She was screaming as she fell but I never heard her hit.

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Arts of the Strigidae: Oceptratron

The Hieratic of Oceptratron

Each grandmaster will give a different definition of the true meaning of martial arts. Some will tell you the martial arts are a method to peruse enlightenment. Others might tell you they are a tool to defeat your enemies or even that each person must discover their meaning for themselves.

Ivana would tell you the following:

<Martial arts are simply the mastery of movement. They are not movement itself, nor are they a way to increase the rate or span of movement; that is athlesism. Martial arts is the use of movement. It is not a tool, but the use of a tool. Martial arts are not a noun, but a verb.>

*translated from Russian

Where some martial artists have dedicated their lives to discovering a series of pressure points or unlocking the mystical powers of the ancients Ivana has devoted herself to the mastery of motion.

With the creation of Oceptratron she has mastered it.

Oceptratron is a preternatural technique which allows those who master it to instantly accelerate to their maximum speed. It does not make its masters any faster, stronger or more precise. It changes nothing about the movement itself, save for the rate of change.

For example should a fighter wish to throw a punch than their hand begins stationary. Then they accelerate their fist toward their target until it reaches its maximum speed. If a master of Oceptratron were to throw a punch their fist would be stationary one moment and the next it would be moving at its maximum speed with no period of acceleration.

It is, quite simply, the art of instant acceleration.