Marvel Netflix Shows - RANKED

My Ranking of the Shows:

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  • My favorite superhero show in general. I wasn't a huge fan of the first season, I loved the second season mainly due to the Punisher arc rather than the Hand arc. And Season Three was perfect, Bullseye was executed great, and Fisk actually got a better chance to show his strategic mindset.

  • One of the most underrated shows, what I mainly liked was the character's relationships, and the first encounters. For example Matt fighting Danny, or all the Defenders uniting in the corridor fight.

  • I loved the Punisher show, although it was slow to start, eventually it got faster and was amazing. Can't wait to see Season 2.

  • Although I place this as 5th this does not mean I disliked the show. I loved the show, both seasons included, I feel like Season 1 was underrated, Season 2 was amazing, and Bushmaster was a great villain.

  • Unpopular opinion but I enjoyed the first season of Iron Fist, I've yet to see the 2nd Season but I still place it 5th, after seeing Season 2 I believe it could be 3rd on my list.

  • The only show here that I disliked, I feel like it's really overrated. The only thing that was good was Kilgrave, the rest was boring, both Seasons Included.