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I'm not even a fan but this series butchers everything Flash related. I don't understand how fans aren't ripping it apart. The writing is some of the worst formularic chick flick level of TV writing I have had to endure recently, it drives me nuts how idiotic it is. And here we have another episode filled with nonsense, pseudo science attached to super powers that is pulled out of the ass and a story completely irrelevant.

Also another great example of this nonsense writing, somehow they assume Jay and Zoom are the same people even though Jay was on Earth 1 the entire time trying to fix the breach WHILE being Zoom on Earth 2. Sure Reverse Flash could run so fast imposing as two people, dressing and undressing, while making no sign of moving because it's convenient for the plot (but then never reaches comparable speed when he fights)... But Zoom doing that AND running through a goddamn dimensional rift also? Sound logic there people. But considering the quality of the show, I guess it's logical. But hey it's the same series that has a character walk in front of the danger zone for no reason to do a victory pose, just to get hand stabbed to death. Wouldn't have worked any other way.