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Codename: Ruin

Monster Bird
Monster Bird

One of the new settlers of Dystopia after the 'takeover', he is the son of a fireman. However he likes causing problems that his father has to solve, he ran away from home after his father constantly interferes with his passion.

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Fire Elemental Form

  • Hellfire
  • Cosmic Fire

Pyromania is defined as a pattern of deliberate setting of fires for pleasure or satisfaction derived from the relief of tension experienced before the fire-setting. The name of the disorder comes from two Greek words that mean "fire" and "loss of reason" or "madness."

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Codename: Prosperus

Henry Lim, Accidental Hero
Henry Lim, Accidental Hero

He is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons and innovative feats.

'luck of the devil'

Henry's luck defies probability and provides him with anything he desires, with hardly the need of effort


  • Active synch-factor: To be in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, for anything he wants.
  • Bliss Zone: All things good happen when standing in a certain spot
  • Terror Zone: All things are bad when standing in a certain spot.

Prosperus is merely lazy and irritable, and also gullible


  • Improvised Weapon Proficiency: Any and all objects wielded Prosperus not considered a simple, martial, or exotic weapon is considered a proficient weapon.
  • Quick Grab: Prosperus may grab any unattended object he can lift freely and immediately wield it as a weapon.
  • Intelligent Choice: Prosperus knows the best way to use an improvised weapon. He may add his intelligence modifier to any attack rolls made with an improvised weapon, in addition to any strength modifiers.
  • Multi-Toss: Prosperus may continue to pick up and throw unattended objects until he runs out of stamina or nearby items to do so.
  • Super Hands: All improvised weapons wielded by an Improvised Master gain a super enhancement bonus. The object loses it's super enhancement the moment it leaves the Prosperus hands, or immediately after being used in a throw attack.

For all his luck Prosperus has no achievements to be proud of and no true ambitions, as he is incapable of long-term planning.


Lighthouse [CVnU Enterprise/Location]

Utilising oddities of our world to improve lives!

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Starting (relatively) small, the Lighthouse releases the world’s first Asteroid Mining expedition and begins buying various companies including accountancy firms and media conglomerates to gain footing in a known aggressive market.

Asteroid Mining is a risky endeavour, but that did not stop Arthur Ray to start off his organisation in 1999. It was in 2011 that his vision had finally lead to global success, from this eccentric individual rose a powerful conglomerate. Unbeknownst to earthen the entire company is a front organisation for the Cosmic Reach. Keeping in line with their benevolent agendas, and a path to victory for the world. In terms of explaining technologies the justification old justification amounts to repurposed technology taken from extranormal incidents, in light of 2013 everything is hand-waved to Detroit. Dystopia is a hotbed for salvage operations, due to the abundance of useful methods and technologies also the fact that there is a lack of Government monitoring.

To their end they have lobbied several interest groups, becoming a major force. Through philantrophy and political spending, in grants to activist organizations that do their own lobbying. Lighthouse has been a major force in guiding the world. "Arthur Ray" has steered his company to be a major rebuilding force in the global scheme with corporate offices on every continent.


Mining Magnate
Mining Magnate

One Kirlian given the designation of Type 0, sent from the distant stars to oversee earths progress. Like many visitors from Phlogizein he fell in love with earth's oceans and its marine life, and he event went beyond the fascination to take on a hobby of surfing along the coasts of Hawaii. He is the Founder and enigmatic CEO of Lighthouse, an international conglomerate that is dedicated to building a better world. A man of mystery that rarely makes an appearance in the media. An engineering genius who earned two master’s degrees by age 16, Ray’s remarkable inventions (including the “Kolossos" mining robot) are often outshined by his ability to create opportunity. He’s known for buying under-performing companies and reining them into the right direction.

Arthur and his Lighthouse have done great things for the world, but have been harboring secrets, too. He's beneficial but not ashamed to protect himself and his interests. Building his corporate empire to world-spanning proportions. His money bought him the favour among many political friends and he therefore enjoyed great influence in Congress. But Arthur would not merely sponsor and entertain well established politicians. So, too, would he be granting funds to promising young firebrands who might just get lucky.

Annually hosts a technology expo, looking for gadgets and inventions to invest in.

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Lucas Hein.

The 31-year-old lifestyle and property tycoon is turning a bankrupt town into a property hotspot for Villains. He's decided to call it Dystopia, which is quite fitting. Mr Lucas – who is single and lives in a penthouse apartment in Gothic – is one of the original members of the Clutch who bought the city [and lost both legs in the process]. The ownership is being kept a secret until the 'ascension' is achieved.

Crafted a very creative legalese to avoid being destroyed by antitrust law.

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Eugene Hark, Bank Managing Director. Oversees the growth and success of lumina while maintaining the public relations with his NGO. Unlike Arthur and Lucas who hire specialists to take care of 'problem' the wolfman prefers to finish disputes with his own hands.

In his quarters there lies a 'cleanup' button when he is done with this duties. He used to be an enemy of Arthur until they had a lengthy discussion over lunch where they discussed the future of world economics and how Lighthouse can be used to improve the lives of indigenous people.

A Trillion Dollar Industry

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As the population grows there is a need to find a sustainable supply of national resources to fuel exploration in space and prosperity on earth.

Resource Utilisation from the Asteroids, since there are more precious metals found on asteroids than there have been mined on earth on the course of humankind.

When Arthur Ray established his infrastructure to utilize these resources, he has essentially figured out how to get an endless supply of what he needs in space.

In earth the ability to develop and prosper are closely linked to the availability of energy and resources. Those constraints do not apply when they are limitless.

These bodies of rock, metals and ice range in size from a few feet across up to 610 miles in the case of the largest, Ceres. Asteroids are often classified according to their spectral type, which has to do with the type of light they reflect.

  • C-Type: 75 percent of asteroids are made of dark materials
  • S-Type: comprise about 17 percent of the asteroids

Studies of meteorites, space rocks that have fallen to earth, reveals variety of useful materials that could be extracted:

  • Platinum: precious metal used in electronics and as a catalyst in chemical reactions. Carmakers used a record $7 billion worth of platinum in 2012
  • Palladium: harder than platinum with similar uses
  • Water: can be broken into hydrogen and oxygen to use as rocket fuel or life support for humans.
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One asteroid could contain 30 millions tons of nickel, 1.5 million tons of metal cobalt and 7,500 tons of platinum. The platinum alone would have a value of more than $150 Billion. One water-rich asteroid could produce enough fuel for every rocket launched in history. One single 500m water-rich asteroid would produce over $ trillion worth of water for use in space. One single 500m platinum rich asteroid worth $2.9 trillion, more than the yearly world output of platinum. More than the known world-reserves of PGM's

The majority of asteroids orbit in a belt between the planet Mars and Jupiter. These objects may be remnants from the early formation of the solar system. Other group of asteroids, such as the Trojans and the Greeks hang out at stable points near the orbit of Jupiter. Near Earth asteroids are those that traverse the inner solar system and can pass close to or across the orbit of the earth.


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Kolossos. Enormous multi-tentacled automata capable of burrowing through the ground or through asteroids with ease, they are capable of great excavation and salvage on any scale.

  1. launched to scan for asteroids that could be useful
  2. align with asteroids orbit to scan for ice or valuable minerals
  3. extract metals and dig shafts into the stone, or using magnets to 'rake' the surface



Lighthouse rocked the world with the service. Starting a war with banking services, but when they have so much money, nothing is impossible to them. Because Lighthouse knows how to invest and manage its finances, it is also willing to help customers in this department, as well.

Since its release, the Lumina has become the new standard in Lighthouse money management. The program features a very intuitive interface and a full set of money management feats. Thanks to it you can easily access and edit your transactions, download your online account data, reconcile the statements and track your investments.

Trust in the brand is by far the most popular reason for prospective customers to switch to an Lumina saying that Lightsmith would "make their account easy to access and manage, as well as providing a reliable service."

Too big to fail, as it have a disastrous ripple effect throughout the economy.

The bank was set-up to facilitate all sorts of international organised crime and laundered money for CIA drugs for arms swaps – along with trillions more in astro-dollars. It helped to develop great underworld arms, prostitution and narcotic empires, and even helped in the corporatization of Angola. Cash was needed to build the capstone for the new global criminal empire, and the Lumina provided it.

The bank helped governments make payoffs to foreign powers. It also facilitated the arms trade, the illegal drug trade and the terror trade.


“It offers a safe haven in a turbulent world. It is an established hub for global businesses of all shapes and sized. And it is a market that can make shrewd investors fabulously wealthy."

One of the biggest problems in CVnU Earth was the constant risk of hero & villain confrontations - and once the smallest fight broke out it was very possible that the entire city was be turned into a smouldering crater. Damage control were little more than bureaucrats and later Heroes that put down their fists and picked up victims. Damage control tactics were very primitive, and usually involved Quarantining all property immediately surrounding the danger zone and closing it with specialised personnel. This was usually terribly ineffective.

This was where Arthur realised a small fortune could be made: using a force of 300 elite corporate heroes, he had a network of informers who kept him up in the know about where fights were quickly starting in the city. Armed with his small fortune, Arthur was on hand to buy the now worthless property at a modest value from the now bankrupt owner of the building. He likewise bought the property from the surrounding buildings which were expected to be destroyed by the aftershock at modest, if not market value, prices.

When the transaction was complete, Arthur's heroes set to rid the after effects with reckless abandon, usually successfully. With the threat gone, Arthur now had a remarkable amount of real estate worth selling, netting him remarkable profits.

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MThe concept of heroes actually using capitalism and corporate avenues to distribute advanced alien technology for the betterment of humanity is interesting. Arthur is the CEO of Lighthouse, and is determined to bring about major change to the world using the 'supers' technologies at his disposal, and he’s using corporate expansion to do so. Attempting to better the world through selling advanced technology rather than superhero work. Lighthouse is using the vast resources he collected from supervillains to make the world a better place.

Creating a type of superheroes are now for profit rather than merely reactionary or even proactive. An idea that couldn’t exist in traditional organisations.

it is a coalition of the billing
it is a coalition of the billing

His money though did open many doors. For his wealth allowed him to raise and maintain an army, investing on planetary defence measures.

Traditionally, PMCs have been used in the small, dirty conflicts that fall below the radar of the great powers. In this case, PMCs are directly involved and play a major part in the world's most important upcoming conflict. PMCs currently employ 20,000 security personnel. PMCs are funded by a combination of the DoD and private contractors. Between 10-25% of expenditures on reconstruction efforts is spent on PMC security forces.

PMC security is expensive. It costs upwards of $2,000 a day for an experienced security guard in conflict sites. This high pay has recruited some of the best soldiers in the world drawn from units such as Delta, the Seals, and the SAS. This has caused a reversal, more SAS trained personnel currently serve in UK PMCs than in the SAS itself (this is also probably true for Delta and the Seals too).

PMC forces are easily scaled due to the power of free market economics. The huge sums allocated to the reconstruction of conflict sites is funding the demand. In terms of supply, the large pool of available personnel (40 years of cold war training) as well as the number of PMC entrepreneurs assembling forces is proving limitless.


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Front Reception

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Corridor Inside Shopping Complex

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Employee Social Area


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Rodrigo Falcao, a talent worth every zero on the pay-check. Arthur Ray hires his skills when there are certain things that go bump up there in the asteroid belts.

The Brazilian swordsman is also a friend of Arthur as they met during one of Lynx's earliest missions, namely the annihilation of a certain NGO who plans to actively use heroes in changing the world. Nobody ever heard of what became of that group.

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Owen, yet another trusted ally for both Arthur and Lucas when they need to craft an alibi. The mysterious new yorker can somehow put the CEO at two places simultaneously, that way he does not have to expend his 'secrets'. An asset at keeping things hidden under smoke and mirrors.

Both Lucas and Owen have a story in Detroit, but that is something for another day. The man also serves as a form of intelligence gathering service, but for Lighthouse he works with a special contract. He does not know about the empire and they do not know about the bug.

