matter what, decides it is time to assemble the X-Force which features her, Wolverine, Wolfsbane, Caliban, Warpath, and Hepzibah.

    While in pursuit of Cable and the mutant newborn, X-Force battles Lady Deathstrike and her new Reavers. Wolverine sets X-23 against Deathstrike, who wants revenge for her nearly killing Hellion. While X-23 draws first blood, she is quickly overpowered by Deathstrike and left severely injured. Deathstrike notes that X-23 is no longer fighting back, thinking she has given up (X-23 was listening to Deathstrike's cybernetic systems), but she was merely drawing her in close enough to make a strategic strike to Deathstrike's shoulder, effectively crippling her cybernetic systems and her healing factor. Furious, Deathstrike lunges for X-23, but she dodges the strike and stabs her claws through Deathstrike's midsection, apparently killing her. Later, she traveled with X-Force to Eagle Plaza in Dallas and then to Muir Island, the Marauders' new base. During the heavy battle between the X-Men and the Marauders, X-23 saves Wolverine's life, killing Scrambler just before he scrambled Wolverine's healing factor.


    After the events of Messiah Complex, Cyclops decides to form a black ops incarnation of X-Force that would be able to use any means necessary, including lethal force, to preemptively deal with the threats that would be too dangerous or unsavory for the X-Men to handle normally. X-23 is the first member to join the team as she is drafted by Cyclops due to her inherent tracking skills as well as assassination training. Wolverine is later approached to lead the team, and although he accepts, he becomes angry and disappointed to find out that Cyclops had drafted Laura without consulting him first, and that Laura had agreed to join an operation that would expose her to the same types of brutality and ruthlessness that he had been trying to remove her from in the first place.

    When the team, which also includes Warpath, meets for the first time in the field, Wolverine asks her to reconsider taking part in the operation, since he feels that she does not understand what she is giving up and stating that if she continues down this path she will not be Laura anymore, but X-23 once again. When Laura does not step down, Wolverine concedes "Fine. Your life."

    The team's first mission has them investigating the theft of Bastion's cyborg head from a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. The trail leads back to the Purifiers who have reactivated Bastion to help in their holy war against mutantkind. During X-Force's raid on a Purifer base, and after killing many of its soldiers, Purifer leader Matthew Risman brings out a captive Wolfsbane, who was caught earlier infiltrating the base and is now being held hostage at gunpoint. While Wolverine calls for the team to stand down, X-23 decides Risman's bluffing and threatens him. Risman notes that X-23 has the "eyes of a killer", even more so than Wolverine as she was bred from birth to be a living weapon. After Wolverine commands her to yield once again, X-23 appears to surrender, but activates a concealed detonator that sets off a series of powerful explosives she planted earlier without telling her teammates. The explosion brings most of the base down around them but Risman is able to escape with Rahne during the chaos, despite X-23 leaving behind Wolverine and Warpath under rubble to pursue them.

    When X-Force regroups later, Wolverine admonishes Laura for being so reckless with the lives of her teammates and for letting Rahne get kidnapped. Laura remorselessly replies to both accusations by coldly remarking "they survived" and "saving Wolfsbane was not my mission."

    Later, when the team begins to raid all known Purifier bases around the country in search of Rahne, killing and torturing many in the process, Warpath remarks that he doesn't see how Laura can be so indifferent to all the bloodshed they have caused, but Laura replies that she does not understand what he means.

    When X-Force retrieves Elixir so that he can heal Wolfsbane, Laura is not seen in the room, even though Warpath and Angel are. She is seen approaching Wolverine outside, who tells her that he helped train Wolfsbane when she was a new mutant. When Laura remarks that Rahne should have known better, she realizes that her comment made Wolverine angry and he adominishes her, telling her that Rahne is the person they should die for.

    This confuses Laura, and she is seen alone in the forest, muitilating herself with her claws. She then catches the scent of Elixir's and Angel's blood respectively, and runs off to help them. She reaches the room just in time to see Wolfsbane in her transitional wolf-form standing above Warren with his wings in her jaws. Laura prepares to attack Wolfsbane, but remembers what Wolverine said to her earlier about Wolfsbane being the one they should die for, and instead allows Wolfsbane to slash her open.

    Later, after she is healed by her healing factor, and Elixir heals both his and Angel's wounds, she discovers along with the rest of the X-Force that Angel's wings aren't organic, and that Elixir can't regrow them. She is then seen standing near Elixir while they both watch Wolverine and Warpath try to calm Angel down as he is suffering from seizures of pain. She then informs everyone to look at Angel's back as "Something is happening." That something happens to be Angel transforming into Archangel, who is watching the X-Force team and Elixir with malicious intent.

    X-23 stays by Elixir's side as they both watch Wolverine and Warpath attack Archangel and witness Archangel wound Wolverine. Laura is then wounded by Archangel.

    She is later seen with Wolverine and Warpath following Archangel in a jet, where she comments that Archangel's targets are moving. After the group manages to defeat (or rather delay) Bastion's evil plans, Archangel transforms back to his 'normal appearance'. The X-Men then return to Angel's home, where they attempt to understand what has happened to Wolfsbane and Angel, and also decide what to do with Elixir, who unfortunately knows too much about X-Force. X-23, believes the easiest thing to do would be to kill Josh, but she knows that would not be allowed. Instead, she goes behind everyone's back and contacts the Stepford Cuckoos, who are loyal to Cyclops and would keep X-Force's existence a secret. X-23 and Josh request that the Three-in-One erase Josh's memories of X-Force, thus allowing him to return home without being a risk to the team.

    This doesn't take place and X-Force is given a mission to capture Vanisher and get back the Legacy Virus he managed to get. X-23 goes with Archangel and Wolverine to complete the mission, but it ends in failure. X-23 also doesn't trust Domino, even having her claws out when Domino is in the same room with her.

    When Vanisher comes to Angel's mansion, demanding to know what they have done to him, X-23 confronts him with the rest of the team. When Archangel says that clones "aren't real," X-23 doesn't appear to care. She takes part in retrieving the Legacy Virus that Vanisher left behind. X-23 also attacks the Marauders' clones that attack them, killing them with very little hesitation. X-23 then tells Elixir not to "hold back" against the Marauders' clones. When X-23 tries to kill herself due to becoming infected with the Legacy Virus, Elixir stops her and gets rid of the Legacy Virus.

    Manifest Destiny

    X-23 later moves with the X-Men to San Francisco, where they are accepted as heroes by the mayor, having rejected the Fifty State Initiative. X-23 was roomed with Armor and Pixie. Laura left behind a towel covered with blood, which the latter brought to Emma Frost. Frost stated that it wasn't Laura's blood and later brought this matter to the Cabal.

    Powers and Abilities

    X-23 is a female clone created from Wolverine's genetic material. Consequently, her mutant powers are similar to his. Like Wolverine, X-23's primary mutant ability is an accelerated healing factor that allows her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Injuries such as gunshot wounds, slashes, and puncture wounds completely heal within a matter of minutes. Her healing factor is developed to such a degree that she can reattach severed limbs. She severs her own hand to escape the restraints placed on her by Kimura The effects of her accelerated healing powers extend to her body's immune system, rendering her immune to disease and infection. She is also immune to most drugs and toxins, although she can be affected by certain drugs if given sufficient dosage.

    Due to the effect of X-23's mutant healing factor, her physical senses, strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes are heightened to superhuman levels. Like Wolverine, X-23 possesses retractable claws sheathed within her forearms. She releases the claws through the tissue of her knuckles, leaving small wounds which are healed by her healing factor. Unlike Wolverine, however, X-23 has only two claws that emerge from her fists. She possesses a single, retractable claw housed within each foot. These claws are actually made of bone and were forcefully extracted by Zander Rice, coated with adamantium, and reinserted into her body. Since the claws are laced with adamantium, they are virtually unbreakable and are capable of cutting almost any substance. Two known exceptions are adamantium itself and the alloy of Captain America's shield.

    X-23 escaped before the procedure to fuse her entire skeleton with adamantium could be performed.

    Special skills

    Born and raised in captivity, X-23 has been trained to become a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons and explosives and is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques. She has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific "trigger scent" has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight; Emma Frost is unsure if this will ever be fully suppressed. She is also highly educated and so far has displayed that she is fluent in French and Japanese.

  • A Member of the X-Men

    After rebelling against Cyttorak, Cain began loosing the mystical energies that flowed through him for so many years. But since those energies were evil, they influenced much of his behavior as the Juggernaut. With that influence gone, Cain decided to turn over a new leaf, he reconciled with his step-brother. They discussed things; Cain was a constant victim of his father's temper and hated Charles for not using his power to stop him, but unknown to Cain was that Charles was also a victim and didn't use his powers because he was scared to. Cain then officially joined the X-Men. While at the Xavier mansion, almost none of the X-Men wanted Cain there and some tried to force him out. But Cain stayed and would developed a strong friendship with a student named Sammy after Sammy saved Cain from drowning. Knowing Sammy's family issues, Cain saw himself when he looked at Sammy.

    The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

    Juggernaut would apparently betray the X-Men by joining Black Tom Cassidy's new Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants, but he was only spying on them with the intent to warn the X-Men. But Sammy, not aware of what Juggernaut was doing, stumbled upon the group and was devastated that Juggernaut would betray everyone. Black Tom Cassidy killed Sammy, which caused Juggernaut to go into a murderous rampage towards his former friend. Eventually the 2nd Xorn would suck the Brotherhood into his black hole, in which Juggernaut willingly leapt into to protect Nocturne, another spy.


    Juggernaut then joined the British super team, Excalibur, along with Nocturne with whom he developed a very strong bond with. Nocturne has displayed some romantic feelings for him, but he has yet to return them. Cain has been suffering from depression due to his loss of power, and has recently retrieved the gem of Cyttorak. In doing so, Cain has also discovered that it was never Cyttorak's intention to use Cain as his avatar, but the true target was his brother Charles Xavier. Cain was upset about the fact that it was meant for Charles and not him. He fought with another possible Juggernaut to for the right to claim the Gem. Only when one was dead could one of them take the Gem and the power. Excalibur came to take him home before he landed the killing blow. Cain told Excalibur he had not taken the Gem. So he was allowed to remain on the team. But it is shown that he had it in his possession.

    World War Hulk

    During The Hulk's attack on the X-Men during World War Hulk. Cain agrees to do Cyttoraks's bidding again if he will get Cain to the Hulk. After Cyttorak transports him there he is swiftly beaten by Hulk. Cyttorak then informs Cain that Cain himself was restricting his power by lying to himself about why he wanted it (to save his brother). After he accepts this he is fully powered and engages the Hulk again to a stand still. Recently during the Manifest Destiny storyline, Juggernaut was in a bar contemplating on whether to be a good guy or a bad guy while asking those in the bar their advise. He decided that he was "good with the bad".

    A Battle Between Brothers

    Most recently Juggernaut held a bar hostage waiting for Charles Xavier to meet him. After a brief discussion on the origin of the word "Juggernaut" and Cain killing a bar patron at random. Cain tells Charles that he is going to kill him. So he gives Cain a box that is to be opened after his death. After Cain kills his Step-Brother he goes on with his life as he always has. Robbing banks, fighting the X-Men etc. Until he decides to open the box. And sees himself lying in bed sleeping. It was all an illusion. Xavier was in his head the entire time. He did this for the simple fact that he knew Cain would kill him if he appeared in person.


    Juggernaut is powered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which is a conduit Cyttorak uses to channel his magical energies into his avatar.. With it he has immense strength that far exceeds the ability to lift 100 tons, and is, for all intents and purposes, immune to physical harm. He can also generate a force-field around his body for further protection, and virtually nothing except himself can stop him once he started moving. He can also summon mystical armor at will. This armor is as invulnerable as he is, except for his helmet.

    Summoning his armor with a thought

    Summoning his armor with a thought

    His body can be harmed by magic of sufficient strength, but he heals instantaneously. He is also fully sustained by Cyttorak's mystical energies, making it so that he never requires food, water, oxygen, or rest. He can even function as a skeleton.

    The clothes and armor he wears are made of mystical materials from the Crimson Cosmos, they are very durable and can be summoned at will. The helmet also shields Juggernaut from psionics, Juggernaut's only real weakness.

    The full potential of Juggernaut's abilities are unknown even to himself, but he inadvertently displayed various magical abilities that he didn't know how to replicate, such as: altering the size of matter, growing in size, tracking, levitation, absorbing energy, projecting energy, increasing his own strength, and creating portals.

    For a short while, Juggernaut had some magic skills, but the consciousness of the dimension of Oblivion itself (which he was stuck in at the time) let him return to Earth in return for the magic skills he had learnt.


    Real Name -- Cain Marko

    Gender -- Male

    Height -- 9''5"

    Weight -- 1,900 lbs (900 kg)

    Eyes -- Red

    Hair -- Red

    Costume Colors -- Brown and Red

    Main Enemy -- Professor Xavier and the X-Men

    Unusual Features--Enormous Size

    Strength class--100

    Alternate Realities

  • A New Job

    Jen, who now has her powers again, but no longer works for The Initiative, has already began her new career. She now works for the Freeman Bonding, Inc, and her job is to capture anyone who skips out on their court date, pretty much a bounty hunter. Jen works with a new partner now. The two of them tracks their target to Minnesota, eventually Jen gets impatient waiting for their target to come out, so Jen alerts her partner that she is going in. The two made a 20 dollar bet that Jen "couldn't do it without turning green." She goes inside and captures their target easily. However, a cat startles her and Absorbing Man (who was their target's cousin) grabbed her neck and snapped it in half. Absorbing Man then headed for the RV that they were traveling in, to encounter She-Hulk jumping out. The two battle each other across town. She-Hulk was then ambushed by a tiny Titania, who was shrunken by Hank Pym's particles. Titania invades She-Hulk's ears and begins causing havoc in there. Meanwhile, the Jen that got her neck snapped gets up while her neck was still out of joint. She captures their target and heads for She-Hulk. Eventually She-Hulk was able to defeat Absorbing Man and complete their mission. Later that night, as "Jen" was driving, She-Hulk comes up to the front to ride with her. It turns out that "Jen" was really a Skrull named Jazinda who was pretending to be Jen.


    In human form, Jennifer Walters is average in physical appearance, strength, and durability for a woman in good shape. She also possesses an above average (but not superhuman) level of intelligence, and is trained in hand-to-hand combat as well possessing some martial arts training. As She-Hulk her powers are a variation of those of her cousin, the Hulk. She has superhuman strength, endurance, and healing abilities. Unlike the Hulk, she usually retains her intelligence and ability to transform between Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk. Rather than being triggered by anger, she can change at will. This ability has been lost at certain points leaving her either only as Jennifer Walters or only as She-Hulk for long periods of time.

    When transforming in and out of She-Hulk form Jennifer gains and loses mass in the form of body size as well as additional muscle mass. When changing into She-Hulk her body and hair also take on a more green appearance. Although the She-Hulk's strength originally remained at a set level and did not increase, later in her history her strength increases as her anger grows, similar to her cousin the Hulk. If she increases her strength level as Jennifer Walters, her strength level as She-Hulk will be vastly greater than it would be otherwise. She has used this to her advantage in the past, using weight training as Jennifer Walters to make her much more powerful than normal as She-Hulk. A side effect of utilizing this facet of her power is that in She-Hulk form her muscle mass increases, making her much larger.

    As She-Hulk she is able to easily lift more than 100 tons, is superhumanly durable and possesses a healing factor. She has also gained the ability to perform the Ovoid mind switch, but as a byproduct of being She-Hulk, when she performs it she switches the physical characteristics and powers of the person in question instead of their mind. She-hulk was able to punch doc samson to another country and defeat the champion with the power-gem. Also, she was able to lift the thing's greatest working out mass with one hand.


    Even with her Hulk powers, Jennifer is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat since she was trained by Captain America. She has displayed skills of martial arts in her human form also. Jennifer would also use her sex appeal to aid her in fights. Jennifer is also a skilled pilot. In addition to her fighting skills and her brute strength, Jennifer is a very intelligent woman.Prior to becoming the She-Hulk Jennifer was an accomplished Lawyer. She isOne of the few super heroines to have attained a college degree in the Marvel Universe.


    When She-Hulk first appeared in Savage She-Hulk, her personality was different from the current modern version. Back then, she was short-tempered, violent, and demanding. However, her personality eventually changed throughout the years, and she becomes a more kind and sweet person, while retaining confidence in herself. She wouldn't be too angry during fights, She-Hulk actually jokes around more often now. Also, now that Jennifer is comfortable being She-Hulk, she uses the She-Hulk form on a more regular basis.


