Strifepool: The Maverick with a Mouth

"The real frizzle dizzle."

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Personal Information

Name: Wyatt Gabriel Cassidy

Codename: Strifepool; Strife

Alias(es): The Maverick With A Mouth; The Man With(out) A Plan; The Original Sin; The Scarlet Shinobi; The Cutthroat Comedian; The Boogeyman; The Apex Assassin; The Merc of Mockery; The Maestro of Mayhem; The Masked Menace; The Crimson Ace; Baba Yaga; The Demon Philosopher; The Precog Pugilist; Rogue Supreme; Next-Gen Degenerate/Regenerate; The Magnificent Bastard; The Hex Hacker; The Manic Meta; El Diablo Grande Supreme; Subject 7;

Species: Posthuman

Gender: Male♂️

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Nationality: American

Orientation: Heterosexual


Physiological Age: Unknown; (Presumed) Mid-to-late 20's

Chronological Age: Unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Hair Color: Unknown

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 210 lbs.

Blood Type: Unknown


Birthplace: Unknown

Residence: (Currently) Warehouse 451, 1173 Baker's St. Metro City

Cities of Operation: (Currently) Metro City, USA; Valor City, USA; Gothic City, USA; New York City, New York; Tokyo, Japan; Moscow, Russia;

Base of Operations: (Currently) None

Relatives: Unknown; (Presumed) None

Allies: Keith; Ultra Girl/Princess Adora;

Foes: Murder-bots; Mailmen; Himself


Alignment: Neutral

Affiliation: Himself

Occupation: (Retired) Mercenary; Hero-For-Hire; Anti-Hero;

Marital Status: Single

Marital Relationship(s): None


"Ain't nobody rock it like little, ol' me."

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Mercenary. Assassin. Hitman. Bodyguard. Thief. Lover Extraordinaire. Anti-Hero.

There is limited information regarding the origin of the Maverick with a Mouth. Sources suggest that Strifepool was the product of an experimental project, one that resulted in the death of all of its personnel and the destruction of the testing site, all the work of Strifepool. Therefore, no one can confirm who subsidized the project. Several suspect that the Seven Masters were behind his creation before their specimen went rogue. Others suspect he may be the host of a god of destruction, that the experiment was funded by a sinister cult. Some say that he is a government-funded project meant to bring about a super-soldier that could handle any threat via an genetic amalgamation of several metahuman abilities for the security of the free world. A few argue that it was a medical experiment that was supposed to cure a number of deadly diseases, funded and backed by a pharmaceutical company. Others say he's a dead soul risen again like a bat out of hell to enact vengeance upon those who put him in the ground. Each theory and rumor posing its own merit yet none have been proven to be true. Strifepool's origin has proven to be an enigma, one that may never be solved.

Feared throughout the criminal underworld and the public, the unpredictable Strifepool's mercenary career is marked with nothing but carnage and wanton violence, eliminating any target for due compensation. Nondiscriminatory, the Maverick with a Mouth has eliminated aliens, metas, mutants, dictators, criminals, warlords, corrupt officials, supernatural beings, inter-dimensional entities, etc. All for the almighty dollar and the notoriety that goes with his particular profession.

However, his reputation on the battlefield far precedes who or what he has killed.

Entire bases and fortifications have been annihilated in his wake. Armies of men slaughtered at his hand. Hired assassins and mercenaries no match for his skill and volatile nature. Metahumans and mutants rended to pieces. Various species of alien and supernatural nature massacred before him. Entire syndicates and corporations devastated. No target he cannot kill nor adversary he cannot overcome.

Wherever Strifepool goes, bloodshed and carnage ensues.

Despite his status as an international mercenary and enemy of the public, Strifepool has formally retired after operating a government-issued mission. Rumors have it that he resides in a cardboard box in a warehouse down in Metro City.

