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@etriel said:

@sungsam we really have to do something about nosagi since he is basically causing bullshit scandalous chaos and exagerated lies in forums where he knows where we are.

Perhaps, but at least with that douchebag was of an extra-use of us on this board if it mean't revealing that Sayo idiot's ignorance. Two assholes with 1 stone.

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@yasindermann said:

@sungsam: Do you debate in other verses forums? @ovy7 I think about to write my own fiction too, lol. But not with parallel universes or something, rather with whole parallel cosmologys. But I think about it.

I do, but only some people on Deviantart know my identity in all of them. Some of them enemies, some of them friends or frienemies that I can't get off my back whom I sometimes manipulate to attack Outerversalists.

I want my identities across forums disconnected as much as possible.

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@sayo_yasuda said:

@sungsam: You may want to re-look at the last part of my list, as I accidentally pasted over Quantum Metaverse Level 3 with Level 2 on accident.

Perhaps, but you have to learn your place. If I don't enforce such a thing, our group will turn chaotic as you practically slandered me behind my back together with that idiot @nosagi after you two got a pissyfit. I would rather @zgtfreak speak in place of you since you're literally just ripping off his ideas and contributions.

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What is Dream's connection to the Dark Multiverse? Does he have control over it and why could he not visit it?

The Dark Multiverse is made up of dreams, hopes and nightmares. Stories from it come from Lucien's Library. Not sure how much control he has, but it is a realm of dreams.

Is the DC multiverse map still canon when discussing it's the complexity of DC, and if it is, how does Dream live outside the source wall but is stated to be in the sphere of gods?

The Map is good, it's just not complete. You can't draw infinity on a piece of paper.

Dream lives in the Dreaming, but he can clearly exist outside the Source Wall or at least reach beyond it.

@ovy7 said:

@sungsam: What do you think about this cosmology? It's still in the world building stage so sorry for not being completed (most of my world building efforts go into normal worlds lol).

Level 1 - The Physical Realm: The Physical Realm contains all the multiverses resulted from the Primordial Creation.

  • The Primordial Creation was a just a single universe, but, because of The Law of Dreams, it began expanding and it still expanding.

  • The Law of Dreams: it’s a law deeply established into reality that materializes the dreams of every living beings into a new, separate, universe. All the dreams a being has over their lifespan become separated universes/multiverses from the main universe, then the dreams from the new universes/multiverses also creates new universes/multiverses, the process continuing ad infinitum.

  • The Physical Realm is ruled by the Lesser Gods, beings that are infinite dimensional and can freely travel through the Physical Realm, but usually can’t pass into the Realms of the High Gods because of their limited form and nature.

Level 2 - The Realms of the High Gods: The Realms of the High Gods are an infinite amount of realms above the Physical Realm that are overlap on top of each other (similar to the leaves of an infinitely large onion). Each of one of those realms is ruled by a High God and it’s infinitely above a lower Realm. Many of the Realms represent Heavens or Hells from different religions from the Physical Realm.

  • The High Gods are beings that managed to evolve past the Physical Realm and managed to create their own Realms

Level 3 - The Primordial Void: This is the “place” where the entire of Creation exist. The place is infinite in size and nothing exist outside of The Creation (which is barely the size of a marble here) and The First.

  • The First is a being outside of Creation that it’s theorized to have, well, created it. Not much else it is known about this being or the Primordial Void, even to the High Gods, as even them can't access this "place".

I like this cosmology. VERY creative, and original. As a guy myself, who is also writing fiction.

I like that you divided it into various sub-groups of vertical hierarchies, easy to tell and elaborate.

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@nosagi: Quit your trolling Nosa, and take your beating.

The only reason why this idiot is bugging me is because of some "shit" that happened between us on Deviantart.

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I see people like to talk about the subject of.... that is me!

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@yasindermann: @johnsmjs36:

That is just a theoretical framework and is still works in progress. Don't post it here as criticisms of it will reflect upon me as it is premature. Just link him to the Multiversity Bloc thread but don't post it here publicly.

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@sungsam: Hey man, Which is stronger? A infinite dimensional universe destroyer or a finite dimensional infinite multiverse destroyer?

An Infinite Dimensional Universe is just an Infinite Dimensional Multiverse renamed. "Universe" is relative, because Quantum Stuff are basically their own Universes as Space-Time works differently at that lower level.

The former is superior.

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@sungsam said:
@greenroost said:

any character that is boundless

Omnipotents are not allowed.

boundless not = omnipotent

boundless = allowed

You don't know the meaning of boundless, meaning no limits, so Omnipotent. Stop using VSBattles terminology like it means anything.