    # Human Body

    # Height: 5' 10"

    # Weight: 140 lbs.

    # Eyes: Green

    # Hair: Brown

    # She-Hulk Body

    # Height: 6' 7"

    # Weight: 700 lbs

    # Eyes: Green

    # Hair: Green

  • With the events leading up to Civil War, public perception of superheroes was at an all time low. Johnny felt unaffected by the issue, and went to a nightclub with his girlfriend. Johnny was attacked and beaten severely. When he finally awoke none of his Fantastic Four teammates were there to greet him. Reed and Sue were too deeply involved with various crises (and someone had to watch the kids). Thing had left for France, there to be involved in adventures of his own. After the death of Bill Foster during a battle between the two factions, he went with his sister, Sue, to join Captain America's "Secret Avengers". The Storm siblings narrowly escaped a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bent on their capture, and subsequently met with the Secret Avengers. Through Nick Fury's connections, the two were given new identities as husband and wife, which they accepted (with understandable reluctance). At the beginning of Civil War #7, he made an attempt to sneak attack Iron Man from behind, but was deflected by his fist quite easily. At the end of the Civil War, his sister Susan has since returned to her husband. Johnny and the Thing are now part of the team again, but this time with the Black Panther and his new wife Storm. During the World War Hulk miniseries, Johnny attempts to take on the Hulk, but after a failed attack, the Hulk beats and captures him.

    Secret Invasion

    In the Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four miniseries, a Skrull infiltrates the Baxter Building, posing as Sue, and sends it into the Negative Zone, with Johnny, Ben, Franklin and Valeria inside. When Johnny confronts the Skrull, she reveals herself to be his old flame, Lyja.


    Ever since his teenage years, the Torch has been involved in various romantic relationships throughout the years including but not limited to the Inhuman Crystal, member-in-training and future Galactus herald Frankie Raye, the Skrull agent Lyja disguised as Alicia Masters, and the Atlantean Namorita. Crystal dissolved her relationship with him due to the adverse effects of pollution within population centers of Homo sapiens. Frankie Raye ended her relationship with him when she accepted Galactus' offer to become his newest herald. Lyja while in the disguise of the Thing's former girlfriend Alicia Masters carried on a long-term relationship including marriage with the Torch until it was revealed that her true nature was as a Skrull double agent. Although the two attempted reconciliation as it was learned that their "child" was actually an implanted weapon to be used against the Four, they ultimately parted on less than favorable terms. Torch's relationship with Namorita lasted briefly until he pursued a career in Hollywood. They later parted more formally. Other relationships with civilians have also occurred through his early twenties, where he stands at now. Johnny has recently started a relationship with a super-criminal named Psionics, however he still has feelings for Lyja as seen in the limited series Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four.

  • Known Biography

    Born and raised in the area of New York City known as Hell's Kitchen around 1920, Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury is a World War II veteran, having led the famous Howling Commandos, a highly trained first-strike squad, as a sergeant in the United States Army's G-2, or Intelligence, Section. When he was injured by a grenade during the Second World War, his life commenced to be extended by annual injections of the Infinity Formula. This was also the cause of the injury to his eye that he took to covering with a cosmetic black eye-patch, which became one of his trademarks, after he lost its vision. When he was still in the CIA, he recruited Richard Parker and Mary Parker to rescue Agent Ten (Wolverine). Nick also became the superhero liaison for the superhero family called the Fantastic Four. He was then recruited by Anthony Stark, who is secretly the Invincible Iron Man, to be the next director of SHIELD. Under his command, SHIELD became the primary organization in dealings with superhuman activities and forged an alliance with the superhero team known as the Avengers. At one time, Nick had to disband SHIELD because it was being manipulated by free-thinking Life Model Decoys, android duplicates of him intended to take his place in situations where he risked assassination, which were not supposed to possess more than a rudimentary intelligence that enabled them to follow commands. But when he manipulated the heroes during the Secret War and the consequent memory erasure, he was forced into hiding. Even more enigmatic than before, he earned the distrust of all his former allies. Yet he continues to be one of the most important figures in the Marvel Universe, pulling many strings from behind the scenes and keeping in touch with only those who he trusts most--or whose obedience he feels that he can use to his advantage.

  • The Bucky Years

    After losing his father, a soldier, at a young age during World War II, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes was adopted as the mascot for Camp Lehigh and nicknamed "Bucky." There he stumbled upon the secret identity of Captain America and quickly became Cap's sidekick, undergoing rigorous training. Bucky certainly got his hands dirty, doing all the brutal jobs that needed to be done. He'd sneak into enemy territory undetected, swiftly clearing a path for the U.S. soldiers and Captain America to come in and clean house. He soon joined Cap as a member of the Invaders, fighting alongside such other heroes as Namor, the Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Toro. But in the closing days of World War II, during a mission overseas to take down Baron Heinrich Zemo, Cap and Bucky hopped on a plane hoping to disarm it. Cap couldn't reach it, but Bucky hung on. It was booby trapped and the bomb detonated. Bucky found himself too close to the explosion, which presumably killed him and dropped Captain America into the waters below. While Captain America's body was frozen in a state of suspended animation for years, Bucky's body was never found... Or was it?

    The chill of the Winter Soldier

    The Winter Soldier

    The Winter Soldier

    In April 1945, an experimental Soviet spy-submarine helmed by Comrade Karpov was crossing the English Channel when it intercepted a transmission claiming that Captain America and Bucky had been blown up. Not far from the area, the sub quickly charted the depths and discovered Bucky's tattered body, his left arm completely torn off. Apparently flash-frozen in the waters, the Soviets slowly increased his temperature to thaw out his tissues. After administering electricity, CPR and adrenaline directly into his heart, Bucky was brought back from the dead. While he had no memory of his previous life, Bucky demonstrated a remarkable ability: reflex memories. He knew how to fight, and how to speak four languages, but had no clue how he knew all this.

    Fitting him with a cybernetic arm, the Soviets began work on the Winter Soldier Project. They began mental implantation to reprogram his mind and make him loyal to no one but the Soviets. With the codename Winter Soldier, the former Bucky was sent out on spy missions to blend in with his surroundings and assassinate various Cold War power-players. After acting oddly on a few missions, the Soviets decided to store the Winter Soldier away in a suspended state until needed again, keeping his mind from learning the truth.

    Recently, after killing a number of subjects including Red Skull and Nomad under the direction of Karpov's protege, Aleksander Lukin, the Winter Soldier came face to face with Captain America, still not remembering his past at all. After a close battle resulting in Captain America obtaining the all-powerful Cosmic Cube, Cap held the Cube and made one short statement to the Winter Soldier: "Remember who you are." As the memories flooded back to him, the Winter Soldier couldn't take it and destroyed the Cube, vanishing with it.

    He found an ally in Nick Fury, another WWII legend who has also gone 'off the map'. Fury has equipped Bucky with the Intel and equipment (including an improved cybernetic arm) needed to remain a key player behind the scenes of the Marvel Universe.

    Confused and angry, still reeling from shock of Steve's death, Bucky looked for a way to strike back. He stole Cap's shield during a transfer between two S.H.I.E.L.D. holding areas, and ambushed the Red Skull, who is currently sharing a mind with Lukin, only to be temporarily taken prisoner.

    The New Captain America?

    Steve Rogers left instructions for Tony Stark in a letter written before his death to "save" Bucky and that the mantle of Captain America should go on. After the murder of Steve Rogers, the man who was Captain America, Cap's former partner during World War II, James "Bucky" Barnes, agreed to don the mantle. And even as he struggles with the sins he committed as the Winter Soldier, the Soviet mercenary he was brainwashed into becoming during the Cold War, the new Captain America finds his pasts as both Bucky and the Winter Soldier colliding with his present.

    When the Winter Soldier (Bucky) was brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, he managed to escape. His cybernetic arm had been removed and was being examined by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists. They were surprised at how much of their own design was in place. Either the Russians had a mole in S.H.I.E.L.D. or the Winter Soldier was working for Nick Fury. The arm sent out an electrical shock to one scientist, rose up and knocked out the other two. It then crawled up the wall and into a ventilation shaft to seek out it's owner. When the Winter Soldier was free his only goal was to attack Iron Man.

    Part of the New Avengers

    Part of the New Avengers

    The two fought to a standstill until Stark mentioned the letter from Steve. Bucky wasn't sure that Cap had meant for him to actually become Captain America. Tony said that there's no way Bucky would let anyone else fill those boots and asked if he wanted to be the one to let Steve down. Bucky said he'd do it under two conditions. The first was that his mind was completely probed to ensure there was no trace of brainwashing or fail safe code-words left over from when he was under control was the Winter Soldier. The second condition is that he doesn't have to answer to S.H.I.E.L.D. or to Stark, just as Steve didn't. Tony thought about it and agreed. Since becoming Captain America he has stop the Red Skull's plans and saved the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, winning public applause. He also restarted his relationship with the Black Widow and joined the New Avengers, also giving them a new hideout. James later participates in search for Luke and Jessica's child, Danielle. When the New Avengers find out about Norman Osborn's "Avengers" James and the rest of the team try to think of a way to show that world that Osborn is still as evil as ever. They send in Spider-Woman to try and Norman's Avengers into a trap, but Norman figures out this plan and send's The Hood and his gang to try and take the New Avengers down, the Avengers make their way out of the ambush and try to think of a new plan.

    One night Bucky was up late talking to Black Widow about what he did as the Winter Soldier, Widow kept telling him that it wasn't his fault, he

    Fighting for an old friend

    Fighting for an old friend

    went out to think but ran into Batroc, they fought but Bucky was defeated, later he and Widow went to the U.N. to find some answers, they find out that the U.N. is covering something up, Bucky then goes to the black market to find answers, he found out about the U.N. transporting something the next day. The next day Bucky ran into Batroc again trying to steal what ever the U.N. was transporting, they began to fight, then The Man With No Face jumped into the fight, Bucky defeated Batroc, but even with the help from Black Widow The Man With No Face got away with what was left of the Original Human Torch.

    James teams up with Namor and goes after The Man with No Face and Professor Chin (the man who created The Man with No Face), while Black Widow works on getting more info on this Professor Chin. Cap and Namor use Namor's old ship to sneak into Professor Chin's base and they split up but Namor is captured. James then changes into his old Winter Soldier uniform and makes his way through the base, Professor Chin begins to experiment on Namor while Black Widow make's her way to Namor's ship and sees that James is not wearing his Captain America uniform. James breaks into Chin's lab and orders Chin to let Namor go, but The Man with No Face attacks James. During the battle Chin injects Namor with some kind of chemical, but Namor is unaffected because of him Mutant-Human gene. Black Widow then joins in the fight and helps James beat The Man with No Face, as well as helps both James and Namor to escape. While on their way home, Namor mentions how good of a team James and Natalia make. Back home Namor, Norman Osborn, and others put the Human Torch to rest and James later comes to grave to pay his respects to an old friend.

    On his birthday, Bucky was on patrol above the streets of New York City, when he was suddenly attacked by a group of rocket men, as Bucky ran across the roof tops avoiding heat-seeking missiles he was able to get a picture of his attackers and sent it to Clint

    A Great Way to Spend Your Birthday

    A Great Way to Spend Your Birthday

    Barton asking him to find out who these guys were and why they were trying to kill him, as this was going on Bucky started to remember other birthdays he's had over the years, remembering himself getting into a fight after getting drunk on his 16th birthday, then remembering his 18th birthday when Toro tried to get him a cake and accidently giving themselves away to the Nazis and having to fight them off. In 1945 on his 20th birthday, Bucky spent his birthday helping Steve interrogate a German spy, during his time as Winter Soldier, Bucky just says "There were No birthdays then". Clint was able to find out that Bucky's attackers were a militia group called The Watchdogs, a group of so called patriots who claimed that they pretty much worshiped Captain America. As Bucky fought The Watchdogs, he saved a lady and her child from one of The Watchdogs missiles, Bucky took two of the men out with his shield then shooting the other, making him crash into the street, Bucky then asked the guy why he was trying to kill him and the guy states "You ain't the real Captain America". Bucky then tells the guy "Believe me, I know that better then anyone...but I'm tryin'..." then hitting the guy with his gun knocking him out. When Bucky returned home, he was surprised by a brithday party that Black Widow and the New Avengers had made for him, before Bucky blew out almost eighty candles on his cake, Mockingbird asked him if he's going to make a wish, as Bucky was surrounded by his closest friends and allies he just tells her "Nah...I'm good" then blew out the candles.

    Powers and Abilities

    Bucky was trained by Captain America (Steve Rogers) in hand-to-hand fighting techniques as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades. As Bucky he used throwing knives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout.

    As the Winter Soldier he has super strength and reaction time and the ability to produce EMPs, as well as jammers for metal detectors and x-ray machines, due to his cyborg left arm. Even when this arm is removed, Winter Soldier can mentally control it from a remote location.

    Now as Captain America he uses Steve Rogers' indestructible vibranium shield and carries some conventional weapons including a gun, a knife and grenades.

  • The terminator is a cyborg assassin unit or military infiltration unit. Expert in all types of weapons has a large amount of strength. It can speak naturally and copy human voices.

    In 2029 in the future the world is made where humans must be destroyed. Thats when they started to send back a cyborg or machine to kill all of the Connors. The Connors are the ones who will rebel in the future. The cyborg killed two of the three but, was stopped by a time traveler named Kyle Reese. Kyle tells Sarah who is the last Connor that the cyborg was called the Terminator who was trying to kill her. They were invented by Skynet to destroy all humans. He tells her that she will have a son named John Connor who will lead the rebeling team in the future. Thats why they sent the terminator back to kill her. So she won't have her son to lead the rebel. This would make the machines win in the future. The Terminator does not feel pian. His mission is to kill the Connors. When Kyle is done telling Sarah everything the cyborg strikes again. This causes a car chase. But, in doind this Sarah gets arrested. The police say her story is crazy and stupid. Thats when the Terminator arrives at the police station and kills most of the police there. Sarah escapes from the Terminator with Kyle. When they were at a motel Kyle confesses his love towards her and she loves him to. Then the Terminator shows up and Kyle gets shot but, is still alive. Thats when Sarah shot a tanker truck. The cyborg is thought to have been killed. But, the bare metal form rises up and attacks them again. Thats when Kyle put a bomb in the cyborg's stomach and blew off the cyborgs legs but, this also killed Kyle. Then Sarah puts the machine in a machine press and kills it. But, don't worry he will be back.

    Basically, the terminator is borderline invincible, and he isn't going anywhere. He will be making his return as a cameo in the upcoming film, Terminator: Salvation. He was the villian in film number one, the hero in film in number two, and again hero in film number three. His character will not be as large as it usually is in Terminator 4, but he will be making his appearance.

  • After the events of Secret Invasion, In which Norman Osborn became a hero by killing the Skrull Queen on national television. He was put in charge of the superhuman defense initiative. After dismantling S.H.I.E.L.D., Norman makes himself, Director of H.A.M.M.E.R., essentially the new S.H.I.E.L.D.. Norman Osborn, already in charge of the Thunderbolts, decided that there was a need to make some new Avengers. Ones he could control. Norman started recruiting internally from the T-Bolts to form the new Dark Avengers. Bullseye without question became Hawkeye, Ares and Sentry went along with Osborn and when Ms. Marvel was asked to join she refused. Moonstone then became the new Ms. Marvel, Wolverine's son Daken took his fathers role, Venom was given some kind of medicine to have him look normal instead of a hulkish monster to become Spider-Man and Noh-Varr took the role of Captain Marvel instead of Marvel Boy. Finally Osborn needed some kind of symbol to replace Captain America and Iron Man all together making himself the alter ego of the Iron Patriot. Osborn with the help of The Ghost hacked into Iron Man's vault to gain access to all of the Iron Man armors and create himself the Iron Patriot armor. A Press Conference was later held at Avengers Tower where Norman unveiled this newest incarnation of The Avengers.

    One Chance

    One Chance

    During all this Osborn was being watched and Doctor Doom was confronted in Latveria by a mysterious woman using magic. The woman turned out to be none other than the sorceress Morgan Le Fay. Morgan summoned up great mystical power and began throwing everything she had at Doom, who found himself struggling against the sheer intensity of the power Morgan had brought to the table along with the army of demonic minions she had summoned to aid her. In New York, Norman and the other Dark Avengers were watching replay footage of their press conference and then told them that none of them were allowed to speak or even wave at the Paparrazi ever again. He also told them that he would not tolerate any macho, testosterone-fueld bickering amongst the team. He wanted them to get to know each other, learn from each other and become friends.

    Meeting Ms. Hand

    Meeting Ms. Hand

    He also introduced the team to Victoria Hand, his Deputy Director and explained that she would be the team's off-Field Leader whenever Norman himself was not present, Moonstone was not all too happy with this but Norman reassured her that if anything happened to him that she would become the team's Field Leader nevertheless she would still have to answer to Victoria. Noh-Varr (marvel Boy) then brought up the idea of doing a Skrull sweep in order to weed out any remaining infiltrators, Norman said that they would eventually get on that but said that Skrulls were "yesterday's news" and that there was no need to worry about them at the moment. Bullseye then suggested going after Iron Man which garnered some angry glares from Ares and The Sentry but Norman said that Iron Man's fate was "up to the Courts".

