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The Most Psychotic And Twisted Characters In Comics (Imo)

I'll probably update this as I think of more.

List items

  • These guys are without doubt the most sick, depraved, disturbing and outright horrific characters I have ever read about EVER! Quite a few times i've put down issues because I just didn't want to read anymore.

  • There is one single panel in that comic series that puts nearly every other psychopath into another end of the woods.....You know of what I speak.

  • The Polymath is one sick puppy. Some of the stuff we've seen him do and heard he has done is messed up.

  • The name pretty much says it all. The guy is twisted beyond all measure.

  • The Killer is a very rare type of psychopath in my view. While some most psychopaths in comics are crazy and do things because they are crazy the Killer doesn't. He knows the difference between right and wrong and states it numerous times. This is to me what makes him so messed up. The fact he knows what he's doing is wrong to his core but does it anyway just because he can.

  • Not many characters actually give me the creeps but this one does.

  • Now when he first appeared I thought "Hey he's crazy but not sick twisted disturbing crazy" then I read the last issue he appeared in and that all changed drastically.

  • Do I need to give my reasoning for this? The guys is just sick.

  • Kletus Kasady is one messed up guy. Its not until I read some sol-stuff and mini-series I realized to what extent.

  • A lot of you must have seen this guy being on the list!

  • Sadistic killer, mutilator and torturer. Yep your going on the list.