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Greg Lapham, or the paperboy is one of Hein's favorite hitmen. The investor prefers a man of the gun than the man of the sword, unlike Falcao who has a certain code of ethics Greg is filthy. If the swordsman is fine dining then this Gothic hoodlum is cheap takeout, the way Lucas likes it.

Unlike Arthur who keeps things into strictly business killings the wheelchair bound man would often give Greg 'challenges' for a high sum of money, this is one of the reasons why Owen is constantly under service. Coverups are needed at a constant basis.

Unpleasant Factors

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Bankrobbers are a hassle, yet there they are. The Ice Cream truck driver has made attempts to steal from Lumina several times, one of the main reasons to increase security in the past years during the establishment of the institute.

As silly as he may look [Ice Climber Cosplayer] his skills are top notch and many 'regular' guards have fallen victim into cryogenic suspension, he is a high value target but at the moment nothing that requires an assassin to handle.


  • Similar rules with Cosmic Reach


Cosmic Reach [CVnU Faction/Space]


"Chances are, when we meet intelligent life forms in outer space, they're going to be descended from predators." - Michio Kaku


A race of curious ergokinetics that have set their eyes on conquest aboard the sea of stars, seeded from the sentient ocean of their life planet the young race began to form a network. They started as an alien lifeform on a lush planet, until the 'drop' happened. An event that shifted their position into the eye of the food pyramid after an external factor dropped into the sentient ocean.

Evolution took a different step from a certain blue drop where its dominant species shifted from herbivore apes, because of climactic and vegetation changes they left trees, transitioned to an omnivorous lifestyle and moved to sprinting on the savannah, taking a predatory role over other animals then taking the next step to understand and create weapons, tools and finally technology.

The Kirlians as an extraterrestrial induced mutate reacted violently against the indigenous population during the first millenia, lashing out with their newfound supremacy until the point where their planet offers no more. Assimilating physical appearance, and morphology they had usurped all notions of prejudice for their fellow kin. No fears, no mistrust nor bigotry once they entered the network. They are amorphous

Ancestrally they are a viral species, although a bit more grounded as they resemble the blob. Clumsy in a way that they hunt by bumping and absorbing things, dissolving its meal and increasing in mass in the process. Sometimes taking other forms to live off others, similar to symbiotes.

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Life for them originated from the 'Plasmic Ocean', all liquids in the Plasmic ocean is absorbed and sealed within the gelatinous mass to prevent evaporation. There was a time when the planet began to lose water rapidly, the ocean itself hunt striders and other creatures by extending tentacles over the surface to trap the creatures. Before devouring them alive.

Their life planet of Phlegein is almost fully covered by this sentient living ocean. The sea itself has the amazing power to manipulate and generate both magnetic and gravitic fields, it gives the ocean the might to stabilize the planet's orbit. The ocean covers the surface, except for some small archipelagos on the northern hemisphere. The atmosphere has no oxygen and is lethal to humans. The ocean weighs eight hundred billions of tons made of amorphous organic matrix. A nontraditional lifeform: not made from cells; contains no visible organs or nervous system.

For aeons several races have tried to communicate with the Plasmic Ocean with no success. Unlcear if the sea is sapient, nonsapient, or semi-sapient. At times curiosity is shown, other times apathy is shown. The plasmic ocean spends time creating non euclidian megastructures on its surface. Several scientists went insane because of their brain's incapabilities to visualize and comprehend impossible shapes. Shapes why may last for weeks, or minutes but at the end they are all assimilated at he end. All made from the organic matrix of the plasmid ocean.

Not only is it aware of visiting races in the surface, it indirectly interacts with them. Somehow opening their minds and creating replicas of individuals who they share a close bond with, these replicants behave exactly like the memorized humanoid. Resemble them down to the quantum level but are simly made of neutrinos, giving them strength and regeneration. Stabilized through electromagnetics.

The Big Flow is a substance that flows within the Plasmic Ocean and it is referred to frequently throughout the Kirlian mythology. When it is actually seen by citizens, it has a purple tint and appears as a fluid stream. Big Flow is the essence of the planet and without it, the planet would become a barren wasteland. Big Flow helps to create new life and when things die, they are returned to Big Flow, so in essence it is similar to matter - the amount always stays the same.

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When visiting other worlds Kirlians resemble humanoid looking extraterrestrials, this inclued inter-dimensional entities as well as those masquerading as humans. Biologically they are different than the basic humanoid genetic system, an embodiment that is magnetized in light. They do not have the neccesity to eat [they do out of tradition]. They gain knowledge through the network, which they live off a pranic system. Knowledge and data is their sustenance.

Planet Phlegein is ten percent smaller than earth and nature mirrors that of the blue dot. Flora, minerals and animals have been taken into the archipelagos to be cultivated. Without the plasmic ocean the surface gravity is slightly less than earth, one day is six tenths of a second less than earth. Their talent for thought projection is a customary means of visiting others, it is very popular too. Most mute and telepathic.

From the beginning, the people on this planet communicated with gestures, but as time passed new generations developed telepathy.

At first it was ordinary perception of the tiniest motions of a body, face, lips, the nuances of look, that helped to take in the intentions of each other and pass certain information between each other. As they were a fully developed civilization, they needed to communicate complex ideas and very soon the gesture communication had become insufficient. Gradually, with every new generation, there started appearing telepaths, able to read the thoughts of each other in the conditions.

Some with speech will respond violently to attacks and threats. Telepathic types will seek alternative means of dispute resolution, and encounter other races in secrecy. More often than not they will encounter females from other species, most often they just stare and study humanoids then flee. Most emissaries are not seen to age, agents sent to other worlds seem to resemble 27-35 year old humanoids. Cloaking their real age. Not many other species know the real extend of their physical appearance. Due to amorphous nature their body shapes are constantly reinterpreted by those who saw in their own terms. Sometimes they take on the chemistry of silicon, breathing out sand [silicon dioxide] or even eating rock as part of the unique biological system. Often Kirlians take an anthropomorphic shape with two arms, two legs and a head positioned at the top with main organs in the head for the sake for interaction.

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It can also be said that Intelligent life evolved in the universe. The Precursors became spacefaring and, they found an uninhabited universe. Non-intelligent species were too rudimentary or too far away to be detected. Thus, as both a memorial to themselves and to enlighten the universe, the Precursor Species seeded the necessary DNA for the eventual evolution of intelligent life in the primordial oceans of every planet that could support life. The Precursor Species did not only design the DNA to evolve intelligently, but to parallel their own evolution.

Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny on the scale of life itself. This corner of the universe thereby became the home of Kirlians and other hominid species which are all decedents of the Precursor Species. Therefore, in the eyes of the universe, the many hominid species are closely related despite their disparate home planets.

The development of legs, arms and grasping appendages is critical to the road to intelligence. A primitive technology will require the ability to hold and manipulate, with some degree of sensitivity, basic tools and weapons such as clubs, spears, knives and twine. The intelligence must have this manipulative capability combined with speed of movement, otherwise it will remain in its comfortable environment (as did the dolphin) and we would certainly never meet it stepping out of a star ship.

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As a method of movement, sliding, wriggling and rolling are all much too slow for the land predator. Walking is the only viable means of moving at high speeds and for long distances. The wheel was never used as a means of locomotion by nature except in some tiny bacteria. Although the reciprocating knee joint in the human leg can put up with large shock loads and the shoulder and hip joints can rotate through a considerable arc, it is difficult to imagine an organic bearing that could rotate through 360 degrees.

Monkeys and apes can use their two legs for manipulation but have to run on both arms and legs together. Indeed the ape cannot use weapons to hunt whilst running on all fours. It is difficult to imagine the development of an intelligent hunting animal animal such as man running on two sensitive grasping appendages. Thus we have the evolutionary step of the conversion of one pair of legs to manipulating, pushing and pulling devices and the other pair to movement. In this way the creature optimises between hi gh speed movement and delicate manipulation.

The internal digestive, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems inside the Kirlians would most likely be quite different and it is not possible to list all the variations within the confines current knowledge.

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In seeding the Plasmic Ocean the Precursor Species used 'G-Cells' which are cells of a certain famous monster that originated in the shores of Japan in a previous universe. Usually this can only create mutates. The cells emit every bit as much radiation as their original donor. Some of the risks include, but are not limited to: radiation poisoning; accumulation of strontium 90 in the blood stream; radiation sickness; increased risk of cancer of the liver, brain, bowel, lungs, ovaries, prostate, and cervical; blindness; injurious birth defects in offspring; skin malignancy; and damage to unborn children. To minimize humanoid exposure to scandium 90 and strontium 90, scientists must wear tested radiation suits. They must agree to frequent radiation testing and they must visit their oncologist for cancer screening on a regular basis.

The study of skin cells has indeed revealed that it is capable of absorption and conversion of thousands upon thousands of rads without any ill effect; these roentgens are converted into biochemical electrical impulses inside the brain and this powers its heart, lungs, and other bodily organs. Any excess radiation is converged into radioactive plasma that is stored in what was formerly stomach until such time as it is forcefully propelled out of the mouth at breakneck speed. This breath weapon weakens it considerably and it must consume more radiation as soon as possible.

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Lizards are very sensitive to vibrations from the ground, they are adept at subtle perception. They have amazing hearing capacity, and with their sharp eyes they are able to sense the most minute of movements. Since lizard is their base template, they have the ability to utilize all aspects of psychic perception.

They have been sighted wearing very little clothes except for armor.

Conceptualisation, it would seem, can arise only in a land animal. A large intelligent brain requires a considerable amount of blood and therefore a heavy cardiovascular system both these factors would lead to an impossible power to weight ratio for an intelligent airborne creature. However, conceptualisation, seems to arise in conjunction with a social existence, speech and the use of tools. Only semi-land creatures, such as beavers and otters (both mammals) possess any sort of manipulating appending and these they use on the surface.

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Hominid scientists have reported the largest blast of energy ever recorded from a far-off quasar, some two trillion times more energetic than the sun. About 100 times higher than the total power output of the Milky Way galaxy, a real monster outflow. Bursts of energy known as relativistic jets spew out matter at close to the speed of light. These jets can travel across an entire galaxy, suggesting they can affect the evolution of the galaxy. The Phlogizein pulsar is one that is also bright in x-ray and gamma rays, the highest forms of electromagnetic energy, or light. The gamma ray pulses coming from the Phlogizein hit 100 giga-electron volts (GeV).

In the planet itself the ocean is capable of generating blasts of energy half the world wide. During initial developments of higher echelon beings energy occurrences happen at a startling rapidity, once a floating being is noted to have unleashed a record-setting 1.85-megajoule blast into a target prey animal that delivered more than 500 trillion watts of power. Five hundred terawatts is 1,000 times more power than the United States uses at any instant in time. The prey exploded with a force of nearly 500 kilotons of TNT –- some 30 times the energy released by the Hiroshima atomic bomb — around 15 to 20 km above the ground. The blast was so strong, counting 2.5 million photons per second slamming into it

'Energy Blast' is a burst of energy in bright orange, white, and golden yellow, with touches of fuchsia pink. The markings change with the weather, but the flower always sports multi-colored and beautiful markings.

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An energy blast is a collection of energy in the form of a projectile that has destructive effects when it strikes an object. They are often of a nonspecific type of energy. Commonly, they resemble brightly glowing orbs or similar shapes and create explosions which generate heat and concussive force.

Some kirlians defend themselves uses the "Soul Pistol" technique to launch a bullet of energy energy from his index finger. This natural firearm has an unlimited supply of energy blasts. The beams can be upgraded into more powerful versions, like the Ice Beam or Plasma Beam. Other times they prefer crude methods, ramming it at an opponent with their hand.

The blasts, once released, can either be used to push an enemy back or more commonly, explode, unleashing a large amount of destruction [DETONATES matter at the ATOMIC level]. Some energy blasts behave differently than others. For instance, most are pure projectiles, but others can behave essentially as smart bombs that actively locate an enemy, or user-controlled devices.