    The Sentry kills Witch Morgan Le Fay

    The Sentry kills Witch Morgan Le Fay

    It was then that Victoria received the S.O.S. signal sent out by Doctor Doom's escorts over in Latveria and upon seeing the footage of Doctor Doom being attacked they decided to head off to Latveria for their first official mission. Meanwhile Morgan had beaten Doctor Doom down and was preparing to kill him when The Dark Avengers showed up, Norman demanded that Morgan return to her own era but she refused to comply, Norman then gave Sentry to finish her off which he did by tearing her head straight off. The others, astonished by The Sentry's ruthlessness, congratulated him but his only response was him asking whether or not he had done something good or had done something bad. The Dark Avengers then tended to Doctor Doom and found that he had been beaten into a coma but was still breathing, seconds later The Sentry began grasping his chest in pain and screamed as his whole body exploded.

    There is nothing worse than an Arthurian-era Sorceress scorned

    There is nothing worse than an Arthurian-era Sorceress scorned

    Morgan reappeared shortly afterward explaining that she was not from the present day Marvel Universe and that killing her in this time period was a futile effort as she could easily return from the distant past, travel to their childhoods and kill them there. Ares boldly stood against Morgan, demanding that she leave. But because she knew that his father, Zeus no longer cared whether or not Ares died Morgan refused and used her magic to turn Venom into a monstrous, demonic creature which consumed Ares. Morgan then summoned up more of her Demonic Minions and set them loose on The Dark Avengers.


  • Abilities

    Giganta can grow from human size to hundreds of feet tall in a matter of seconds. Her strength and durability increase to superhuman levels as she increases in size, as well. Initially, Dr. Zuel lost her intellect as she grew in size, becoming more brutish and violent. She has since transcended that limitation, retaining her full intellect at any size.

    Giganta's powers appear to be mystical in nature; Giganta has been shown to be aligned with the forces of magic.

    The clothing she wears changes size when she does, and also increases her invulnerability during giant-size.

    Other Media

    Giganta was a member of the Legion of Doom in the cartoon series Superfriends, where her origin was tied into that of Apache Chief. She also made a cameo in the camp and comedic "Legends of the Superheroes" miniseries.

  • When Guile was a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, he became friends with his Superior officer Charlie, he also asked Charlie to teach him in his form of fighting,Charlie agreed to do this. Guile learned the style of fighting, but his Tantrum caused him to be not Good in the moves as Charlie was (shown in how Charlie can shoot sonic booms with just one hand while Guile needs both).

    Guile was not introduced to the series until the apperence of Street Fighter Alpha 3, thats when he was sent by the United States Air Force to look for his teammate and close friend Charlie, who went missing during a secret investigation that was happening at the time. Guile's search led him to the Interpol investigator Chun-Li, who warned Guile not to follow Charlie because of the danger involved. Guile showed his fighting skills, and Guaranteed Chun-Li that he would not let their friend come to any harm. He eventually found the Shadaloo base(criminal organization) in Japan along with his friend the missing Charlie. The Notorious and powerful M. Bison Showed up and attacked the two soldiers, daring them to follow him inside his Shadaloo base. As Chun-Li Searched another area, Charlie and Guile began to set explosives around their mission objective( Bison's source of power, the Psycho Drive). However, Bison surprised them, and a fight was started. Charlie convinced Guile to lee while he held Bison off by fighting him, so Guile took Chun-Li and escaped,right a moment before the base exploded, with Charlie and Bison trapped in the blast. Standing on the peak of a mountain, Guile says he will always believe in Charlie's memory.

    Bison some how survived the explosion at shadaloo base.Guile Holding Bison responsible for the death of his friend, he dedicated his whole life to trying to Avenge his friend charlie on Bison. A court case against the Shadaloo leader failed when Bison convinced all the judges to let him go free by bribe.Bison, by this time wanted revenge on Guile, Chun-Li, and many other people who had His his Cynical plans and efforts. Bison set up the second World Warrior tournament as a trap.

    Although the reason how Guile went up Bison is Odd, he managed to corner Bison and asked if he remembered him or his Charlie. While Guile threatens the Bison with the state of mind to kill him, he was stopped.

  • Vega was born to a privaleged family in Spain. For unknown reasons their fortune dwindled and his mother was forced to marry for financial security. As he matured, Vega studied bullfighting, a cultural tradition. Later he went out and learned Ninjutsu which he combined with his already agility and grace. Combining bullfighting with ninjutsu, Vega went into an underground cage fighting circuit, and quickly became one of the best. His stepfather murdered his mother because he said she didn't respect him, and in return, Vega killed his stepfather. The incident warped his mind giving him two personalities a nobleman by day and a vicious, sadistic killer by night.

    Due to his vicious and remorseless nature, he was hired as one of the criminal leader M.Bison's bodyguards in the Shadoloo organization. Vega oversaw assassination operations for Shadoloo as well and was associated with Cammy and the Shadoloo assassins known as The Dolls. Despite his fighting abilities, he was unable to protect M.Bison's secret Psycho Drive project.

    Vega believes himself to be impossibly beautiful and the mask he wears is not to conceal his identity, but to protect him from scratches and bruises.

    When M. Bison is revived, so is Shadoloo and Vega and Balrog were once again enlisted to work for the organization.

  • Adon's Story

    Adon was took under the wing of sagat three years after Sagat was announced God of Muay Thai. Adon was Considered a less skilled Fighter than Sagat,but yet he was a more acrobatic fighter than Sagat. Adon Participated in the first World Warrior tournament to prove he was more than an Underling of Muay Thai God Sagat. The arrogant Adon did not take the tournament Seriously, he faced Ryu,and was taken out with a single Shoryuken. After that battle, Ryu went on to fight Sagat,Ryu then defeated Sagat, which would lead to Adon's breakdown.

    Adon did not become angered at Ryu because of his defeat, he was angered at Sagat for not being able to Show that he was truly a Muay Thai god(Sagat lost to Ryu in the world tournament). Adon challenged Sagat for the title of God of Muay Thai, he was sucessful with the challenge, but the Vehement Sagat Inflicted alot of damages on Adon forcing him to go to the hospital to treat his injuries.

    Adon's injuries eventually healed and he was restored to his normal state hoping a new fighter would captivate his attention. Then a Rumor had spread of a fighter who had mastered Shoryuken (The the power that lead Ryu to win the first World Warrior Tournament). Adon vowed to find this fighter and claim the power for himself.

  • Balrog was once an amazing boxing champion and skilled fighter. He was banned from boxing for permanently injuring his opponents and killing one of them. M. Bison then found him and offered him a position in the Shadaloo criminal organization. Balrog accepted this and worked his way hard to the top, eventually becoming Bison's heavy-duty enforcer. While doing jobs for M. Bison, Balrog killed Dhalsim's elephant with only one Gigaton Punch. In one mission, Balrog was sent to kill Birdie.

    Although he did not know the reason why, Balrog did as what he was told and went anyway. Birdie told Balrog about the Psycho Drive, and Balrog agreed to Birdie find the weapon, thinking he could make profit from finding it. When the Psycho Drive exploded, Balrog noticed that he didnt get his pay recently. In the second World Warrior tournament, the winner would face off against the Four Devas of Shadoloo and Bison sent Balrog first because of his powerful punches and violent behavior. When M. Bison was killed at the hands of the unmerciful Akuma, ownership of Shadaloo organization was given to the former prize fighter. Unfortunately, he ended up ruining the entire organization in no time. After the fall of Shadaloo, Balrog became nothing more than a bum on the streets before Bison was resurrected and he and Vega were re-recruited in the syndicate.

  • Story

    Charlie is the deceased war buddy of Guile in the Street Fighter series.Although he was pronounced dead before the events of Street Fighter 2, Charlie appeared as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha which would be considered the prequel to Street Fighter 2. Charlie had been a first lieutenant of the U.S. Air Force where he met Guile and the two became close friends. Charlie would even teach Guile most of his techniques later revealing why their fighting styles are so similar. While Charlie and Guile are able to use the same moves Guile is still less experienced an example shown in how he needs two arms to unleash the sonic boom while Charlie only needs one.

    Charlie was sent to by the U.S. government to track down Bison and unravel the corruption within the U.S. government and in his ending of Street Fighter Alpha,he is seen defeating Bison only to be caught by a sneak attack from behind. In the Alpha series of the games Charlie's death appears in many ways while in Alpha 3 it is shown that him and Guile defeat Bison together, but Charlie stays behind in an attempt to destroy the psycho drive and dies in the process,which results in Guile returning in the sequel Street Fighter 2 to avenge his fallen comrades death.

    Video game appearances


    Street Fighter Alpha (first appearance)


    Street Fighter Alpha 2


    Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold


    Street Fighter Alpha 3


    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper


    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max


    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology


    X-Men vs Street Fighter


    Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter (as Shadow)


    Marvel vs Capcom (as Shadow, striker only)


    Marvel vs Capcom 2


    Cannon Spike

  • Evil Ryu is Ryu when he has embraced the Satsui no Hadou.

    His only canon appearance is in the final battle against Sagat in Street Fighter. This doesn't appear in the game, only in subsequent storylines.

    He is called Satsui no Hado ni Mezameta Ryu in japanese, which means Ryu awoken by the surge of murderous intent. He became known as Evil Ryu in translations, but Capcom of Japan has stated that the correct name should be Dark Ryu.In Dark Ryu mode he destroyed a lot of stuff he took out most of japan with his Shinku Hadoken blast but he snapped out of it and returned to his normal state.

    Video game appearances


    Street Fighter Alpha 2 (first appearance)


    Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold


    Street Fighter Alpha 3


    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper


    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max


    Street Fighter Alpha Anthology


    Street Fighter EX


    Street Fighter EX Alpha


    Capcom vs SNK


    Capcom vs SNK Pro


    Capcom vs SNK 2


    SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium

  • Ken is the the friend, rival, and sparring partner of Ryu. He is one of the main characters from the Street Fighter series of fighting games alongside Ryu, having made an appearances in all major incarnations of the series.

    When Ken was 12 years old his father thought that his son needed to learn about discipline. His son had become a spoiled brat and had tried to leech onto the family fortune. The elder Masters sent Ken to Japan to train under his best friend, the mysterious karate master Gouken. Ken was very hesitant to learn from Gouken, wanting to go back to the states but in time, he learned to respect his master. He enjoyed the company of Gouken's adopted son, Ryu, since he had a foil to finally pull pranks on, although this got Ken into a lot of trouble. Ryu and Ken would later become best friends and each other's principal enemies.

  • Story

    Sakura is a native Japan teenager who idolizes the champion of the first world tournament Ryu. After seeing how great of a fighter Ryu had been in the world tournament, she pursued him in attempt to find him and ask to be trained by the greatest. When she had finally encountered Ryu she asked him to train her to become a more stronger and experienced fighter. Ryu declined Sakura's offer after stating that he still had more to learn about himself before he could learn how to train another and parted ways with the young aspiring fighter. During the Rival Schools saga, Sakura realized how important it was to her protecting the things she cared about. Once again the young fighter began her quest on finding Ryu and along the way she met the likes of Dan and Blanka. While on her quest with Dan and Blank, Sakura encountered rival and best friend of Ryu, Ken.

    After ditching Dan, Sakura gave a heart-warming speech about how much she loved fighting and training to better herself and inspired Ken. Ken and Sakura began traveling to find Ryu which was later revealed to be in Thailand under Bison's mind control, where Sagat came into action and took on Ryu as Ken and Sakura faced off against Bison. A mixture of Sagat's pleas and Sakura's injuries finally awoke the possessed Ryu where he fended off Bison, forcing him to back down. Ryu told Sakura a second time that he was not yet ready to be taken on as her mentor and once again walked off into the sunset.

  • Wolverine tells Daken about the effects of Carbonadium on their healing factors and that he will remove the bullet soon which will return Daken's healing factor back to normal. Wolverine picks Daken up and cradles him in his arm's and carries him out of the warehouse but not before telling Deadpool [who was a bloody mess and handless] that Wolverine let Deadpool capture him to draw out Daken and that if Deadpool comes near him or his son again he will kill him.

    Wolverine eventually removes the bullet from Daken's head allowing him to heal, though an unexpected side-effect is found; the Carbonadium caused Daken to lose his memory. Logan decides to take advantage of the situation, and have a telepath put Daken's memories back in place, undoing the conditioning done by Romulus.

    Logan brings Daken to San Fransisco and leaves him with his friend Tso Wen Ru and tells Ru to take Daken to a safe-house if he does not return within an hour. He then goes to Emma Frost and Charles Xavier to help with Daken's condition. When Logan fails to return in an hour Ru does as ordered, he takes Daken to an apartment belonging to Tso Ren Wu's granddaughter. Daken requests to be left alone and someone contacts him telepathically. A woman named Claudine tells him to meet her on the roof. Daken goes up and sees Miss Sinister meditating. She offers Daken a chance to regain his memories, but he refuses. Sinister then tells him Logan is not a friend and it's his fault Daken lost his memories; Daken doesn't believe her. Seeing her plan failed, Sinister calls Sebastian Shaw to continue on with his plan.

    The best there are..

    The best there are..

    In Chinatown, Shaw's choppers drop napalm on the building where Daken is staying. Ru's granddaughter realizing the danger, warns him but it's too late. Daken survives the attack and kills two of Shaw's men searching for survivors. Realizing that he recognizes the feelings, he begins to mourn the death of Ru and his granddaughter. Sinister then turns to him, telling him he can stay and mope or come to her if what just happened remind him of the past. Sinister takes him to a mansion where Shaw is waiting.

    In Panama, Sebastian Shaw welcomes Daken. Shaw tries to impress his power upon Daken, offering to allow him to keep the mansion when Daken shows interest.To answer Daken's question, Shaw says he wants to help him regain his memories in exchange for a favor. Miss Sinister gets into Daken's mind, trying to find what blocks his memories. It begins well, but then she hits a wall and despite several tries she fails to break it down. She tells Daken she can't at the moment because she needs more preparation, and sends him away.

    Unknown to Daken a weakened Claudine tells Shaw there is a natural telepathic block and another one—a trap. Shaw assumes it was created by Romulus. He wants to think about the situation for himself and sends Claudine to entertain Daken. Claudine follows him, joining Daken on a balcony, watching the sunset. It seems like a romantic moment, but Daken is not in the mood. Claudine is impressed by his brutal nature and they kiss.

    Daken is anxious and asks Claudine when he'll get his memories. She tries to relax him and says it will take a while, since his mind is wired and needs the sacrifice of someone else. She sends a wave to his head and Daken falls asleep and is taken away to the lab. Shaw and Claudine leave him there for Xavier to find. Charles gets into Daken's mind and faces an area scar tissue bigger than his father's. He easily breaks the wall, but then finds the trap. Daken awakens and Xavier collapses. Claudine comes in and tries to plant new memories in Daken, "telling" him about their longtime relationship and his love for Shaw. To her surprise, Daken is not affected and stabs her. Daken says he has his real memories back and is sick of being messed with. He turns to the comatose Xavier and is about to pop his claws into his head, when Wolverine shows up to stop him.

    Wolverine and Daken stand over Xavier's unconscious body. Wolverine tries to talk his son out of a fight, but fails and the troubled young man attacks. Taking advantage of the fight he's always wanted, Daken attacks his father viciously, yet the fight is one-sided. Logan doesn't fight back, refusing to even pop his claws, and lets the kid work on him, even going so far as to mention the "belief" he had a son. Daken strikes as hard as he can and gets angrier and angrier. Wolverine blames himself for the death of Daken's mother and tells the kid to get his revenge on him. When Logan finally does react, Daken slips even further into rage and begins attacking more feverantly.

    Truth Revealed

    Truth Revealed

    Suddenly Daken finds himself in his home town, watching a conversation between Xavier and his father. He says Logan shouldn't have told Daken he killed his mother, but Logan answers he did that so Daken would have his revenge. Charles makes him understand that it was Romulus' entire fault because he didn't want Wolverine and Daken to have a good life, a family. He shows Logan the Winter Soldier, the brainwashed assassin who was sent to kill Itsu and Romulus taking the infant Daken; but since Logan knows all that, Charles actually shows that to Daken, who stands shocked behind Wolverine.

    Daken gets angry and attacks Xavier, only to realize he can't hurt him. Charles says that this place is where Wolverine and Daken's psyches meet—though for Logan it's a calming place and for Daken where he can fuel his rage. Daken blames Logan for the death of his mother and the bad life he had. Xavier corrects him that Romulus is to blame and that he's the only one who has been there when Itsu died. Daken wants to leave and Charles shows him the open door.

    After thinking for a few moments, Daken asks his father to tell him about his mother. Wolverine shows him their first meeting. Daken tries to touch Itsu and gets angry when he fails. Logan apologizes that he has nothing else to offer. Daken then turns to Xavier with his claws drawn out, blaming him for trying to plant false memories in his head and take control. Charles reminds Daken that he can't hurt him, but the kid's accusations are actually toward Shaw in the real world. Daken stabs Shaw and kicks him out of a window and down to the rocks, sending a message to Romulus.

