A letter to the princess

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Dear Serinah,

One would think that being a young prince whom has free claim to an entire Kingdom, who is considered the highest ranking and most honorable of all the warriors in his Kingdom, a young prince whom has all the benefits of both royal birthright and freedom of the burdens that come with wearing the crown that would hold him to a higher level of responsibility then he could ever imagine. One would think that such a prince would be more respectable, more gracious. One would think. Until they met my brother Ren.

Unlike myself Ren was born under the light of a waning moon. The way mother had told the story there was mischief in the winds the night that her second son was born. Father found my brothers unquenchable lust for bloodshed and power to be a blessing from the gods, for our father was a powerful warlord King who coveted the same for himself. As for myself. Ren was always and will always be my baby brother, no matter how hard he tries to be something more he cannot change who he is.

The Black Dragon will never devour The Green Dragon no matter how hungry he is. He would choke and die trying to swallow his equal. I will not be boastful and claim to be greater than my baby brother because it is simply not the truth. He only had the rotten luck of being born second and should my life ever come to an end. It would be he who took my place as Emperor of The Middle Kingdom. The young prince cannot take more then that which is freely given to him by my own hand however, and any attempt to do so would most assuredly fail and he would be punished grievously for an act of such treachery.

If your uncle ever makes an attempt on my life his claim to the throne will be forfeited and in the event that I had perished the title of Empress would be bestowed upon none other than you my most precious of treasures. I hope that these words help you understand the gravity of your station and pull away any lingering illusions that your presence is not needed at home. You must return home as soon as possible, you must maintain your presence inside my court. I fear that I am all alone without your grace to shine inside my domain. Without the light of your beauty it is very dark inside my palace. A golden shrine that feels as dark and cold as a tomb.

Signed, Your father Sun.


The Curse of the Jade Emperor.

The Curse of the Jade Emperor.

The Jade Emperor. (Yu Di, Pinyin, Yu Huang, Yuanshi Tianzun, Tia Di, Cao Dai. Shangdi.)
The Jade Emperor. (Yu Di, Pinyin, Yu Huang, Yuanshi Tianzun, Tia Di, Cao Dai. Shangdi.)

The Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor in Chinese culture, traditional religions and myth is one of the representations for the first god. The names listed above all belong to the same being only under different doctrines of religious practices.


It was told that the Jade Emperor was originally the crown prince of the kingdom of pure felicity and majestic heavenly lights and ornaments. At birth he emitted a wonderful light that illuminated the entire kingdom. When he was young he was kind, intelligent and wise. He devoted his entire childhood to helping the weak and defenseless. He was kind and respectable to both humans and animals. After his father died he ascended to the thrown. He made sure that everyone in his kingdom found peace and contentment. After which he told his ministers that he wished to cultivate Tao on the bright and fragrant cliff. He attained Golden Immortality after 1'750 kalpas. A kalpa lasts for 129'600 years. And then after another one hundred million years of cultivation he finally had become the Jade Emperor. (Roughly 226,800,000 years.)

The Curse

The Curse of the Jade Emperor was placed on Sun Pao and his bloodline ages ago, unknowingly to Sun Pao himself. The Jade Emperor in his eternal wisdom erased all memories of himself from Sun Pao's mind completely. For some unknown reason he allowed Sun Pao to retain mystical knowledge that he himself taught to Sun Pao, but he cut himself from his former pupils life entirely. Sun Pao remembers lessons being taught to him as if taught to him by no one at all, the memories of the lessons are still there only their is no name or face to be placed to the teacher. This enigma troubles Sun Pao immensely, and he is obsessed with discovering these unanswerable questions.

Sun Pao and his bloodline have been cursed with Immortality liken to that of a Vampire in that they drink the living blood of others in order to draw power from it. They belong to a subspecies of humans called Shen. Shen are mortals cursed by gods with certain animalistic heritages. The Pao family is the oldest and most powerful of all Shen and their animal spirit is that of the Dragon. This has caused them to develop very unique principles that are invoked by their particular curse.

No two Shen are exactly alike however they all share similarities, each Shen is unique in the way that the curse effects them and their Qi. It is the manifestation of Qi energy itself that decides how powerful a Shen can become and the way that the energy manipulates their form is a complete mystery. Sun Pao believes that the reason that the curse has such a chaotic nature that in which it effects all Shen differently is because their own negative and positive furies are so out of balance the universe doesn't even know how to adequately adjust to the fluxing of their Qi energy being manifested. A very sound and largely accepted theory.


Team Pao: MFL

Team Pao

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Emperor Sun Pao has granted some fighters the privilege to represent his name, and wear his symbol. Members of Team Pao have been hand selected by Sun Pao himself for reasons befitting his most royal highness. He is always seeking new talent to aid to his roster but he is very selective about the type of fighters he chooses. Team Pao is a high ranking team and is well funded, connected, and promoted. They have not however seemed to fight for the #1 spot and in honest it seems as if they are trying to stay below the fame radar. Keeping a steady flow of wins and loses in all weight divisions seems to be their agenda.

Sun Pao acts as the teams benefactor as well as the teams manager both in the Dojo and from ringside he watches over his talent with great zeal, always looking for new ways to improve his legacy and add his own brand of spice to the MFL.