By knowing the concepts of Energy, they can not only perform the activities more efficiently, but they can also create their own. Constantly learning as much as possible to increase their abilities; for knowledge is the true power that is the foundation for every act they will ever make in their entire lives. It will take time and hard effort to train the body to absorb and transmit energy efficiently.

By knowing vital areas, such as the kidneys or liver, and perform the shot, they can gain even better results for these areas are less resistant to their energy and can more efficiently and will create more damage to the opponent.

Energy weapons really do have the potential for huge destructive power. They also have incredible range and accuracy, and the advantage of requiring no ammunition.

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Every one has a different level of power they are born with, but all have the potential to achieve "Type" classification energy level.

Kirlians possess a bio-energy field, which many species think of as a forcefield, it is but isn't. It's not a force field in the sense of a shield that surrounds his body and is responsible for his being invulnerable. Kirlian's body is super durable inside out, it hyper-metabolizes cosmic energy. Each and every one of the cells in his body are like liliput suns when they ares powered and since they are living cosmic amplifiers as all kirlians are, they are always naturally absorbing ambient energies from the universe. The bio field or Aura, as it's very well known is the result of his body being very efficient and effective at metabolizing cosmic energy. It's akin to planet earth Sun's Corona. The outer effect of what so wonderfully takes place inside, and just like the sun's corona is very useful and has a job of its own.

It protects anything that is skintight close to kirlian's body and it also adds to the effectiveness of his body's already excellent cosmic absorption process. So, its a bio-field or Aura that comes from the cosmic powered cells of kirlian's already super durable (as long as cells are sufficiently charged) body and not some shield covering his body like a forcefield.

Applied Skills

  • Nova: User collects a large amount of energy and releases it in an orb for an omnidirectional attack
  • Blasts: Hands, feet ,or face release energy over a specific target area
  • Bursts: Fired in short sequence over a wide area
  • Bolts: Releases very many low powered projectiles
  • Zap: A tiny short release of energy to cause pain or discomfort, not destructive
  • Overpower: Pulse energy is released, overloading powered devices in an area
  • Touch: Holding or touching a person or object may charge or supercharge that object, perhaps even Molecular Acceleration
  • Beam: The user shoots a long, powerful, continuous stream of energy.
  • Energy summoning: Summoning objects with energy.
  • Energy Wave :Sends out a wave of energy to cause destruction or detect enemies.
  • Energy Tracking: Places energy in objects/people and uses it to track them down
  • Blinding: Releases a flash of light or beam to (usually temporarily) blind an opponent instead of doing actual damage

Note: Manipulating energy for them is equal to humans moving their limbs.These are equal to a punch or a kick in a martial arts curriculum, they are the basic skills possessed by every Kirlian with varying talent and power. The powers they demonstrate are totally up to their skill level. Everything is energy based and almost all techniques can be learned. So they have to get real creative and work hard to access their full power

Its a mental discipline. If concentration even wavers a bit, their powers either haywire or lose effect entirely. Not to mention the mental fatigue involved in visualizing the warping of energy using just the mind. They have control over all forms of energy, but require that they actually know what there doing. For example, no space time distortions unless they're an accomplished cosmologist.

The key to making matter invisible, sending it through space and time, or making it weightless is to utilize vibration in one of these dimensions. In 3D space, you can shake something back and forth, up and down, or left and right with few interesting effects. But reality is composed of more than three dimensions, and creating an electric or magnetic field that grabs onto matter and vibrates it into higher dimensions allows you to alter the characteristics of matter, different characteristics depending on which dimension the direction of vibration.

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Because Kirlians are seeded using a gene from a giant monster they can get violent at times, this is displayed in the 'Vocal' denominator. There was a dark period in their ancient history where the fell to a dark god. It was almost immediate, to a frightening level and this is one of the reasons why most of the Kirlians are muted. As a young civilization, before the dawn of tools they found 'Selfer' what some of the more reptillian kirlians would want in a god. Bloodthirsty as they are, powerful and brutal.

Kirlians are what Selfer would want in a servant, savage and powerful, prizing strength above all else. A single one can lay waste to entire worlds, battling for the sake of the fight alone, taking joy in the destruction of their enimies and obliteration of any who would stand before them. Their attitude would make them perfect hosts for Selfer, and only for Selfer. No other deities have anything to offer, cunning plans, magic is for weaklings who cannot shed their own blood. Sensual pleasure is not for a Kirlian. All they need is blood on their limbs and the ruin of others.

Then the Big Flow created an event that would change the direction of the prehistoric Kirlians.

Cosmic Reach

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4X : Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate

After discovering the wonders of simple tools the civilisation did not march in a militaristic direction; rather claiming ahead the rest of the neighbouring worlds in 'research' as other planets reach the earth's equivalent of the sixteenth century Phlegein developed railways and electric trade boats. Due to applied sciences and part of their capabilities as a race. Colonising spacefarers constantly harass this developing civilisation from its infancy, setting embassies with declaration of friendship prior to invasion. Ad infinitum. During one point in Kirlian history it became disruptive to the point that the entire planet is captured, luckily nothing came out of it as the natives regained control.

It got tedious to a point where the entire race of kirlians shifted from a purely scientific civilization into a 'gold and military' based one. Annihilating the colonizing spacefarers, to the last quark. No records of them exist, all of their former colonies are assimilated into the newly formed cosmic reach. In terms of intelligence and espionage several technologies have been lifted from other civilization, kirlians spies have killed other spies attempting to infiltrate Phlogizein. Other times the Plasmic Sea does it on its own.

They constantly reach towards bigger ships, better technology, more diplomatic influence, and a bigger economy.

After the cosmic reach is established hominid and other spacefaring worlds are encountered by an encompassing webway of specialized wormholes. Interstellar travel became easy, providing trade, communications, and governance over the vast distance of intergalactic space. The webway intersect at one central nexus, a massive supra-dimensional engine that is known as the giant blue star The wormholes all intersect at one huge nexus, the colossal inter-dimensional machine that we recognise as the giant red star Archipallium, but which is in reality a construct of the archaic and long-vanished race known as the Precursors. It is from this unimaginably huge machine that they derive the description Archipallium Space encompassing all of the many worlds connected by the wormhole network.

Wormholes work in pretty much the same way as hyperspace travel – cutting through the folds in spacetime.

Managed by a Type 2
Managed by a Type 2

The Fermi empire controls, planets each which submits resources that is used to conduct research, consruct planetary structures, pursue diplomacy, and empower the military. They rarely rely on brute strength, but rather to choose to surpass others in research and bask in the boons of technological supremacy. Becoming masters of interstellar travel, especially after the acquisition of the webways. They can effectively send small-yet-deadly forces to any hotspot within the cosmic reach within seconds. Not many have this ability, it gives the empire the leisure to devote valuable resources to other things rather than huge fleets scattered throughout several planets.

For many other civilisations a Dyson construct is problematic, for example the design is improbable. For them this design is impossible because there is no way to get the sphere to stay in position; it would collide with the planet it is generating energy for. The dyson sphere would also heat up and cook the inner planet. Except that Kirlians can harness the four fundamental forces of the universe and stabilize the construct. Enter the Type 2.

All societies need energy. To run a really big spacefaring society, lots of energy is needed. The members of a galactic empire will probably all be solar civilizations.

Planetbound societies cannot expand indefinitely. All forms of energy, whether electrical, mechanical, nuclear or solar, ultimately return to the biosphere in a single degraded form: heat. As more and more of this thermal pollution is liberated at the surface of a developing world, global mean temperature rises and the precarious energy balance upon which all life depends deteriorates.

A single world intercepts a billionth of its sun’s output, whereas a growing spacefaring society can gather energy from any position along a geometrical spherical surface surrounding the central star. This means power billions of times greater than can safely be released on the mother world. Imagine swarms of huge solar cells, each wide as a continent, orbiting the Sun in successive shells about as far from the Sun as the Earth is.

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What's more, they're invested with a brilliant cosmic energy that they wield to create a variety of effects. Their power is so flexible that they've never developed technology in the sense that we're familiar with. Their cities and clothing are built through the direct application of their strength and energies. They can also invest simple metal and stone tools with some of their power, or use it to change and sculpt living things for their own purposes. They've populated their world with extravagantly modified Earth animals, and are served by semi-sapient worker creatures.

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The Disk, the most likely place for life, has about 250 billion suns and is 100,000 light-years (the distance light travels in a year, about 6 trillion miles) in diameter and 3,000 light-years thick. These arms are not concentrated regions of stars but rather gas compression zones of active star formation – stellar nurseries – which is why they are bright. They have ten times more gas, but only a few percent more stars, than the inter-arm regions where the Sun is. Interstellar empires are most likely to get their start in the Disk.

The Core, about ten thousand light-years in diameter, lies at the hub of the Galaxy. There, stars are packed together a million times more densely than out in the Disk. The cosmic reach is a Core empire, especially since galactic nuclei to be scenes of incredible violence, shaken by titanic explosions, rippled by shock waves carrying billions of star-masses racing outward from the center. Any planets would be savagely ripped from their orbits following near-collisions of neighboring suns every million years or so, hence why it is managed by a Type 3.


We are a strong new species in the Kirlian wilderness, a dramatic and complete synchronicity of the finest materials; the optimal utilization of kinetic energy.

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It is unlikely that prosthetics will change the basic form of the Kirlians. In general, artificial limbs (and bionics) are intended to resemble those currently possessed. The kirlians' view of good looks will be determined by the most perfect and healthy of its species. Any artificial aids will be designed to blend with the pure form of the alien -- form fitting containment layers with adaptive capability is an excellent example of this. It is difficult to imagine the Kirlian ever giving up its basic body appearance.

An even more radical idea is that once a kirlian has developed very high levels of knowledge and consciousness, the mind may even be liberated from the body. If this occurred others might never discover its original appearance.

Hybrids would later emerge after the third generation. This generation would be trained the same way, (assuming the parents allowed it) but would be allowed to choose a "Normal" Kirlian as a spouse. There children would be called hybrids. Mixtures of the 2 kinds. They would not all be the same. some would of only inherited some traits. Those who weren't born this way, would be called, "Pure Bloods", or just "Pures". Hybrids may become out casts, call muts, for there mixed blood. They would not be allowed in Scalaris Competitions, for their abberant genetic traits, and would probably not receive the same respect from military figures, as their parents, for the Kirlian counterpart.

Within the Cool World, there are two social classes - overpersons and underpersons. Overpersons are the Kirlians inhabiting Cosmic Reach and underpersons are colonized. One of the big rules of this civilization is that overpersons aren't allowed to have sex with underpersons.

Big Flow
Big Flow

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words." -Phillip K. Dick

Kirlians feel comfortable with a monolithic interstellar imperium humans would find oppressive. Believing in the power of the Plasmic Ocean which bore them life, the great All-Mother that all Kirlians pay tribute to. There is a magico-religious council of the 'Great Glow' that passes verdict and authoritative version of the facts, they cover the contrary and plain evidence presence in front of the senses. Elaborate structures, multiplicity of functions and the size of imperial apparatus plays a part on Kirlian psychology. Individuals when linked to the network are compelled to partake in the consensus and seek confirmation. Also the idea that the 'wise' should govern the masses, letting knowledge and professionalization have the right to decide.

Heritage, the sum of biological, ecological, experiental, cultural and historical commonality within the organisation plays an even larger part in the psychology. The more they have in common, they more they have to agree. As most of them are parts of the resistance led by I'khor to overthrow the Stinguere occupation. It promotes cohesion; and the network stamps it further. Beyond that is Biology. Systems with sentient beings of a single species have a better chance compared to aggregates of a foreign species, different biochemical or thermal regimes, or between natural and synthetic lifeforms is hard due to prejudice.

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Kirlians like to define ones own morality toward the herd.

Do you care what a cow thinks before you eat it? By the same token, you can have feelings for the cows, you can even refuse to eat them on your own moral principle, but it is still your decision.Cows are typically treated very well before the slaughter, and impressive specimens will be used for breeding and showing. Ultimately the farmer/rancher still gets to decide.

