She was screaming as she fell but I never heard her hit.

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Character Inspiration

I draw on comic books for inspiration when I create a CV character. It helps kick start my creativity and it helps me create characters who feel like they belong in a comic book world. That is something that is important to me; I struggle to remain interested in a character that does not feel like they fit in.

Here is a list of the biggest inspirations for Ivana.

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  • He was my original inspiration. The tattoos, his move reading power and the way he called himself 'the greatest warrior alive' clicked with me. I wanted a character with that 'tattooed badass' vibe and one who could read someone's moves. It also inspired me to make a character with the confidence, and arrogance, to use the 'greatest warrior alive' line. If it wasn't for Mister X there wouldn't be an Ivana Strigidae.

  • The power to cut through anything besides adamantium using any weapon you pick up? That's awesome. That's one of the best powers I can think of. Powerhouses beware! And the Samurai theme was also a large influence on me when designing Ivana. It was tough, but interesting, to combine his 'Tachyon Sword' power with Mister X's 'move reading' power. The solution, however, was elegant and I remain proud of it.

  • If you can cut through anything what better skillset is there than the precision to throw anything and hit any target? Its the perfect combination. Ivana typically uses a bow, but her accuracy is inspired by the one and only Bullseye.

  • This is a recent addition. After Ivana captured Venezeula and created the Shogunate I went and read several Black Panther runs to learn about vibranium as well as to capture the feeling of the character. He is a true badass, vibranium armor, enhanced stats, warrior pride and skills that place him among the elite fighters in all the world of comics.