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Sun Pao

Super Name: Grand Master Pao.

Real Name: Sun Pao

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Black when young, White when old.

Relatives: Serinah Pao (Daughter), Najjah (Ex wife, he recently "killed" her) http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/serinah_pao/

Weight: 210 lbs.

Age: Complicated

Eye Color: Pure white (Used to be Brown)

Height: 6'2"

Powers: Sorcerer, and Grand Master level Shinobi, Vampire (Unique class)

Identity: Public.

Place of Birth: China feudal times.

Known Aliases: Green Dragon.

Mini Biography: A grandmaster martial artist of legendary stature.

Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, named Liu Che, who lived from 157BC to 87BC, was the fifth emperor in the Han Dynasty. He was enthroned at 16 years old and ruled 54 years. Emperor Wu was one of the talented and ambitious emperors in the Chinese history, and Han Dynasty became the most powerful nation at that time in the world under his reign.

During the times of Emperor Wu, in politics he adopted people-conciliation policy, perfect administration and supervision system to strengthen the centralization of authority; in economy he rectified finance, centralized the right of iron, salt and coin under the central government, collected asset tax of businessmen; in military affairs he defeated Huns' central plains aggression to establish basic domain of Chinese Empire; in culture he put forward "Paying Supreme Tribute to Confucianism while Banning All Other Schools of Thought" to consolidate the mainstream status of Confucianism; for the foreign relations, he sent Zhang Qian to the Western Regions, thereby developing the Silk Road and enhancing the communications with the west regions; in addition, he also attached great importance to talents development and established examine system which was the beginning of Chinese systemic selecting talents system.

For Emperor Wu's great talent and bold vision, The Strategies of Administration and Military set a good example for the later hundreds of emperors; during Emperor Wu’s time, "unification" not only initiated history river of Han people forming and all nationalities unification, but also unfolded the prosperous chapter of Chinese people. Chinese famous historian Jian Bozan once appraised appropriately, "His outstanding achievements and doings also penetrate deeply into our nation's history and tradition"Emperor Wu was buried at Mao Mausoleum which lies in the 40km northwest of Xi'an and is the Key Cultural Relic under the State-level Protection. Mao Mausoleum built grandly and filled with great and luxurious buried treasures. There are many tombs around Mao Mausoleum, including Lady Li, Wei Qing, Huo Qubing, Huo Guang, Jin Richan, etc. Mao Mausoleum ranks the top among Han Emperors’ mausoleums in terms of scale, building time and the buried treasures, so it is called "The Pyramid of China"

The Shadow Armor

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The Enchanted Armor of Sun worn with pride by the members of the Legendary order of Mystic Monks. The Ebony fabrics that form this finely tailored armor suit was born from the very shadows themselves, carved pieces of scaled hide of the Great Night Dragon of the Endless Void. To wear the suit is to wear pure dread, and is to carryout the duty of the Darkness that it resonates. Through the fires of discipline in the black arts of Shinobi, to help the Monks who wore them preform their Orders duties. Duties that included, espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and assassination.

The armor itself was bore of strange mystic principles of power. These powers all represent the Endless Void from which they invoke their unique gifts themselves. The fabric itself is insulated to protect the wearer from extreme temperatures of cold, and hot. The Void is resistant against both and so is its skin, that is what this suit is in actuality. To wear the Armor is to wear the skin of Void. These suits are very rare, and only the Pao Bloodline are allowed to wear them, for even a novice assassin can acquire Master level shinobi skills just from simply wearing one.

The Gifts of the Void Skins

These are a list of the various abilities of the armor itself. These abilities are only valid if the suit is worn by the assassin.

Shadow Manipulation: The armor allows the wearer to use shadows to both conceal themselves from sight, and attack enemy targets as well. The degree of which these effects may be employed ranges in size and effect, based on rate of need required to achieve the desired task at hand. Shadows will actually move and spread to conceal the assassin, or shadows will seem to come alive and smother the targets, or grab at them with barbed tendrils of the living void itself.