Psychology & Philosophy
"I see the world through diamond eyes."
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Whether due to mental illness, the experimentation on his body and mind, or the cellular mutations that ravaged his body, Strifepool possesses a borderline-psychotic mindset unlike any other. While brash, impulsive, and possessing the temperament of a child, Strifepool also seems to possess a refined intelligence and wisdom about him, often using his shenanigans to distract his opponents until he kills them or force the opposition to surrender. His wits and wacky banter are often used to not only annoy his opponent but to also point and make fun of certain tropes about a character and even himself sometimes. His caustic and abrasive demeanor is often his most defining trait asides from his mental instability and often brings him into verbal and physical conflict with other individuals. His mental state and attitude often have the tendency to fluctuate on any given day, often making him difficult to read or for anyone to comprehend his mentality.

Strifepool suffers from an assortment of mental disorders, such as PTSD, antisocial personality disorder, dysmetropsia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, dissociative personality disorder, derealization, kleptomania, megalomania, parasomnia, paranoia, schizophrenia, and delusional disorder. These disorders make Strifepool predictably unpredictable, making him the deadliest assassin in the world, but certain mental disorders occasionally hinder him, such as his multiple personality disorder.

Case in point, the Cutthroat Comedian possesses two additional personality states outside of his own, each exhibiting two distinct yet exaggerated qualities of the assassin. The following voices have been categorized easier reference:


The conscientious and intellectual state of mind that occupies Strifepool's mental consciousness, the entity, dubbed Church, embodies the more reserved attributes of Strifepool's mental state. The only voice of reason, Church holds a higher moral standard than his counterpart, Sarge, and Strife, and is the only reasonable mental attribute of Strife's consciousness. This personality state regards itself as a male and acts as the tactician, formulating plans and ideas to assist Strifepool in combat situations. His guidance and advanced tactical knowledge provide aid to Strifepool in his mercenary and undercover ventures, supporting him by watching his flank and providing intel. However, his intelligence is only occasionally respected by Strifepool but is often disregarded by Sarge, his near-polar opposite. Church often keeps Strifepool focused on the task at hand concerning but struggles to keep him in line and remain civil in social situations. Church reserves a certain degree of compassion, although seldom towards Strifepool and Sarge, and he holds the tendency to be cold and cynical. Pragmatic, Church considers himself a realist but demonstrates traits and qualities of a pessimist, often assessing the the worst of a given situation or predicament.


The impulsive and sporadic state of mind that occupies Strifepool's mental consciousness, the entity, dubbed Sarge, embodies the more rebellious and unstable attributes of Strifepool's mental state. Sarcastic and anarchic, Sarge holds a lower moral standard than either Church or Strife, and is a rampant source of paranoia and idiocy for his fellow personality state(s). This personality state regards itself as a male, or more specifically, as an "all-American man of action". His fervent and passionate desire for violence and mayhem is only matched by his lust for women. Boisterous and audacious, Sarge's rudeness and immaturity shows occasionally through Stife's actions, often either provoked or persuaded to carry out inappropriate conduct with extreme consequences. Sarge's erratic and unstable behavior is only balanced by his quick-thinking and sharp wits; however his particular strategies are often less than ideal and usually met with failure. His blunt and rather explicit nature often make him the bane of any social interaction between him and his counterpart, Church, or anyone else, except Strife, who tolerates his behavior. Sarge considers himself a realist, like Church, but in all reality is just your run-of-the-mill optimist, often irrationally confident in any given situation or predicament.


. . .

*It should be noted that it is entirely possible for Strifepool to develop new personality states over time and/or due to exposure to certain social events that may trigger a mental break within his subconscious.

However, the most notable facet of the Meta With A Mouth's psych, the 4th-wall break, is a disorder in which only Strifepool seems to possess. This disorder is characterized by the belief that one is a fictional entity within a fictional universe where daily events and happenstance are governed by an "author" or "authors". The disorder also promotes that idea that there are two distinct classes of fictional entities: NPCs and PCs. NPCs are regarded as beings that have no distinct will and are unnecessary for the continued functioning of the fictional reality while PCs have a distinct will and soul and are necessary for the fictional universe to thrive.

While this could be a form of mitigating guilt or fear of repercussions, the disorder is classified to be more in line with a delusional tendency that manifests under high stress or extreme physical duress. Under severe circumstances, Strife may lose all touch with reality in order to cope with a drastic or severe situation. However, the reverse may be true with Strife undergoing hyper-sanity.

Posthuman Physiology

"My shot's lookin' rock hard."

