Top 10 Comic Book Movies

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  • Has the best plot out of a CBM, probably the best acting in a CBM too, imo. Heath, Bale, Aaron and Oldman all nailed their roles - especially Heath. The aesthetics of the film were amazing and the action sequences were tense (the chase, specifically).

  • Tobey's SM was a brilliant protagonist, my personal favorite LA CB character. Doc Ock was superb and the plot was brilliant, the cinematography was a step up from the first film as was the action. The side characters were always a pleasure to watch.

  • Phoenix's performance is the best CBM performance, imo. He portrayed emotions brilliantly, went to extreme lengths to be physically ready to play the Joker. The soundtrack was brilliant and contributed a ton to the film - gotta give credit there.

  • An amazing protagonist in Thanos, superb character work with Thor and the overall production of the film were on point. Visuals were creative as was the action scenes, they managed to get in a lot of characters while still spending enough time with each character.

  • Upon rewatch, EG has gone down in my rankings. Though it's still great, the first 2 hours are quite slow unless it's your first time watching - though the final hour will forever remain enjoyable for obvious reasons.


    The fantastic origin and ending to a brilliant trilogy with a well written protagonist and two badass villains (though the Bane reveal does take away from how badass he is).

  • The film was filled with action from start to finish. I feel like this was the film where RDJ really shined as Stark, that final act to me is one of the best in CBMs.

  • Didn't really feel very comic-booky, but rather like a tense action flick. Bucky was badass and the fights were the best street level fights in CBMs imo. This film also turned Steve into a respectable character, and is what has made him a fan favorite.

  • The 2002 film, it influenced a ton of things. Casting decisions were great and Dafoe nailed it as Norman. The plot is basic but not what the film focuses on, it's more character oriented, and that's why the character chemistry and casting decisions are so important - and are what make the film so good.

  • My favorite Fox Marvel Movie - McAvoy really got to shine here, I feel like he was overshadowed by Fassbender in First Class, but here his performance is what stood out to me. This film really did a lot for Charles' character, and set up a lot for the future which has lead to Charles becoming one of my favorite Marvel Characters.

  • Honorable Mention: Opinion of this film has gone up for me. Jackman's performance here was outstanding and it was a beautiful conclusion to Wolverine's character arc in the Fox Marvel Universe.

  • Honorable Mention: Miles character arc and the role of Peter in this film were great, and they really pulled off the different universe really well. Fisk was a fantastic villain who you could feel sympathy for. The animation style was great too.