Spider-Man (MCU) Respect Thread

Spider-Man Respect Thread:

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When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you.

~ Spider-Man talking about Uncle Ben's death.

Based on the movies, it's safe to assume that the MCU Spider-Man follows his famous origin of being bitten by a Radioactive Spider.

Strength / Striking Power:


Stops and holds a falling Landing Platform.

Catches Cull Obisdian's hammer, which was able to send Iron Man flying thousands of meters.

Decreases the falling speed of a Split Ferry by pulling it together.

Catches a 3000lbs Car going at 40mph.

Pulls the Infinity Gauntlet off of Thanos' Arm.

Iron Man asks for Spider-Man's help to pull off the Infinity Gauntlet, note that Iron Man can create Shockwaves by slamming building sized objects.

Stops a falling elevator and pulls it up with a web, 2.

Casually lifts a Row of Lockers with one arm.

Casually throws half a Taxi at Cull Obsidian.

Lifts a huge amount of debris from a destroyed building.

Pulls a bag out of Vulture's Feet Talons, note that Vulture's Talons can casually lift and throw Cars.

Throws a large billboard at Bucky / The Winter Soldier.

Holds and pulls himself onto Thanos' Ship despite there being large amounts of air resistance.

Holds Dr Strange and overpowers the Vacuum of Space.

Casually runs through the doors of a Shipping Container.

Easily catches a punch from The Winter Soldier's Bionic Arm, which can punch through Concrete and metal frames, and KO an Armed Agent after punching through a concrete wall.

Bends the wing of a Stark Tech Jet.

Resists the pull of a Beam coming from Thanos' Ship.

Far From Home:

Holds up a bell tower.

Pulls down a crane.

Casually lifts a car with one hand.

Striking Power:

Kicks a bus onto it's side with momentum.

Staggers Gi-Ant Man.

Hits a Jet Engine off of his hand.

Swings and kicks through Ballistic Glass.

Far From Home:

KO's Flash Thompson accidentally with a slap.


Speed / Senses:

Agility / Webs:

Suit Features:


The Iron Spider

Updated Post Far From Home

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