Immortality/Adaptive Regenerative Healing Factor:

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The predominant posthuman physiological mutation in the hyper-human's arsenal of augmented capabilities and physiology, Malcolm's rapid cellular regeneration allows his physique to flawlessly and rapidly reproduce and recreate damaged or destroyed cellular tissues, including the capacity to reconstruct entire limbs and organs. Puncture wounds, gunshots, burns, and various methods of conventional injury have limited effect on him, able to regenerate from such wounds within moments while unconventional injury, such as magic, incineration, or advanced weaponry, would require anything from a few seconds to several minutes to fully regenerate from said wound(s). His prolonged lifespan is due to the extension of his telomeres, allowing him to maintain his prime physique and youth. His high-speed regeneration has enhanced his endurance and stamina to nigh-limitless, removing impairments brought on by fatigue toxins via reducing the amount his body produces. This is achieved through both his altered muscular structure and a nigh-immunity to the toxins themselves, allowing Strifepool to physically exert himself for days without suffering from any physical impairments. Toxins, poisons, diseases, infections, and nanotechnology are ineffective against the hyper-human's ramped up healing factor and immune system due to both its regenerative and adaptive nature, no matter if they are of exotic origin or not. Genetic alterations, mutations, or breakdowns are also hindered as his regenerative abilities and cell repair systems that can compensate by undoing the genetic damage. The accelerated healing capability Strifepool possesses allows him to survive and adapt to almost any environment or situation, even in anaerobic settings or the vacuum of space. If he were to go without any form of sustenance for a period of time, it could be entirely possibly his body would adapt to be self-sufficient, no longer needing any nourishment.

There is a metaphysical component to his ability that grants him true immortality. His personal being as a whole cannot die, whatsoever. His regenerative capabilities allow him to reconstruct himself on a metaphysical scale. While that process is ongoing, Strifepool enters a pseudo-spiritual plane, an esoteric pseudo-astral plane that only Strifepool can seemingly access. This supernatural aspect of his abilities is what makes the Rogue Regenerate truly immortal and thus has been able to, as dubbed by him, "respawn."

  • Posthuman Physiology:

The Strifepool's posthuman physiology has resulted in the alteration of his muscular and skeletal structure as well as his internal organs. His augmented physiological traits have all been enhanced to above peak-human levels; All of his cognitive and physical functions operate at an accelerated and heightened rate, several times than that of the average peak-human, allowing him to achieve superhuman feats His slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers have been coalesced together to form the epitome of muscular tissues, permitting the posthuman stability, power, stamina, fortitude, and mobility unlike any average human can ascertain. His enhanced strength grants him the ability to lift several hundred pounds, and his body is able to withstand a far greater amount of trauma and injury than the average human. His top speed is about sixty-miles per hour, and his nerve endings have been altered to be faster and more efficient, allowing him to react to high-speed projectiles and movements with utmost ease. Strifepool possesses two hearts to help him continue operating if one were to be injured or fail. His bones, cartilage, and ligaments, all modified to enhance dexterity and adroitness, have an increased tensile strength, enabling him to lift and support hefty structures and objects without risk in damaging his bone structure.

Accelerated Probability:

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Operating at an accelerated rate both physiologically, Strifepool's mental caliber and nerve conduction velocity exceeds standard human limitations, able to coordinate his movements with unerring accuracy and maneuverability. . .

Armament Generation:

The most versatile . . .

  • Reality Alteration:

. . .

Supernatural Immunity:

. . .

Chi/Chakra Augmentation:

. . .

Maximum Effort:

. . .

Capabilities & Skills
"Gotta think twice before you react."

Advanced Combat Expertise:

. . .

Expert Tactician:

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. . .

Advanced Covert Ops:

. . .


. . .

Apparel & Paraphernilia

"Lookin' hella tight."

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Tactical Combat Body Armor:

. . .

Composite Blades:

Twin katanas, identical in both size, structure, and function, are the trademark weapons of the Man Without A Plan. Attached to the back of his tactical suit, the blades serve as his ultimate offensive weapon, comprised and manufactured with two metal . . .

Tactical Utility Belt & Harness:

. . .

Teleportation Device:

. . .

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