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Favourite super heroes 1 to 10

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  • Wolverine is my favourite super hero because I like the fact that he does not care what any one says about him I like his personalty and I like the fact he has cool powers and he is tough.Also I like that he get on with what he does the best fighting.

  • Iron man is my second favourite super hero because I just like the way he acts and I like that he is determined to do what he can to save the world from criminals.The best of all I think his power are really really cool and also I like his armour it is really ace.

  • Deadpool is my third favourite super hero because well I love the combats he can do and that he can use telepathy. Also I like the way he act and makes jokes to people and he has a great sense of humour towards people he can be a little bit annoying but he is just a great super hero.

  • Daredevil is the man with out fare he is my fourth favourite super hero because I love the way he handles things the right way and thinks of what he it doing before he does it.I think he is really sweet when he fall in love and I love it when he fights.

  • Captain America is my fifth favourite super hero because he thinks before he act and that he only fight if he really has to.Also because he is friends with every super hero and that he like being the leader of the team.I love his shied he has and he has always got it with him.

  • Elektra is my sixth favourite super hero because I like that she has revenge on her enemies I love the fact she is determined to do things her own way . Also i love that she is an Assassin and good at martial arts and that she is a Greek women as well I like her personality.

  • The friendly neighbourhood spider-man he is my seventh favourite super hero because he has a funny personality and I just love.And I also love the way he goes around on his web look after the New York and fighting crimes and fighting robbers stopping them from stealing.

  • Black Cat is my eighth favourite super hero because I like that she attracts men because she wears a leather costume. I love her personality it is so flirty I also love her super powers nd when she goes angry to Spider-man.

  • Silver Surfer is ninth favourite super hero because I think he has cool super powers. I am not struck on his personality it is a bit well dull I like the way he fly on his surf board. Also I like that he cont get shot because they just melt in his body.

  • Ms Marvel is my tenth favourite super hero because I like that she is seasonable and that she does not fight unless she really really has to and that when she is angry you don't want to get to the wrong side of her because if you do that would be it.