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My Favourite Comicbook Characters

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  • Probably the most well-known comicbook character around the globe.I doubt there is a person walking this planet,not knowing who is the Batman.

    Batman was created before I was born,and he will continue to exist long after I die.

    The Dark Knight protect his city from the shadows making the world a better place to live.

    I have never seen any person with more humanity than the Batman!!!

    He will always be my hero,and I hope that I live by his way,for the rest of my life.

  • Batman's most sick,delusional,psychotic and unpredictable villain.

    The Clown Prince of Crime is the absolute incarnation of anarchy and madness.

  • The first Robin and a charismatic martial artist.In my opinion,after Bruce Wayne dies,this is the only undisputed hair to the Bat-throne.

  • Hell's Kitchen ruler.

    Pay hommage to the Blind Guardian.

  • The Man Who Broke the Bat....

    Nuff said...

  • Dude,don't mess with the classics.

  • Strong,indipendent and wild.These are characteristic very rare for a woman.

  • The best there is and he knows it.

    Nuff said.....

  • He is just so fun....

    I am in look at him......:P

  • Is there anyone who cannot like the Mighty Drkseid?

    He will just blast you with his Omega Beams.

  • He is been through terrible situations in his life.This is more than enough to put him on my top 20.

    Plus he is the character I most match with.

  • My personal favourite comicbook redhead...I think I am in love...

  • A psychotic villain obsessed with duality in all things.

  • He is so underrated....


  • Sexy but stupid.

    Gotta luv her.

  • A true hero,the Man of Tommorow is always an inspiration for me.

  • Green,mean and totally extreme......

    Who else can take on the whole Justice League by himself?

  • Just badass....

  • One of the Detective 's most wicked enemies.