The Punisher (MCU) Respect Thread

MCU Punisher Respect Thread

"One Batch... Two Batch... Penny & Dime"


  • This RT will not include a Bio, as most people here already know Punisher's Origin and if you don't go check the MCU Wiki.
  • I will not include every feat, just the best ones which I think are worth mentioning.


Durability & Pain Tolerance


Combat / Skill


Guns down 6 Bounty Hunters in 2 Seconds.

Can still hit targets after being hit with a Tranquilizer Dart.

Hits Daredevil's Mask in a specific place so he would get KO'd but wouldn't die.

Melvin: "How far away was this guy when he hit you?"

Matt: "Four or five feet. Why?"

Melvin: "He could've killed you. And one inch in either direction, your face would be spaghetti. I mean, look at that shot placement."

Matt: "I got lucky."

Melvin: "Yeah, maybe. Or maybe it was a warning shot. He could've finished you off, but didn't. Talk about getting your bell rung."

Snipes a guy from a large distance.

Snipes 2 Hand Ninjas.

Shoots a Molotov.

Takes out Russo's men, and again.

Takes out John Pilgrim's men.

Takes out Agent Orange's death squad.


  • Bullet Proof Vest.
  • Many different guns.