Kirlians is to subjugated species as humans are to cows. They have defined their own sense of morality and acts upon it, meticulously following their own rules to their logical conclusions. They may have been at the top of their planetary food chain for a very long time. The Kirlian invader replaces them, there is anything to imply that the kirlian can't have feelings, it's just that their feelings are above them.

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Prior to the knowledge of webways Phlegein position outposts and supply depots near key population centers. These could dispatch warships or supplies fairly quickly by command, or under color of local appointed authority. Mirroring how imperial Rome stifled revolt – a strong military governor backed by several legions. Only the loyalty of the outpost to the Emperor need be maintained.

Prevarications and obscurities and mistranslations are unknown to our instantaneous conversations; we speak in cool mathematical phrases that cannot be twisted by a carefully misplaced word or inappropriate tone

The way to deter anti Cosmic Reach variables is the promise of retribution against descendants, curing all their heirs. A revolution will be paid in the blood of their grandchildren, undoing all that they have accomplished. Corruption is dealt with supercomputer-bureaucrats who will have no need for monetary goods, programmed to execute Overlord I'khor's bidding, and will be intelligent to detect and report any attempt of tampering. Humanoid bureaucrats would need regular maintenance, whether medical or bionic to extend lifespan.

As for the supercomputer it is a software that simulates Kirlian's thought processes to the point that they are not only seem to be Kirlians, but that they are actually the individuals they simulate.

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Much as radio, television, and air travel caused Earth to “shrink” during the 20th century, the galaxy effectively contracts as travel speeds approach FTL. With faster-than-light transport and communication, empires become as plausible as they are on Earth.

Tax Farmers.

Solar systems are not very mobile; it will prove difficult to hide from the Imperial Taxcreature when it comes calling to collect its due. The two most fundamental needs of the Empire are energy and information. Thus the Imperium might levy taxes in watt-seconds of energy per year on each solar system. Information is an important commodity. Subject star systems may be required to transmit copies of all new technical knowledge generated each year , or to provide data processing or data storage facilities for Imperial use. Overlord I'khor may also command each member stellar civilization to raise a glorious edifice in his honor, a Brobdingnagian castle in space, in case His Majesty should ever come calling. A star palace of this size would have the volume of 500,000 Earths, yet only a billionth or less of Earth’s mass. The Palace could house millions of bureaucrats, computers, and garrison troops, and would be visible from anywhere in the solar system – a shining watchful reminder of imperial might.

For colony planets in serious debt to the Cosmic Reach. The only way to pay off the planetary debt is for people to spend all their savings, which are heavily taxed by the world government. “Spend, spend, spend” say the tall adverts in glowing LED lights above city skylines. Many more adverts also encourage residents to spend their money on products, on clothes, on anything. This wasn’t a conspiracy, nobody was pulling the strings to orchestrate this in the world, it was just something everyone knew they had to do. “Spend to save the economy” was the slogan used in all the newspapers, and society did.

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The mere existence of a stellar civilization implies the ability to harvest and utilize the entire material resources of a solar system. Such a society must be able to disassemble and move planet-sized masses across at least interplanetary distances. The energy required to explode the Earth into tiny rocky fragments is 1025 watt-years. To de-orbit the Earth into the Sun, or to impart sufficient velocity for Earth to escape the Solar System altogether, requires 1026 watt-years. A stellar civilization (1026 watt-years per year) that devotes only ten percent of its energy to large-scale mining and construction operations (as humanity does) can pulverize whole worlds in a year and relocate planetary masses in a decade or less.

Also in the sale of purchase of miniature star systems where It’s actually more similar to Jupiter and its moons in scale than any other star system. Oort Civilizations and Shellworlds are also hot items.

No invasion, no ‘take me to your leader’, no ‘behave immature little species’ junk. They just wanted to buy the planet from us. So we sold her.

The 'Types' which the Empire will command to perform these herculean labors. These individuals will run themselves, repair themselves, and even defend themselves. Type 2 with assistance from Type 1's. There’s a complex exchange formula imposed on planet brokers when they buy a world from the locals. Offering some replacement worlds as an exchange.

In some cases they renovate dying worlds; sometimes they actually build them from scrap. Obviously the really nice paradise worlds are sold to the rich and powerful for profit. Galactic Reach regulations require that settlers protect that biosphere from the effects of colonisation. They come with a handbook for creating a more complex stable biosphere from settler's own plants and animals, written by a galactic expert. The sellers helped on the complex calculations to determine optimum orbital locations for biological stability.

This Types will provide such a large amplification of machine's matter-manipulating ability that it is possible even to consider the “phlogforming” of other worlds, remaking whole worlds as Kirlians see fit, for habitation or otherwise. During phlogforming the Types can be ordered to excavate specific patterns which later may be used for artificial seas, lakes, canals, roadways, and subterranean agricultural greenhouses or cities. Then general product factories build the cities automatically, making a fully industrialized planet. Ultimately, loyal Types could be commanded to digest whole worlds, converting their substance into factory machines, space habitats, interstellar arks and railguns, or customized “designer planets” for the Overlord I’khor' favorite concubine.

Small pockets of economic activity may be scattered throughout the galaxy. For instance, stellar civilizations located in galactic clusters of 10-1000 stars, only 5-50 light-years in diameter, may form close-knit economic units. Their solar systems would typically be only half a light-year apart, ten times closer than normal Disk stars. The average distance between known clusters is 100-300 light-years, so interstellar trade routes may be laid out in overlapping arcs connecting galactic cluster trade associations along each spiral arm. Globular clusters, relatively metal-poor and probably also planet- and life-poor, have rich lodes of fusionable hydrogen, a lucrative mining venture for industrious galactic entrepreneurs.

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Kirlians are capable of manipulating light. There are several incidents where a beam of light shone towards a 'Visitor' is bent at a ninety degrees angle away. This is also the reason why most images and videos of Visitors lack clarity. Kirlians are often seen as 'angels'. Mistaken for spiritual beings who are in actuality just advanced lifeorms capable of taking on any shape. They sometimes appear as 'brutish' forms and grey creatures with large heads at other times. But in their truest form, they are amorphous beings with non-humanoid shape.

To give their lives meaning, they feel they ought to do something more than just enjoy themselves, so they try to improve other societies through interventions which are statistically demonstrated to lead to higher utility.

The agenda of these Visitors is to help humanity evolve technologically, past the break-even point to reach a higher state of civilization . Here to assist the ascension of planet earth. Their constant interactions with humans are to open up minds to the worlds beyond their own and to alter their genetic codes. These Visitors seek to raise collective consciousness towards a new renaissance so that the earth will be able to play in the cosmic sandbox.

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Overlord I'Khor monitors his vast empire from the luxury of his own personal Alderson Disk, which he named Reptilis in an homage to the genes selected by the Precursors to seed their entire race. The sun should be bobbled up and down to create seasons.

For his own personal amusement parts of the the disk is categorized as several worlds and settings each with different histories, such as a Gothic or a sword-and-sorcery world. The atmosphere is right, and there are real monsters. It is almost a Kirlian equivalent to human LARPing, except that for the natives the stakes are very real.

He can occupy only a part of the Disc the right distance from the sun. So he shares the Disc with aliens from hotter or colder climes. Over the tens of thousands of years, mutations and adaptations would migrate across the sparsely settled borders.

He would 'masquerade' as a dark lord of sorts in one world, for the hero to 'slay' him and only to reappear in another world for recreation. Based on the performance Overlord I'Khor gives them a 'grade' and failure to pass will result in annihilation.


They all have a sort of specialty, for example, some will mess around with time (although changing the past is beyond them) others will warp space, some will screw around with gravity or electromagnetics, ect.

Overlord I'khor
Overlord I'khor

"He who always has a plan, knows his enemy, and is a born leader."

Name: Overlord I'khor

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 225lbs

Real Name: Nakuta

Origins: Phlogizein, Scalaris

Home Base: Mobile throughout the Cosmic Reach

For I'khor he began appearing in thoughts after he proved to be a key individual in overthrowing the spacefaring colonists, becoming the de facto ruler of planet Phlogizein. Unlike his brethren he harbours ambition to gather the ocean above the skies. He wanted to clutch the stars inside the grip of his hand.

The path to greatness started off with a small army of loyalists [Numbers], a small reserve of currency to trade with off-worlders and several rocks to eat. His competence has ensured the health and safety of his people. Meeting their demands of growth without destroying their economy. Sometimes at the cost of planetary neighbors.

The problem is that he is not alone, there have been other intelligent lifeforms in the system. Kirlians found it the hard way in numerous invasions, particularly that of the Stinguere. Which fortunately for every Phlogizenian are hunted down to extinction by Overlord I'khor's purging campaign, it won him the role of supreme leader. The lesser intelligent races are given option to co-opt or to be left alone.

Competing neighbours come and go, but they do appear on a regular bases. Some are hostile, and are either annexed or annihilated. In most cases I'khor prefers to add their ranks to his own, bolstering the might of the cosmic reach. However there are other cases where there is simply too much difficulty and they must be erased.

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Most of the life forms he'd encountered tend to be intelligent. Every now and then there are semi-intelligent or nonintelligent species that are somewhat able to enter spaceflight and can maintain a minimal level or organization to build empires. Other times he's met with intelligent species that cannot be communicated with.

Despite his looks I'khor prefers to end disputes with negotiations rather than to fight, since reducing populated galaxies into space dust sets a bad precedent for future leaders. He stood as a role model for the youth, existing for the prosperity for the Kirlian race. The Emperor developed systems for handling communications with other empires, utilising them to the fullest extent. He would even notify someone he is on the verge of setting an extermination campaign for.

He gained rank through power, that power is back by espionage and cover operations. Spy killing and deployment is his forte, wars often begin when terrorists are traced back to its empire of origin. Good Intelligence prevents military disasters, sabotage is much simpler then defeating them in battle. He has taken the practice of lifting weapons from other empires that are intended to be used against his people.

As the emperor he worries less about 'superheroes' and more on politics, assassinations, space battles, space gods and alien armadas clashing amid exploding stars, interdimensional invasions and plots encompassing the entire universe.

To him victory isn’t necessarily winning every battle, as he can win by economy, diplomacy, or by technological victory.


  • Macro-Ergokinesis, he is fond of using Planck Energy and Absolute Hot
  • damage resistance or damage reduction
  • some level of super strength,
  • advanced sensory awareness,
  • flight or super-fast movement,
  • increased damage output,
  • increased damage resistance or outright invulnerability (basically proof against nearly all attacks; you can knock him down but never out),
  • advanced mental ability such as telepathy or mental domination.
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Selfer 'red god', Proemial God of Violence and Damnation. It is a mysterious Kirlian deity of whom much has been speculated but little can be said. It is indicated he was a dark and cursed god, but it is questionable how important he really was to ancient Kirlians.

The Red God is apparently of a supernatural nature. It can appear at sites of intense hatred. It generates fear and hatred in others, or feeds on the fear and hatred it finds in others. It is also possible that it possesses greater power to harm an individual in the grips of fear.

It can vanish, to parts unknown, at will.

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Name: Arthur Ray

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 640lbs

Real Name: Adamantellum

Origins: Born in a cave in Phlogizein, Plasmic Ocean [Progenitor]

Home Base: Earth

A 'Type 0' sent to earth to help progress and ensure that the planet is capable for intergalactic trade in the long run.

He sees himself as necessary evil at times, manipulates government officials towards violent ends. He will back one person as long as that person serves his ends, but when that person (or regime) is no longer of use he will then manipulate things to ensure that the turnover to the next government is as violent as possible. He is opposed to messages of peace and the sanctity of life. He has allies within many governments, including the U.S.

Ultimately his goal is to break all borders and unify the planet.


  • Astrakinesis; his lightning bolts can do odd things like tie up foes while shocking them. He could also fly by turning the lower half of his body into a lightning bolt.
  • His limitless wealth allows him access to any number of weapons; legal or not.


