Animal Instinct

The Heroes and Villains with Animal (Or animal likeness) Powers

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  • Dc Universe's Best Vigilante and Is the Worlds Greatest Detective Batman: R.I.P.

    The events of R.I.P. stretched across the entire Bat-network as everybody connected to the Batman was forced to live their lives and do their jobs without him. As Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown (One-time Robin and now once again Spoiler) dealt with a Gotham lashing out in the absence of Batman, Nightwing dealt with a conflicted T wo-Face, The OUTSIDERS where forced to work under limited orders, and Oracle and the Birds Of Prey fought off a group of internet-based criminals and the Joker. Where was Batman?

    In the beginning, he was pre-occupied with the recovery of Catwoman's heart, as the demented Hush had cut it out and left her on a complicated machine to keep her alive. Once Batman recovered her heart and stopped Hush's twisted plan to take over Bruce Wayne's life, the Batman's life turned in a completely different direction.

    Bruce Wayne was dating Jezebel Jet, a supermodel who was very influential in her home country. Jezebel discovered Bruce was Batman relatively early in their relationship, and the reveal made the relationship easier for Bruce to handle. He let Jezebel so deep into his life, that he even introduced her to the Batcave. And that was where Batman may have made his gravest mistake.

    Jezebel tried to convince Batman that he was just living a life he had fabricated in his own head as a child to cope with the death of his parents. This suggestion begins to effect Batman's already strained psyche (he had almost died and was forced to re-live very traumatic moments in his life as Batman just weeks earlier) and he passes out when Jezebel says aloud a word that was on all the Bat-computer's screens: Zur-En-Arrh. As he passed out, Dr. Hurt and minions of his diabolical club, The Black Hand, infiltrated the Bat-cave. They drugged Batman, beat Alfred, and wrecked havoc upon the cave.

    When next we see Bruce Wayne, he is waking up in a pile of garbage with no memory of himself. he meets a man named Honor Jackson, who recognizes that Bruce is on serious drugs. As the two spend time together, working in shady dealings that Honor was involved in, Honor gave Bruce an old broken radio as a sentimental gift. After they parted, Bruce found out that Honor had died some time before Bruce met him.

    With this information, Bruce seemed to snap. He made himself a costume out of red, yellow, and purple rags, and began referring to the broken radio as the "Bat-Radia". He then called himself "The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh" and began taking advice from Bat-mite.

    Batman and Bat-mite finally make it to Arkham, where Bat-mite says he cannot follow. Inside, Batman is confronted by Joker, who has Jezebel Jet held captive, and kills her right in front of him using the flowers that make up Jokers laughing Gas. And as Batman regains his sanity and looses consciousness to the same poisonous flowers, Jezebel is okay, the Joker is smiling, Dr. Hurt is there, and everyone is asking Batman: "Now do you get it?"

    The story finally comes together when it is reveled that Jezebel Jet had been a part of the Black Glove all along. The word Zur-en-Arrh was written all over the city by Hurt as a subliminal trigger to be used when the time was right to break Batman's mind. While the now mentally stable Batman escaped the shallow grave the Black Glove put him in, Joker pointed out that no one had investigated Batman's "bat-radio". when they did, they activated a transmitter that brought Nightwing, Robin, Damion, and the League Of Assassins right to them. Batman hunted down Hurt, who tried to convince Bruce that he was his father, but Batman believed him to be Mangrove Pierce, an actor who had once been his father's double. As Hurt tried to escape, Batman infiltrated his escaping helicopter, causing it to crash in a blazing explosion.

    The Batman is now presumed dead, and The Bat-Family and all of Gotham must figure out what will happen without him.