    Family Buisness

    Family Buisness

    Wolverine gets back to reality and tells Daken he may have something else to offer him: revenge. After a few moments consideration, Daken accepts his father's offer. Charles wakes up and tries to prevent them from going down that dark path. Logan thanks him for saving him from being a killer, for giving him an opportunity to be a hero. Logan says that as long as Romulus is alive he'll do again what he did to them. He leaves with Daken and tells Charles he forgives him and hopes one day he'll do the same to him.

  • #

    One More Day

    When the blood transfusion failed to heal his Aunt May, Peter was confronted by Mephisto and gave him a deal, that he will bring back Aunt May's health back, in return, Mephisto will eliminate all events pertaining to Peter and MJ's marriage, and they were given one day to decide. The couple agreed to save Aunt May's life, but before Mephisto could do anything, MJ whispered something to him, and told Peter that they will be together again someday.


    The next morning, Mary Jane is seen and is somehow mad at Peter at something and soon left the place. It was explained that Peter and MJ once dated in the past but their relationship is now considered frosty, at best, and she is currently living in Los Angeles but occasionally come back in New York to visit her aunt.

    Brand New Day

    Mary Jane was rumored to be an Initiative heroine, Jackpot. They had similar traits, Jackpot is one of MJ's trademarked words. Also while working with

    # Spider-Man, Jackopot called him Tiger. - However in the Amazing Spider-man Annual it’s revealed that Jackpot isn’t in fact Mary Jane. MJ made her first Brand New Day appearance as actor, Bobby Carr's mysterious girlfriend. When the two-dimensional villain, Paperdollattacked Mary Jane in Bobby Carr's house, MJ hid in Bobby Carr's panic room. Spider-Man then came and defeated Paperdoll with help from MJ in the panic room, Mary Jane still remembers Peter and claimed that they knew each other in another life. However, Spider-Man did not have the chance to meet Mary Jane because Mary Jane was in the panic room. The last time Mary Jane is seen is when she is in the airport and about to call Peter but then was interrupted by Sara Ehret (that's the name of the person that Jackpot gave to Spider-Man when Spider-Man asked for Jackpot's real identity claiming that she was a fan of MJ's "Secret Hospital" TV show. Sara then asked if MJ will be back and MJ just simply answers with "Hell if I know. See Ya."


  • Six Again

    After Salvation Run, the band was put back together again. Bane, a teammate of Deadshot's from Suicide Squad and a fellow inmate from the prison planet, joined up with Scandal, Deadshot, Catman and Ragdoll. They took a job from an unknown employer to retrieve a card that was allegedly a genuine "Get Out of Hell" free card from Neron and the thief who had stolen it, Tarantula. Both were to be brought to Gotham City. The Six quickly discovered that they had been marked for death with a very high bounty on each of their heads, as if having the card alone wasn't enough for nearly ever criminal in the world to come gunning for them. Mainly, they were pursued by Junior, a disturbingly evil villain that seemed to scare everyone. They picked up their sixth member, Jeannette, along the way to Gotham City with their two packages.

    Having Neron's card began to create divisions among the Six, specifically between Scandal and Catman. It seemed more and more likely that they were going to kill each other to keep the card, but it was Deadshot who made the move. He shot Jeannette and Scandal, hit Catman with a car and ran over Ragdoll, taking a near dead Bane, the card and Tarantula on the final stretch to Gotham City. He said he wanted the card for himself, but it seemed more likely that he was completing the job on his own to spare the rest a likely suicide run to the end. Despite the attempt, the rest of the Six caught up to him on the bridge leading into Gotham City where they were all ambushed by an army of metacriminals. Mad Hatter, who was their employer on this job, watched to see his vengeance on the Secret Six play out. Soon, Junior arrived to retrieve her card, but Tarantula leapt on her, saying she had the card. Both women where destroyed in an onslaught of attacks from the assembled metacriminals. With no card and no one left to pay a bounty, the Secret Six were left alone. None of them realized Scandal still had the card.

  • One of the "Superpets," he was first owned by Supergirl. Streaky is a cat with superpowers similar to Superman, given to him by X-kryptonite

    Originally Supergirl's ordinary house cat. One day Supergirl was trying to find an antidote to green kryptonite by altering its structure. When she thought her experiment failed, she threw it out the window.

    Like most cats, Streaky was inquisitive and found the piece of what would be later known as X-kryptonite. The radiation turned him into a Supercat, giving him flight and super strength, speed, and sight.With his powers he would later become a member of the "Legion of Super-Pets," a heroic group of super animals that included a dog, horse, and monkey with superpowers. He would make infrequent appearances in Superman related and other comic books, until the comic book/cartoon "Krypto the Superdog," in which he would be a semi-recurring character.

  • Like the pre-Crisis version, this Kara claims to be the daughter of Superman's uncle Zor-El and his wife Alura. The new Kara is actually older than Superman; she was a teenager when he was a baby. When Krypton exploded, she was sent in a rocket (in suspended animation) to find and look after Superman. However, her rocket got caught in a huge chunk of the planet and she arrived on Earth years after her cousin did. Meanwhile, she was put in suspended animation, so while chronologically born before Kal-El, she is still the age of a teenager. Her arrival is discovered by Batman, who initially doubted that she was really Kryptonian, thinking that it was too much of a coincidence. Not to mention he couldn't understand a thing that she said because she only spoke in Kryptonion. Kara is scared being on a unfamiliar world, and unable to understand English, not knowing about the powers she gets from bing on earth does some damage. Discovered by her cousin she spends a long time at the Fortress of Solitude catching up on all the time she has mist and learning about earth and its past. She is astonishingly able to learn all of earths languages in just three months. She become restless and pleads to go out into the world, and Superman finally allows her to as long as she stays under his supervision (no pun intended). He takes her to the Kent Farm were she spends a short time learning to control and hide her powers to appear more human. The Amazons learn of her existence and Wonder Women comes to take Kara back to their island to be properly trained in combat by Wonder Woman and Artemis. Superman is reluctant to let her go, but grudgingly concedes, seeing it would benefit her and she would be safe. Unfortunately she doesn't stay safe. She is captured by Darkseid, and after being brainwashed, attacked her own cousin.

  • When the events of the Infinite Crisis began to unfold and the heroes of the world being pushed to their limits, instead of coming to help Connor sat at home and watched, still fearful that Luthor might once again take control of him and ashamed at how he felt the Titans viewed him. All these events unfolded before Superboy Prime, who came to the Kent's doorstep to retake his place as the Superboy of earth. He forced Connor Kent into a fight, demolishing Smallville. Already quickly beaten and clearly out powered, Connor sent a distress signal that was received by current and auxiliary members of the Teen Titans along with their allies in the Justice Society and the Doom Patrol. Despite the death of Pantha and numerous injuries, the Flashes Wally West, Jay Garrick and Bart Allen were able to push Superboy Prime into another dimension.

    Prime wants his spot as Superboy

    Prime wants his spot as Superboy

    Connor was put into a rapid-healing tube to immediately after the fight. When he was healthy enough to rejoin the battle, he made peace with his origin and rekindled his romance with Wonder Girl.

    Meanwhile, Superboy Prime was able to free himself from the alternate dimension, having been imprisoned for years yet returning just days later. Soon after Connor answered a signal from Nightwing at the Titans Tower. Deaths, injuries and the sheer number of other catastrophes left all other Titans unavailable to respond to the call.

  • Potentially the best known and popular tag team of heroes in comic books, the dynamic duo is a team conformed by the legendary Batman and his loyal sidekick Robin.

  • Walter Joseph Kovacs was born March 21, 1940 in an unknown city. His parents split when he was very young, and he grew up with his mother, a drug-addicted. He would constantly walk in on her jobs, believing she was being hurt. She would beat him whenever he did this. When he was ten, he was attacked by two bullies, who called him whoreson, shoved a half eaten fruit into his face, and told him that he would make them appointments with his mother. He lashed out at the boys, shoving one of the bully’s cigarettes into said bully’s eye. He proceeded to tackle the other boy tearing at his cheek with his teeth, and pulling his hair and mouth. He was pulled off of the boy by passing pedestrians. After this incident, he was sent to Lillian Charlton Home for Problem Children located in New Jersey (homage to Charlton comics). At the school he excelled in religious education and literature, and was a natural athlete, excelling in boxing and gymnastics. During his time there, he wrote an essay commending Truman on his bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, believing that it was a necessary sacrifice that saved millions of lives. This is ironic, due to the fact that he reacts the exact opposite way at the end of the graphic novel.

    It was while he was in high school that he learned of his mother's death, a force-feeding of Drano from her pimp. His one word reply to the event: "Good." He was sixteen.

  • Jim retires from the Gotham Police Force after serving over 20 years in Gotham. He decides to remain in Gotham and would occasionally get visits from Batman who would also seek advice from Jim. Michael Akins has taken Jim’s place as the Police Commissioner of the Gotham Police Department. Later Barbara would require surgery to save her life from a Braniac virus. Jim would visit Barbara at the Metropolis hospital and Barbara would reveal the truth to Jim. She tells him that she is currently going by the code-name Oracle and was an information broker for the heroes, and about her past work as Batgirl. Jim reveals to Barbara that he knew she was Batgirl and told her he was proud of her work now with the heroes and her past accomplishments.

    Return out of Retirement

    One Year after Infinite Crisis, it has appeared that Jim has returned to the GCPD as police commissioner. He states that he has been back for about 3 months already and also mentions that he is back together with his ex-wife Barbara. It is still unknown to why Jim returned as police commissioner.

  • Waylon Jones was born with a condition that gave him a thick scaly hide and razor-sharp claws and teeth. As a child he was relentlessly bullied because of his monstrous appearance. When he was only eight years old he snapped and almost killed one of his schoolyard tormentors. For that little incident he spent the next eight years of his life in reform school. He didn't like it much. Over this time his contempt for humanity grew; and so did his body, mutating to grotesque proportions and becoming increasingly reptilian in appearance. The now sociopolitical Waylon Jones celebrated his eighteenth birthday by becoming a cold-blooded murderer.

    He served twenty years for that crime and emerged from jail to join a traveling carnival. He quickly became the main attraction as the alligator-wrestler "Killer Croc".

    After a while Croc's ambitions and travels lead him to the mean streets of Gotham, where he began to forge a criminal empire. His attempts to "set up shop" were repeatedly thwarted by Batman.

    While Croc's physical size and power increased, his intellectual abilities diminished. This left him a virtual slave to primal desires and homicidal psychosis. He took refuge in Gotham's sewers.

    Since the uphevals of the Gotham gang wars, Croc found himself under the complete control of Black Mask. Black Mask had the Mad Hatter insert a mind-controlling micro-chip into Croc's skull. While working on a bank robbery for Black mask, Croc's constant head scratching dislodged the chip. Croc realized what had been done to him and vowed revenge on Black Mask. Killer Croc was last seen retreating back into the sewers.

  • The Joker was originally a criminal known as the Red Hood. While Batman was chasing him he accidentally fell into a batch of chemicals. When he emerged from the chemicals his skin was dyed white, hair turned florescent green, and he gained a lunatic's smile. His origin has changed many times over the years & several dismiss him as having been the Red Hood.

    The Joker does not have a definitive history before the chemical accident, however the most widely-accepted story is told in The Killing Joke. In this story the Joker is originally an engineer at a chemical plant. He quits his job to pursue his dream as a comedian. He does not succeed and is in debt while needing to support his pregnant wife. Desperate for money, he agrees to help two criminals break into the plant he used to work at. While discussing plans with the two men he is informed by the police that his wife has died in a freak accident testing a baby bottle heater. Although he then tries to back out of the plan, the criminals force him into it. Inside, they convince him to wear the Red Hood mask to “help protect his identity”. They are caught by a security guard and start shooting. Batman shows up and in a desperate attempt to escape, the Red Hood jumps over the railing and falls into the chemicals. He emerges as the Joker.

    It was later revealed in Gotham Knights (#50-55) that the Riddler knew what happened to Joker’s wife. He says that the criminals kidnapped and killed his wife to get him to help them with the crime. The Joker was referred to as Jack in this story.

    According to BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #7 the Joker was a master at the art of deactivating even the toughest security systems, but alas this was no life for him. What is the point of using a gift such as this if there is no thrill or chase involved? So, he quits using his skill and trips the alarms on purpose to draw the cops’ attention.

    Also, in Batman: Legends on the Dark Knight #50 a handsome man with low self esteem named Melvin Reipan claims to be Joker’s cousin. Joker doesn’t deny this, but he won’t let this man call him what is supposedly his birth name. Melvin occasionally manages to say, “Ja—err I mean Joker” hinting on the fact that Joker’s name might be Jack; like in the (1989) movie, (B:TAS) cartoons or in Batman Confidential. It might also be telling you that the character from the Batman/Planetary crossover “Night on Earth” is using Joker’s original name, Jasper. The Joker also has a tendency to refer to himself as Joseph so he can make the joke, “My name is Joseph Kerr aka Joe Kerr” and in few occasions pre-Joker get’s called Joe.

    Batman Confidential 7-12 show the Joker as having met Harley prior to becoming the Joker, and removes both the wife and Red Hood entirely from the story. Jack is an assassin from out-of-town who feels like all the inspiration has gone out of his life. He meets Harley in a bar who gives him a few suggestions, not knowing of his ill intent. Jack is already a borderline nutcase, but when he sees Batman for the very first time, something inside him snaps. Life has become worth living and the light is back in his life. His sudden obsession with getting Batman's attention is like love at first sight. Jack creates a series of artistic murders, leaving behind clues and keeping a watchful eye out for Batman. Batman gets irate after Jack stabs his girlfriend and actually puts a hit out on the Joker, which he tries to convince himself is the right thing to do because it will save lives, but in the end, he goes to rescue the Joker from the men he handed him over to, who had decided to torture Jack in a chemical plant. Jack fights with his captives and two of them land in an empty tank. Batman arrives too late; the dying thug shoots the unit above him and Jack is showered in green. At first he contemplates drowning, but then his desire to see Batman again makes him escape through a drainage system. Batman sees this from above and goes to look for him.

  • The original champion of Shazam, Teth Adam reigned from Ancient Khandaq, an Arab country near Egypt. He was imprisoned when his power corrupted him. He was released when Theo Adam found his talisman.

    Black Adam is the first recipient of the powers of Shazam. Born in the ancient Egyptian empire to Pharaoh Ramses the Second in the neighboring (fictional) land of Kahndaq, Black Adam‘s mortal name was Adam. While there are contradictory accounts in different comics of the circumstances of Black Adam’s early history, certain elements are consistent

    The wizard Shazam was at the time serving as high priest to Ramses II, and seeking a successor to his godly powers, became impressed with the virtue and martial heroism displayed by Adam. Having determined to make Adam his successor, Shazam’s intentions are altered by the intervention of his half-demonic daughter Blaze. Blaze strikes a bargain with the god Set, so that when Adam speaks the word “Shazam”, he becomes Teth-Adam (or Mighty Adam), the avatar not of the wizard’s deific patrons, but of the Egyptian gods Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton and Mehen.

    Teth then serves the Egyptian pharaoh as his champion, presumably at the behest of the wizard Shazam, for many years. At some point, a time-traveling adventure of the Justice Society shows him in service to Prince Khufu (an early reincarnation of Hawkman) alongside the Wizard Nabu. This service however, draws him away from his family and home country of Kahndaq, which is attacked in his absence, resulting in the murder of his family and the devastation of his people. The attack is carried out by a rogue priest who has used the Orb of Ra to give himself Metamorpho-like powers, and who plots conquest in league with the immortal Vandal Savage. With the assistance of the time traveling members of the Justice Society Of America, the two villains are eventually defeated. Captain Marvel, interacting with his predecessor prior to his fall from grace, is both impressed by the valor and nobility of Adam, and disturbed by the bloody vengeance he exacts from the murderer of his family.

  • Greg Saunders

    Before becoming the first Vigilante, Greg Saunders was a country singerin New York, who returned to his home in Wyoming when his father was killed helping the sheriff of his town fight off a group of bandits. This action of his father compelled Greg to fight crime the same way, and so was born the Vigilante. It was to long after he started his fight against crime that he gained a side kick named Stuff the Chinatown kid. His crimefighting sprees mostly took place in that of New York City, where he aquired a base, and went on many adventures solo, and with his sidekick. He was a member of one of the first superhero teams: the All-Star Squadron. After the end of the Golden Age of comics, the Vigilante was seen much until the All-Star Squadron appeared again with the Justice League of America in the 70's. The Vigilante proved himself worthy of the team even though he had no superpowers. The Vigilante appeared in the series Worlds Finest, and was eager to fight along side his old sidekick, only for stuff to be murdered by one of the Vigilante's old enemys. He acquired a new sidekick in the likes of Stuff's son who was trained by Richard Dragon. Since then, the Vigilante has had several guest apperences throughout the DCU. All though, he has retired on several occations due to his wife and two kids.

  • Vigilante is a superb hand to hand combatant, an excellent horseman, a brilliant marksman and a master of the lariat. He also knows detective skills taught to him by his father.