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Gloeien. One of the aforementioned intelligent lifeforms that cannot be communicated with, from the dawn of time on Phlogistein these crystalline beings have aroused splendour, It is said during the dark age of Selfer these beings along with the Big Flow are the ones who cast away the malevolent being. It's glow was 'magical' in the eyes of Kirlian civilization. Like the Big Flow, it existed long before he Precursors and the first Kirlian life.

reality shift (ree al' i tee shift), n. 1. the manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. 2. changes in the way we experience time. 3. any sudden, abrupt alteration of physical reality with no apparent physical cause. 4. the source of synchronicity.

Every kirlian knows to leave them alone because the majestic creatures can induce reality shifts, which are happening around them all the time, even though they usually don't notice them occurring. By intending to witness reality shifts and paying even more attention to their physical surroundings than usual, they will increase the chances of seeing reality shifts occur right in front of them.

There are a variety of ways that Kirlians observe and describe reality shifts, and while the "vanishing/reappearing item" type of reality shift is perhaps the most commonly discussed, some other commonly reported types of reality shifts include: Individuals being noticed to be alive again who had been dead, injuries and illnesses vanishing (such as broken bones, cuts, blisters, tumors), loops in time (in which the exact same sequence of events repeats), time overlaps (in which a person interacts with someone from the past or future), great distances being covered in very short amounts of time, traffic lights and weather changing instantaneously in tandem with one's thoughts, spoon bending with one's thoughts, broken things being whole and fully functional without being repaired, empty containers (including gas tanks) being full without being refilled, money appearing in a wallet, food appearing on the counter, shelves and in the refrigerator (sometimes audibly), lights being flipped on or off without switches being touched, changing something from the past (such as the text in an old book), and objects teleporting from one location to another.

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They evolved having a limited ability to alter the laws and constants of Physics, reality in general, just to survive. Like e.g. locally alter probability, telekinetic manipulation of energy/matter, locally slow down time, ability to sense movement/position of particles, teleportation, manipulate gravity or mass via manipulating gravity or Higgs field, etc. The effects are limited by range, by the length of time, by the way it is projected, by uses etc. These creatures develop in another dimension.

Not a hellish death world, but a utopian Tibetan temple planet, and where the creatures living there naturally evolve Buddhism and the highest form of organism naturally attains nirvana. With such a perfect world, the sentient species that evolved there no longer need to waste time on such petty concerns such as killing things for food, and instead they spend their days meditating on the true nature of reality and the composition of the cosmic ether.

As the eons pass by, they develop a greater awareness that transcends the limitations of the material world, enabling them to see the very strands of fate that bind all of us to the destiny of the universe. After spending one hundred thousand years in contemplation of the inconceivable trans-yuggothian vibrations they behold in the maw of that great void, they develop the esoteric abilities to strum these chords and manipulate the very music of the spheres - adding their own chorus to the eternal symphony.


Kirlians pride themselves on their long range firepower and superb flight mobility.

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Type Zero: Sent down as 'demons'

Otherwise known as 'superpowers' by hominids, they are given classification as they are capable of harnessing 10^6-10^16w of energy. Not enough to shake planets but sufficient to put stubborn continents back into place, they serve as an important part of the subjugation force. Dropped into planets in groups of three to maximize performance. In general they are able to dish out damage surpassing nuclear weaponry, harnessing fission and fusion is a must.

Attacks are started by shutting down all of the digital technology within the area to shut down communications.

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Type One: Sent down as a prophet or a harbinger of doom.

Once it arrives, the Type alone can inflict a fair amount of damage. If 10% of its mass is antimatter for energizing weaponry, more than 1024 watt-seconds can be visited upon the unfortunate infidels. This is enough energy to (1) vaporize the top few meters of Earth’s entire surface, (2) excavate a giant crater 100 kilometers wide and 50 kilometers deep, or (3) slice Earth like a grapefruit, clean in two along the equator, by burning a trench a couple of meters wide clear through.

Yes, they can blow up a planet with energy: all they have to do is supply enough power to overcome the binding energy of said planet (the force keeping it together), otherwise gravity just pulls it all back together. Planetary scale mining is also a trivial thing for them, asteroid mining is casual.

Attacks are started by weakening transportation, particularly the nullification of airborne or spacefaring methods. Effectively taking away their wings, or means of escape.

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Type Two: Sent down as a solar deus.

Once a scientist from a hominid world discovered an x-ray flare from a star as it ripped into a planet, known as Stinguere which received three million times as many x-rays as earth received during a solar flare. 900 tonnes of gas got ejected fromt he atmosphere per second at the speed of more than 482,803 kn/h, destroying the atmosphere and leaving the planet barren like mercury.

A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Type 2. Cosmic beings are to superheroes what superheroes are to mortals. The cosmic being has powers greater than those of a mutant, or else has more powers. Starlifting, or mining stars for minerals is one of their given tasks.

Attacks start with the halting of the solar's rays reaching the orbiting planet, removing the warmth. Or they can shift the planet out of the Goldilocks zone.

Type Three: ???



“There ain’t no stealth in space”

The Aithein is armed with a number of turrets which are somehow able to automatically lock onto enemy ships without accidentally shooting friendly ones. There are specialized 'firebrand' armaments where solar shells [caged suns] are agitated by ergokinetic inducement to 'cook' them as they are kept inside stasis fields. Once stasis fields are turned 'off' then the wink bomb explodes as a supernova. It is used in full automatic as 'solar-chains' when things get really nasty.

This warship is often used as a last resort when war is inevitable, or when a galactic empire poses as threat to Overlord I'Khor's rule.

With great radiation comes great mutation.
With great radiation comes great mutation.


Gamma-rays, usually cosmic, penetrate the brain. This causes DNA damage and the victim's own cells attempt to repair themselves. Unfortunately, this normally beneficial process excises many non-essential genes and causes programmed cell death in others. The most protected cells, which are responsible for basal function, are selected for and begin to repopulate the damaged areas of the brain. Because their rapidly developing brains are more susceptible to radiation, children tend to be more prone to gamma radiation-induced zombie metamorphosis than adults.

There were a family of four on the way to Mars when they were clobbered with radiation back in 1961. The result? superpowers. Zombies hail from outer space too. The space vehicle which orbited Venus and then was purposely destroyed by NASA, when scientists discovered it was carrying a mysterious, high-level radiation enough to cause mutations. Superheroes are from Mars, zombies are from Venus. The radiation is the same. And though in one case it bestows freakish superpowers and the other it animates flesh-devouring corpses.

With great radiation comes great in-fighting.

They had the heroes argue amongst themselves. They didn’t always get along well. The radiation has the same effect on the survivors. At least one pair of survivors will be battling not the dead but each other.

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A weaponized part of the Plasmic Ocean, as the original serves as a primordial soup the variation is able to transform into a new species rapidly. Shortening the process into days or even breaking it down into hours. Exposure to temperature extremes like flame of combustion will multiply their size.

Diluere is deployed by a meteorite, to mimic the seeding of Phlogizein by the Precursors. Then the microbes takes the first step to become multicellular organisms, inevitably generating habitats and ecosystems within immediate presence. Starting from insects, eventually moving on to hominids and replacing the indigenous life.

Used if the planet is deemed unfit for 'ascension' by Type 2, a great flood will be called in to wash away the abominations that reside on the land.

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After aeons of years of expansion, the Kirlians switched to Industry. They constantly need to re-establish and maintain their complex webways and they no longer had the luxury to conquer without thinking of universal retaliation. So they used proxy armies conscripted from planets that they had already conqured as invasion forces.

A new strategy was needed. Selected agents on the Stellar Conquering Committee were tasked with preparing suitable solar systems for 'Ascension' into the Galactic Reach. These vanguards were sent on Millenia long missions to the targeted sol system where they would study the inhabitants, upgrade the defenses, and prepare the natives for the coming ascension.

CVnU Earth

Won't happen anytime soon
Won't happen anytime soon


An advanced and ancient race of aliens has explored and claimed other galaxies. They are powerful creatures, and they traverse among the stars like gods. Only Earths insignificance has preventing them from visiting us previously. The last time they came to Earth, we were unintelligent ape-like creatures and the Earth had little value.

Their only interest is in the Earth’s oceans. Staying in touch in exchange for cultural knowledge.


  1. This is a Faction Thread for the CVnU, locations mentioned above can be used for entry [notify first]
  2. No godmodding
  3. You can destroy some minor landscape, designated areas and etc. but NO busting in 'key' areas [go bust a colony you scamp]
  4. Anyone can visit the Archipallium, permission needed for Phlogizein and the Aithein.
  5. Mount a siege at will, but discuss first
  6. The Plasmic Ocean will stay as the Plasmic Ocean
  7. You may use the Galactic Reach as a trading hub or access the webways for fast transport (pm first)
  8. Given the nature of some events, Overlord I'Khor may be busy with paperwork.
  9. Arrival by commercial spaceship is fine, other means of transport is okay as well.
  10. Connection or membership with a space faction will involve meeting Overlord I'Khor
  11. Extreme prejudice to technomancers

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Tottemo! Satsujin

Red Rain of Pain

Person of mass destruction
Person of mass destruction


"a katana hilt" which can project a force field that can cut through anything. The force fields under attack routinely glow red and orange and then all the way up through the spectrum until they reach violet and black and break down. The efficacy of the field is directly proportional to the cube of the velocity or to the momentum of the object it resists. It can recharge its energies by soaking up the kinetic energy of the projectiles it stops. A traditional force field that converts the energy of an attacking force and repels it back on itself.

He channels his forcefield into a deadly blade that can take any shape he needs to effectively slice and dice his enemies. The blade itself is invisible unless someone's a seriously good fighter and can see ki. It could be explained that his killing intent was so strong even without a sword, so his ki made him one.


Bakudan: Creating a small force-field inside someone’s head and expanding rapidly. Applied this to pretty much anything; even heavily-armoured robots. In more powerful circumstances, he can also use this to ensure an escape via removing obstacles; making them explode from within.

Kamaitachi: Telekinesis. Creating a solid field of force and moving it, and when he gets it to work really precisely, he ends up with TK.

Kamikaze: Variety. Once he enters Kamaitachi, the next step is precision application. He can do anything as long as it involves the term ‘movement’. Like hyper-accelerating the vibration of something’s molecules via the creation of super-tiny forcefields, and heating it up significantly. Use tiny super-precise force fields to nudge the electrical synapses in the brain for Mind control. Create a tiny forcefields shaped in just the right way and accelerate it really fast into someone? Metal Storm.

Sub Techs

Thermal insulation: A double wall with trapped air can be used like thermal insulation, like a coffee thermos. If he removes the air, he removes any chance of conductive heat transfer.

Sound insulation: A double wall with no air between them will effectively cut off all sound – no medium for the sound waves. Then again, when his force field is already perfectly rigid, then it won’t transmit any vibrations, but it will reflect them perfectly.

Secret communication: A force field in the shape of a parabola can focus incoming sound to a single point (like a telescope for noise), effectively providing super hearing. Do this with two force field parabolic “cups” so he and his allies across the room can whisper to each other without people in between hearing much of anything.

Eerie Noises: While he could try to make a vibrating force field to generate sound waves, a simpler method would be to simply shape his force field into a flute, empty jug, or a hollow reed. The natural air flow blowing across such a thing would make noise that could be used as a signal in a covert op, to distract a guard, or to play a soothing melody.

Anti-Bloodhound: As an addendum to making a bubble of air, one could encase themselves in an air tight bubble to foil scent tracking dogs. To further trick them, he could trap some air around him with his scent and send it off in a leaky bubble leaving a false trail for super noses.

Textures: when he has fine control over force fields, he is be able to alter the surface texture. If his allies can read brail, he an imprint invisible and silent messages for them. This could also add to a visual illusion. A holographic brick wall backed up by a force field can be pretty convincing; if it actually feels like brick, who would know the difference. Also, a rough surface can slow a run-away object down to bring it safely to a stop – not all movement needs to be arrested by a sudden and violent smashing into an instant wall. Alternatively, a suddenly glass-smooth surface could be inconvenient for a pursuer. As a nod to power limitations, stopping a speeding car takes a lot of resisting force, while slowing it down with rough force fields requires much less resisting force.