Cloaking Shadows: This property of the skins itself has the ability to filter itself to only be seen by the blind spots of a targets senses, causing the wearer to become invisible even in plain sight. It will only be broken by the assassin attacking or speaking, or otherwise drawing attention to itself.

Dead Silent: A mystical silence radiates from the armor, muting all noise within battle range of the assassin. No sound occurs inside this zone, though sounds that take place outside the area of this ability may be heard by anyone inside of it. This ring can be made large by using extreme focus, and keeping control over ones willpower.

Movement of Mind: The void will push, carry, or hurl objects ranging from 1 to 1000 pounds, just by focusing on the desired object, and then meditating on the wanted effect.

Spirit Aura perception: This ability allows the wearer to actually read living targets body signatures. They can bypass solid matter as well, allowing the assassin to see targets living energy even through walls. The vitals glow more brightly as the rest of the body as well, painting a clear picture of pressure points.

The Man behind the Mask

Even without the suit Sun Pao is a Shinobi Grand Master and has skills that far exceed what is considered attainable by most of the Elders of the world today. Most would view his physical, social, and intellectual prowess would be far fetched to the extreme of a modern day demon, or boogeyman. The vast understanding is that most of the ancient lore has been long since forgotten, or was not ever passed down. And that remains true for the most part, except for when the Pao's are concerned, for they have hoarded much of this lore away, kept it locked and guarded like the very guardians of The Forbidden Kingdom itself.


Acute Senses: All of his senses are exceptionally sharp, his sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Ambidextrous: He has an extremely high level degree of off-hand dexterity and can perform tasks with the "wrong" hand with no penalty.

Catlike Balance: He possess an innately perfect sense of balance.

Enchanting Voice: There is something extra about his voice that others cannot ignore. When he commands, his subjects are cowed. When he seduces, his targets swoon. Whether thunderous, gentle, persuading, or simply talking, his voice commands attention.

Daredevil: He is good at taking risks, and even better at surviving them.


Common sense: He has a significant amount of practical, everyday wisdom.

Concentration: He has the ability to focus his mind and shut out any distractions or annoyances.

Time Sense: He has an innate sense of time and is able to estimate the passage of time accurately without using a watch or other mechanical device.

Eidetic Memory: He remembers, with perfect detail, things seen and heard. Documents, photographs, conversations, etc. It only takes mild concentration, in order to commit it to memory.

Natural Linguist: He has a flair for languages, written or spoken.

Iron Will: When he is determined and his goal is set, nothing can thwart him from his goals.


Natural Leader: He is gifted with certain magnetism to which others naturally defer.

Debt of Gratitude: Many important powerful people owe him favors, for things he has either done for them. Or for others.


Mystic Arts of a Warlock, learned by the Jade Emperor himself. A fact that Sun Pao has forgotten due to a curse placed upon him by the same man. He was once a student of the Jade Emperor of legend. And even though his memory of his time served with him is lost, the great mystic arts themselves are still strong within him.

Theft of Spirit Essence: This mystic art allows Sun Pao to siphon spirit energy from his target. This effects many aspects, and grants Sun Pao with a stronger Chi, while weakening his targets Chi.

Blood Boil: This mystic art allows Sun Pao to boil his targets blood in his/hers/its veins like water on a red hot stove top.

Hostile Essence: This mystic art allows Sun Pao to attack as two at once using his inner chi force, he can find openings, search for an exit point, pick up objects, ect. Once his path is chosen his physical body and his chi body which are connected by a streak of chi essence will switch places and then bleed back as one. If no path is chosen, then their is no penalty.

Hands of Entropy: This fearsome mystic art allows Sun Pao to accelerate decrepitude in his targets. People have been known to literally crumble to dust at the mere touch of a skilled strike.

