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Thanos (MCU) Respect Thread

Respect Thanos, The Mad Titan

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Thanos was born to Alars, a member of the Titans, a race of powerful, god-like beings that evolved on a planet with which they shared their name. Thanos was born misshapen, bearing a physical mutation that left him marked as an anomaly amongst his people and therefore left him an outcast. Despite his status, Thanos unconditionally loved his people.

- MCU Wiki

Infinity Gauntlet

Power Stone

Space Stone

Reality Stone

Soul Stone

Time Stone

Now is no time to mourn. Now is no time at all.

- Thanos

Infinity War:

Reverses Time to bring Vision back to life, so he can obtain the Mind Stone.

Base Thanos


Infinity War:

Overpowers The Incredible Hulk, who's been established repeatedly as a physically stronger character than Thor, and even himself can flip Chitauri Leviathans, rock the huge Surtur and hold up part of Avengers HQ with a single arm.

Crushes the Tesseract in his palm.

Beats down the Hulk in a few hits, not once has Hulk been defeated so easily, despite facing foes like Thor, Hulkbuster, Fenris and so on.

Rips the Cloak of Levitation off his arm, also the Cloak was ordered to not let Thanos close his fist.

Snaps Loki's neck with one hand.

Crushes Vision's forehead to get the Mind Stone out, it's worth noting that Vision is made of a mix of Organic Tissue and Vibranium.


Knocks out Thor by kicking him through a boulder after 5 hits and 2 slams prior, should be noted that Thor took a total of around 25 hits against Hulk in the Ragnarok Gladiator Battle, and was still conscious and well.

Contends with Captain Marvel's Strength with a single arm, while on the losing end, it's more notable than one would expect considering that he didn't use both arms, just for some scaling, we've seen Carol stop Kree Missiles with strength alone.

Overpowers Thor who we've seen support the weight of gigantic metal rings in order to restart the forge.

Overpowers Scarlet Witch, who was capable of lifting and tossing huge metal spaceships.

Destroys Captain America's Shield with his Blade, a showing that no one has ever come close to.

Punches Captain America through a boulder, shattering it.



Infinity War:

Blocks a Beam from Iron Man's Repulsors, which are considerably faster than arrows.

Blocks Wanda's Hex Blast.

Catches Spider-Man and slams him down.

Stops Loki's Blade with the Space Stone.


We've seen Thanos go toe to toe against extremely fast beings even if his own speed feats are limited, and speed has never been a clear issue, which is why I've made this section.

Thanos has beat down the Hulk and is stated as a physical superior, especially impressive considering Hulk can catch RPG missiles.

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We've seen Thanos keep up with Captain America, a Super Soldier with enhanced speed, capable of dodging a 90m/s grenade launcher round from behind and a 230m/s one from the front, from around 8 meters away.

Continuing from that, we've seen him keep up with Thor too, who has blocked multiple Chitauri Blasts, blocked a beam from the Scepter, which crossed large distances very quickly, and blocked beams from The Destroyer, which were also travelling to him almost instantly.

And finally, we've seen him keep up with Iron Man too, and even the older Iron Man suits were capable of dodging missiles and tank shots.

Now what's most impressive, is that Thanos doesn't just beat them down individually, he also had the upper hand whilst engaging the main Trinity simultaneously.

Combat Skill

Infinity War:

Casually takes down the Hulk, without allowing him any breathing space, while Hulk may not seem so impressive when it comes to pure combat skill, he had just spent 2 years prior to this as a Gladiator on Sakaar, he's super fast, and can keep up with more skilled opponents like Thor using his speed and brute strength.

It should also be noted that Thanos is responsible for the making of some of the most fierce and most skilled warriors in the universe, such as Gamora, Nebula and Proxima Midnight, who we've seen single handedly take out multiple prison guards, and take down Black Widow.

It was stated that regardless of his possession of Infinity Stones, he would beat the "living daylights" out of the group on Titan.


Is able to gain the upper hand against Captain America, once he gets his Blade.

Holds the upper hand in a 3v1 against Cap, Thor and Stark.

While at the reach and size disadvantage, the trio are still incredibly competent, and the former two highly skilled, we've seen Thor take down multiple armed Asgardian Warriors no sweat and we've seen Cap take down an elevator full of some of the worlds "best trained professionals".

I just mentioned the size disparity between them, a feat I think that's worth noting, is the gladiator fight in Ragnarok, where despite Hulk's size, Thor is still able to surpass it with his agility, landing numerous consecutive strikes.

Is a clear superior to Thor, even when totally unarmed, considerably impressive given the Asgardian Feat just mentioned, should also be noted that a single Asgardian is capable of this.

Despite being ambushed, and having one hand occupied holding the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos is still able to catch a punch from Captain Marvel and use her momentum to toss her away momentarily. Which is considerably impressive because...

Updated Post-Endgame

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