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Greg Lapham

Mr. Hurt

'I die, Repeat, I kill'
'I die, Repeat, I kill'

34 yrs old


Six foot zero

Two hundred pounds, fluctuates

Black hair, combed back mane

Toned Body from experience

Likes leather coats, trousers and t-shirts

Professional criminal, 'cleaner', mob hitman & contract killer

Experience in killing targets

A fan of John Woo, 'Give the guy a gun and he's superman, give him two and he's God'

Lives in gothic, kidnaps and shoot people for money

A bit chaotic, fully neutral

F^cking hates cramped and closed spaces

More gun than the state of texas


Extra Lives & Save Point (more like a checkpoint)

Stuck in a limbo like space time loop with no escape and he realises that the only way out is to die. Thus, ending up in a continuous time loop. It would really suck. Stuck going from future to past just to escape old age, infinitely looping, however does that mean he can only go back to times were he is alive.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  1. He will return to the day before the mission after death.
  2. In any situation, in any manner of death 1 will apply.
  3. No escape from cycle.
  4. Memories will be passed on.
  5. Events that occur will not be necessarily the same as before.

Upon looping he is found back to his apartment reawakening in his bed each time. No one can remember. He is the only person who remembers, time after time, that the day is repeating itself. The loop is self-correcting, and will eventually work itself out, like a kink in a piece of string.

The power to be anonymous. Unrecognisable going off on a whim here, and other people who have seen him all the time will just not be able to put their finger on who he is, and it could be on the tip of their tongue or whatnot. He is lik a shadow. He's not terribly noticeable. He's a guy who walks into a bar without drawing attention to himself, because that's not what hitmen do.

Those who live by the second will have a hard time catching up, to him every second is broken down. Time does not slow, bit it is split into smaller bits. Acting as high-speed camera shutters, allowing him to perceive the world as a super-rapid series of freeze frames - much like the bullet time effect. This moment will be taken to predict and counter what happens next, thus optimising his movement.

No Caption Provided

People with the ability to see the future can easily be outwitted by Greg Lapham's unpredictability. It was commented that his battle instinct was indeed excellent as if an opponent can clearly read his moves and see that he is going to strike left, Greg Lapham would instinctively strike to the right. If you obviously knew that he was coming from above, Greg would come from below.

Kept track of the number of timess he had looped on his 'tattoo', on his left forearm. He inked himself and only he knows the significance of the numbers. A endless timeloop infers he would'nt ever age.

fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life
fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life

If a person's facing a problem which can only be solved by a certain action, they win if they can perform that action, and they lose if they cannot. Most superheroes have powers which increase their actions available. A-type powers

But a few superheroes have powers which only increase their ability to search through the available actions, and to select the most effective action. Physically speaking, any fit human could do what they do; they're just much better at doing the exactly correct thing. B-type powers

causal loops can occur when extraordinary cosmic structures curve spacetime in a negative direction. Some of those events have no beginning and no end. Spacetime permits time travel into the “local” past (his own life) and fantastic amounts of energy would be required.

There is an alternate version of him that traps the whole of mankind in an unending time loop. Another being only part of the universe being trapped in the time loop and another trapping a whole universe together in the time loop.

Sometime variables happen inside the closed loop, like the 'many worlds' theory wherein that loop would create 'children' all of them closed, creating 'children' in their turn, in infinitum.

The existence of the loop leaves an imprint of past events on the framework of the space-time construct. The same way magnetic information is retrievable from an "erased" electromagnetic storage device. The "data" from his previous iteration(s) leaves an impression, subtle or unsubtle depending on proximity to the paradox, upon the framework of the space-time construct.

Before he realizes it, he is launched into dream after dream where all he does is fight the most famous warriors in history with a predictable outcome.

Greg is reliving multiple lifetimes/ multiple deaths. He will be going back to relive his life as Mr. Hurt, something he has done many times before and do forever, because he never gives up.

Time Lapse, say he lived through perhaps 13 hours of the day. Imagine that 12 hours of that day is nothing more than watching a painfully slow progress bar advance to the finish. He can chop out a large segment and insert a 'transition' between the two.


No Caption Provided

After Mr.Hurt loops, each cycle grants him a new gift, while he loses the old gift. The powers are always selected at random from all available powers. Sometimes a clear physical change is also accomplished in the process such as becoming a skeleton, a phantom, a zombie or such.

He can have the powers and abilities for a limit of 24 hours. One curious aspect of Greg's physiology is that he appears to improve physically after each traumatic assault on his body.

Masquerading as a superpowered hitman with Felipe, Jeb, or Steffer sending him after random targets throughout Gothic.

Adopts a different super-power by the day [loop].

Melee Training

Courtesy of Jeb.
Courtesy of Jeb.

RBSD: Since Greg lacks the finesse and patience for good old fashioned kung fu, because of his curse he gets opportunity to try it on 'real' scenarios as opposed to simulated ones. Taking cliff notes from Fairbairn-Sykes-Applegate and paying those on leave from military duties to teach him the basics. Using his own injuries to weed out what works and what is ineffective in combat situations, he holds no emotional attachment to any set particular style. Picking up whatever suits him best, and sharpening his instinct. Training for multiple attackers by using several 'loops' to engage a police precinct or even a military base. Ignoring drills and spars for actual combat experience. Unlike most practitioners he keeps a grip on strong fundamentals. He always go for the agressive, taking the ground and pushing to the opponent.

Stomping is a favorite tactic, it goes well with his heavy work boots. A 'trick' he uses is taken from the same vet that gave him the Ka-Bar, drop stepping learned from the military boxing camps. He is not a martial arts experts or a super fighter, although looping makes him look like one.

No Caption Provided

Universal Fight [Germany]: a competitive training system with military applications. As an individual kind of sports is related to the development of applied single combats:

  • hand-to-hand fighting,
  • self-defense wrestling,
  • judo,
  • jiu-jitsu,
  • karate,
  • boxing, and kickboxing tied together with shooting,
  • cold steel throwing,
  • and the elements of shooting range.

Aquathlon [Moscow]: Aquathlon is a martial art and combat sport in the water and under the water. The origins of the name, 'Aquathlon' are 'Aqua' - water and 'Athlon' - wrestling.

purofesshonaru resuringu [Japan]: a combat sport as it mixes full contact martial arts strikes with complex and dangerous submission moves and other types of wrestling like amateur and submission wrestling.

Chess Boxing: combine the #1 thinking sport and the #1 fighting sport into a hybrid that demands the most of its competitors – both mentally and physically.

Ranged Experience

Macedonian-Style, for deftness at simultaneously firing pistols in both hands. When using two handguns simultaneously keep both hands tightly pressed to each other, holding them together with his thumbs [interlocked his thumbs to form a "V" shape]. Using this grip method, he can apply clean, exact aimed fire. When using two automatic pistols, the "macedonian" shooting method allows fire density at the same level of a submachinegun and even better - the groups are going to be tighter. This method can be used to cause the opponent to go prone and hold him in that position up to 100 m away.

This technique was mostly used to suppress an enemy, not actually hit them, in the days before widespread use of submachine guns. It fell out of favor when the Soviets were able to mass produce cheap yet effective submachine guns and higher capacity semi-automatic pistols and machine pistols.

It is generally something that takes YEARS of practice to even get to the point where you can hit two targets at once with any degree of accuracy.


Carries a pair of 9x19 MM 'cop killer' Glock 18c with explosive munitions and extended magazine for his daily missions. But In actuality he carries the set of firearms available to the average FPS videogame for multiplayer mode [like the AA-12], just leftover money from other odd jobs. Carries about five mags [33 rounds each] on average. Sometimes Henry U.S. Survival Ar-7 Rifle, sometime XS1 precision guided firearm.

Owns an 'Il Duce' vest
Owns an 'Il Duce' vest

The vest comes with mesh & elastic band to hold the pistols.

Pistols and submachine guns are frequently utilised by Greg due to the light weight they provide, enabling him to move more quickly. They are frequently dual wielded. Greg is extremely agile and implement rolls, dives, slides, and falls while they duel, making for a graceful, ballet-like performance in the midst of gunfire.

For melee he carries a Ka-Bar knife picked from 'Nam veterans, used for ambushes.

Chinatown Special.
Chinatown Special.

Wore a bulletproof trenchcoat which is more resistant then bulletproof. He believes this makes him invincible. Alternatively dons a superdry scrambler leather jacket every now and then. He likes to avoid attention by wearing black-on-black-on-black.

Sometimes he would take 'candy' to increase his performance, courage in a pill helps against the odds. Miraclo is taken orally for roughly one hour of power. Steroid A39 also gives increased strength.

In more public or overt outings Greg dons the mask, in this setting he is simply known as 'Mr. Hurt" who operates on a metahuman level, some people believe that he is an invulnerable, superstrong, and superfast special. Others believe that he is a man of one thousand superpowers, but that is all a ruse.


Son of a Burger Joint operator.Educated up until Highschool, and dropped out of community college because of bad life choices. Drugs and hookers to name a few.

Spend fifteen years in prison for several charges, in actuality he was set up by one of his employers. Powers manifested during his incarceration, extending his stay for about one thousand years. It was triggered from despair, 'time travel hypnosis' from a writing on solitary pushed him towards this direction. and He returned later after his parole to return the act in kind, the man ended up separated between three rivers.

Free agent, will work for money. Doesn't matter where from. That is his 'code'. Pay a man enough and he'll walk barefoot into Hell.

Proud Catholic and goes to church, he hates the fact that some people would separate faith from laws. Some of his acts are justified by religious norms, such as certain prejudices. To him Creationism is the only answer.

No Caption Provided

He can live the same day as long as he wanted to, even dying wouldn't really kill him, there would be no consequences to his actions. Sometimes he would run around naked, jump off the Sears Tower, rob a bank, drive as fast as he wanted, act really crazy, spend several of the days learning a new language, learn instrument, study chemistry, learn about people, whatever.

He can remove himself from normal human feelings, not thinking twice about committing murder.

Responsible for handling those who do not go along with policies, rules and deals. Involves threats of violence, beatings or murder. He would use sulfuric bath to get rid of bodies and use the sludge as fertilizer. Sometimes he would try killing innocent bystanders to develop more effective means of doing his work.

Carrier of the MAOA gene. About 30% of all men carry what's known as "the warrior gene" - a tiny bit of DNA that pre-disposes them to violent behavior.

He functions more like a stock trader than a common thug—murder is a financial transaction most effectively done from a distance. Advertising services via anonymous and decentralized network of websites that exist off the grid and out of conventional web browsers. Keeping payment out of sight, transactions all take place with Crypto-currency, that is similarly decentralized and anonymous.

Greg specialises in cruel, inhuman and degrading (CID) treatment. While most of his activities are are physical, or black torture he can also do mock executions and white torture (psychological).

Because of Nam Tran he is a 'Blank' or a nonperson, erased from existence by alteration of records. Intentionally asking for all records to be replaced from government databases.

As a serial killer he would enter victims' homes at night and kill everyone with axes, meat cleavers ,hammers and shovels. The remains of Gregs' victims were never found because he dismembered the bodies and cremated them in the fireplace.

A virtual "killing automaton," he worked as an independent contractor for several different crime families and had no qualms about carrying out torture along with murder, if so assigned. In one instance, he was said to leave a man trapped in a hole filled with ants.

He is trusting to his clients as a hitman, with a benefit of doubt as he has been crossed before. As a serial killer however, he can kill who and how as pleased, and collect his own payment.

Looks like Tommy Monaghan/Kev Hawkins/Mr. Smith/Jack Dio/Dwight McCarthy/Tony Vercetti/Jack Slate

No Caption Provided



Chinese finger trap, the same metaphor applies in finding the path to defeat him .


Steffer Cayman: Greg's trusted money launderer, hackproof to a certain extent. Most of his money is managed in a Swiss bank account by Cayman; about $200k is in a savings account held under his name at a local city bank. Longtime member of Gothic's LGBT community, best friends with rosie palmer.

