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I come from a land of great men and beautiful women. The greatest among us was a man by the name of Joe. This man led my clan on a grand adventure, by sea and by air.

We traveled the world on great airships, often putting us into conflict with storm pirates, led by the fearsome Captain Lightning Beard, whose electric blue beard shot electricity towards the nights sky. His mutant parrot would carry him towards ship, so the captain could ravage their women with his two phalluses.

Lightning Beard tried it once with us, but he was met in battle by the great Joe, who cut off his extra family jewel. Lightning Beard fled, vowing revenge upon the great Joe. We sung mighty songs of the greatness of Joe that night.

I am merely a disciple of the great Joe. I've come to tell his tale as we drink a mighty mead and sing a soulful song of adventures and treasures to come.