    Batman: Last Rights and Final Crisis

    The Dark Knight has fallen

    Batman: Last Rights, which was billed as a sort of Epilogue to R.I.P., was at first believed to be a sort of recap of Batman's life as seen through someone else (believed to be Alfred's) eyes. However, as the story progresses, we learn that batman is being held by Mokkari, a minion of Darkseid. The plan was to create an army of clones using Batman as a template. The Story is really a mixture of Batman's memories and the replacement memories being pushed into him by a being called Lump. However, Batman could feel Lump in his mind, and fought back repeatedly, altering the memories and eventually finding Lump within his own mind. When Lump told Batman that someone was copying his DNA and memories to create an army with his same drive and dedication, Batman stopped fighting and gave Lump all of his memories. The memories, being fed into all of the clones, where too much for the clones to handle, and they all died of stress and agony in their test tubes.Deciding that the plan was a failure, Mokkari killed lump and ordered the entire factory to be shut down.

    Batman: Trapped in the Past

    In the last pages of Final Crisis after the ancient superhero caveman Anthro passes someone places the utility belt on him it is revealed to be Bruce Wayne who has escaped death yet again carving the Batemblem on a cave wall for some unknown purpose. No one is aware of Bruce Wayne's status in the ancient past all assume he has died in battle and so let the Battle begin.

  • Buddy was once a happy punk rocker, playing in a garage band, and trying to win the affections of his high school girlfriend, Ellen Frazier. One autumn afternoon he went hunting in the Adirondack Mountains and when he returned home, he had changed.

    Encountering some escaped animals from a nearby zoo, Buddy discovered that in the presence of an animal, he was able to absorb their abilities; the spring of a tiger, the strength of a Gorilla, or the power of an Elephant. During his first adventure Buddy was met by a large alien beast, presumably from the crash, but later discovered to be the envoy of the other aliens (important to Buddy later in his life) with similar powers to his. After a fight in the town, Buddy lured the beast back to the mountain range by attacking it with a fire truck. Once there, the hulking alien destroyed the truck, but was defeated when Buddy exposed the alien to frightened field mice. The alien took on the attributes of the mouse, as well as its fear. Initially Buddy only displayed the powers of the Animals he came in contact with during the manifestation of his powers: the Tiger, the Gorilla, the Elephant and the Sea Lions, but he later progressed onto other Animals.

    During Buddy’s next big superhero outing, he dealt with more Aliens. Coming to Earth to check on the workings of the beast he had defeated on the first manifestation of his powers, they unleashed their hate ray on the inhabitants of the city, leaving only Buddy unaffected. After discovering why the aliens sent their beast to the earth, Buddy defeated them, sending them packing to their own planet. Buddy then went on to defeat minor thugs and villains in his next two appearances as a hero before facing off against the Mod Gorilla Boss, which he eventually defeated. It was Buddy’s long time friend, Roger Denning, who convinced him to wear the orange and blue costume and become the Animal Man.

    Along with his new found powers, a new level of confidence came to Buddy. He finally plucked up the courage to ask Ellen, his high-school girlfriend, to marry him. After she accepted his proposal Buddy retired his Animal Man identity, and moved to San Diego. Living on the salary from Ellen's work as an illustrator and Buddy's newly-started career as a movie stuntman, the couple mortgaged a house in the suburbs and raised two children, Cliff and Maxine.

    Buddy made a brief appearance to lend Aquaman a hand during the formation of the Justice League during the Appelaxian invasion. He used his powers to mimic a Dolphin and create a Whirlpool, with the assistance of Aquaman, to draw and contain the water-based aliens into a freshly created hole his future Forgotten Hero colleagues Dane Dorrance and Cave Carson had just created.

    Powers and Abilities

    Buddy can temporarily replicate the abilities and powers of any animal on Earth by tapping into the Lifeweb.

  • the Golden Age of Comics, Selina Kyle was a flight attendant who had been struck in the head after her plane had crashed; she survived but unfortunately became amnesiac. Her amnesia was the result of her turning to crime. She eventually runs into Batman and they would tangle a bit. Selina eventually reformed and admitted that the amnesia story was a lie to run away from her life of crimes. Selina would stay reformed for many years and even helps out Batman on his missions. She eventually returns to a life of crime and it was her last Golden Age appearance in Detective Comics #211. The Cat, Catwoman's first alias, revealed her unwillingness to kill in Batman No. 2 when The Joker threatened to poison Robin the Boy Wonder. Her affection for The Dark Knight becomes evident in "Batman" No. 3 by giving the Caped Crusader a kiss.