Joanne Shelby: She is the owner of Greasie's Diner, the place he goes to get his brunch meals every damn time. Her source of information is also invaluable when it comes to tangential links. Also she serves the best eggs on Gothic according to him. Redhead.

Jeb Saunders: Combat trainer, 'Nam vet stationed in Da Nang and the old bastard who gave Greg the Ka-Bar. Even at the loss of one leg the man still packs a mean punch. Some of his methods are crazy and unorthodox but they work, they train regularly. His left leg is replaced with a high tech prosthetic, it is provided b Felipe. Runs a security group composed of ex military, special forces, martial artists/MMA fighters and bodybuilders.

Felipe Weis: Weapons' provider, the foreigner with the wonderful toys. One of the rare occasions when the Target pays more than the employer, warranting a return to sender effect. Turns out life saving can earn you a lifetime discount from an black market arms trade manufacturer.

Minsuh: Drugs, this woman can make a man fly. Normal drugs, suicide drugs, super drugs and whatever else that can be injected into the crook of the elbow. She has them all, where from nobody cares so long as they are provided with the goods.

Rosie Palmer: Greg is a subscriber to her talents, she works personally for his group of associates. Carrier of the Aphrodite Gene, and had a brief stint as a Glamour model for a few swimsuit editions before disappearing from the media to dismay of her fans. A woman to die for, on an open relationship with Felipe Weiss. Brunette. [Looks like Fritzi from Love and Rockets]

Rosie's body became "reinforced" due to her enhanced molecular structure. It was altered and enhanced by her genes. Rosie stands at 5'8" (6'1 with her boots), weighs 350 lbs, and possesses extraordinary strength and stamina. Not to mention a side effect of large (30GG) breasts, 25" waist and 35" hips. She is highly resistant to injury and an extremely powerful swimmer that can hold her breath for long periods when fighting underwater. Rosie's strength also allows her to leap lengthy distances, such as between buildings in Gothic City. Her enhanced molecular structure has a healing effect that quickly heals wounds over time. The effect is hastened when a lot of food is eaten and metabolised. The more food consumed, the more quick the healing. She also has above average running speed, described as moving at "30 miles per hour".Rosie's sense of smell and hearing are also enhanced. And she proved resistant to the effects of drowning, being capable of expelling water from her lungs, even when unconscious.

Prior to reinforcement Rosie is a standard aphrodite with increased healing,resilience and endurance.

Nam Tran: Hacker, adopted by Jeb Saunders. The thirteen year old can take over anything owned by a Superpower, making any form of electronic surveillance obsolete. His other specialty is frauds such as money scams. The vietnamese is also a hero nerd, who likes collecting terabytes and exabytes of information regarding his favorite heroes.

Victoria Mears: Mechanic, handles the vehicular stuff. Auto theft is another specialty, and she can repurpose stolen vehicles to fit Greg's specification. She tells him where to find so he can show her the goods. She is currently working on convertibles, especially one concerting cars to giant robots.

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Mister Mathers [WIP]

Laplace's demon.

The concept that if you know the position and momentum of every particle in the entirety of the universe, the entirety of future of the universe can be predicted through the laws of classical physics.

No Caption Provided

Mathematical Vampire.

As­sum­ing that the vam­pire fed once a month and the vic­tim turned in­to a vam­pire, there would be two vam­pires on Feb. 1, four the next month, and eight the month af­ter that. All hu­mans would be vam­pires with­in 2½ years. “Hu­mans can­not sur­vive un­der these con­di­tions, even if our pop­u­la­tion were dou­bling each mon­th,” which is well be­y­ond hu­man ca­pa­ci­ties

To that end Mister Mathers hunts his own kind to regulate their numbers, unlike most vampires he is afflicted from OCD during his human years. He has the urge to count down small objects or to untie knots, when turning into a vampire he received arithromania which is the compulsion to count things. In some lore from china and india the vampire would be compelled to count the seeds dropped by an escapee. Because of this handicap he conditions himself to count faster than he can move, enough time to 'feed' momentarily. During this transformation it has come to him that his favorite number was 34,969. By using his considerable mathematical skill, Mathers can predict an individual opponent's next move. If Matherss is telepathically linked to his allies, he can do the same action, If successful, he predicts the actions of all opponents. If he fails, he cannot "see" the overall pattern in their strategy and must try again later.

As a human he is highly intelligent, especially in accounting, mathematics, criminal strategy and banking. His mind were also altered, so that he thought partially English, and partially in some form of mathematics equations. He developed a school of thought that believed that the universe was a creation of pure mathematics. The creation of fuzzy logic artificial intelligences was a by-product of that. The theory described block transfer computations--literally creating a solid object through pure mathematics. This was how the creation of a solid hologram was explained.

  • Apparently reads various mathematics and scientific journals.
  • His favourite food, as a vegetarian, is broccoli sandwiches.

His mind could scan and adapt to any super-power it encountered. And could create hard-light holograms.

Because of no-reflection he has the inability to even be seen through windows or people’s glasses. Mirrors are capable of emitting a laser beam of Amazing intensity, which will cut through granite or osmium steel. Mirrors allow him to enter pocket dimensions and emerge from other mirrors. It is unknown if he can use these mirrors to actually travel to other dimensional realms. Special mirrors in which his images are able to move independently, even to the point of firing weapons through the mirror into the real world.

Hunting attire
No Caption Provided

Trained by Baron Vordenburg in Styria.


Bugrom 'Evolved'

From a super soldier to a super commander


Before he is merely a glorified grunt, now he is Mimeo Bugrom a terrorist from a pact of villains. He has lost all his previous powers as they morphed into new ones, essentially rebirthing the monster into a new being.

Birth Name: Mimeo Bugrom

Age: 17

Height: 5'10

Weight: 130

Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Rank: Centuria

Powers: Doppelgangster, Fog o' War and Gangstalia

Bio: Promoted by experience from being a mere solider Bugrom now picks up 'Mimeo' as his name, a honor bestowed by his own biology after years of progress. Instead of an army of one he is one that can cast armies at will, no longer will he need to seize the powers of others as they serve his very will. No longer will he need to spin webs as his body had became the very trap that will hold others to die. From a coffin to a living chrysalis that gives forth the birth of a new power, he is one yet he is many. Rise of the walking battlefield.

Knots and tangles made up for his entire form, he cannot say that he even resembles a humanoid shape anymore. The shell and the bipedal attributes are gone, not one bone left in this new structure. As of now he sticks into older memories, pulling forth 'shapes' that grip into his identity. Hands form from threads that float adrift in the wind, legs forming from woven strings yet he does not feel the same anymore. Everyday becoming less and less, from his knowledge 'mummy' is the closest thing that reminds him of sixteen years alive.

In Dystopia he would attach himself to others to cope with the phantom body, a pair of clothes for the homeless. Eventually unfurling between nights to accodate the wearer, keeping them warm and giving them strength to pass to the next day without fear of a sudden death. He comes with a price, a lifetime exchanged for protection. Wear him and thou shalt never be alone, as the clothes make the king wearing Bugrom makes one the center of a shadowless crowd.

It gives you dreams, grants ecstasy and an air of charisma belonging to the likes of royalty. But the devil will collect its due, the cost is often gradual.

Ability: Doppelgangster

No Caption Provided

From superpower-theft into superpower-piracy, the next step in his transformation.

Mimeo was employing the same basic tactics: sensing the opposition, strategically deploying the offensive troops, acting as the heavy hitter and problem solver in the center of the chaos his minions generated, working towards complementary or wholly different goals than the ‘swarm’.

Mimeo Bugrom can create and command 'exact' replicas of other beings (even super-powered ones) or objects, mimicking their appearances, and much of their memories, mannerisms, and personalities. Essentially duplicating a living creature's personality or brain-waves. They behaved as they thought they were supposed to. The clones had the powers of the original [had abilities approximating those of the template] at the time from which they were taken. He is even able to form 'variants' such as but not limited to zombie versions and energy-based duplicates of other beings.

More offensively he can summon the "deaths" of others (duplicate froms and abilties with a Bugrom's face). If a person struggled against his or her own death, both would be consumed, like matter and anti-matter.

Also can cause others to divide into duplicate forms of themselves, each possessing a fragment of the abilities of the original. He does this to disorient his foes and lower their ability to function, even to the point of them becoming too weak to exist. Apparently if Mimeo Bugrom is defeated, his victims are reintegrated.

What set some of his Dopplegangsters apart from the other doppelgangsters in Mimeo' legion was the fact he can imbue them with an aspect of the original's [divided] personality. This made the doppelgangster far more cunning and devious than the original.

No Caption Provided

In addition to transporting others across dimensional barriers, not only the ability to resurrect the dead, but also to empower them (Doppelgangsters) with abilities such as immortality, immunity to ordinary weapons (quickly reviving), and a "death-touch." They could also absorb the original into their body [absorb the essences of counterparts] and extend tentacles from their body.

They could assume a physical form for non-physical or abstract beings. These forms have access to the full power of the original being. He could also assume forms similar to other physical beings, duplicating their powers and abilities in the process. Any form they assume would be allowed varying amounts of input and independent action depending on the wishes of the entity for which it is manifesting.

Mimeo projected a solid construct of the Dopplegangster from his mind, which also possessed the ability to manifest additional solid objects, from spools to firearms. The projection could also "decompile", allowing it to disintegrate and reform at will.

The doppelgangster possessed all the physical attributes, mental faculties and most of the knowledge of the real. This allowed them to go toe to toe with the original.

Mimeo Bugrom can heal and empower Doppelgangsters to be stronger, faster, and smarter than the original.

Compare this to Summoner/Necromancer.

  1. Dupli x2
  2. Tripli x3
  3. Quartu x4
  4. Quintu x5
  5. Centu x100
  6. Milli x1000

Detroit has been invaded by the hive which are kidnapping individuals as Mimeo Bugrom is capable of replicating organic life he comes into contact with. He plays on this fear by stripping all individuality from the specimens as they are replaced by replicas. Like the simplest of viruses, taking over, one by one, every entity around it.

No Caption Provided


Overuse of his psi-webs have taken a radical mutation that warped his entire form.

His spool-like body is extremely elastic and malleable, and he can manipulate it as he sees fit. This provides him with superhuman durability and the ability to elongate his body and limbs to an unknown degree. Using these abilities, Mimeo Bugrom can form a duplicate of himself, which remains attached to him via a thread. This duplicate can then be extended via that thread in order to lure his opponents into a trap.

While not being the strongest villain out there, he is able to punch holes in brick walls with little effort, and he was able to knock over an entire building with one kick. He is no more resistant than any normal human to heat or cold. He may defend allies by forming a shield with his own body, and attack with punches or kicks (he may turn his fist into a club or blade).

He doesn't need to breathe or eat, have no internal organs, no pulse, no body fluids. Possessing a vague humanoid form, he can be difficult to hurt; they can also pull horrific skeletal faces to shock people. He has become skilled at using their wrappings as lassoes or climbing ropes, or even to swing around on, a la Tarzan or Spider-Man.

The spools possessed a certain form of temporal energy, such that they sped up time in those wrapped within them, causing them to age very rapidly. Fortunately, this process was 100% reversible. In addition, the webs could also cause people to relive nightmarish versions of past events.

No Caption Provided

Fog o' War

A thick and unusual mist coming from Mimeo Bugrom which then begins to spead across the Area. With visibility reduced to near-zero outside and uncertainty surrounding the fate of the opponents heard screaming before, a siege mentality takes hold.

New Doppelgangsters appear from the mist at nightfall; enormous flying humanoids and hulk-like behemoths which pluck them off of the battlefield, eventually breaking one of them and allowing the creatures in. It’s not every day you see inverted heroes straight from the depths of Mimeo Bugrom's body, wreaking havoc on the gorgeous world.

The “fog of war” simply hides the ally pieces, and possibly terrain, from the challenger unless that challenger has pieces in the area. The “fog of war” is easy and more or less perfect in its ability to hide information from the challenger.

