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Step Aside Bond! (Spoiler Free) 1

There's a new British spy in the business! This movie is one of the biggest and best surprises i've had in theaters in a long time. While this movie is based on Millar's Secret Service comic series it is however not very close to the comic at all. The movie is an incredibly diverse combination of elements. Its serious but at the same time hilarious. Gory but at the same time not overly excessive. Its rare that a film can balance these out but Kingsman does and does it damn well. I won't go into ...

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Fun! 4

The title basically summed up the first issue of this ongoing. I picked it up just on a whim as it was cheap and honestly it was a worthwhile purchase. This book is pretty damn fun. It revolves around a girl named Sally who lives in a post-apocalyptic world, working in a tavern with a teenage-like infatuation for a guy named Tommy. This is further exacerbated b y the fact Sally is a completely and utterly mad as a hatter. She is then dragged on an adventure through a series of events that you w...

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Ian's Back!?!?! 1

The Good:Ian's Back!!! I've been patiently waiting since 2011 for the psychopathic Brit to return and low and behold here he is. Top Cow had a talent hunt last year and this issue is written and penciled by the two winners of it and i'll be damned if they haven't done a good job of bringing Ian back to the Top Cow-verse. In this issue Ian wants to prove that he doesn't need the Blood Sword in order to win any fight or kill anyone he wants too and he tests this on his old "family" the Yakuza. Su...

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The End 9

I have one last post to make before the new year and decided that it had to be this one. This was without a doubt the best single issue I have read this year. 5 stars doesn't even do it justice. If you can only buy one comic this year this is the one!The Good:Everything. There is nothing in this issue I had a gripe with. Everything tied up and the execution was perfect. This is what a comic should be. It took away the general trend of a consequence being ignored 1 issue after it occured. This is...

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Family Matters 4

The Good:This issue fleshed out the Carlyle family and how they view each other which was nice. The writing is still to a stellar standard and the art is still great. All in all this was a very good issue and a very good example of what Image is capable of when they take on creator owned comics. Hopefully they keep up this quality of work.The Bad:The only real complaint I have is that this issue seemed a little slow in comparison to the fact-paced 1st issue. However this is a minor complaint and...

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Awesome! 3

The Good:This is one of the best beginnings to an ongoing i've read. It just thrust you straight into the dark dystopian world that is the Lazarus Universe. Rucka and Lark have created the perfect balance between story and action. The art courtesy of Mr. Lark is gorgeous and fits the style of series down to the ground. I have tried a lot of female lead books and few (with the exception of Aphrodite IX) have been able to hold my interest this one however has succeeded where even Wonder Woman fail...

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Kaine is the Superior Spider-man! 2

The Good:Carlo Barberi temporarily replacing Pham is great. The guy is a brilliant artist and his style fits well with Scarlet Spider much better than Khoi's. Yost as usual delivers stella dialogue and proceeds to make Kaine even more downright scary than he was before in this issue.The Bad:Ultimately there was nothing really bad about this issue aside from a few nagging things for example how come Kaine was suddenly wearing the stealth-suit version of his suit instead of the normal Scarlet Spid...

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She's back! 1

The Good:Stjepan Sejic is one of the best artists working on comics at the moment and he proves it here. The art is completely and utterly stunning. Matt Hawkins re-interpretation of Aphrodite IX is pretty good and the dialogue is solid and interesting. All in all this was well above average and a very good way to kick off the new series. Normally I don't post pic's in reviews to prevent spoilers but if you are on the fence about this issue just take one look at this art and tell me its not gorg...

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Lines were crossed! 2

The Good:Yost continues his amazing storytelling in this issue and brings out the bada$$ side of the "Other" that we should have seen in Spider-man and didn't. The issue was as usual well written and finished on a cliff-hanger teasing whats next in store for Kaine. It was good to see things from Aracely's perspective as well. The fight that went down here as promised was brutal with Scarlet Spider tearing into his opponents (literally).The Bad:Khoi Pham's art while a major improvement on the la...

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Best Marvel Now Comic Thus Far! 1

The Good:Everything! Everything about this issue was incredible. The art courtesy of Mr Checchetto was phenomenal and Yost is proving yet again that he can write Superior better than Slott himself. I have absolutely no gripes with anything in this issue at all. It had humor, art, a brilliant team-up, interaction and a villain powerful enough to pose enough of a threat physically and scientifically that it made sense for two such different hero's to work together. The thing that impressed me most...

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A little Faith 0

I have been following Harbinger since issue one and absolutely love it. Being busy kept me from reviewing it but I forced myself to make the effort as this is one of the best ongoing series there is at them moment knocking both Marvel and DC's best titles down the ladder. Its just a shame that it isn't more popular.The Good:We finally got some background on Faith and what makes her who she is which was overdue in my opinion. The writing and art is phenomenal. I also find the little pop-culture r...

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The not so epic conclusion! 5

The Good:Capullo's art is spectacular as usual and Snyder's Dialogue was very good. Ultimately the comic was executed to the high standards this story-arc has gone through thus far.The Bad:Thoroughly underwhelming. Having followed this arc since the beginning its safe to say Snyder's Joker has been brilliant and I was waiting with baited breath for Snyder to deliver something incredible to finished this arc off. He had built up this arc and made it brilliantly dark. When the conclusion came out ...

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The Other is back! 1

The Good:Yost continues to bring awesome writing to its series and in this he proved why he should be writing Scarlet Spider. Not only did he make the story convincing but also gave a brief explanation as to why Peter no longer has his "Other" powers. It's plain to see that Yost takes this series seriously going as far as to look back over Spider-man's past and bring up a story like the "Other" in the pages of Scarlet Spider. The scenario this story brings up could make for a brilliant story arc...

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This is awesome! 0

First off i'm not going to review this the way I review comics because this isn't one. LMS: Killbook Of a Bounty Hunter is the first part in a series of graphic novels. This is the initial installment and is presented as a scrapbook from the perspective of the main character Gabriel. It introduces most of the characters that will be appearing in the series itself showing who they are and giving them some back story. This is sort of like the handbooks Marvel and DC print with Bio's of their chara...

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Spider-Ock! 1

The Good:First of all I have to mention Ryan Stegman's art. Since I first saw his interiors in Scarlet Spider #1 i've been in love with his pencils and style. He is one of my favorite artists out there at the moment and to see him back on a Spider-Character is a dream come true. I could spend the whole "Good" part of this post just praising Mr. Stegman's art but I will pull myself away and get into the other aspects.Dan Slott has been a consistently good writer of Spider-man since his run began....

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Werewolves...Wait..What? 0

The Good:Although not a great fan of Khoi's art this issue had the some of the best work he has ever done on this series. Some of the pages were very striking and vivid. As always Yost's writing was consistent and on point with how he has portrayed Kaine since the beginning of this series. His dialogue and how he makes the characters interact with each other is brilliant the conversations never seem forced or pushed and Kaine's internal monologue is as good as ever.Since the Scarlet Spider began...

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