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My Favorite Villians

Where are hero's without villains!?

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  • This guy whether pre-52 or new 52 is the epitome of what a villain should be. As deadly in a random encounter as he is with prep Deathstroke is the ultimate villain.

  • Morlun to me is one of the scariest villains i've come across in comics. He doesn't gloat or show any kind of emotion he just hunts and feeds. Not to mention the brutality and complete lack of empathy is really creepy.

  • Violator is sick thats really all I can say about him. For psychotic evilness he's the ONLY character who outclasses the Joker.

  • Insane, manipulative, smart and downright evil. The thing that makes Osborn so scary to me is the fact everything he does is cold, calculating and completely devoid of empathy.

  • The next person who says shes a joke character is in for a slap she's so much more than that and a brilliant creation in her own right. Yeah I put her above the Joker.....Problem!?

  • Only recently started reading Suicide Squad and his character seem to leap out at me.

  • Psychotic to an enormous degree and some how Snyder managed to make him even scarier.

  • Pretty much Marvel's answer to the Joker just not quite as meticulous or as cunning he just goes in killing as he does.

  • The name says everything that needs to be said.

  • In his first full appearance in Amazing Spider-man he really set the standard for not to be screwed with. the sheer brutality he unleashed upon the poor web-slinger still sticks in my mind.

  • Although he is the protagonist of his own series it doesn't change the fact that this guy is a villain. A complete bada$$ yes but still a villain.

  • She's a villain again now right? The combination of her powers and seductive nature make Ivy pretty lethal.

  • In her first appearance I found her pretty disturbing but although she seemed to lose that side in Spider-island she was still disturbing enough to get on the list. Had she retained her previous personality she would undoubtedly be higher on this list.

  • During her run with the Dark Avengers I really started to like her as the anti-Ms Marvel. Hope to see more of her.

  • Not so keen on his latest appearances but he's still a solid villain.