Bad Guys Never Die

Bad guys never die but that does not mean they can't have a list 

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  • The batman's number 1 villain Throughout his criminal career the Joker has committed hundreds of crimes ranging from nonsensical and bizarre to destructive and deadly, making him a highly unpredictable foe. Although he is said to be constantly reinventing his personality, the Joker is typically an egotist as well as a nihilist. He sees no value to human life and therefore his murders are always part of a macabre joke, the punch-line understood only by The Joker.

    any of the Joker's crimes have left a deep impact on Batman. The first was in "The Killing Joke," when he paralyzed Batgirl. The Joker knocked on the Gordons's door and when she opened the door, he shot her and the bullet hit her spine paralyzing her. As a result of this shooting, Batgirl became the Oracle The Joker proceeded to kidnap James Gordon and tortured him to prove that “one bad day can turn anyone into me!” Batman rescued Gordon and the Joker willingly returned to Arkham Asylum.

    In A Death in the Family, the Joker kills the second Robin, Jason Todd. Jason was searching for his mother to discover that she was being blackmailed by the Joker. He tries to rescue her but fails and is beaten badly by the Joker with a crow bar. The Joker then blows up the warehouse they were in and Jason is killed before Batman could rescue him. The outcome of which was the result of a public vote.

    In The Joker: Devil's Advocate, the Joker is falsely accused of committing a murder and is put on trial. The Joker pleads guilty and Batman believes that the Joker did not commit these crimes because it was uncharacteristic. Batman eventually succeeds in finding the real killer and proves that the Joker was framed.

    In Joker: Last Laugh, the Joker finds out he is infected with a terminal brain tumor and plans a big crime spree to make sure he goes out with a bang. He uses a venom to "jokerize" super villains locked up in the Slab, making them insane as well as bear a physical resemblance to him. They escape and proceed to wreck havoc across the world. The Joker also tries to get Harley pregnant before he dies. The U.S. declares war on the Joker under the orders of President Lex Luthor. Later Black Canary discovers the Joker’s CAT scan was modified to look like he was dying. Eventually Nightwing faces the Joker one on one with Joker's intention to kill the first Robin before he dies. Nightwing defeats him and he's sent to jail.

    During No Man's Land, the Joker murders Sarah Essen Gordon, wife of James Gordon. In the end he surrenders to Batman and Gordon points his gun at the Joker, however ends up only shooting him in the knee. The Joker is at first distraught that he may never walk again, until he realizes that Gordon was just avenging his daughter's paralysis. He interprets it as a joke and laughs uncontrollably exclaiming, "Good one, Commissioner!"

    At the end of Infinite Crisis, the Joker kills Alex Luthor.

    In Emperor Joker, Mr. Mxyzptlk pays The Joker a visit in the slab in New York. Bored of his pranks being ruined, Mxyzptlk decides to give less than 1% of his powers to Joker to see the havoc he would cause, but Joker capatilized on his insanity and tricked Mxyzptlk and gained 99% of his powers and remakes the the universe in his image. He replaces the JLA with his Joker League of Anarchy, and makes original JLA into pathetic versions of themselves.

  • Bane was to serve his father's life sentence in the prison Peña Duro in Santa Prisca. In prison, he gathered a great amount of knowledge and became a body builder. With the harsh treatment of prison, he learned to protect himself from other prison mates. During prison, he had a teddy bear called Osito who was his only friend. Behind the bear's head was a knife so Bane could use it anytime he felt threatened. Bane was now the king of the prison, manipulating through his strength and intellect. The prison guards took note of this, and decided he should be the subject of an experiment where scientists would inject inmates with a drug called Venom. It had killed all other subjects. Bane undertook this experiment in which it nearly killed him, but he survived and he discovered that his strength increased greatly. He must take it every 12 hours though, as it causes side-effects if he doesn't.

    Be Afraid

    Breaking the Bat

    He soon escaped Peña Duro along with a few friends. Bane had heard stories of the Batman during his imprisonment. Batmans' valor and history led Bane to Gotham to destroy the great Batman. Bane, being very smart, decided to weaken Batman first. He punched through the walls of Arkham Asylum allowing many criminals to go free. Batman spent three grueling months catching the escaped criminals and he was physically and mentally exhausted. One night Batman returned to the Batcave to find Bane waiting for him. Bane used his great intellect and "talents" to deduce the location of the Batcave. Banes plan to weaken Bats before their initial confrontation and his deduction of the Batcaves location proved Bane is more than just a physical threat, he posed a greater mental threat also. Their battle in the Batcave was epic and the storyline " Knightfall" (Banes first arc) is a classic. Bane broke Batmans back proving that breaking the great Batman is actually possible.

  • The team that has changed "Villain Team-ups Forever"

  • Never misses

  • Was an actor who turned evil

  • Obsessed with time

  • Batman's counter part

  • Super-man's counter part

  • Lois' counterpart