Mists of Jade: This mystic art allows Sun Pao to turn into a jade mist. His physical shape disperses into a hazy green cloud. He floats at a brisk pace and may slip under doors, through screens, down pipes and through tiny openings.

Masks of the many: This mystic art allows Sun Pao to influence the perception of others, causing them to see someone different from the sorcerer himself. Although Sun Pao's physical form does not change, any observer who cannot sense the truth, or has a weakness to magic, sees whomever Sun Pao wishes them to see.

Flaming Skull Fireball: Pretty self explanatory. This mystic art allows Sun Pao to hurl human head sized flaming screaming skulls at his foes.

Blood of enlightenment: This mystic art ties in with Sun Pao's rare and unique form of Vampirism. He is a blood drinker only for this reason alone, however it has changed his bodies structure do to the vastness of this discipline. After a target has suffered defeat. By his own hands or by any other. Sun Pao can ingest the targets blood and gain their knowledge. He can use this to gather information, and learn a fellow martial arts masters secrets. He has used this many times, on many martial artists of great skill. Or other masters of other talents he wishes to understand.

Special Skills, Talents, and Knowledge's

These are a list of abilities used to describe what Sun Pao knows and what he has learned to do through years, decades, or even centuries of dedicated practice.


Skills are abilities learned through training, apprenticeships, or other instruction.

Master Artisan: (Pottery, Sewing, Carpentry, Silversmithing)

Master Etiquette: (Diplomat, Traveler, High Society)

Master Archer: (Long Bows, Crossbows, Compound bows)

Master Melee: (Knives, Swords, Sticks)

Expert Performance: (Dancing, Singing, Acting, Karaoke, Disco)

Master Security: (Safe-cracking, Hot-wiring, Electrical Alarm Systems, Pressure Plates)

Master Stealth: (Hiding, Silent Moving, Shadowing, Crowd Manipulation)


Talents describe what Sun Pao intuitively knows, what he can do without coaching or instructions.

Expert Alertness: (Noises, Eavesdropping, Ambushes, Hidden Weapons, Crowd Detection)

Expert Athletics: (Swimming, Rock Climbing, Acrobatics, Endurance Running)

Master Hand to Hand: (Boxing, Wrestling, Drunken Fighting, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Throws, Submission Holds)

Master Dodge: (Taking Cover, Sidestepping, Footwork, Leaping)

Master Empathy: (Emotions, Personalities, Motives, Gaining Trust)

Master Expression: (Acting, Calligraphy, Poetry, Fiction, Impromptu, Conversationalist)

Master Intimidation: (Veiled Threats, Pulling Rank, Physical Coercion, Blackmail)

Master Leadership: (Oratory, Compelling, Friendly, Open, Noble, Military Minded, Commanding Presence)

Expert Streetwise: (Fencing, Rumors, Gangs, Pickpocketing, Local Slang)

Master Subterfuge: (Seduction, Impeccable Lies, Conning)


Knowledge's involve the application of the mind, not body, they are mental traits.

Academics: Scholar. (Master)

Computers: Doctorate. (Expert)

Finance: Scholar. (Master)

Investigation: Scholar. (Master)

Law: Scholar. (Master)

Linguistics: Scholar. (Master)

Medicine: Scholar. (Master)

Occult: Scholar. (Master)

Politics: Scholar. (Master)

Science: Scholar. (Master)

Weapons and Equipment

Sun Pao has an impressive collection of Shinobi possessions, including many weapons and equipment used for the dark arts of the legendary silent assassins, famed for their cunning tactics. Listed here are some of his more famous pieces.

Heavens Fang

Heavens Fang is one of the five famous swords of legend, famed by the Jade Emperor and crafted in the Forbidden Kingdom. Sun Pao is unaware how this legendary weapon found its way into his possession, due to a curse put upon him by the very man whom crafted it. It is said to be able to cut even the elder gods, and is unbreakable. When this blade is pulled from its scabbard the sound of thunder echoes loudly for all to hear.

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