    Vigilante is a western superhero who carries around two guns, he is a master shooter and he rides a motorcycle. His arch enemies are The Dummy and The Rainbow Man.

    Greg Sanders' grandfather was a famous Indian fighter who helped open up the American West to settlement in the 19th Century before he was killed by an arrow in a battle with Indians. Greg's father continued this fightingg tradition, but he battled criminals - becoming a sheriff out west. Greg was born in Wyoming and even as a child was thrilled to watch his father in a gunfight with criminals.

    Eventually Greg went East and became a country singer on the radio. When Sheriff Sanders was killed by thieves out to steal a gold shipment he was guarding, Greg was called back from the East and tracked down the members of the gang. Afterwards, Sanders decided to devote his life to hhunting down criminals as the vigilantes did in the old west.

    Thus Greg Sanders led two careers, one as radio singer, "Prairie Troubadour" and the other as the masked crimefighter who became known as the Vigilante. As the Vigilante, Sanders had adventures both in New York and in the West.

    A secret agent for the Japanese - known as the Head - sought to provoke a Tong war in New York City's Chinatown area, and he framed Lin Chou, the wise leader of the White Lotus Tong, for wrongdoing. Lin Chou's young grandson Stuff, helped Vigilante battle the Head and his men and clear his grandfather's name. Stuff, "The Chinatown Kid" thereafter became the Vigilante's crime fighting sidekick.

    The Vigilante was a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, who were also known as the Law's Legionnairres. The 7 Soldiers battles the Nebula Man and the tremendous force he unleashed hurled the Vigilante back in time to the days of the old West. Black Canary & Green Arrow, along with Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt found and brought the Vigilante, (who was little older than he had been when he fought the Nebula Man) back to their own time.

    The man who had been known as "Stuff" as a boy was murdered by the Vigilante's arch foe the Dummy. The Vigilante and Stuff's son, "Stuff jr." brought the Dummy to justice, and the young man became Vigilante's new sidekick.

  • Jonah Hex was the western icon from your parents days, many kids looked at him as a western influence. He seems to look a little like John Wayne and the Cowboys of yester year.


    Height: 5' 11"

    Weight: 189 lbs (86 kg)

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Red


    Jonah has battled alcoholism, and as an adult faced his mother's turn to prostitution. Though he traveled extensively throughout the American West, he also ended up in South America and China. At one point he quit bounty hunting, got married and had a son, and took up farming, though it didn't last.

    Hex's facial injuries can be traced back to being sold into slavery by his father to the Apache for safe passage. Jonah eventually saved the chief from being killed by a mountain lion and was made an honorary member of the tribe. He was soon betrayed by the envious son of the chief while on a raid. He returned years later to challenge him in a sacred tomahawk battle. But the chief's son sabotaged Jonah's tomahawk and Jonah used his knife in self defense when the tomahawk broke. The tribe saw this as breaking the rules of the sacred battle and sentenced Jonah to wear the mark of the demon by pressing a searing hot tomahawk to his face. They said his honorary relationship to the chief was the only thing that saved him from death.

    New Ongoing Series (2006)

    In his Brand-New ongoing series, Hex's origin seems to have changed, he was a soldier who fought in the southern ranks during the American Civil War and he was scarred for life by a cruel union officer, he was also raised by the indians (and was given a tomahawk) Apparently he quit the tribe and now's earning a living as a bounty-hunter in the wild west of the U.S. Fighting injustice and thugs, Jonah Hex thunders the arid plains with his two companions... One is Death Itself... The Other, the Acrid smell of gunsmoke.

  • New Hulk

    Hulk vs Hulk

    Hulk vs Hulk

    Hercules and Amadeus Cho are still on the run as fugitives. Bruce has come out of his coma and is being held by the military and there is an investigation into the appearance of a new Hulk. This Hulk is Red and is currently fighting a creature resembling one of Hulks long time enemies, Abomination. This creature calls itself A-Bomb and it is none other than Rick Jones.

    Hulk's Power's

    The Hulk's strength is based on his emotions. The more relaxed he is, the weaker he becomes, and therefore the more angry the Hulk is the stronger he becomes. He also gains strength the more he exerts himself. For this reason, The Hulk has a nearly limitless level of superhuman strength. In a totally calm state he can lift about 90 tons. When the Hulk is very mad he can lift up well over a 100 tons. He has been known to destroy mountains, aircraft carriers, support the

    From a monster to a human being.

    From a monster to a human being.

    weight of continents during Tectonic shifts, and dent Adamantium with his bare hands. His strength allows him to leap over several hundred miles. He has been known to leap into Earths lower orbit. He also has an incredible healing factor, and some believe that most of Hulk's invulnerability stems from an incredibly fast regenerative ability.

    The healing factor may also attribute to the Hulk's ability to survive for an untested length of time without air or food. He is also able to withstand the rigors of space unaided. It also gives him an extended life span. In several alternate realities, the Hulk outlives all other life on earth. The main reason the Hulk doesn't have Banners personality, like the other gamma radiation characters who retain their personality, is he had an abusive father, and repressed it.Hulk also has the ability to run at a speed of 300 miles per hour,and can leap at a distance of 3 miles.

    Hulk also has various different personas such as: Savage Hulk, Grey Hulk and Professor Hulk. They have variations in power-levels, especially in intellect.

    Banner himself, along with some Hulk incarnations, possesses a genius level scientific intellect.

    The numerous personalities in his mind, as well as the single-minded rage that the Hulk radiates, has also made him immune to mind control. Though the Hulk seems unbeatable he is not, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Hercules, Thanos, and the Silver Surfer have beaten the Hulk. Nonetheless he still remains as one of the most powerful superheroes.

    The senses of the hulk are not normal. For, this is a creature who can scarcely distinguish friend from foes. Yet who can somehow see the astral body of Dr. Strange, which mortal man cannot. It is possible that when he sees a shining image, cast by a reality hundreds of miles away, he really sees it.


    Height:5'9"(banner);7'-8'(savage hulk),6'11"(Gray hulk/JoeFixit), 7'6"(Merged hulk),8''5"(green scar).

    Weight:145 lbs(banner),1,040 lbs-1,400 lbs,(savage hulk),900 lbs(Joe fixit),1,100 lbs(merged hulk),1,467 lbs(green scar)

    Hair:brown(banner),green(green hulk)gray(joe fixit/gray hulk)

    Eyes:brown(banner),black(gray hulk/joe fixit),green(green hulk)

    Strength: hulk can lift 100 tons.

  • Osborn's next order of business is setting up his new team of Avengers. He is able to recruit Ares, The Sentry, and Marvel Boy (now calling himself Captain Marvel), as well as giving his former Thunderbolts new identities (Moonstone becomes Ms. Marvel, Venom becomes Spider-Man, Bullseye becomes Hawkeye, and the addition of Daken who takes the identity of Wolverine.) Osborn is able to use the Ghost to break into Tony Stark's armor vault and create his own suit, becoming the Iron Patriot.

    Norman is called to ride aboard Air Force One by the new U.S. President. On board, Doc Samson reveals that he has footage of Norman as the Goblin murdering security forces inside Thunderbolts Mountain. Osborn tries to frame Samson by suggesting that he was actually involved. Before Samson can play this evidence, the new Thunderbolts take control of Air Force One, and someone dressed as the Green Goblin attacks.

  • * Street Fighter 4( First Appearance)

    Abel-A man with no past with no memory of his past, this young man has no choice but to move forward. Using any clue he can get his hands on to rout out what may be left of Shadaloo His fighting style represents a mix of multiple Martial Arts. Though he seems to be ruff and unfriendly on the surface, he is not actually. His anger and kind nature is something that you don't want to mess with.

  • Nine million years before the start of the series (Earth year 1984), Optimus Prime was originally a robot dock worker on the planet Cybertron named Orion Pax. Orion had a girlfriend named Ariel. One day, Megatron approached Orion and persuaded him into letting Megatron use one of the warehouses on the docks. When Megatron and his Decepticons attacked the warehouse, Orion and Ariel were both injured during the attack. Fortunately, the Megatron of 1985 had made a failed attempt to trap the Aerialbots at the beginning of time with a time travel device called the Chronosphere. The Autobots of 1985 managed to destroy the Chronosphere while it was in operation, and the Aerialbots were merely sent back 9 million years. The Aerialbots took Orion and Ariel to a repair bay that was being run by Alpha Trion, a first generation product of Vector Sigma. Alpha Trion decided to use the two as his first subjects for an upgrade process. Orion underwent the upgrade and thus became Optimus Prime, while Ariel was upgraded to become Elita One. Optimus Prime was the first Autobot warrior and thus took the mantle as the Autobot leader. Optimus would remain as the Autobots leader as the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons waged on for the next five million years.

  • Iron Fist is trained to be a "Living Weapon", with martial arts abilities that make him one of the best unarmed combatants in the world. Furthermore Rand is an exceptional acrobat and athlete. He has mastered all of K'un-Lun's martial arts and many of those from Earth. He has also trained in the use of most all martial arts weapons. Rand can also control his nervous system. allowing him to deaden himself to pain.

    Rand possesses the power of the Iron Fist, allowing him to harness his chi to enhance his natural abilities to extraordinary levels. His strength, speed, reflexes and senses can all be intensified, pushing his already formidable martial arts skills to even greater levels. In addition, Iron Fist can channel his chi into his closed fist, making it "unto a thing of iron", wrapping his fist in energy and allowing him to strike with an enormous power. This ability also renders his fist immune to pain and injury. However, this usage of the "Iron Fist" leaves Danny drained for a time afterwards, and prevents him from using this repeatedly.

    Iron Fist can also use focus his chi to heal himself or others, and can use it to "mind meld" with others.

    Recently, thanks to help from Orson Randall and reading the book of the Iron Fist, Danny has learned some new techniques: He can heal himself completely through meditation. he can extend the Iron Fist into other items, like a katana sword. Previous Iron Fists have used their chi through arrows and bullets; although Danny has not done this yet, it is conceivable that this is within his power as well.

    He has learned how to tap into energy fields, most notably the electromagnetic, in order to pull himself along through the air like a bullet. He was thereafter able to survive impact with a train moving at full speed, while loaded with high explosives.

    Danny has been shown firing his chi like an energy blast, although how this is done or how powerful the blast is unknown. It also appears that Danny can use the power of the Iron Fist repeatedly now without tiring.

  • In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, Tony Stark is world's most hated. The agency known as H.A.M.M.E.R has replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. Maria Hill is fired as deputy director and everything seems to go to hell with H.A.M.M.E.R agents laughing at her. Elsewhere Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man begins to help clean up the Secret Invasion wreckage. The extremis armor begins to fail on him. Therefore dropping into beach water. The agents of H.A.M.M.E.R begin yell at him. A can of soda is thrown at his head and Tony feels in a way stupid.

    Will his life end?

    Will his life end?

    The story continues with Stark's trouble with this "New Nation". Soon he is called to the corridors of Norman Osborn. He wants the data of all the identities of the superhuman registration act members. Stark replies it would be against the law. For the identities are to be held secret. Norman gets mad and sends Stark out the door. Towards the end of the arc Stark holds a meeting with Maria Hill and Pepper Potts. Talking about Osborn wanting the identites. Maria Hill explains that Norman will get it by accessing the data bank. Stark replies he toke all the data away and uploaded it into his brain. Pepper Potts face expresses the feeling of astonishment. Stark states when Norman figures out he has none of the files he will declare war. Back with Norman Osborn he tells his secretary or right hand woman that he will indeed declare war. Tony is still on the run from H.A.M.M.E.R. and leaves Pepper Potts to put down STARK.IND, Tony then tells Maria Hill at the safehouse to take a jump drive that has the SHRA data on it and to take it to Captain America, but before she leaves she sleeps with Tony. Later Pepper finds an Iron Girl armor that Tony had made, meanwhile, Osborn publically calls Tony out to answer to him for the Skrull Invasion, Tony is a no-show so Osborn officially issues a warrant for Tonys arrest and H.A.M.M.E.R. seizes all of Starks assets.

    Maria later wakes up alone in bad and finds note from Tony telling her to blow up the safehouse, she then notices that Tony had taken one of his old armors. Tony, Pepper, and Hill are now all on the run from Osborn and H.A.M.M.E.R. as the Dark Reign falls hard.

  • Mjolnir was found on the ground and nobody could pick it up. Donald Blake came along and was able to lift Thor's hammer. Blake was then transported to the void where Thor had been resting all this time. Blake convinced Thor that he had ended the Ragnarok and that the world needed him. He told Thor that he was now free and that the future was his to write. Creatures in the shadows of the void started to rise as they did not want Thor to leave the void and return to the world. Thor was then surrounded by a horde of creatures and they fought. Thor then saw Mjolnir and picked it up. The God of Thunder was back and he decided that he wanted to live, breathe and fight again. He was then transported to Earth in the form of Donald Blake. He found a stick on the floor which he used to aid him in walking. Blake went to a motel and rented a room there. He went to his room and struck the stick on the ground. There was a big bolt of lighting and Blake was transformed into Thor.

    Blake later on found out that he was in Oklahoma. He went to a large, open field and transformed into Thor. Where there is Thor, there is Asgard and there was a big storm. After the storm settled, Thor was seen looking at his true home, Asgard. Thor went in Asgard and walked around. Moments later, police arrived and told Thor that the place where he built Asgard was a private property and he needed a permit. Thor then used his power to lift Asgard off the ground and Asgard was now floating above the ground. The policemen were shocked and then drove away. Thor reflected on how Asgard and his return meant nothing if he didn't have his people with him. The owner of the land where Asgard was built came to Thor and told Thor that he could have the land if he bought it. Thor gave the farmer enough gold to fill his truck and the farmer left. Thor then went off in a mission to return and find all the missing Asgardians.

  • During Heart of Hush, Catwoman was attacked by Hush. He surprised her by showing her his face, which he had surgically altered to look like Bruce Wayne's. He then took her heart, leaving her on life support. Batman got her heart back, and Zatanna gave her a cream that would help her heal faster. Catwoman took revenge by stealing all of Hush's money, leaving him a video telling him that he was now penniless, and that she had survived.

    Faces of Evil

    Catwoman finds Hush in the jungle. She captures him, and beats him up (using him as a "punching bag for a rhinoceros"). She then releases him to distract the poachers she is traveling with, giving him two guides, who were actually Nightwing and Robin, and then she frees all the animals. Nightwing and Robin capture Hush, and lock him up.


    She has been taught stealth, athletics, hot-wiring, lock-picking, thieving, acrobatics and the martial arts. She was trained by the Armless Master in martial arts and by Wildcat in boxing and street-fighting. She excels at low- and high-tech heists and is the best cat-burglar in Gotham. Catwoman has an Good affinity for cats. They often help automatically if she needs it and instantly know that she is a friend. Additionally, Selina was an effective seductress, a talent she employed to remove herself from treacherous situations.

    Weapons and costumes

    Catwoman's Many Costumes

    Catwoman's Many Costumes

    Catwoman has had many different looks over the years. In her first appearance, wore no costume or disguise at all, and it was not until her next appearance that she donned a mask, which was a theatrically face-covering cat-mask that had the appearance of a real cat, rather than a more stylized face mask seen in her later incarnations. Later, she wore a dress with a hood that came with ears, and still later, a bodysuit with attached boots and either a domino or glasses-mask. In the 1960s, Catwoman's bodysuit was green in color. In the 1990s, she usually wore a skintight purple bodysuit. Her current costume has a more high tech look, with domino-shaped infra-red goggles on her cowl. Many of her costumes have been shown to incorporate retractable metal claws on the fingertips of her gloves and toes of her boots. They can shred a bullet-proof vest and be used to climb with.

    Like all Batman villains Catwoman has had many themed weapons and gadgets.In her early years cat-themed car called the "cat-illac". Catwoman's favoured weapon is a 12 foot long whip carried on her person either in her boot or in a small backpack, she has a cat-o-nine-tails, lastic ties for binding hands and feet, and a roll of duct tape used to gag her targets.

  • Former call girl and member of many organizations, most notably the Serpent Society and B.A.D. Girls Inc.


    Born in Chicago, Tanya Sealy was an ex-call girl selected by Roxxon Oil Company to partake in a covert operation to retrieve the mystical Serpent Crown. Working alongside with snake-themed villains such as Sidewinder, Anaconda, and Death Adder, Tanya received a cerebral implant that granted her low-level telepathy as well as the ability to manipulate the energy known as darkforce. Now known as Black Mamba, she would combine these abilities to telepathically pluck the image of an opponent's loved one out of their mind and then manifest a darkforce illusion which would lure her opponent in and suffocate them. Black Mamba proved herself to be a dangerous foe, facing off against heroes such as the Thing and Iron Man.

    Noting her talents, Sidewinder invited Black Mamba to join his organization, the Serpent Society. Black Mamba immediately accepted - prior to working with Roxxon she had been a call-girl and, while the money was good, it was not steady and she was intrigued by the opportunity to make a lot of money with the Society. Black Mamba thrived in the Serpent Society, forming close friendships with fellow members Diamondback and Asp as well as becoming romantically involved with Sidewinder. Because of this, she remained loyal to Sidewinder when Viper managed to infiltrate and seize control of the Serpent Society, something that almost cost Black Mamba her life.