    When the Silver Age happened DC created the parallel Earth named Earth-Two. It was decided that Earth-Two will be where the Golden Age heroes reside and continued. Therefore Golden Age Selina continued her life on Earth-Two where it would be revealed that she reformed in the 1950s and marries Bruce Wayne. Selina would soon give birth to a baby girl named Helena Wayne (Helena would grow up to become Huntress . Later the real reason Selina turned to a life of crime is because Selina had been previously married to an abusive husband. When Selina left her husband, he kept her jewellery in a locked vault. Selina decided she would steal her jewels back and became addicted to the adrenaline rush that she gained from the robbery, she decides to continue her life as a criminal. Living happily with Bruce and their new daughter, the Golden Age/Earth-Two Selina would be blackmailed into returning to a life of crime as Catwoman and eventually dies.

    Silver Age Selina Kyle was a consistent murderer. She would kill people on some of her appearances. However, this Catwoman would be moved to Earth-B, this Earth contains the characters and stories that were out of place. Since Catwoman was not a murderer, this was the only solution to getting rid of her Silver Age stories.

    Modern Age

    After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Selina’s history was finally revised in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One story arc. This Selina Kyle was a 5 foot 7 inch cat lover, she worked as a prostitute and would eventually become a Cat Burglar when she sees Batman for the first time. Selina would soon meet a young runaway named Holly Robinson (who would later become the next Catwoman . She took her in and they became roommates. Selina’s prostitution job would later get her in deep trouble when her former pimp named Stan, kidnapped her sister Maggie and beats her. Selina kills Stan and saves her sister. Later Selina would believe that she is the daughter of Carmine Falcone but cannot prove it is true. This part of Selina’s life would be explored more but there would never be a definite proof of her connection to the Falcone family.

    Later DC comics would object to Frank Miller’s idea to make post-crisis Selina a prostitute. They decided to reveal that Selina was not really a prostitute, but instead pretended to be a prostitute and steal men’s money. When Catwoman finally got her own series, it finally fully explored the post-crisis life of Selina Kyle. Selina’s parents are Brian and Maria Kyle. Her mother was never close to Selina or her sister Maggie and would often rather spend time with her cats then her children. Her mother eventually committed suicide, and her father began drinking heavily after his wife’s suicide. Selina’s father hated Selina because she looked like her mother, eventually he drank too much and was subdued to alcohol poisoning. Selina ran away and lived on the streets while Maggie was taking to an orphanage right away. Eventually Selina was caught and sent to an orphanage. She caused so much trouble that she would be sent to Juvenile Hall. When Selina was 13 years old she was sent back to an orphanage, but she soon discovered that the place was embezzling money. They would confront her and attempt to cover it all up by drowning Selina in a bag dropped into the river. Selina escapes and returns to the orphanage. She steals documental proof that they were embezzling money and also stole money to live on her own, she sent the documents to the police to expose them.

  • The power of fusing animals are his game

  • Member of the Teen Titans and Boyfriend of Terra

  • Enemy of Batman

  • Old Crime Boss of gotham city his name says it all!

  • Member of the Teen Titans

  • Vixen the hero with the right animal touch

  • Can Do What Ever A Spider Can!

  • Can Do what ever A.. Wait she fly's when do Spiders Fly?

  • The giant bull dog of the thunderbolts

  • The super dog!

  • friend of Krypto

  • Friend of Streaky and Krypto. Together they are the World's finest animals!

