The 196,833 Snowflake Multiverse and its "Debunk"

The 196,833 Snowflake Multiverse and its "Debunk"

Does anyone remember this scan?

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This scan entailed that the Wildstorm Multiverse was 196,833 Higher Dimensional in Space. And the Wildstorm Multiverse is typically considered just a part of Bleed Space.

The typical "debunk" against this, is this "debunk" scan.

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Opponents to Scan 1, LOVE using the second to scan to prove that the Dimensional Spaces were just normal universes.

I am however, here to prove why the first scan, did indeed refer to Higher Dimensions. And why the writer of the second scan, misunderstood the first, and we can discard the latter's statements.


The 196,833 Dimensional Multiverse CREATES new Universes inside itself with every rotation. This is pretty much consistent with a 10-Dimensional Multiverse.

If the 196,833 number only referred to "Universes" instead of Higher Dimensions, the person speaking, would not be giving a specific number to a construct constantly making new Universes.

It would have been named the "200,000+" Universes. Or Whatnot.


It was stated to be "Infinite" not Multi-Universal.


The person speaking in the second scan, is not the same as the first. So we can discard her statements as a meaningless misunderstanding on her part.

It doesn't make sense, for a 196,833 Universes to be called "196,833" Universes when said construct is making New Universes. It doesn't make sense.

Not to mention, it makes new universes the same amount for every atom there is on a planet, WHICH IS WAY MORE than 196,833 Universes.


We can then conclude that first scan did indeed refer to Higher Dimensional space.


Debates and Discussions I abandoned

I have abandoned certain discussions with certain people on the Vine not because I have no argument left, ( I have many ) but because I feel guilty of exhausting over nothing for both of us.

Instances are:


My debate with Hierarchy some months ago over the philosophy of why Living Tribunal is impotent because of his inability to create Reality if the Infinity Gauntlet threatened Reality.

I decided not to reply because I was going WAY off topic on that thread, and I felt embarrassed by derailing. I had many counter points to say, but I felt guilty and embarassed.

My debate with B3rnkastel.

I didn't reply to B3nkastel because we were delving on power philosophies than the characters themselves. I need to convince other debaters of my mindset just to get my point across and I felt we were overstretching the discussion needlessly when we already mostly agreed.

My debate with geeman:

I felt guilty for being provocative to geeman recently, over TOAA and Beyonder.

My main focus was deconstructing the hype for TOAA, he already however agreed that TOAA might just be equal to Beyonder while I think Beyonder was below TOAA.

If I continued the discussion, I might feel like I'm overstretching the discussion needlessly because we were going off topic and I might end up souring my image with others for doing that and the Mods might lock the thread due to any discussion of TOAA.


You will notice that my aim discussions isn't really to convince others of what I think, but more of my discussions to inspire more critical thinking in Multiversal debates and fluid thinking.

I want my opinions to influence and ferment the mindsets of people I talk to, I don't want my opinions to dictate what people should think.

My arguments are designed as so, so that my arguments can change the way HOW others think. I want my opinions to help make people think outside the box, since my arguments require some level of fluidity of mindsets outside of our current Battle tiering systems in Multiversal debates to counter.


Minor Unresponded Reponse to Tony Stark's Screenshot

Tony Stark asked me to reply some time ago about Dies Irae in his discussion with someone else about it. There was a particular screenshot I did not get to reply but I was thinking about it. So for now, I will

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Demonbane has no infinite dimensions. If it did, I'm pretty sure Hagane would not have looked star struck confused when someone asked him about it like "WAAAAT? Interesting, but I don't understand mathematics". Doesn't matter though since infinite dimensions are of unimportance if the author never tells us how those infinite dimensions work.

Tokyo Babel? Don't know what that is, most likely it doesn't because VSBattles doesn't consider it so. And trust me, VSBattles wank verses that don't really have infinite dimensions to have infinite dimensions. I am almost certain it doesn't if the wankers who would wank it to death if it had it, think it doesn't. Correct me if I'm wrong however.

Demon King Daimou has no infinite dimensions. I'm dying to know where it ever mentions that. What it has, is a series of chained universe in universe cosmology, of which there are infinite of these, which is less impressive to an infinite cardinal megaversal chains contained within what I would associate with a standard infinite dimensional multiverse that constantly expands like how DC and Marvel does it, which is more insanely massive than just universe chains that are arguably smaller than a 5D Metaverse in DC.

Oh, and by the way, verticalizing a multiverse's infinite contents into a hierarchy does not mean infinite dimensional. You can shorten the size of a lot of universes in a baseline infinite Multiverse and assign with multiversal chains, it doesn't make it infinite dimensional, it in fact maeks the whole thing smaller than 5D. And I do hear somewhere that the universes in demon king Daimou are not even all infinite or the same size.

Umineko is pretty much the only verse with what I would call a True Infinite Dimensional Cosmology. Oh, and I/0 doesn't count because it has a finite number of universes in each of those infinite dimensional hierarchies.


Multiverse Feats #1: The Size of ONE Universe in a Multiverse

While we're all flinging around Infinite Multiverse, Megaverse, Metaverse, Omniverse, etc. etc. feats, nobody bothers to wonder why Multiversal feats are so fundamentally impressive to begin with.

It's because a Universe is such a vast expanse of space, of unknown size that it is impressive.

But here's the thing, a question nobody has asked before in regards to gauging Multiversal feats.

Nobody begs to ask WHAT the size of a Time Space Volume within 1 Universe in a setting is. For us to TRULY gauge the impressions of Multiversal feats cross-fictionally, we need to ask and compare the size of a single universe.

Why does it matter if the universes destroyed in a Multiversal busting feat is infinite in 3D/4D space volume and a similar feat from another verse has its universes as not infinite?

The feat of destroying 1 Universe with infinite volumes of 4D Space Time is just as impressive if not more impressive than destroying a Megaversal number of universes with only finite volumes of 4D Space Time.

An Infinite Universe on its own, is technically its own Multiverse, as is with the Level 1 or Type 1 Multiverse theory.

From setting to setting, a single Universe may only be the size of a solar system to a pocket dimension to an abstract reality that's not even really an independent universe. And there are fictions that describe its own universes as such.

If we agree that not all laws of physics in all verses are the same, then we should ask this simple question as well.

In Marvel's case, each Universe is Boundless according to this scan. I believe I might interpret this to mean that Space Time in each Marvel Universe is Infinite and Boundless.

So a basic 5D Multiverse in Marvel is already Megaversal+ when it comes numbers of meta-infinite volumes of space.

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You might say that your favorite verse's Universes are also infinite in space, but... you can't prove that. Default is to assume that a Universe is the size of an Observable Universe until proven otherwise.

And also.

Sometimes, Timelines and Possibilities are not seen as independent universes but as "phases" or "abstract" magical phase realities within a normal Universe that might not even be Infinite.

This bloggy article is designed for me to explain another detail that I feel compelled I must address to add another perspective to Multiversal feat gauging.