    When Diamondback reformed from her criminal ways it affected Black Mamba. She, alongside Asp and Diamondback formed B.A.D. Girls Inc., a mercenary group. (B.A.D. being derived from the first letters of their respective codenames.)

    Black Mamba was also part of Superia's Femizons, but betrayed that group to help Captain America

    and Paladin. Despite her heroic turn, she was not above committing morally questionable acts, as she led a drugged Hercules to an ambush. She would also later join Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, lured in by the temptation of a large profit. For a short time she worked with the Serpent Society again, but eventually found her way back to her friends Diamondback and Asp and rejoined B.A.D. Girls Inc. During one mission with B.A.D. Girls Inc. she severely embarrassed Deadpool when she revealed his darkest fantasy - to be given a back rub by his partner, Cable.

    During the events of Civil War, Black Mamba joined Captain America's anti-registration group alongside Asp and Diamondback. She was later taken into custody by the Avengers, though she escaped and was most recently seen with several other villains in the Bar With No Name.

  • Talon is a mysterious humanoid dressed in a blue jeweled and far more advanced variant of the Darkhawk armor. While running from a monstrous Hunter Drone, Talon fell to Earth and ended up in Chris Powell's backyard.


    Skrull Commander H'jke Jeeku is a veteran of deep-void naval engagements that also wears a Raptor Armor virtually identical to the suit of armor worn by Chris Powell a.k.a. Darkhawk, but is adorned with a blue amulet instead of a red one like Darkhaw's Raptor Armor has. Talon first encountered Darkhawk when he crashed into Chris's backyard while on the run from a Hunter Drone that he claims was sent by those who oppose the work that The Fraternity of Raptors does. Talon has shown that his knowledge and understanding of how the Raptor Armor functions and what it's truly capable of are far superior to Chris's.

    H'jke Jeeku

    H'jke Jeeku moments before becoming Talon

    H'jke Jeeku moments before becoming Talon

    Commander Jeeku was one the many warriors who fought against Humanity during the Skrull invasion of Earth. After their shameful defeat on Earth, H'jke Jeeku led his wounded fleet to avoid further massacre and tried to hide his army in the Aranko Nebula. Sadly for him and his fleet, they were intercepted by the vengeful Inhumans and were decimated by Black Bolt's deadly scream. The remnants of the Skrull Armada under his command as well as the corpses of everyone in the fleet were left stranded and floating in space with only one silent survivor: H'jke Jeeku. Moments before his death, he saw a bizarre crystal. Thinking that his mind was playing tricks on him, he approached this mysterious light, but as soon as he touched it, he was absorbed by the crystal. Only one being emerged from the explosion: Talon.

    War Of Kings

    What he reveals is that the Fraternity of Raptors has been around for Eons and that they serve as architects of the Universal fate. Their objective is to safeguard the advance of the Galactic Culture. They influence, adjust, shape and improve for the outcome of the greater good. He states that the Raptors haven't been doing their work for a Millennium and he only recently awoken. The universe without the guiding hand of the Raptors have been sliding out of control and with the upcoming cosmic war he has crossed the galaxy to find the only other of his kind to to not only teach him but also for Chris to aid him in the task of the Raptors to preform their role for the greater good. Together with Darkhawk he travels to the Negative Zone by gating them

    Talon and Razor

    Talon and Razor

    While traveling through the Negative Zone brings about a battle that to Talon and Darkhawk that threatens to overwhelm them till Talon engages them in his superior battle armor that he reconfigured to and nullified the threat. He shows a strong distaste at Darkhawk's qualms about murder in the light of the fact that the enemy was trying to kill them and also in Darkhawk's inability to reconfigure. When confronted with an angry Darkhawk, he again shows his superior skill in ending the fight before it begins.

    Chris keeps at him with questions about the Fraternity of Raptors and what it is exactly that they do but Talon is evasive in most of his answers as he keeps telling Chris to keep his anger in check so that the armor can bond with him properly and that all will be clear once Chris bonds properly with the suit and the Datasong can explain everything. Upon finding the Cosmic Rod Talon shows Darkhawk other capabilities that he wasn't aware the suit had. They go in to extract it but are engaged once more by the enemy who are guarding the Rod.

    Talon then tricks Darkhawk into accessing it full combat mode by opening his mind which he does so believing that Talon is cornered. Talon achieves his first step of his plan as the suit grip on Chris is now complete. Chris realizing who and what the Fraternity of Raptors truly is confronts Talon. Talon again subdues Chris but with a bit more difficulty this time. He explains that he only needed Chris to open his mind so he could expunge Chris, whom he views as a parasite, from the Raptor suit. Interacting with Darkhawk's Amulet he awakens the sentient suit. Who declares that the human has been flushed out and that he goes by the name of Razor. Talon then states that they have much work to do.


    Raptor Armor

    War Flight Armor

    War Flight Armor

    Talon wears a suit Raptor Armor similar to Darkhawk's with the difference being mainly that the Amulet is blue in color. The Raptor Armor is linked to "The Datasong" which feeds information through the Raptor Armor and then transfers it directly into the wearer's mind. Almost any kind of information, including past memories or possible future events, can be fed through the Datasong to the wearer. The Amulet on the suit chest grants the ability to create energy blasts, a generate energy shields for the suit or force fields around others. By simply focusing the wearer can draw variant armors from the amulet to serve any given combat situation.

    For example there is the War Flight Armor which gives increased resistance due to its bulkier layering and carries micro-munitions as ordinance. The Raptor Armor itself grants enhanced physical abilities along with flight, retractable talons, a grapple cable and retractable glider wings that can double as shields. The Grapple Cable can also be used to create raptor-like scout birds which the wearer can see through and operate remotely. The Raptor Armor is also capable of interstellar flight and creating stargates much like Richard Rider a.k.a. Nova is able to.

  • Booster Gold was created by Dan Jurgens in 1986, and his first appearance was in Booster Gold #1.

    Booster was born Michael Jon Carter on December 29th, in the year 2442. He grew up to be a foolhardy and egotistical man, and his only stand out talents were his notorious silver tongue, and his ability to promote himself. Never having been the best student growing up, he took a much deeper liking to sports, and football more specifically. Eventually he acquired a scholarship, and proceeded to become a star of college football, and even gained the nickname 'Booster'. However, being the scheming and selfish man we've all come to know and love, Michael started actually betting on his own games. He was caught rather quickly, and banned from playing the sport altogether. Forced to take a part-time job at the Metropolis Space Museum, Michael 'Booster' Carter was down, out, and on his last leg.

    On his nights alone at the museum, Michael began to to take an interest in 20th century history, particularly in that time period's Superheroes and Villians. After some time he became completely fed up with where his life was going, and began to concoct a scheme. Through the aid of a museum security robot called Skeets, Michael took a Legion Flight Ring from a display involving the Legion Of Super-Heroes and a Force Field Belt that belonged to Brainiac 5. Also acquiring a power suit that granted him Super Strength and wrist bands that released Force Bolts, he set off using Rip Hunter's Time Machine to go back to the 20th Century along with Skeets (who possessed historical records dating back to pre-20th Century history).

    Upon arrival in our time, Michael used a credit card he had taken from the museum and used it to set himself up until he could make a living on his own. He adopted the name Jesus Alvarez on the credit card for a short time telling himself that he would pay him back as soon as he could. After he found a place to stay he quickly made use of his stolen technology from the future and Skeets' knowledge of events to come in order to mould himself into a successful Superhero. His first experience was saving the President's life from a villain named Chiller. The President honoured him with the Medal of Honour. Booster was going to call himself Goldstar but he was so nervous all he got out was “uhh...Booster... No wait Gold...” So the President called him Booster Gold. Later his sister and friend Trixie Collins would wear a uniform made by Dr. Jack Soo of S.T.A.R. Labs and they would use the name Goldstar.

    He proceeded then to found Goldstar, Incorporated (later known as Booster Gold International) as a holding company for himself, and also enlists a man named Dirk Davis as his agent. He sets up his company in the heart of Metropolis. Then he quickly makes a name for himself. He becomes the main guy for a short time because Superman is not around and no one knows were he is. Meanwhile his company would derive its funds from corporate sponsors and Booster's own shrewd investments.

    When Superman gets back he has more than one run in with Booster and he is not a fan of how Booster is a Hero for profit. Booster really wants to get Superman to like him and he really want to get in the Justice League but both things elude him for a long time. Things even get worse when Lex Luther makes an android that looks like Booster with a piece of Kryptonite in it. This Android Booster runs a muck of the city and even kidnaps the mayor's daughter on Superman day. When Superman hears her screams he quickly takes on the Booster android as gets his blue butt kicked. Then the real Booster arrives and saves Superman. This eases tension between the two and sets them on a path were eventually Superman comes to respect Booster. Booster however always tells him not to let that get around.

    After being attacked by a mob of anti-superhero radicals, Booster's power suit was depleted of energy, and he was physically injured. Travelling to the future again to repair his suit, he ran into his twin sister Michelle. She decided to go back to the 20th century with her brother, and become his super heroine sidekick 'Goldstar', Booster's original chosen name. However, much to her brother's devastation, she would soon die in one of their adventures.

    However, in the midst of the 'Millennium' crisis, in which the Gaurdians Of The Universe left this dimension, Dirk unveils himself as a lackey for the Manhunter Androids in disguise. He had been redirecting Booster's finances in the hopes of getting him to bend to the Manhunter's demands. Using this to his advantage, Booster attempted to infiltrate the Manhunter's ranks, only to discover they had planted a destructive device at the core of the planet. In his attempts to foil their plans, Booster was declared a traitor by his newfound superhero colleagues. He managed to dismantle the doomsday device, and was once again in their good graces. However, after the Millennium crisis is averted and the Manhunters are disposed of, Booster must declare bankruptcy for himself and his company due to the Manhunter's actions.

  • Battle for the Cowl

    Gotham has gone to hell and Robin and Nightwing are trying their hardest to set it right, they have developed the Network, made up of their best allies to help. Robin and Squire tracked and were about to take down some robbers but before they could take them down some else does. Robin and Squire don't see the person but he leaves them a note saying " I AM BATMAN" but before anything can be said Nightwing call's Robin for back up with a gang. Meanwhile a van full of Gotham's most dangerous criminal is on its way to Arkham but the van is stopped by a small army of goons lead by the Black Mask. After the criminals are off the van Arkham is blown up by the Joker. Many criminals have realized that the Batman is no longer around. In the Bat-cave Nightwing is looking at all of Batman's different suits when Tim walks in saying that one of them [Tim or Dick] needs to become the new Batman, however Nightwing shrugs this off so Tim tells Dick about a man running around in a custom made Batman suit fighting crime [possibly Jason Todd], who is no beginner but experienced and knew what he was doing.

    Tim uses his detective skills to work out where the phony Batman's hideout is, but Tim decides not to confrount the fake Batman as Robin but as Batman. he uses the silver age Batman suit. Meanwhile Damian is joy riding in a Batmobile with a friend when Oracle calls him to do a sweep of the docks. When Damian's friend starts talking, Oracle takes control of the car and presses the eject button on Damian's friend's seat. The girl goes flying into a small stream where Killer Croc and Poison Ivy are trying to track the Batmobile, Croc eats the girl then knocks the car off the road into the stream, Damian is terrified and tries to talk his way out of it, however Croc intends to eat Damian anyway. However Nightwing flies in on a hang glider and saves Damian, while they are flying they are shot out of the air. On the ground they are quickly surrounded by goons when the faux Batman comes in and shoots the goons.


    Damian is a skilled martial artist, has a keen intellect, is a skilled weapons user, escape artist and can mimic a person's voice all from his training in the League of Assassins.

  • Genis-Vell is the cloned son of Captain Marvel and Elysius. His growth was accelerated and false memories implanted so he would be old enough and mature enough to face his enemies quickly.

    He was given the Nega-Bands of his father and took the name "Legacy," but it was some time before he gained true understanding of what it meant to be a hero. He began calling himself "Captain Marvel," which put him in conflict with , Monica Rambeau (Photon) but this was resolved when she decided to take the name "Photon."

    In order to save the life of Rick Jones, he bonded with him at the molecular level very much in the same manner that is father before him had. Thus he and Rick would split time between Earth and the Negative Zone. That was until an encounter with a young girl who was losing control of her nigh-omnipotent abilities altered the nature of their dimensional/molecular link through the Nega-Bands which led to them now splitting their time between Earth and The Microverse rather than The Negative Zone.

    Genis developed Cosmic Awareness, but this ability eventually drove him mad. He helped Entropy and Epiphany, the children of Eternity, destroy the universe, then helped re-create it. He had a son who grew up to far more powerful than him and an evil dictator in the far future. He resolved to kill his son in his Cipro, thus preventing him from ever growing into the evil, powerful dictator.

    Genis later joined the New Thunderbolts, was killed by Atlas, healed by Baron Zemo, changed his name to "Photon" (and Monica Rambeau changed her name to "Pulsar"), then was killed again to save all of time-and-space.

  • Frank David Castle was born Francis David Castiglione in Queens, New York. He has Sicilian Ancestry. He was married to his wife Maria and, Frank had a daughter named Lisa and a son named Frankie Jr. But before he joined the United Marine Corp, him and his wife Maria were expecting Lisa to be born before he enlisted with the United States Marine Corps. He completed Basic Training and then trained in Infantry, Reconnaissance, Force Reconnaissance and Sniper School. Castiglione was able to attain dockets to permit him to go through U.S. Army Airborne Training and U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team training to be qualified as a Navy SEAL.

    During his first tour of duty in Vietnam, Castiglione found out that his Commanding Officer, Mikuta, was taking money from soldiers for a promise of getting them out of the war. What he was actually doing is killing the soldiers so they would be declared Missing In Action and keeping the money for himself. Frank ended up killing Mikuta with no remorse. A Colonel with no name found out what happened and promised Frank that he would look into it further. Instead of looking into it further, he pushed Castiglione’s tour in dangerous territories. This is when Frank figured out that Colonel No-Name was in on it with Mikuta. When Frank’s tour of duty was up, the Colonel was there to see him off, happy to get rid of him. Castiglione then told him that he was re-upping… coming back for another tour of duty. Castiglione served 3 tours of duty, and then changed his last name to Castle to illegally serve a 4th tour in Vietnam.

  • In 2000 a character by the name of Bob Reynolds suddenly recalls that he is the superhero known as the Sentry the man with the power of one million exploding suns. With this recollection he realizes his arch-nemesis the Void is returning to this world and Reynolds immediately begins seeking out Marvel's most prominent heroes to warn them of the coming threat.

    Various hero's memories of Sentry were restored as Reynolds talked to them individually. Peter Parker had taken a photo of Sentry that had earned him a Pulitzer prize. Sentry had also flown countless times with Angel to help him overcome his fear of falling. And Hulk had never forgotten Sentry whom he only ever referred to as Golden Man. Sentry had helped Hulk keep control of his rage, later this was to be revealed to be due to a calming aura the Sentry had, and work to be a force for solely good and gaining him public approval. The people eventually remember their own memory about the Sentry, even his former sidekick, Scout.

    Most importantly Mr. Fantastic remembers that he and Robert Reynolds had been best friends and that Sentry had often teamed up with the Fantastic Four to fight the world's greatest threats. Over time the general public slowly remember the Sentry and the good he had done for the world.

    During the course of an investigation into why the world had forgotten Sentry, Richards and Reynolds make a discovery. That Void and Sentry are two parts of the same torn psyche, and that the reason behind the world forgetting the Sentry had to do with Reynolds using his power to erase the Sentry from the world's memory including his own thus destroying Void once and for all. With the heroes of the world united and waiting for the Void to come, Reynolds comes to the realization that he must make the sacrifice again. With the help of CLOC, Mr. Fantastic, and Doctor Strange he once again erases the memory of Sentry from the world.

  • After Infinite Crisis the team was a disaster, Superboy was dead, leaving Wonder Girl with the heart broken. Kid Flash had aged four years and lost his powers. Robin left to travel the world with Batman. Cyborg was in a coma and Starfire was lost in space.

    Beast Boy and Raven tried to keep the Titans going during the next year, but the team couldn’t hold any traction, with dozens of heroes passing through its ranks. Raven disappeared with no explanation and Beast Boy joined the Doom Patrol. Things finally turned around when Robin returned from his travels and Cyborg awoke from his coma.

    Robin, Cyborg, and the two newest members, Kid Devil and the Ravager (Rose Wilson), convinced Wonder Girl to rejoin the team, then traveled the world searching for Raven. Raven had fled for two reasons: one member of the team during the past year had been a traitor, and she wanted create a new body for Jericho using the same process that had created her own. With the traitor revealed as Bombshell, Raven introduced Rose to her brother Jericho, and Miss Martian joined the team.