  • current Batman

  • is a member of the bat family

  • Kryptonian heroes

  • Dinobots transform and roll out

  • Leader of the Animal Bots

  • Member of the teen titans

  • member of the Autobots

  • member of the x-force

  • Waylon Jones was born with a condition that gave him a thick scaly hide and razor-sharp claws and teeth. As a child he was relentlessly bullied because of his monstrous appearance. When he was only eight years old he snapped and almost killed one of his schoolyard tormentors. For that little incident he spent the next eight years of his life in reform school. He didn't like it much. Over this time his contempt for humanity grew; and so did his body, mutating to grotesque proportions and becoming increasingly reptilian in appearance. The now sociopolitical Waylon Jones celebrated his eighteenth birthday by becoming a cold-blooded murderer.

    He served twenty years for that crime and emerged from jail to join a traveling carnival. He quickly became the main attraction as the alligator-wrestler "Killer Croc".

    After a while Croc's ambitions and travels lead him to Gotham, where he began to forge a criminal empire. His attempts to "set up shop" were repeatedly thwarted by Batman.

    While Croc's physical size and power increased, his intellectual abilities diminished. This left him a virtual slave to primal desires and homicidal psychosis. He took refuge in Gotham's sewers.

    Since the uphevals of the Gotham gang wars, Croc found himself under the complete control of Black Mask. Black Mask had the Mad Hatter insert a mind-controlling micro-chip into Croc's skull. While working on a bank robbery for Black Mask, Croc's constant head scratching dislodged the chip. Croc realized what had been done to him and vowed revenge on Black Mask.

    Killer Croc joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villains. He participated in the Arkham prison break, but was recaptured. Killer Croc was one of the villains sent to planet Salvation. He later returned to Earth. During Final Crisis he was turned into a Justifier.

    Regardless of his grudge against Black Mask, Killer Croc is one of the villains forced into his gang in Battle for the Cowl.

  • Reptile is one of the last members of his race of Saurians. The Saurians used to live on Earth but 150 millions years ago during a battle between gods, they were forced to flee the Earthrealm to another realm called Zaterra. But an unknown amount of time later, Shao Kahn invaded Zaterra and conquered it. Reptile serves Shao Kahn as his personal bodyguard and is willing to serve Shao Kahn in any way hoping that Shao Kahn will help restore his race.

    Shao Kahn sent Reptile to watch over, and watch Shang Tsung during the Mortal Kombat tournament on Earth. After Shang Tsung's defeat, Reptile returned to Shao Kahn's side. When Kitana escaped custody, Shao Kahn sent Reptile and Jade to capture the renegade princess but Jade betrayed Reptile and they defeated him. After Shao Kahn was defeated, Reptile was brought back to Edenia as a war criminal and imprisoned. When Shinnok later overthrew Edenia, he freed Reptile who agreed to serve Shinnok in return for him reviving his race. But Shinnok lost and Reptile went back to Outworld to serve Shao Kahn.

  • Member of the G.i. Joe

  • Scorpion is a trained master. He is also famous for saying "GET OVER HERE!"

  • Enemy of Spider-man very old man

  • is always trying to out match spider-man with his brain

  • Is not that smart he always wants to break spider-man

  • The new venom old Scorpion

  • Hunts animals for sport enemy of spider-man

  • Is a shape shifter

  • real name Curt Connors!

  • Real name Jaime Reyes!

  • Was the leader of the thunder bolts

  • Is the 2nd person to take on the tail of the scorpion since Mac gargan is Venom

  • Daughter of Blackie Drago in the MC2 timeline.

  • An enemy of The Fly and Fly Girl.

    Simon Spry, a criminal scientist and arch-foe of The Fly and Fly Girl. He is a master of inventing heavy high-tech weapons. He was the first foe of the assembled superhero team, The Mighty Crusaders.

  • Can't Catch him

  • Friend/Enemy of Tom the cat

  • Member of the bids of prey

  • Sonic's evil twin!

  • Girlfriend of sonic

  • His name takes all the credit

  • Friend/Enemy of Jerry Mouse

  • Friend of Captain America