Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films!

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  • The Most Hyped up Movie of the MCU was actually my favourite. I loved how it followed Thanos who was played fantastically by Josh Brolin. All the characters had good arcs especially Thor. The action was amazing. And having all the characters in one movie didn't seem like cramming. Amazing film!

  • Just got back around 2 hours ago from seeing this film, easily my 2nd favorite MCU Movie, will do a Mini Analysis when I get time.

  • I loved how the film (Like a lot of MCU Films) are based off of Tony's mistakes. I also found it amazing how the Airport battle was light and humorous, as it showed how much The Avengers will change by the end of the film, where the Avengers were divided. Iron Man was alone, Cap has no shield and is a criminal, Thors' location is Unknown as well as Hulks. Most emotional film of the MCU. Spectacular.

  • The film that changed Superhero films forever, it had a light tone, great action and a generally good story. The Civil War foreshadowing was done well. And overall a good movie that most people would enjoy.

  • I wasn't expecting much of this film based off of the first two Thor Movies. But it was phenomenal. Thor got some better character development, Hela was a great villain and the Hulk return / fight was great. This film made me actually care about Thor related characters like Heimdall more, or new characters like Korg, and even Skurge, who was already more interesting then The Warriors Three. The Grandmaster was pretty great too and Asgard's destruction and the ending set up Infinity War really well.