    Soon after the resurrection of Jericho, Deathstroke formed a "Titans East team" to battle the teen titans to get to his children. The teen titans were defeated until Raven (the only one that was able to escape) brought reinforcements consisting of Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beast Boy and Bart Allen now as Flash

    After the events of "Amazon Attack" Supergirl and blue beetle joined the team while Cyborg and Raven left to reconstruct the original Titans Tower. Bart and Duela were killed, Blue Beetle has been allowed to train at the Tower and Supergirl has joined the team.

  • Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Red

    The Teen Titans

    Ollie catches Roy Shooting Up!

    Ollie catches Roy Shooting Up!

    Roy joins Robin (Dick Grayson), Kid Flash (Wally West), Tempest and Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl to form the Teen Titans. While members of the Titans, Donna and Roy start dating. Unfortunately, as things are looking great for Roy, his life takes horrible turn. The Titans disband, he and Donna break up and Ollie starts to neglect Roy. Roy picks up heroin and is very quickly addicted. After Ollie loses his fortune due to scandal he sets off for an adventure across the country with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Black Canary. When Green Arrow finds out about Roy's addiction, he is in shock. Feeling betrayed and ashamed, Ollie punched Roy and kicked him out of his home, leaving the poor youth without a home and with a drug problem.

    Eventually Hal found the young Roy and brought him to the home of Ollie's girlfriend, Black Canary (Dinah Lance). While there she took care of Roy and helped him kick his habit. Eventually, Roy was able to completely free himself of his drug addiction thanks to Dinah. As a means to stop other youths from doing drugs, he signed up with the government and became an Anti-drug spokesman.

  • Oliver Queen was a multi-millionaire who was pushed off his yacht one day by someone he considered a friend. He ended up on a deserted island. Ollie managed to build a bow-and-arrow from some old generator parts, which he then used to hunt. Eventually, he got really good. He was able to get off the island when some drug smugglers mutinied and took over a cargo ship. Dressed in a leafy costume he had made on the island, and covering his eyes with a mask of grease from the anchor chain, he managed to capture the mutineers and save the crew. After turning them over to the authorities, he got a taste for crime fighting. Using his vast fortune, he began to create various trick arrows to use under his new mantle. These include the rope arrow, the electric arrow, the explosive arrow, etc. Later on, Green Arrow was joined by a younger counterpart named Speedy. Also a skilled archer, the two were a formidable team and worked together for quite awhile. Eventually, Speedy joined up with the Teen Titans East coast, and became their leader, while Green arrow stayed with the Justice League. He was given the name, Green Arrow, by the press and soon became a member of the Justice League of America. Queen was secretly a major financial backer behind the team. Green Arrow and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) became good friends and

    began traveling across the country fighting crime together.Green Arrow's Trick Arrows

    * Combat Arrow - Has a razor-sharp titanium broad-head blade.

    * Grappling Hook Arrow - Has a coiled rappelling cord in its hollow shaft.

    * Net Arrow - Unfurls a nylon mesh upon impact.

    * Tear Gas Arrow - Distributes incapacitating CS gas (2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile)

    * Cryonic Arrow - Contains compartments of Helipolysulficate and Restifreeze, chemicals that encase a target in a sheath of ice on impact.

    * Flash Arrow - Quick-burning Magnesium flare.

    * Boxing Glove Arrow - Knocks out target.

    * Grenade Arrow

    * Sticky Arrow

    * Rope Arrow

    * Impact Grenade Arrow

  • When a mission goes wrong and Black Canary is hurt and no where to be found, Oracle calls on the Huntress to help search for her. Oracle always kept an eye on Huntress and even though she didn't approve of her tactics with criminals she asked for Helena's help. During this mission she did for Oracle she finds out information that made it awkward between them. Oracle wouldn't ask Helena to join the Birds of Prey at first, not just because of they way that she had handled things but the fact that Helena had slept with Dick Grayson also known as Nightwing. Oracle holding resentment let her personal feelings and pride get in the way of asking Huntress to join the Birds of Prey, but after Huntress proved herself by acting the way she did during the situation and saving Canary's life. She is eventually offered to join the Birds of Prey and work as Oracle’s agent alongside Black Canary.

    Finding Out The Truth

    Finding Out The Truth

    Black Canary and Huntress begin to develop a close friendship but Huntress would not stay on the Birds of Prey for long.Oracle knowing about what happened had kept a close eye on her and I guess in a way she had felt threatened on some scale of Huntress because she was afraid of losing Nightwing.

    Huntress had soon found out about how she knew after spying on Barbara and realizes what was going on. She realized that Oracle had been manipulating her the whole time and quit the team. Eventually, Huntress had to rejoin the team when she could not prevent an incident from getting worse and had to ask Oracle for help. While working for the Birds of Prey, Huntress still went out on solo missions. Her missions mainly consisted of revenge against the Mafia families. Batman feared that she wants to cause a massive gang war, but in the end she confronts Batman and gives him a map listing all of Gotham’s Mafia family locations and base of operations.

    One year after Infinite Crisis, Huntress is still working with Oracle and the Birds of Prey along side Black Canary, Lady Shiva, Gypsy, and Lady Blackhawk. When Black Canary left the Birds of Prey, Huntress became one of Oracle’s top agents, earning her full access to Oracle and her equipment.

  • Lois is the daughter of Sam and Ella Lane. She was depicted as a young girl, her parents being farmers from a town called Pittsdale. In recent comics, her father was a retired solider, teaching Lois in unarmed combat and weaponry. Lois also has a younger sister, Lucy. Lois did not fall in love with Superman or Clark straight away, but after some time, they began dating. Recently, they wed, with Clark revealing his dual identity.

    When she was fifteen, she asked to be employed at the Daily Planet. She lied and said that she was nineteen so she could get the job, but her younger sister, Lucy Lane outed her. Lois overheard from some reporters that whoever got scoop on Lex Luthor would receive some high praise from Perry White, the editor. Lois, doing the impossible sneaked out of her house and into Lex's and swooped some files. She was caught by Lex but was let off. Perry was impressed and hired her.

    Lois quickly became a popular and known reporter, especially when she met Superman. When she was aboard a plane called the Constitution, the plane was out of control when a man came and saved them, putting the plane on the ground. She rushed out of the shuttle and got to him, though the crowd surrounded him and he flew away. Lois got the byline and was the first person to call him that the whole world would soon call him by: Superman.

    Lois had a hard time tracking him down, so she decided to "commit" an accident to bring him in. She drove her car into the bay and Superman came in, saving her just in time and agreed to be interviewed by her. When Lois turned in the interview, she found out that another reporter, had already presented it to Perry. A reporter named Clark Kent.

    When Wonder Woman invited twelve outsiders to have a tour through Themyscira, Wonder Woman initially invited Superman, though he was busy and suggested Lois Lane. She accepted and helped Wonder Woman battle against Ares' daughter, Eris.

  • X-Force recently reformed, and the team are now using Angel's Aerie as their base of operations. During their first mission, Rahne is captured by the Purifiers. X-Force rescues her, but the apparent rescue turns out to have been a ruse; Rahne attacks her healer Elixir and surgically removes Warren's wings, which she takes back to the Purifiers.

    Adam Harkins experiments on the wings to locate the Apocalypse strain, which they use to create similar beings they call "The Choir." Archangel's actual wings are grafted onto the first member of the Choir.

    Back at Angel's Aerie, the healer Elixir is unable to regrow Warren's wings because they are not actually organic, and Warren finds out that the metal wings which replaced his feathered wings were not his own but another of Apocalypse's creations. Soon, Warren has a massive seizure and his body reverts to its Horseman form, with its blue skin and razor-sharp steel wings. Recently Angel and X-force sought out The Vanisher and forced him to join their team because he had stolen a strain of the Legacy Virus. When the team finally tracks down that strain, Cameron Hodge and the Right show up just in time to give them trouble.



    When Angel's powers first emerged, his body developed a higher metabolism, lost all body fat and became more muscular, and his bones became hollow, allowing him to run faster and jump higher. He now has peak human strength and can lift almost 400 pounds.

    Actual Powers

    Angel's natural wings give him the ability to fly. They are superhumanly strong, easily capable of breaking a man's bones and tossing someone through a wall, and allow him to lift an additional 200 pounds. He has superhumanly sharp vision and hearing, and his eyes can withstand high-speed winds. His body is accustomed to low temperatures at high altitudes, and his lungs can breath easily even at full flight speed.

  • Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 185lbs

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blond


    Aztek is a peak human, both physically and mentally but gains his powers from an ancient armor and helmet. This armor/helmet is said to be powered by a four-dimensional mirror and grants him flight, intangibility, invisibility, super vision (both infrared and x-ray), plasma beams, density manipulation, the ability to camouflage his body heat or to entrap his victims with netting. It can also augment his already peak physical powers to superhuman standards.

    Aztek was the champion of the meso-american god of light, he had limitless 4-dimensional energy at his disposal and his helmet contained the stored tactical knowledge of all his predecessors.

    Aztek's helmet harnessed 4-dimensional energy and contained the collective knowledge of all its previous wearers.

  • The G.I. in G.I. Joe stands for "Government Issue". During World War II the term G.I. Joe was coined to describe American soldiers. In the 1960's President John F. Kennedy created a special military unit that reported directly to the White House. The highly decorated Vietnam vet, Lieutenant Joseph Colton, headed up this special forces unit under the name "G.I. Joe". The name G.I. Joe became synonymous with Colton. The team had a successful run of missions through the 1960's and 1970's before it was officially disbanded.

    G.I Joe was revived in the 1980's as an elite counter terrorism strike-force. Their main enemy being COBRA, the well funded and organized terrorist group which actually ran an entire American town (Springfield) as a sleeper cell. The original leader of this new team was Hawk ( Colonel Clayton Abernathy ) who quickly recruited Stalker, Snake-Eyes, Grand Slam, Short-Fuze, Flash, Grunt, Breaker, Rock & Roll, Zap, Scarlett, Steeler and Clutch. The team was a complete secret and their subterranean headquarters, called The Pit, was stealfully hidden underneath the motorpool at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island.

    As Cobra grew in strength, the Joes started to recruit more experts from the different branches of the armed forces. Torpedo and Wet Suit from the Seals, Gung-Ho and Leatherneck from the Marines, Sailor and Deep Six from the Navy, Cutter from the Coast Guard, Ace and Slip-Stream from the Air Force and many others. Soon there were elite troops for the Joes to cover the globe.

  • As much a mystery as he is a man

    No one actually knows his real name and very few have seen his disfigured face.

    One of if not the most popular of all G.I.Joe characters. Snake-Eyes is one of the most skilled and dangerous figures in G.I.Joe.

    A Ninja master, black belt of 12 different fighting systems. Trained in mountaineering, underwater demo, jungle/desert and arctic survival, a NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms expert as well as an expert in the use of edged weapons. Snake-Eyes flawlessly combines both edged and small arms weapons in battle to become the fear of G.I.Joe.

    Snake-Eyes greatest friendship/rivalry is with the ninja Storm Shadow

    Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes both served together in a Long Range Recon Patrol unit during the Vietnam war. During service Snake-Eyes was wounded in battle and was rescued by his friend Tommy (Storm Shadow). Upon his return home Snake eyes was greeted with the news that his mother, father and twin sister had been killed by a drunk driver on the road to collecting him at the airport. It was at this time through a lot of soul searching that Snake-Eyes decided to go with Storm Shadow to train in the arts of the ninja with Storm Shadow's family. The rivalry between Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow began here as Snake eyes took to the training like a duck to water. After the Hard Master (Storm Shadow's uncle) was killed by an unknown assassin (Zartan) Snake-Eyes left Japan and returned to the Sates. When General Hawk then a Colonel was recruiting for the G I Joe team Stalker and he recruited Snake-Eyes, on an early training mission Snake-Eyes was disfigured by a helicopter blast rescueing Scarlett. Snake-Eyes is like a sharp blade, G I Joe has put a sheath on that blade but it still remains razor sharp.

  • Of Japanese heritage, Thomas Arashikage "Arashi" Storm and "kage"

    meaning Shadow is commonly known as the Cobra member Storm Shadow.

    A true fan favorite Storm Shadow is one side of a G.I. joe rivalry that has kept G.I.joe action figures and comics popular through the years, G.I.joe member Snake-eyes being the other side of that coin.

    Storm Shadow was trained in his family art of Ninjitsu and as such he has mastered many forms of hand to hand combat, the use of edged weapons (especially the sword) including shuriken (throwing stars) as well as being adept in archery. An expert spy, bodyguard, escape artist, and assassin. Storm Shadow can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy.


    It all began somewhere in Southeast Asia where Tommy (Storm Shadow) was a young soldier in a Long Range Recon Patrol unit with fellow soldier Snake-eyes, the teaming of these young soldiers would catalyst a bond and a battle for years to come.

    It was during a patrol when the unit stumbled across an enemy camp that they did not expect to find that snake-eyes would be badly wounded, if not for the heroisim and unbelievable skill of Tommy, Snake-eyes may well have died on that battle field. Upon returning home Snake-eyes was greeted with the news that his family had all been killed in a car accident.

    It was Tommy who persuaded Snake-eyes to come with him to Japan to learn the art of Ninjitsu with Tommys family. Snake eyes excelled in training and much to the dislike of Tommy, Snake-eyes looked most likely to take on the duty of master ninja and become head of the clan. Snake-eyes decided to leave the clan as a rift between Storm Shadow and himself had developed, but one night a strange turn of events would occur... Storm Shadows uncle and head of the clan was murdered. Storm Shadow watched the assassin leave in a Cobra helicopter, Storm Shadow gave chase. Members of the clan believed Storm Shadow to be the assassin due to his disappearance and the fact that the uncle had been killed by a technique only Storm Shadow and a few others had mastered.

    Storm Shadow would go on to infiltrate Cobra and became the bodyguard of the Cobra leader.

    Storm Shadow would become a member of both Cobra (due to being brainwashed) and G.I.joe many times.

  • Medical Expertise

    You don't get to be Batman's butler/getaway driver/waiter/counselor without expecting him coming home with injuries. Alfred was a former military surgeon and knows his stuff. Through the years Alfred has repaired Bruce's most serious injuries from broken bones to fractured limbs. However, after Batman's back was broken by Bane, Alfred couldn't help due to the severity of Batman's injuries. Alfred's skills have also extended to helping other members of the Batman Family and other random, injured superheroes like Static Shock (from the Static Shock ep:Hard As Nails).

    Fighting skills

    Alfred is a skilled fighter and still retains those abilities. In The New Adventures of Batman comic book, it is said that Alfred has been kidnapped 27 times and in that issue Alfred was kidnapped but escaped and defeats his kidnappers without getting a dirt or anything on his suit.

  • Dick Grayson was an acrobat in a local circus, but was forced out of it because he was suffering from split personality, his other's name is Marc Spector. Bruce Wayne, the leader of SHIELD, saw that his talents could be useful against terrorism. So he recruited Grayson to be an agent of SHIELD, which he complied. Dick used his circus outfit and design it with moon as his theme, because of Marc's fascination with the moon, he aptly named himself Moonwing. While in his Moonwing moniker, Marc's aggressive behavior is freely expressed. Dick also made peace within himself and his alter ego, and

    Moonwing at his greatest

    Moonwing at his greatest

    that he is helping people by being a superhero. When he was about to go to college,he trained an apprentice named Jason Todd to take the over as Moonwing.

    When Moonwing was killed in a SHIELD mission, Dick was again took his role as Moonwing, blaming himself as for his pro toge's death. Meanwhile, Jason's body was exhumed by Hydra and they turned him into the cyborg "Deathlok". Later, Moonwing and Deathlok face each other, where Deathlok blamed Moonwing for what he had turned into. In the end, Moonwing defeated and destroyed Deathlok.

  • The Man that would become the ultimate killing machine was born James Howlett in the middle of the 19th centery in Canada, He was the son of John and Elizabeth Howlett. He grew up a weak and ill boy and offten stayed inside, to try to get his son out of the house John brought a girl who was the same age as James up from the village bellow the hill, the girl was called Rose. Rose was Jame's friend and carer, under her care they would go out around the massive gardens, they also made friends with a boy called Dog who was also the same age as James, Dog was the son of the Howlett's ground keeper, Thomas Logan. Thomas and his son lived in a small hut on the Howlett's land, Thomas was a drunk and often beat his son, Thomas had a strong hatred of John Howlett. At first, it seemed because of John's possessions but later it is reveled that he was actually having an affair with James's mother, Elizabeth and could possibly James's real father.

    As the children grew older Dog became more like his father and even tries to force himself on Rose but she mange's to get away and James tell's his father and the Logan are put on a final warning, for revenge Dog confrounts James at his brother's grave and attacks him but is stopped by James's dog, Dog picks up James's dog and slitt's it's throwt. After this John fires Thomas Logan and has him thrown off his land.

