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My Favorite Hero's

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  • I'll be honest my number one favorite character changes a lot but currently its Kaine in a few weeks it will have probably changed again. It's been great to see him make the transition from murdering psychopath to hero (anti-hero is probably a better description though). I always liked his character even before the new Scarlet Spider series as he was Peter Parker without the morals to hold him back.

  • One of the most influential characters to ever become part of Stormwatch and the best hand to hand fighter in Wildstorm. Considering that universe contains Midnighter and Zealot thats a big achievement!

  • Well not really much needs to be said. This character has such an iconic origin story and a very interesting array of array of abilities. The one downside to Spider-man is that sometimes the famous "Parker Luck" gets rather annoying and prevents the character from evolving.

  • Although currently a villain and not a hero he joins the Secret Avengers when Marvel Now! begins so i'm giving him the promotion slightly early! Taskmaster is in fact a very in depth and quite tragic character who is sorely under-used in the Marvel-verse. Hopefully that'll change when Marvel now begins!

  • I honestly don't know if he should be in my heroes or villains list? -.o I'll put him here for the moment until I make up my mind though because he's awesome!

  • Although technically more of an anti-Hero Alex Mercer is still an epic character filled with grief and unique abilities.

  • <-------Nuff said.

    But in all seriousness she may not have any superpowers but she more than makes up for that with a kick-a$$ attitude an array of weapons and extensive martial arts training.

  • The scouse Magician from Hellblazer is probably the most badass British character out there. I mean how many people have tricked the Devil and Gabriel then flipped them off!? The answer is this guy!

  • Student of Zealot and former lover of Mr Majestic. Like fellow characters Zealot and Backlash she is of Kherubim origin and pretty badass with her swords.

  • Mr O'Hara is the Spider-man of 2099 and is a brilliant creation. He incorperates everything we love about Spider-man and yet is still his own character!

  • One of the best indie heroes out there. Her powerset may not be anything knew but how she uses it makes her a very unique character.

  • Luther Strode is the most original creation I have encountered in a loooooooooooong time!

  • Got introduced to her via my following John Constantine's ongoing titles. So far I prefer the pre-52 version but the New 52 is growing on me.

  • Not a character I like in the New 52-verse but in the Wildstorm universe he's a pretty unique creation.

  • Again this is a charcter i'm not that keen on in the New 52. Wildstorm Zealot on the other hand is awesome!

  • One of the few Wildstorm characters I still like even in the New 52-verse!

  • Jason Todd is the best thing to come out of Batman's sidekicks! Yeah I said it! Get out Grayson!

  • When he's written properly he can be an exceedingly funny and entertaining character to follow, with a very unique outlook. Unfortunately he has had the mishap to fall upon quite a few bad stories.

  • Do I really need a reason for putting the caped crusader on my list? Well here it is "He's the god damn Batman!"

  • In my opinion one of the most (if not the most) darkest superhero ever created. The artwork that accompanied Simmons series was incredible (thank you Mr McFarlane) but the stories sometimes felt a but stretched which was a shame because Spawn is truly a great creation.

  • Yay cyborg's!

  • The newest and current Spawn. While not as good as his predecessor Jim is still a solid character.

  • Pre-52 only. I'm not so keen on the New 52 version.

  • I got introduced to this character via ASM issues and I found her personality very interesting so I ended up reading her mini-series and enjoyed it immensely.

  • The current wielder of the Witchblade.

  • I think people were to quick to judge her when New 52 came out. Which is a shame because Starfire has evolved quite a bit since her debut with an explanation to the slightly "unusual behavior".

  • I started to read a few issues of a Hulk and i'm starting to enjoy him as a charatcer so the jolly green giant makes the list!

  • Although he hasn't officially been in a comic yet the background that we have been given for Gabriel in Last Man Standing is awesome. I can't wait for 2013 when this series actually starts and we get to see him in action!

  • Love this guy in the comics and on the TV series!

  • Who doesn't like that armor!?

  • Baddest Assassin on the block!

  • Although he is not a hero i'm particularly fond of reading he is the base design for every hero we see today thus he must be in the list as he kick-started the whole superhero craze.