No Caption Provided


The sai consists of a long blade with a prong on either side of the blade, much like a trident with a elongated center prong. The handle ends in a large metal knob called the knuckle, which is used for striking.

It is used to stab with the central prong, while the outer forks can catch an opponents weapon. Very often Mimeo Bugrom likes striking with the knuckle, as it is quick.

Carries six in a belt

It can travel at great speeds (and perhaps intergalactic distances) by converting into energy composed of an unknown murky black substance, leaving it virtually invulnerable to physical attacks, which passed right through, and enabled it to change shape (outside of black hole form, it was only used to stretch its range).

No Caption Provided

A pin for the butterfly

Mimeo Bugrom is a dangerous assassin when not stationed in the front lines.

Mimeo Bugrom is a highly skilled acrobatic martial artist who favors paired Sai. His fighting style is unusual, unpredictable, and deadly. He mixes in a lot of high flying acrobatics along with his natural ability as a contortionist to both attack and evade by continually putting his body into some very strange position.

Death's Hand

He likes to evade and attack from unusual angles and lots of crevices and other odd hiding spots to give him the chance to pull a hit and run game. Shaky terrain is his specialty. Essentially, the body language of the fighters is expressed as fluid as a conversation between friends, or in this case, opponents.

Inspired by Abyss, Monsoon, Voldo, Ajin & Hitmonlee


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Name: Owen

Alias: The Middleman

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Height: 6'1"

Age: 26

Affiliation: Neutral

Employment: Mediator

Species: Replica

Birthplace: New York

Relationship Status: Married

Gender: Male

A mimic of a person long forgotten that serves as a 'face' that connects Mimeo Bugrom to the relatively normal human world. The agent who would offer his services to the highest bidder outside of Bugrom's normal circles.

  • Has superhuman strength [skin is as strong as steel, and possesses the strength of ten men] and computer-perfect coordination and the ability to master any physical skill in a few hours - fighting skills.
  • Plus he has a really nice shield. Its large size covered a large portion of the holder's body and its weight (24 lbs) allowed it to deliver crushing blows.

Owen used his shield in the missions to great effect, protecting himself from the deadly projectile attacks of the attackers and the crushing blows of the Bricks, while also using it offensively to bash and throw around both opponents.


Mister Zero


“bravery, cold nerve—efficiency in time of stress.”
“bravery, cold nerve—efficiency in time of stress.”

The anti-speedster.

A descendant of a wild west villains known for their aim, Wilbur Haye began life as an Ice Cream man. His ancestors has been dueling with pistols from the conception of guns, from arrangements between gentleman and even to the famed OK Corrals in the wild wild west. They were were pretty much cold blooded, hired killers - and were known as such. They were not thought of as heros - just killers. A gun is no stranger in the hands of Haye. Its just that he did not use conventional firearms as his forefathers did, and when they did not put their lives on the line they entertain others.

Many gunfighters, particularly in the era of the percussion revolver, made a habit of unloading, cleaning, and reloading everyday. Not a simple process, but necessary to ensure reliability. There is a reason for the old good bye, "keep your powder dry."

'Fastest men in the west' his forefathers wore that name, claimed and maintained through several streaks of victories earned on the dueling grounds. They were called many things, lightning-hands, death on legs and even one-shot but even with remarkable talent these men and women tend to be at different sides on the spectrum of law. Lawman in one lineage and outlaw with the other, covering the shame of their parents while mourning at the fate of their children. They followed a gunslinger's code.

Using a special kind of archaic lost technology pistol rumored to be a weapon of the gods, the assassin blasts his way through mayhem before confronting his objective.

He has superhuman accuracy and lightning fast draw, that his hand becomes a blur when he draws his cryocaster. He is an excellent shooter with both left and right hands. Aside from amazing gun shooting prowess, he is also very proficient in other weapons and skills (Gunslingers are greatly trained in different disciplines and expertise) and possesses great tactical and intellectual capacity.

[incredibly enhanced fast-twitch muscle fibers] Amazing finger/hand speed, accuracy, and hand/eye coordination. He is a proffessional, one shot one kill kind of guy. On the other hand, actual drawing at superspeed requires him to move his arms at an absurdly fast rate. He claims that he can break the Speed of Sound with one arm.

He kills with such ease and precision that it looks as though making lunch would be more of an effort to him than killing a room full of heavily armed thugs.

His demeanor and disposition is definitely that of a Western cowboy.


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Quick-draw - Wilbur has a sound mastery of the fast draw gun style. It involves drawing one's gun and shooting once to tally up one-hit kills. Every movement is swift which speaks of strength and an iron resolve that can never be compromised. Speed and precision are the key points of its execution, but the draw itself is difficult to watch for it's simply too fast for the eyes to follow. Wilbur's cryocaster doesn't move such that it simply disappears from his holster and reappears whrever he wants it. He fights free of almost any thought, neither clouded by emotion or any form of hesitation as his body is heavily trained to act by instinct alone.

Firing from the hip was an exhibition shooting trick [ like fast draw, and fanning the hammer |it is done by fastering the trigger back to guard. The hammer is hen raised by the thumb, and instantly realeased. By this method the trigger is not obliged to be pulled.|], a family trade learned by the time he spoke english. Those who seriously shot at other people generally at least brought the gun up to somewhere near eye level and at least pointed it, the more successful ones aimed, as mentioned above.

It becomes natural. I never aim anymore it is all reflexive. I can engage targets out to about 50 meters without aiming.

Instinctive shooting is basically an ability to imagine and estimate a line from the center of the muzzle to the point of impact. He draws, shoots from the hip and hits his target 50 yards away. Or where Mister Zero draws and guns down 6 people so fast that they don’t even get to draw their gun. The speed at which his brain processes information is heightened to a level commensurate with his bodily speed, both eyes adapted at moving with high speeds.

Niels Bohr suggested that it takes more time to initiate a movement than to react to the same movement. Perversely, the second gunslinger wins because they’re responding to their opponent’s draw. People do indeed have a “reactive advantage”, where they execute a movement about 10% more quickly if they’re reacting to an opponent.

Accuracy with a pistol is even beyond close range, accuracy with a pistol while under fire would be even better.

He is trained on the 1000 mile stare. He can walk into a bar and key on profession advisories. He knows what to look for; where they set what they see when he walks in and the way they carry themselves. Keying off of some body reactions. He knows who are hostiles when he walks in, the little hairs on the back of his neck go up, he instantly know something is not right and he goes from condition yellow or orange or red. Fight or flight is some of the most basic instincts human emotion.

Tarahumara running is based on endurance not speed. This fact is exemplified by their hunting practices. In order to catch such wild animals as deer, wild turkeys, and rabbits, the Tarahumara simply chase after the animal until the animal drops from exhaustion. Their hunting practices are widely known in Mexico and ranchers have been known to hire the indians to chase down wild horses . It is also said that a Tarahumara once ran six hundred miles in five days to deliver a very important message. Their endurance and conditioning has become k nown worldwide.

Some of his ancestors learned to run from the lessons of aborigines in Australia. Some early settlers on this group of humans were capable of running at up to 23 mph, bare foot and over soft mud in their pursuit of prey. These ancient ancestors of ours could theoretically reach sprinting speeds of up to 28 mph.


Weapon found in an archaeological dig around Greenland. It is similar to the Pepperbox revolver, named after its resemblance to kitchen pepper grinder. It is a gun/knife combo that is a lot of fun to operate


Using Magicka to imitate phenomenas. It can turn 'theories' into 'reality' and replicate any occurrence to achieve the end result of freezing. Nature itself narrows down to this ultimate goal.

  • Atom Trapping
  • Sub-Absolute-Zero Quantum Gas
  • Ice Quake
  • Ice Comet
  • Big Chill
  • 'Ice' Bullets

Similar to a videogame lightgun, that emitted a beam of light when the trigger was pulled. If the beam struck the target, a "hit" was scored. Inversely it can also work on the opposite principle -- the sensor is built into the gun itself, and the on-screen target(s) emit light rather than the gun.

To to with the blade in the guns he's got 'vision' trained in martial arts, but seeing through bullets won't work since it is hard to dodge light. It keeps him one step ahead of the competition, the crycrystals are also compatible with hand-to-hand combat. The remedy commonly used by his targets to block what they cannot dodge. Unlike normal guns he needs not to worry about swapping magazines, or jamming.

other variants
other variants

The Cryocaster can also function as an intricate Knife-gun. That's right, his weapon of choice has a large Cryocrystal embedded inside a blasting apparatus.

Light from the crystal flash was often more cause for alarm than accurate aimed cold.

The bayonet should be used as a weapon in attack as well as in defense

  1. he is able to quickly get the weapon ready while performing different movements (walking, run, jumping over the obstacles);
  2. he is capable to hit with the bayonet in different ways;
  3. he is able to attack the opponent’s weapon;
  4. he knows how to hit with a buttstock.

bayonet fighting is a good method of physical and psychological training. The bayonet thrusts are easy to master. They are used as a base for learning how to use other objects at hand, for example a digging tools. It is also good foundation for practicing blows with bare hands. When using a bayonet, it is recommended to stab into the stomach as a thrust higher up may result in the bayonet being stuck in the ribs.

Ice Goggles

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Used to provide varying levels of target acquisition assistance to Wilbur. It is sometimes incorporated as "auto-aim" or "aiming assist". It gives the wearer an advantage over unaided enemies.

Ice Goggles have varying levels of effectiveness. Some Ice Goggles can do all of the aiming and shooting, requiring the user to move into a position where the opponents are visible; this level of automation usually makes it difficult to hide, the wearer might make inhumanly fast turns that always end with his or her crosshairs targeting an opponent's head.

This is can also with "bullet magnetism", which curves projectiles in mid-air towards a target as opposed to moving the crosshair towards one.


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Designed for the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic, this version of the Hoodie has been with him in his adventures; The Articoat allows Haye to stay warm while located in sub zero temperatures.


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His pet Arctic Fox that he brings everywhere.

A variety of the red fox, the arctic fox is very similar to the red fox, but is typically smaller and not as commonly seen as pets. They are considered non-domesticated.

high jumping, super-athletic skills and she can even read what you are thinking!


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Armored van for the Ice Cream Man, when not hunting down varmints he takes a job of serving various sweets to cities that are labelled as a life-hazard. Areas such as but not limited to Detroit and Gothic. He takes his job seriously and has taken measures to arm his property. He can take this vehicle into a military base and annihilate their APC's, It does not transform into a mech but with him behind the wheel it might as well be a super-tank.

Its exact shape varies between cities, but it is usually extremely boxy and cumbersome-looking. Finally, it favors armor and power over speed and handling.


You can still pick him off a safe distance by sniping, bombard him with artillery or even go for chemical weapons. Stealth attacks from outside range of vision [average 20/20] works too, and he still needs hands to use the cryocaster.


  1. Le Royale with Freeze #1
  2. Heist


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  1. Hurt a child in his immediate presence and he will 'kill' you [or at least try], no questions asked
  2. Rarely does, but can initiate 'Fourth Hand' effects
  3. Loves jazz music
  4. His body is of a medium physical frame
  5. Learns from the Vaqueros
  6. Style comparable to the Iai sheathing style of the samurai
  7. Uses neither either back shots or spray and run
  8. Fond of the curly bill spin [having crystal of the cryocaster pointed towards himself; cryocaster being held upside down. Should a person get the drop on him and demand his gun, by making a pretence to give it to him, he little suspects that, by giving the pistol a sudden twirl on his forefingers, the crystal is instantly reversed and cold discharged] to fool authorities when 'surrendering'
  9. Taking a page from Doc Holiday's playbook, one of his favorite challenges was to hold out a scarf, have his opponent hold the other end of his scarf, and then draw.
  10. Two-hands on a gun "was considered what a woman would do" and no self-respecting gun-toter would even entertain the thought of it.
  11. Cowboy spurs, he loves them

Alternate universe version [WIP]

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