    Than night Thomas and Dog break into the mansion and killing most of the staff with their rifle's and taking Rose as a hostage and made their way to the master bedroom to get Elizabeth so that they could run away together but are interupted by John, Thomas and John started arguing which wakes up James. As James wakes into the room Thomas shoots John and thretens to do the same to James if he's not quite. In a fit of rage James's mutant power's manifested for the first time, James unleashed his bone claws, slashing Dog's face and then killing Thomas, James runs out the home after being rejected by his mother who minutes latter killed herself with Thomas's gun.

  • There have been two Sub-Zero's, both being brothers. The elder Sub-Zero was responsible for Scorpion's murder, and was sent to kill Shang Tsung. However, he was unable to complete his mission, having being killed by the specter Scorpion in battle. This was for revenge since he had killed Scorpion in cold blood during a mission. After he was killed by Scorpion, his soul tainted by evil from the things that he had done, went into the Netherrealm and he became a fully evil wraith known as Noob Saibot he is also a memmbr of the brotherhood of shadows, a clan that worships a fallen elder god called as Shinnok.

    Following his brother's failure to assassinate Shang Tsung during the first tournament (and his eventual death therein at the hands of Scorpion), the younger Sub-Zero was sent to Outworld to complete the assignment after the second Mortal Kombat tournament was announced. Sub-Zero soon discovered Scorpion's foul vendetta against his brother; Scorpion, aghast upon learning of Sub-Zero's apparent survival, continued to hold a grudge against the new Sub-Zero, as he believed him to be the same man who had killed him years ago. However, his belief was dispelled when he witnessed Sub-Zero spare the life of a defeated opponent during the tournament. Scorpion then came to the realization that this new Sub-Zero was the younger brother of his murderer, and, unbeknownst to Sub-Zero, swore not to harm him. Though Sub-Zero's attempt to dispatch Shang Tsung was fruitless, he successfully assisted Liu Kang, Raiden, and their allies in Liu Kang's battle with Kahn.

  • In the original Mirage comics Michelangelo was described as a hot head almost as bad like his best friend Raphael. It was his one shot comic that presented him with many of the characteristics that the the character is known for including his sense of fun and care free attitude.

    Set at Christmas the comic has Michelangelo heavily disguised walking though central park and sledding with some children. He comes across a stray cat which he adopts and calls Klunk. Checking out a toy store and playing with the latest toys he follows Klunk to the back of the store to find a group of robbers stealing toys meant for an orphanage. After stopping the robbers, he along with his brothers, Klunk and April deliver the toys to the orphanage themselves.

    During the turtles exile in Northamptin Michelangelo's behavior worried April. Were once he was the one that always be counted on to find a fun in anything he would hardly joke anymore bar some light hearted jibes with Raphael and Casey Jones. He would spend most of his day in the barn constrantly training and taking his aggression out on a punching bag. One day he loses control and lashes out at his surroundings continualy punching the wall until he bursts through it eventualy giving up and leaning on the wall despondently. After Splinter puts him and his brothers through intense training the end of the story strongly suggests that he has returned to usual self.

  • Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have again decided to revive the League (this time without the prompting of an alien invasion). While they were planning who to invite, circumstances stepped in. The League was thrown together to battle Amazo and Solomon Grundy and consists of: Red Tornado, Vixen, Red Arrow who used to be Speedy, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and briefly GeoForce. The Flash (Wally West) rejoins almost immediately upon his return from being lost in the speed force.

  • Dr. Raymond Keyes used to be a leading scientist who worked for Crey industries. A little absent minded when he is confronted by science and his work, he remained oblivious to Crey's ulterior motives and worked hard on the power suit project that was funded by Crey industries. He obliviously believed that the suit would be used for good: rescue operations, disaster relief or even protection in the event of a nuclear disaster.

    What he did not know was that this was one of Crey's early attempts at creating power armor for ulterior motives. These were the early days and Crey had not yet made any moves that would reveal themselves as a villainous corporation out for super powered control over the masses. The suit was to be used for this purpose: to be used by their agents.

    Fortunately for the world, with this being one of the most powerful superpowered battlesuits ever developed, decades ahead of its time even to this day, chance placed Synapse in danger at this time in Crey technologies. Steve Berry (Synapse) had undergone experimentation against his will in Crey technologies as Crey made the first moves to push ahead their plan for world corperate domination. Escaping from his captors after the procedure to give him superpowers, he rushed to the only place he could think of for help: Keyes lab. Collapsing into his arms, he was soon pursued by the Crey agents who barged in, guns drawn. Keyes backed off, only to jump into his experimented battlesuit in order to save his friend, and fought them off. He then destroyed his research notes and escaped from the lab, his friend in his arms. He went on to become the hero named Positron.

  • Keiji introduced the design and character for X on December 17, 1993 in Japan, in his first game, Mega Man X. This game and its iterations received later distribution dates in America, with the first game being released to North America a few days later, on December 28. Since then, X has appeared in every iteration in the Mega Man X series as the title and main character of the story, which takes place on a fictional Earth.

    Keiji Inafune has stated that originally, X's partner in the series, Zero, was meant to become the title character of the next series. However, in an interview conducted in 2004, he has stated that the idea was scrapped and he made Zero into a supporting role, as the similarities were few between his original Mega Man design and for fear fans of the series might not relate to the new character. Also, despite the design, he has stated that X and the original Mega Man -- sometimes called 'Classic' to differentiate the two -- are different entities, although any actual connection between the two or ultimate fate of the former is still undisclosed.

  • Dinah has also been offered a membership to the new Justice League of America; she accepted the offer and she waselected to be the new chairwoman and field leader due to her strong strategic mind. Later, Dinah and Hal are sent to offer Red Arrow and Red Tornado membership to the newly reformed Justice League. The Justice League have a n ewly built Watch Tower, and after all the memberships are handed out, they take a group photo.

    The Justice League is now back in action. At the Watch Tower, Hal and Dinah were playing chess against Mr. Terrific simultaneously. Meanwhile, Batman encounters Karate Kid from the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century. After Batman knocks Karate Kid out, he takes him to the Watch Tower and reveals that Mr. Terrific just makes Dinah play against Hal, and he will eventually lose one game. Dinah wins the match. They try to find out what Karate Kid is doing in their time and discovers that there are a total of 7 of them trapped in this time. Dinah calls JSA leader Power Girl to set up a meeting with the JSA. They split into separate groups to search for the other missing ones. Once the 7 Legionnaires regrouped, they broke out a fight against the League and Society, then went to separate locations. They ended up bringing Wally West and his family back.

  • Anakin Skywalker was a young slave boy who lived on the desert planet Tatooine. He lived with his mother Shmi and worked as a slave for a Toydarian junk dealer named Watto. Anakin was an exceptional mechanic, managing to build a protoccol droid C-3PO. He was also skilled in piloting. All in all, it was a rather normal life for a slave.

    But since that changed, the Universe has trembled in terror of its eventual would-be destroyer.

    Anakin's world was shaken up when the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Padme Amidala, R2-D2, and Jar Jar Binks came to Tatooine. Master Jinn immediately recognized something massive in Anakin. Deeply connected to the Force and with a high midi-chlorian count, he had the potential to become the strongest Jedi Knight ever. As it turned out, the party was stranded on the planet because their hyperdrive broke down. Anakin would agree to help them by winning a podrace in the Boonta Eve Classic. After winning the race largely due to his Force skills, Anakin was freed and left to become a Jedi. While aboard the ship, he developed a fascination with Padme and gave her a Japor snippet to remember him by. He was then brought before the Jedi Council who, despite his high midi-chlorian count, denied the request because he was too old and emotionally attached. Meanwhile, the evil Emperor had sent his apprentice,Darth Maul, after the two Jedi Knights. They went to Coruscant, narrowly escaping Maul at each turn. When the time came to strike at the Trade Federation, Anakin took refuge in a starfighter cockpit and was accidentally whisked into the space battle with Artoo. He managed to accomplish what the other Naboo pilots could not; destroy the Droid Control Ship with well-placed proton torpedoes. Unfortunately, Qui-Gon was killed in a duel with Darth Maul. After Obi-Wan killed the Sith Lord, he was made a fully-fledged Jedi Knight and was granted permission from the Council to train the boy.

  • Leia was a founding member of the Rebel Alliance, along with her adopted father Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, Raymous Antilles, Rahm Kota, Juno Eclipse, and her true father Darth Vader's apprentice Galen "Starkiller" Marek. She was captured on board her rebel blockade runner, the Tantive IV. She then was interrogated to tell where the rebel base was otherwise they would use their weapon the Death Star to destroy her home planet of Alderaan. Leia lied and told them that the base was on Dantooine. The Empire destroyed Alderaan with the Death Star.

    Then Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi-Wan rescued her, but Obi-Wan died battling Darth Vader. She escaped the snow planet Hoth when the Empire attacked the rebel base there and went to Cloud City with Han Solo, C-3PO, and Chewbacca. They were double crossed by Lando Calrissian and captured by Boba Fett and Darth Vader. Luke then came and rescued Leia, C-3PO and Chewbacca, but failed to rescue Han Solo who was frozen in carbonite and sold to Jabba the Hutt.

  • Following the Infinite Crisis, the history of Earth - and the Legion - was re-written. While the origin of the Legion is still unknown, the world they live in is very different. It is a time of stagnation and conformity, where physical contact with other people is considered the height of rudeness, and even people in the same room will use electronic means to converse rather than talk to each other. Children are bio-tagged so their parents can track them anywhere, and are taught obedience and propriety.

    In this environment, the Legion has become an icon of youthful rebellion. While the actual working membership of the Legion is only about twenty, the thousands of young people who have left their homes and gathered together in its support are also considered Legionnaires. The "core team" have adopted code names conforming to the pattern of 20th century heroes - one-word noun or adjective, followed by "Boy," "Girl," "Lad," or "Lass."

    For a long time, the Science Police, the dominant power on Earth, considered the Legion a threat, but now is attempting to put the Legion under its power.

    As with the previous "reboot," there are some changes to characters. For example, Colossal Boy is now from a race of giants. His ability to shrink to six feet tall is why he wants to be called "Micro Lad," but his teammates prefer his original name. Chameleon Boy, who in previous incarnations was recognizably male, is an androgynous character due to his nature as a shapeshifter, and thereby only goes by the codename "Chameleon." Phantom Girl gains her abilities by phasing from one dimension to another, to the extent that she is existing in two worlds at once.

    The current Legion exists to fight not only evil but also conformity, fear and oppression. They are at the front lines of the generation gap in the galaxy. Their first battle cry, coined by Lightning Lad, was "Eat it, Grandpa," which says a great deal about the view the current team has of the world.

  • Cade Skywalker was the son of Kol Skywalker, a powerful member of the Jedi High Council , and Morrigan Corde, an Imperial agent. However, his mother left, as she didn't want to become close to him. From an early age, Cade was trained as a Jedi by various teachers, including the Whiphid K'Kruhk. Eventually Cade was apprenticed to his father's former apprentice, Wolf Sazen.

    He spent at least some of his childhood at the New Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he explored the secrets of its foundations and the outer city with the young Shado Vao. Cade believed that his father was unaware of this, despite the fact that he and Shado fell asleep at the midday meal.

    On Ossus, Cade became close to another Padawan, Azlyn Rae. One time, Cade kissed her on the cheek.

  • Luke is son of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala. Luke learned the ways of the force by Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Luke is also Princess Leia's brother. Luke Skywalker is one of the most powerful Jedi in the New Jedi Order.

    Luke was born on Polis Massa nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin. Shortly after Leia's birth Padme Amidala died, leaving Luke and Leia orphans. Obi-wan and Yoda knew that the children will be strong in the force and decided to separate them to protect them from Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. Obi-wan brought Luke to his uncle Owen Lars and aunt Beru Lars on Tatooine.

    Luke is responsible for the destruction of the First Death Star. He also helped take down the First Galactic Empire. He first appeared in the 1977 movie "Star Wars" [later renamed "A New Hope"]. He has been the main protagonist in many adaptations of Star Wars. In the movie Empire Strikes Back, Luke meets a ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi that tells him to go to Dagobah to be trained by Yoda. During his training Luke sense that his friends were being held hostage on Bespin and he would go there and try to rescue them but Han Solo was brought to Jabba the Hutt.

  • A ninja spectre walking the Earth with a hellspawn body. Searching for and killing anyone who was responsible for his clan's murder.


    Scorpion is from a Japanese clan called the Shirai Ryu from Osaka. "Scorpion" was his code name, given to the greatest ninja in the clan. His father, whom used to be a member, initially forbade his son to join the clan because he didn’t want his son to live a life of a ninja, Hanzo however joined anyway in order to provide for his family. He was hired by Quan-Chi to find a map somewhere hidden in the Himalayas. Secretly, Quan Chi also hired Sub-Zero from the Lin Kuei, rivals and enemies of the Shirai Ryu.

    Quan Chi thought if he hired two it would increase his chances of finding Shinnok's amilet, just in case if one of them fail. When Scorpion got to the Himalayas he encountered Sub-Zero got their at the same time, they both fight for their prize and Sub-Zero killed Scorpion.

    Scorpion is fortunate however that Sub-Zero was sent to the Netherrealm by Raiden to retrieve Shinnok's amulet. They both met and fought; Sub-Zero wins again and escapes. Scorpion follows Sub-Zero back to earth and participates in Shang Tsung's tournament. The two met again on Shang Tsung's boat and Scorpion grabbed Sub-Zero by the throat and said:

    "You killed me in cold blood exactly two years ago, to this day, but my demons have allowed me to avenge my death. I could kill you at this moment, but I am not a murderer. We will meet at the tournament, and then, Lin Kuei warrior, you will pay with your life."

    They didn’t meet in the tournament, but they did meet in the closing of Mortal Kombat. This time they battle to the death. Scorpion won the battle and avenged his death. Then, he violently blast into flames and ash, and is sent back to the Netherrealm.

    A year after that happened; Scorpion heard Sub-Zero was going to enter the second tournament. He was furious that Sub-Zero was still alive. Scorpion followed Sub-Zero to the realm of Outworld, this time Shao Kahn was the host. No body knows if they met in the tournament, but Scorpion saw Sub-Zero sparing the life of an opponent. Scorpion didn’t understand why, but Scorpion realizes that this is Sub-Zero's younger brother completing an unfinished mission. Scorpion then vowed to protect the younger Sub-Zero in retribution for killing his brother and returned to the Netherealm.

    When Shao Kahn failed to take the souls from Earth's Hell during his invasion, Scorpion was released and Shao Kahn managed to convince him to fight on his side. However once Scorpion realized Sub-Zero was one of Shao Kahn's enemies, Scorpion turned on the emperor. After things returned to normal, Scorpion returned to the Netherealm.

    When Shinnok prepared to attack the Heavens, Quan Chi offered Scorpion life in return for his service. Scorpion accepted. But, Quan Chi revealed grizzly news to Scorpion... that the Lin Kuei had massacred the Shirai Ryu and his family. Scorpion once again sought revenge and defeated Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero insisted of the Lin Kuei's innocence and Quan Chi appeared and confirmed this, revealing that he was the one that slaughtered his clan and family and, with the defeat of Sub-Zero, no longer had need of him and was about to return him to the Netherealm, but Scorpion grabbed Quan Chi and brought both of them to the deepest pits.

    In the Netherealm, Quan Chi would be hunted, beaten and tortured by Scorpion. Quan Chi was unlikely to escape because his powers grew weaker in that realm, but Scorpion's powers grew stronger. Quan Chi made a deal with the Oni Drahmin and Moloch to protect him from Scorpion in return for helping them escape. Quan Chi eventually escaped and Scorpion followed after, but he would appear far away from Quan Chi and had to find him. He eventually snuck into Quan Chi's and Shang Tsung's fortress but was ambushed and eventually beaten by Drahmin and Moloch. Unable to eat or kill the ninja specter, they decided to throw him in the Soulnado which Quan Chi had created and the souls attempted to tear Scorpion apart.

    But, Scorpion managed to escape through the void before being ripped apart. There he met the Elder Gods who he never thought existed. From there he saw Raiden's sacrifice and Onaga's rise to power. The Elder Gods knew this would happen and turned Scorpion into their champion and gave him a task: destroy Onaga. Scorpion accepted and returned to Outworld.

  • Jean-Paul Valley, a university student in Gotham City, was unaware that he was the latest in a line of assassin-enforcers for "The Sacred Order of Saint Dumas", a sinister secret society, and had received training and mental conditioning to prepare him for his role since before he was born. He is a test tube baby, and his genes have been spliced with those of animals. For most of his life, he has been brainwashed with "The System", a deep level of psychological conditioning. The details of The System are never fully explained, but it is understood that training begins before birth and includes genetic modification, prenatal electric shock, and the use of gorillas as surrogate mothers. When he was sent by the Order to kill a weapons dealer who had killed his father (the last Azrael), Carlton LeHah who believed himself to be the idealistic opposite to Saint DuMas, his path crossed with Batman. After saving Wayne from an explosion set up by LeHah, Valley was shown the error of his ways, and he decided to fight with Batman against the criminals of Gotham, rejecting his "birthright" and seeking Batman's help in breaking his conditioning to forge a new destiny of his own choice.